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Apple Juice (Juice x Reader)

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(A/N) : I love me some Juice.

You carefully hid the basket behind you, took a deep breath and went rushing in through the clubhouse’ door.

Tig, Chibs, Jax and your old man, Juice put a pause on their talks when they saw you rushing in- half jumping and half running.

“Woah there lass. Where’s the fire?” Asked the Scottish man who’s accent was something you had come to adore.

“Hey guys.” You smiled and looked over to Juice. You crouched down a little and said, “You’re the best man out there, babe”

The other guys whistled and Tig patted your man’s back, “Looks like you’ll be getting some, brother.”

You rolled your eyes at their teasing and continued to praise Juice who was smiling like the dork he was.

“You know how much I love you, right Juice?”

You brought your face more closer to his with your lips almost touching his, “And I know you love me.” You gave him a peck but before you could continue your mission to seduce your boyfriend he caught up with your task.

He gave you a slight push and asked, “Okay, what’s going on?”

“What do you mean?” You asked innocently.

“This is going to be good.” Said the blond man from the audience sitting behind whom you had apparently forgotten about. In response, you stuck your tongue out at Jax.

Looking back at Juice, you saw him waiting for an explanation with one eyebrow raised and arms folded. You sighed.

“Please don’t be mad.”

You pulled the basket from behind you- the very basket which had an adorable little black labrador barely a month old.

The guys just stared.

“Now you decide to shut up.” You grumbled.

“What is that?” Asked Tig, who had finally got over his shock.

“This, dear Tiggy, is a dog.” You beamed at him while he grimaced. “Don’t ever call me Tiggy.”

“What’s his name?”Jax asked the next question.

“Her name, Jackie boy, is Apple.”

“Its Jax, sweetheart. And Apple, seriously?” He snorted, rolling his cigarette in between his fingers.

“Hey! Its a good name.” Juice defended you. Your heart melted right there.

You put the basket in Juice’s lap. You pointed to the dog, “Apple.” and then to Juice, “Juice.”

“Apple Juice is my favourite.”

You took a step back to admire your work. The four men were still trying to process what was happening with their jaws dropped. The only sound was of Apple yipping while playing with Juice’s hand that was holding the basket in place.

The first one to roar with laughter was Tig, followed by Jax and the other two Sons. Juice was still sitting there with an open mouth.

Tig somehow managed to comment in between his laughing fit,

“Ah! Their puppy love kills me.”

bad first dates | ha sungwoon

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sungwoonjaehwan |  minhyun

  • “you’re going to love this guy!” jisung had said when he was convincing you to go on a blind date with his friend
  • after all the fuckboys you’d dated you were desperate for someone decent
  • “talented, driven, honest, good-looking—what’s not to like?”
  • well, that was the last time you were listening to jisung
  • it might be the last time you saw jisung because you’re half-convinced this guy is going to murder you in the woods tbh
  • when jisung had showed you pictures of his friend sungwoon, you were floored because
  • God that jAwLINe
  • and those lips !!!
  • so you agreed to jisung giving him your number
  • then you’d received a text from an unknown number
  • thanks for this! i’ll pick u up tom. no need to dress up, just bring sunblock and ur radiant face!! – HS
  • you’d found the text sort of strange
  • but he’d sent you three cloud stickers afterwards and you had to smile because it was cute
  • now you’re in the passenger seat of his car on the way to hell for all you know
  • he’s got the radio on and he’s humming along, smile wide
  • you’re typing up a text to jisung when suddenly the signal bars disappear and you make a noise of panic
  • “yeah, sorry, the signal bugs out on this road,” he says, and you catch yourself staring at him
  • “we’re going to have…we’re going to have fun today”
  • (why did he sound like he was trying to convince himself)
  • “you look great, Y/N!” he says, unabashedly changing the subject with a wide smile
  • and you make a face because you’re in a tank top and denim shorts
  • “i’m serious, you look wonderful”
  • “thanks???” you say, and you bite the bullet
  • “sungwoon, can i know where we’re going?”
  • and he stops humming, his face suddenly nervous
  • “agh,” is all he says, and the car slows down
  • you say a quick prayer to the gods
  • and start cursing yoon jisung
  • “i really wanted to take you to a nice place, Y/N,” he says, scratching the back of his head, the next words coming out in a rush
  • “but grandpa insisted i take my next date to meet him so we’re on the way to my family farm to do some fruit-picking”
  • he closes one eye, risking a glance at you
  • and fuck if you don’t find him adorable
  • “okay,” you say
  • he pumps a fist up, grinning, and the car swerves a little but you manage to stay on the road
  • what the fuck have you signed up for
  • you get to the farm and this grumpy-looking old man welcomes you
  • he nods at his grandson but grins at you
  • “so your girlfriend’s here to help us today? i’m glad, i’m glad”
  • and you’re looking at sungwoon with alarm to see the same frantic expression on his face
  • if there’s something you’ve learned about ha sungwoon in the hour or so you’ve spent together it’s that he’s shit at hiding his emotions
  • (you just have to watch his ears)
  • and yup, his ears are pink with embarrassment
  • why do you keep saying yes to this boy
  • “yes, grandfather,” you say sweetly, and sungwoon breathes a sigh of relief
  • turns out when he said fruit
  • grandpa meant sweet potato
  • “fruit rhymes with root?” sungwoon says as he helps you put on the farming gear
  • and he sounds so hopeful that you laugh
  • “you’re the best, Y/N”
  • he’s holding his hands in yours, the neon gloves making it comical instead of romantic
  • but you make the mistake of looking at his face, and his smile is fond, his eyes bright like stars
  • and you melt a little bc who wouldn’t when someone looks at you as earnestly as he does?
  • “l-let’s go, sungwoon”
  • grandpa watches you from the side, praising how easily you seem to be taking to the work
  • you hate to admit it but you’re sort of enjoying yourself????
  • it’s definitely different from trying to flirt with someone at a crowded club
  • sungwoon is concentrated on pulling the plants, but he’s singing and
  • dAMn his voice!!!
  • at one point you slip and he catches you
  • and you’re sort of having a moment???
  • then he starts to sing a cheesy song about falling for you and you’re both laughing
  • this is the weirdest date you’ve been on in your life
  • later, you’re all having kimchi and beer
  • you’re both sweaty as hell but sungwoon doesn’t seem to mind, his arm slung over your shoulders
  • “so how’s my grandson been treating you, Y/N?”
  • and you feel sungwoon tense up, his gaze intent on you
  • “i wasn’t so sure about him at first, but he’s made me smile more than i have in a long time”
  • “well, you like him enough to lie for him,” grandpa says shrewdly, and he looks at sungwoon as he says, “you’d better treat this one right”
  • “i sure will. she’s a keeper”
  • and he squeezes your shoulder as his grandfather chuckles
  • you’re glad it’s starting to get dark out so no one can see how red your face is
  • later when you’ve showered and are wearing some of his old clothes, which are soft and smell like him
  • you’re in his car and he’s driving you back
  • the silence is companionable, and he’s got the windows down
  • as you drive back to the city, you’re looking up at the stars outside, close to falling asleep
  • “i want to see you again”
  • he says it so softly that you almost miss it
  • and you’re looking at him, pretending you didn’t hear
  • “i want to see you again, Y/N”
  • sungwoon says it more loudly, and you stay quiet as you near your apartment
  • “have a great night,” sungwoon says, flashing you a sad smile as he pulls over
  • he doesn’t expect you to pull him close to you
  • but when you kiss him, he quickly catches on, his hand threading into your damp hair and his plush lips even softer than you imagined
  • you’re both panting when you pull back, and you grin widely
  • “i’ll see you soon, cloudy”
  •  you’re in bed checking your messages, when you see that sungwoon’s sent you a text with an attachment
  • found this on my phone!! grandpa must have taken it. ur beautiful, my sweet potato – HS
  • and you laugh when you first see it because you’re both covered in mud, but the smile on your face is genuine, and sungwoon’s got his eyes on you like nothing else exists
  • you’re still smiling when you open jisung’s 12 texts, which have gotten more frantic with every hour that passes by
  • you send him a reply before curling up to sleep
  • i owe u one
Which SHINee member does Kibum adore?

Wow! It was good, thank you! But can I ask you the same for Kibum? His relationships with SHINee members? Please!!! Thank you😚  -Anon

Refering to this post for Taemin’s

Like I stressed with Taemin, I’m pretty sure that all 5 SHINee member’s appreciate and adore close to equally. But Imma go through some high lights still and share with you my opinion about Kibum’s choices.

Let me start with our Onkey couple.

So lets be real; Kibum loves himself some Jinki;

He Hugs him ALL the time~

They also jam together and I look at them cuties


‘Old Man’

Now Minho- we all know they didn’t start out the ebst of friends but L O OK At them NOW-



Tell me that look isn’t FULL of adoration <3 what cuties!

Now this is where I had the biggest problem. Did Kibum adore Jonghyun more, or Taemin? Let me go through both before I tell you waht I think.

Jongkey- The arguably most well known and adored SHINee pairing- usually only combated with 2min



HE is a BULLY But you know He wouldn’t just do that to aNYONE



Key Umma and Baby Taemin… Taekey; and they are arguably the least popular pairing in SHINee.



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Also need I even mention My First Kiss?

So, After looking through things, I think that Kibum adores Taemin a little more than the others. 
Who else could get away with ‘personalizing’ one of Kibum’s shirts? And who else can bully Kibum that much and pretty much always get away with it? We also can’t forget when they were younger the there was the Key Umma era, and part of my feels like that never really ended, they just grew up around it. 

Also their interactions at the Tokyo Dome were super cute this weekend and I’m in love with them too.

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who would you cast as Captain Wentworth? Or Anne? Or any other Persuasion characters come to think of it, I really liked that book, it's probably my favourite Austen novel.

Gosh, well, I love the 1995 Persuasion casting and I’m actually okay that they cast slightly older actors to play parts of character which ought to be 27 and in their early-thirties, because for a modern audience I think perhaps we need clearer visual cues that, by the standards of their eras, these are not necessarily ‘young’ people, especially as Anne is supposed to be On the Shelf and Past It. (Not that the lovely Amanda Root actually looks that way but having older actors with no make-up does present us with a contrast to well-lit young ingenues.) Of course a 27 year old startlet today probably strives to play as young as possible for as long as possible, so our overall perception of what 27 should actually look like on-screen is a bit shot.

But okay, time for some spitballing –

Ellie Kendrick could be a really adorable Anne.

Elizabeth Elliot, Tuppence Middleton:

Alexandra Roach as Mary Musgrove:

And for their father…Sir Walter…I mean, he’s old enough. It’s time.

Mrs. Clay: Ruth Wilson

The Musgrove girls, Louisa played by Bethany Muir, Henrietta by Hannah Murray:

And for our young men I’d say maybe Tom Weston-Jones for William Elliot:

And for our man Captain Wentworth, the stern softness of Howard Charles:

at work today i was talking with two little girls and drawing them disney princesses LOL and their parents asked me to become their nanny and i was so flattereD

 BUT AT THE SAME TIME i am totally not capable of being responsible for the lives of children alskjdflasjdf that terrifies me

ALSO RANDOM BUT CRAZY today one of my co-workers was being nice and didn’t charge this old man for his youngest child for admission and the convo was like

her: okay that’ll be 63$ ! ( or something )
old salty man: and that’s for five people? 
her: oh no but she’s so small it’s okay
old salty man: i just want to follow the rules. if you want to go to hell, that’s your choice.


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Can we get something where Obi-Wan is Vanatos' padawn ? And they actually really love each other ?

Soft lips pressed against his temple and Obi-Wan gave a soft hum. “I’m trying to focus here.” He offered up, tone a bit dry as the lips continued a slow path down his cheek, cheekbones and along his neck. “Master, honestly!” He laughed, pushing the head away to peer at the other man, grinning.

“How am I suppose to focus when you’re sitting there all unassuming, gnawing on your own braid in focus?” Xanatos returned, smirking happily at the amusement in his padawan’s eyes.

“Master, behave, Master Qui-Gon is coming to dinner and I need to get this done for Master Kiwil’s philosophy lessons or I’m going to fail!” Obi-Wan scolded. “And you know how Master Qui-Gon teases if you leave marks.”

Xanatos laughed and settled down beside the younger man. “Oh come Obi-Wan, I know your scores, you are nowhere near failing any class and Qui-Gon is just an old goof, you know that.” He leaned against the others side.

“And the scolding the Council felt the need to put on both of us for…what was it? Unseemly behavior?” Obi-Wan questioned dryly, resting his pad on his lap while giving Xanatos his full attention, a small smile curving his lips to bring out his dimples.

Oh now that Xanatos adored, the tiny dimples and he leaned in. “A bunch of old prunes is what they are. Honestly, who’s suppose to keep their hands to themselves when you let them touch you? I’m a very weak man for you Obi-Wan Kenobi.” He teased, pressing a soft kiss to the tip of Obi-Wan’s nose.

“Creepy lecher you are.” Obi-Wan teased.

“I’ll have you know that I was in no way lusting after you until you turned eighteen… okay perhaps a few months before you turned eighteen but details.” Xanatos cleared his throat and flushed a bit when Obi-Wan laughed at him.

Well, if Obi-Wan was just going to laugh at him then the raven was just going to have to shut the younger man up wasn’t he.

Pouncing swiftly, Xanatos pinned the other to the couch and dug his hands into his sides, tickling the other.

“Ack! Master!” Obi-Wan squealed, flailing beneath the other before reaching out and pressing his hands to the slender chest above him as he laughed with abandon, face flushed and eyes sparkling.

“Beg for mercy!” Xanatos laughed in turn, pinning the others legs down with his own as he pressed his fingers into the others side, mercilessly tickling.

“Never surrender!” Obi-Wan gasped out between his breathless giggles until Xanatos himself stopped, both flushed, breathless and leaking their joy into the Force as they laid there on the couch together.

The giggles quieted down to the occasional snorts but the flush in Obi-Wan’s face remained as he smiled up at Xanatos, relaxed and content beneath the other.

“…What?” The raven raised an eyebrow.

Raising his own hand, Obi-Wan quietly cupped Xanatos face with his hand and stroked the circular scar on the others cheek with his thumb slowly. “…I’m just very glad I meet you. I’m very glad I ran into you and fell on my arse. I’m very happy you picked me as your padawan.”

Blinking a bit, Xanatos felt a small flush rise to his cheek before he leaned down slowly until his lips hovered over Obi-Wan’s. “And I’m very glad a tiny Initiate ran right into me.” He whispered.

“This means dinner is going to be late again, doesn’t it?” A loud voice suddenly questioned and Xanatos yelped, falling of Obi-Wan and onto the floor from the couch while Obi-Wan sat up on the couch to peer at the open door where Qui-Gon stood with an amused look on his face and his arms crossed over his chest.

“…Hello grandmaster.” Obi-Wan offered sheepishly.

Taming The Brat Pt.10

As always I’m a nervous wreck posting this, but what can you do? I’d be surprised if anyone’s even still interested, it’s been so stupidly long since the last time I posted. Fingers crossed it doesn’t disappoint if you are. Also this is another long one, so I apologise in advance if this crashes the app. It’s a problem my scenarios seem to have. Anyways, my rambling aside MERRY CHRISTMAS, Y'ALL (unless of course you don’t celebrate it, in which case, HAPPY SUNDAY!! ^^) I hope you all have an amazing day, filled with endless love and good times ♡

♡Little Disclaimer♡

Genre: Angst/Smut/Nora’s AU
Requested: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Warnings: NSFW, 18+ Content, long af, crude af, slight Daddy kink, breath play, D/s relationship, BDSM themes, unnecessary dramatics. 

Pt.1 | Pt.2 | Pt.3 | Pt.4 | Pt.5 | Pt.5.5 | Pt.6 | Pt.7 | Pt.8 | Pt.9.1 | Pt.9.2 | Pt.10

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If you’d asked me as a child what I thought the concept of normal was supposed to entail, I think the life I would’ve envisioned for myself back then would have been very different to the one I’m living now. The only silver lining I can find is the realisation my best friend is very much right about me, I’ve never much liked the mundane anyway. It was never something I strove for, I just wanted happiness. I suppose I can say I’m at least halfway there, but at the same time, it’s hard to think with such a positive outlook considering the details. I wouldn’t go so far as to sum them up as small, but awkward and misfortunate works pretty bloody well. Especially now.

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Fuck insecurities!

Hey love bugs! I kinda combined two requests.
If you like then send me a request or even just a message saying hey!!
Phil x reader

Warnings ⚠️smut, self hate.

1. Could you a Phil smut where the reader is super self conscious about themselves since they are a little on the heavier side (so stretch marks everywhere, chubby arms, large-ish thighs, chubby face/chin) & so it’s their first time intimate & reader is very nervous & thinks phil might leave them/hate them for not having a model body & “even tho they’re fat they have like B cups” & the reader is always hesitant & always wants to hide their body Sorry if thats a lot & all over the place luv ya. -iluvharrypotter 

 2. Oh! A Phil x Reader where the reader has depression or something?? Please?-thesugargalaxy 

 Tonight was definitely, probably, maybe the night. You and Phil had been seeing each other for just over four months and you could cut the sexual tension with a spoon. Phil would never rush you before you were ready but the both of you were in need of a release. You hadn’t been shy about the fact that you were a virgin. It wasn’t really because you wanted to be but rather you never really found anyone who you wanted to share it with. That was until you met Phil. You never knew you could feel so much love for someone. He made you feel special and wanted. It sounds silly but he consumed your thoughts. If you weren’t with him you were wondering what he was doing. When you were with him you were just wondering what was going on under that fringe. Phil interrupted your thoughts with him sitting on the bed next to you placing his arm around your side. The two of you had the place to yourselves and you decided to watch a movie in bed.

 As the movie started to get closer to the end you felt more and more anxious. Your mind started to go into over drive. First you started to feel self conscious about your legs. At the current moment Phil was resting on of his hands on your thighs giving it a squeeze every once in a while. What was he doing? Seeing how fatty your thighs were? No Phil had seen your thighs before and never made a comment. What was he going to say to about them? 

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2p!Allies and 2p!Axis boosting up the morale of a depressed and anxiety ridden s/o after they had a panic attack please.

((Did you just explain me and my qpp when i get panic attacks??))

He gets the same way so he understands. He holds you and tells you it’s all going to be okay. He promises. Then he starts complimenting you and it slowly gets over boarding.

He has experience bc of living with Gilen. He holds you close and rubs your back then tells you all the things he loves about you. Yes, even what you see as flaws. He’ll then take your mind off of it by putting on your favorite music or tv show.

He has no experience so is lost at first but just goes by what his mind and heart tells him to do. He holds you and gently kisses your head. He lists out the things he loves about you then gently kisses each part he says. Finally he’ll give you a deep kiss and pull you flush against him before whispering that he loves you and you mean so much to him.

He is shocked and appalled and demands to know who told you these things. Once you tell him that you thought about this on your own accord he scoops you up and carries you to his room. There, you two cuddle under fluffy blankets and watch cheesy romcoms and dramas to get your mind off of it.

*same as his brother just with more sweet talk

Wraps you up in his bomber jacket before carrying you to the couch to hold you and comfort you. Gets you your confort food and he tells you everything he adores about you.

Panics and almost has a break down himself. He smothers you in love and affection. He peppers your face and neck with kisses as he says everything he loves about you.

Doesn’t know what to do and is just a clueless old man. The most he can do is hold you tight and tell you it’s going to be okay.

Holds you closely and whispers everything he loves and adores about you softly while rubbing your back. Drapes his flannels on you at times

*2p England but is more clingy

Brings you into his lap and holds your gently until you calm down, wraps you in his sweater at times. He then kisses you softly and tells you that even if you are flawed, your greatness still out weighs it.

// Don’t say I didn’t warn you - Theo Raeken //

Relationship: Theo Raeken x Reader.


@chrisevansisdaddy04: Can you make a theo raeken fanfic based on the song hurt so good by Astrid S.

Along with all y’all anons asking for a part two of Babygirl. 

And my fave @dylpicklesprays

Warnings: FWB!Theo, Oral (Female on Male), mentions of sex. 

Rating: This will probably tug on your heart strings a little oops. 18+ NSFW.

Word count: 4709 (4x part 1 lmao oops)

I highly suggest listening to this while you read as it’s pretty much based around this song: Astrid S - Hurt so good. 

“Lydia I’m telling you, nothing happened with Theo. Why do you think I’d even dream about speaking to him never mind… anything else.” Lydia had asked non-stop questions since you walked into school this morning. You were now collecting books for your locker, rushing to get what you needed for the Math and Lydia still hadn’t stopped. Since the… incident the other day at the pack meeting with Theo, Lydia was convinced she had walked into something happening between you two and was now insisting you told her. If only she knew. It wasn’t like you’d thought about it or anything… It was a slip up, something that would never happen again. You knew better. “He’s an asshole, he’s repulsive he’s-”

“Standing right behind you.” Lydia finished your sentence for you. Fuck - not like you cared that he heard or anything.

“As much as I hate to interrupt this riveting conversation, I need to speak to Y/N.” Not even waiting for an answer Theo slumps his arm around your shoulder, bringing you with him as he strolled down the quieting corridor.

“For a start, get your arm off of me.” You unwrap his arm from your shoulder. “Next you can tell me where the hell we’re going.”

Ignoring you he continues walking. “So, I’m- what was it? Repulsive?” He says, stopping in between the outside of your shared class and the janitors closet. “You weren’t saying that the other day.” He winked.

“Oh I can assure you, that won’t be happening again.”

“Good,” he shrugs with a lasting signature smirk.

You cross your arms over your chest. “Fine.”


You stare at him, a blur of  blue eyes and stupid fluffy hair. You felt your nails dig into the skin of your arm, and you want to hit that stupid smirk off his face. You wanted to shake him and shove him and -

But you don’t, instead doing a totally reasonable thing.

You kiss him.

Grabbing his face, his stupid, arrogant face, and kissing him. A hard and angry kiss. It’s short, his lips barely having enough time to react before you pull back, your eyes widening in shock as you drop your hand from his cheek.

Theo blinks. “Y/N.”

You squint, because the room is spinning around you and it’s suddenly hard to see. Your lips feel fuzzy. A type of fuzzy that you don’t want, a type of fuzzy that Theo Raeken isn’t capable of providing.

“Oh, my God.” You shake your head. “I think I’m going to throw up.”

He frowns. “Seriously?”

You nudge him away from you, and take a step back, now fully visible from the classroom. You wipe at your lips, slightly swollen and red, and crosses your arms over your chest in annoyance.

“Why did you do that?” you demand.

Theo raises his eyebrows. “You’re the one who kissed me.”

“Then why did you let me do that?”

He looks at her in exasperation. His hand runs wildly through his hair, and you wonder if it would have been different, if you had gripped his hair instead of his cheek.

It doesn’t matter, you tells yourself. Stupid face. Stupid hair. Stupid Theo


The wheels of the rickety old train glided surprisingly silently over the tracks and coming to a halt to the next stop. The steel doors force their way open and impatiently wait for the flood of new passengers to board the already crowded carriage. Only one stop left to go home and sleep, only to be back on this very train, riding the same stops to get back to work for 9am. Honestly, you detested working Saturdays because not only could you not go out the night before but it was the day off from school that was most interesting as that’s when people did something entertaining. Unless almost getting attacked by the dread doctors is something that happens, that’s less fun. The monotone jingle of the automated default ringtone blasted from your phone, warning you a glare from the elderly man across from you. You could practically feel his judgement. Oops. A number you didn’t recognise lit up the screen and you accepted, pulling the phone to your ear. “Hello?” You questioned the other end, crossing one leg over the other in a bid to gain back the personal space that had been stolen from you during this train journey.

“Evening, Babygirl. How was work?” His smirk practically radiating through the phone. Theo Raeken, the jackass with an unreasonably pretty face. You’d be lying if you said you hadn’t been avoiding him since he constantly brought up the… incident that had happened in your kitchen a few weeks ago, and you’d also be lying if you said that was the only time it had happened. A girl has her weaknesses ok, yours just happened to be Theo, a person who irked you uncontrollably.

“You know I hate that name Theo.” You snarl at the “baby girl” nickname he had pinned to you.

“I don’t recall you complaining last night, sweetheart.” Well shit, he had a point there.

“Let’s skip the pleasantries of you giving a shit about my job and you can explain why are you calling me, most importantly how the hell you got my number.” You snapped, your eyes flashing for a moment. I’m pretty sure no one saw that, until you glanced back at the old man diagonal from you, now wide eyed, looking back and forth from you to the now closed train door. Oops again.

“Someone’s feisty tonight. I like it.” Theo chuckled in the other end.

“Well what can I say, I had a long day and you’re pretty much the last person I wanted to speak to.” Okay, again, small lie. As much as you liked to say you despised Theo, he was that perfect blend of smug and charming and you adored it. But, the last thing you wanted was to be putty in his hands-no matter how good he was with those hands.

“We both know that if that was the case you wouldn’t have come to me last night, in more ways than one.” Fuck you Raeken. “Anyway, you’re coming out with me tonight. Get ready, I’ll pick you up at 8.”

“And what makes you think I want to go anywhere with you?” You sighed, ignoring the smile on your face.

“Because princess, I want a date and who would pass up the opportunity to spend the night with me? And if you’re lucky we might have to have a repeat of last night. Now, get off your train and get that pretty little ass ready and I’ll be there soon.”

“You’re sure a… how did you know I’m on a train?”

“See you soon baby girl.” And with that the line went dead.

Before you knew it, it was seven thirty and Theo was knocking at the door. “You’re early, Raeken. I’m barely dressed yet.” You stood at the front door using a white towel to cover your body, only underwear underneath.

“I can see that, not like I’m complaining.” He laughed, you felt his hazel/bronze eyes lingering on your body - no, not hazel. They were just brown, and dark like his personality. He followed you to your room, perching himself on the end of your bed with a small smirk.

“Mattress is comfortable, maybe we should test it out… again.”  You mearley shake your head in response with a sigh and turn around to change. Surprisingly, you had reached a point where you were comfortable with Theo, probably more than you should be. You let the towel drop to the floor, leaving you only in underwear. “Red. I like it.” Theo’s deep voice mumbled from across the room.

Ignoring him, you pull the black dress from your left onto your body. It was a black, knee length decently tight dress that if you dared to say so yourself you looked damn good in it. You pull at the zip leading from the small of your back to the top of your spine. “A little help?” You ask and hear the wolf rise to his feet.

“With pleasure.” Theo’s breath now hot on your neck, sending a shiver down your spine. His hands resting on your hips was enough to make you forget anything you had told yourself, melting into his touch. “I love that you do that, immediately untensing when I touch you.” His large hands clasp around the tiny zipper and elegantly pulls it up, then moving his hands to snake around your waist and clasp together. His lips attached to your neck, you instinctively tilting it as he sucked on it, just enough to leave a mark when he stopped. “Almost as much as I enjoy that look of pure ecstasy when I push you over the edge. And to think, that’s just using my hands and mouth…” his phone diverts his attention and he steps away from you, leaving you longing and wishing he hadn’t.

“We should get going.” Theo said, “before I change my mind and rip that dress straight off of you.” Leaving you to wonder whether you’d rather stay with him tonight or go out as you followed him out of your room and to his truck.  

“Are you going to be a gentleman and open the door for me?” You joked to Theo.

“Are you so incompetent you can’t open the door yourself?” He fired back. “Kidding, get in.” He says, stood behind you, as he pulls the door to the passenger seat of his truck open. 

“Wow, a gentlemanly act from Raeken I’m impressed.” You laughed, climbing into the truck as he closed the door, opening his own and joining you in the truck.

“Honestly I saw an opportunity to be behind you and I took it.” He shot a wink your way and you were thankful for the growing darkness of the truck so your growing blush was disguised. The party was  about a half hour away and if there was one thing you had learnt in the past few weeks it was that you and Theo, in a small space together for an extended period of time was never a great idea. For the first few minutes, the only sound surrounding the two of you was the radio and Theo’s hums occasionally accompanying it. It wasn’t until you came to a red light and Theo’s hand rested on your thigh that you realised just how close you were to one another. You look across at him just for him to be staring straight at the road, waiting for the light to change.


His hand rested on your upper thigh teasingly. His thumb caressing your thigh as his fingertips rest on your inner thigh teasingly. He was so close to where you wanted him to be, but far enough away to remain innocent. Skin to skin, lingering the hem of your dress. It was something so small, yet making him seem more and more irresistible to you.


Theo’s hand rose, it was only a slight movement but it was enough to notice. Slipping under the thin black material of her dress. “Theo.” You warned yet your voice went ignored and his fingertips gently tapped on the inside of your thigh to the beat of the song, and as small of a thing it was you knew his incentive. He was trying to tease you and he was doing a damn good job of it.


The light shifted once again and thus, Theo drove. His fingers continued to tease you.

“Fine, two can play that game.” You unbuckled the seat belt and shifted close to Theo.

“What are you doing?” He raised his eyebrow at the girl sat next to him.

Ignoring him, you attached your lips to his neck, leaving a trail of soft kisses from just above his collarbone to his jaw before going back to a sweet spot you knew he had on his neck and sucked gently at it. Theo groaned softly. “Don’t start something you don’t intend to finish princess.”  He warned as he drove.

“Oh I fully intend on finishing, well you finishing to be more precise.”

Your hand slithered back down his chest, stopping when you reach his jeans and palming him through the small material separating you from him, his grip tightening on the wheel, trying to concentrate on driving and failing. You grasped at his pants where they sat low on his hips, teasing the edges with your fingers as you eased them down slowly, kissing his skin as it was exposed. His erection sprang free, thick and swollen. You got as close as you could to his lower half, face inches from his dick. You wrapped your hand around it, giving him a squeeze before stroking up and down.

“Fuck me,” he moaned, his voice sounding hoarse.

You gave him a coy smile before moving to gather up the bit of precum that was seeping from the tip. You swiped your tongue along the slit, teasing him before sucking the head into your mouth. You felt him shifting uncomfortably in his seat and when you looked up, the hand that had previously been on your thigh was in your hair, grasping a handful of it.

“Have I ever told you how pretty you look with my cock in your mouth?” Theo groaned, a smirk planted on his face.

You smiled, taking more and more of him into your mouth until Theo couldn’t take it anymore, pulling over to the side of the road as soon as he could. You ached for him and he could tell.

“I’m gonna come if you don’t stop that.” Theo groans making you smile. He took control, the grip on your hair tightening and moving in a swift motion as you bobbed your head until Theo couldn’t take it anymore, releasing into your mouth with one final moan. You swallowed, sitting back in your seat, and swiftly wiped your mouth with the back of your hand.  

Theo adjusted himself, his eyes on you hungrily. “Well, I guess it’s your turn.”


“Theo…” You moaned, dragging out the last syllable of his name, walking into the already crowded house party.

“Baby girl you know how much I love when you say my name like that, but this really isn’t the place.”

“I can’t believe I let you drag me here. The music’s so loud, my dress feels way too short and now my head hurts. Why couldn’t you just let me stay in bed? I was so comfortable binge-watching ‘Bob’s Burgers’ like I usually do after work.” You instinctively pulled the short, black, tight dress down that before made you feel confident now made you feel exposed, wobbling a bit with your step due to the red heels you thought would be a good idea to wear. Apparently they weren’t.

“You’re anxious.” Theo states as you walk in.

“No I’m not- stop looking at me like that?” You say as you look up at him, his eyes on you, hungrily as you narrow your own at him.

Theo tilts his head. “Like what?” he challenges.

“Like you’re imagining me naked.”

Theo smirks. He leans forward and steps closer towards you, his shirt sliding against the thin material of your dress. He presses his mouth to your ear, his lips tracing the line of your skin,

“I don’t have to imagine,” he whispers.

You swallow thickly, remembering the journey here; the feel of his mouth on your neck, on your thighs and stomach. You run your tongue along your bottom lip, sighing deeply as his nose skims the curls in your hair, his hands cradling -

“You- fuck!” you curse as your argument is interrupted by you losing your balance and falling to the floor. In front of a full room of people. Fuck. Quick as a flash while everyone else around you just watched and sniggered, assholes, Theo was crouched next to you.

“Are you ok? Are you hurt?” He questioned, scanning your body for any sign of discomfort.

“Uhh, just my left ankle, along with my pride.” You forced a laugh and he simply nodded. Theo’s large hand was clasping yours as he helped you rise to your feet. Once stable, you expected him to let go, yet he didn’t. Instead he diverted his attention to the crowd of people around you.

“And, what the fuck are you people staring at?” Theo roared and most people turning around as if they weren’t watching, someone caught Theos eye. A boy, in your economics class, Adam you think his name is, laughing. Theo glared at the boy, jaw clenched, looking ready to storm over and attack him.

“Theo, don’t.” You whispered, your thumb grazing over the top of his. “For me, don’t do this.” He looked down at you and simply nodded, a sweet smile replacing the usual smirk.

Lydia spotted you and waved, making her way over with a smile, looking between you and Theo. Theo squeezes your hand and lets go. He dipped down to whisper in your ear. “I have some people I want to talk to, I’ll catch up with you later Y/N.” and before you could reply he was gone.

“What was that about?”Lydia asked, now at your side.

“What was what?” You questioned, acting like you didn’t know what she meant, as you watch him walk away, weaving in and out of people until you could no longer see him..


Friends with benefits. That’s all it was. No strings attached, no feelings just sex. Hot, steamy, unadulterated sex. At least that’s what you told yourself last night when he had turned up. And the night before, and before that…

It had been a week since the party, you hadn’t seen him for the rest of the night until you called him, you couldn’t sleep and you wanted… company. Yeah, company. At least that’s what you told Lydia. What Lydia didn’t know however was that the occurence of Theo coming over to… keep you company, had become a more often event. Though, it’s not like you were complaining.

“That- That was uhh…” You panted, regaining back your breath as Theo settled beside you, fingers intertwined behind his head and a smirk planted on his face.

“Hot? Noteworthy? Best you’ve ever had?” Theo laughed.

“Don’t flatter yourself Raeken.” Especially when what he said was right… “We can’t do that again. This was a mistake.” You shake your head reaching for the shirt next to you and pulling it over your head.

“You weren’t arguing a few minutes ago. Moaning at something as simple as me touching you. Or last night”

“I have to go to work.” You reply simply, pulling on the remainder of your clothes. Theo, now wearing  a pair of grey sweatpants.

“When are you going to stop that?” Theo says, now sat pack down on your bed.

“Stop what?”

“Acting like you don’t want this. When you show up every night and tell me that you want me. We have quite frankly a fucking great night and then you leave and tell me we can’t do this again. And I know, I know it’s complicated before you fucking say it, but it really doesn’t have to be.” He sighed, running his hands through his messy hair and tugging slightly.

“I have to go.” You mumble, so barely audible that if the room wasn’t so silent he may not have heard. You had to go, yet you didn’t want to. You wanted to stay, to kiss him and tell him it didn’t have to be so complicated but instead you picked up your bag and left, leaving him to let himself out. You slammed the door behind you and walked to the front door. Feelings would only get in the way and that couldn’t happen, trying to avoid thinking about what he had said.

You failed.


“Can I please get a burger and large fries, and maybe a milkshake too?” The kid you were serving asked. You nodded and stood, patiently waiting for his friend to choose what he wanted with your notepad in hand. You hadn’t noticed until you left the house but when picking your shirt up to leave you had grabbed Theo’s instead. It gave off a musk that you couldn’t ignore. Theo. On him, it fit in all the right places whereas on you you felt drowned by it, yet secure in a weird way. Like he was right there with you. The bell of the diner rung, signalling someone had entered but you were to wrapped up in your thought to notice. You took the kids order and left to give it to the cook when you noticed who had walked in. The boy, Adam, from the party the other night and friends. The one you had had to stop Theo from ripping to shreds. Dropping off the kids’ order to the kitchen staff, you walked over to Adam’s table where he and his friends sat.

“Hi, my names Y/N and I’ll be your waitress today. Are you ready to order?” You addressed them all.

Adam looked up at you. “You’re Theo’s girl right?” Your heart skipped a beat just at the sound of his name.

“Nope, can I start you off with drinks?” You reply, trying to divert the conversation before it had even begun.

“But you were his date to the party a few days ago?” Clearly diverting the conversation didn’t work.

“He gave me a ride there.” and then I rode him later on but not important “But that was it.”

“So you’re single.” One of his friends spoke up. You ignored them.

“How’s your ankle? That was a pretty tough fall you took.” Fuck do you mean, it was literally back to normal in- oh yeah. Werewolves weren’t common knowledge my bad.

“Oh, yeah. I’m ok. Just a little sore.” Resulting in a vulgar joke from one of the boys and, as much as you wanted to hit his head off of the table, you ignored it.

“So, orders?” They were calm after that, giving what they wanted until it was Adam’s turn.

“Yeah I’ll get a burger and fries… and your number.” He replied with a wink.

“Not happening.” You laugh, brushing the advance off.

“Oh come one babe.” Adam laughed, his hand moving from his pocket to the back of her thigh, moving up her leg.  Ok, that’s the final straw.

Not even staying to finish the order, you take his hand off of your thigh and slam it down on the table, marching away straight back through the kitchen to the office in the back that inhabited your boss.

“Ah, Y/N! Everything ok?” He smiled at you. Your boss, Mr Cranston, was a jolly older, slightly overweight man who had prided himself on the argument that if his employees ever had any issues to go straight to him. So that’s exactly what you did.

“Not particularly. There are some boys from my school  who are being pretty innapropriate. One in particular is making really sexual advances and touching me and It’s making me really uncomfortable.” You confessed, ending it with a frustrated sigh.

Mr Cranston listened idly and laughed. “Y/N, I’m sure you’re just exaggerating.”

You were shocked. “With all due respect, sir, one of them had his hand at the back of the top of my thigh and wouldn’t move it. Another made a super sexual joke that made me uncomfortable. I am not exaggerating.” You expected to tell him how things like that were not tolerated in his diner. That the boys would get some kind of repercussion, but no. Mr Cranston simply shook his head, laughed and said 4 words that made your blood boil.

“Boys will be boys.”

You were seriously in shock, how could someone in a power position brush off the fact that his employee was made to feel uncomfortable and would not only not do anything, but laugh about it. You weren’t comfortable working for someone like that. You took off the apron and placed it on his desk.

All you could think of as you left was how mad you were. You needed to speak to someone. Lydia and Scott were the ones you usually went to.

Honestly, you had no idea where to go at this point. As you walked you thought over everything that had happened the last few weeks. The dread doctors, Theo and the Pack. Everything was crazy, but maybe you had found someone who could keep you grounded.

The pack, individually you had no idea what you would do without them.

Liam and his dorky personality, He was like a little brother to you - and not just because he was the youngest in the pack.

Lydia and her intelligence and how regardless she would be there for you. Your best friend. She was strong, she saw power where others would see weakness. She adapted to her banshee powers with no complaint even when things got hard and because of that, her banshee powers go way beyond what she thought they were. She’s confident an admirable trait on anyone, yet with her it just fit.

Theo, he was a part of the pack now right? You were so sure you had hated him. Resented him because no was could he just waltz into everyone’s lives out of nowhere, and now look at the situation you had landed in with him? Not quite anything but not quite nothing wither. You shouldn’t have done anything with him after that day in the kitchen which felt like a lifetime ago, but you couldn’t. He was like a cigarette, that first drag you have after being addicted for years and finally quitting only to find yourself back there. It was addictive, sinful and wrong - like most activities the two of them became involved in when alone together - but you wanted more, no you needed it. You needed him today, tomorrow, the next day and the next, and all the ones that followed after it.

Scott your alpha and more importantly your best friend who had taught you everything once you turned. How to control yourself and not be overridden. From the beginning, Scott had always done whatever he could for other people. Someone you don’t know what you’d do without.

Stiles Sure, you can argue that Stiles has made some ridiculous decisions in his time on the show, but you can never fight the fact that Stiles has never once intentionally put his friends or family in danger. His loyalty to their safety, happiness, and all around well-being is admirable in his character, and a trait that is reliable in him. He protects those he loves, and even ones that he doesn’t. He’s selfless and heartfelt, no matter how often he can be selfish and annoying and so sarcastic you want to punch him. But he was your best friend, one of the family just like the rest.

Malia Math is confusing, people who like it are very confusing, but thankfully Malia isn’t one of them. You hadn’t known her long but it hadn’t hadn’t long to fall in love with her. She was a fighter who never gave us and you adored her for it. You couldn’t imagine her not being around.

The pack was your family, but there was only one of them that you really needed right now.

Approaching the front door you were ever so familiar with knocking twice and after a moment, opening to the one person you needed most.

Theo Raeken.

Winter Boo Bear

Pairing: Bucky x reader

Summary: his nightmares aren’t allowing him to have a good night’s sleep, resulting him to sleep anywhere.

Author’s Note: okay, so I just had this idea of Bucky using someone as a pillow and I HAD to write it. It’s all fluff. the reader’s power is dark magic. Hope you like it!

Warnings: swearing.

Word Count: 1744

Originally posted by 107th-infantry

He woke up breathing heavily, covered in sweat. There was a scream caught in his throat. It was the third nightmare he has had this week. He sat there trying to steady his breath and pacify the painful memories of the past.

These dreams shook him to the core. They reminded him about all the wrong he had done. They were so vivid, they felt like someone had put him back in that body and was making him relive it all over again.

With his breathing all steady, he wept the sweat and looked at the alarm clock. It was 3 am and he had a mission to go to at 6. He knew he wouldn’t be able to sleep anymore and took a deep breath. He took a shower and dressed up. It was 4 by the time he had got it all done. He didn’t know what to do and decided to get some water and something to eat.

he drank a whole bottle of water and was looking for some fruit.

‘again?’ you were hovering above the floor with a big book in your hands.

‘what the-,’ he pointed a knife at you. ‘(y/n) can you please stop doing that? its 4 in the morning and its considered creepy to sneak up behind people and do that.’ He pointed at you.

‘sorry.’ You muttered and got down. ‘you had one of those nightmares again buck?’ you faced him keeping your book aside. He didn’t reply. ‘Bucky?’ you kept a hand on his left arm and he turned to you. his eyes were blood shot and there were dark rings around them.

‘it’s really fucking my brain up. I haven’t slept for four days.’ He ran a hand through his hair.

‘why don’t you let me help you?’ you held his arm.

‘because I want to overcome it by myself. And I hope you can understand when I say that I don’t want anyone inside my brain again.’ He looked away saying the last line.

‘I can understand. But remember I am always there when you need me.’ You smiled.

‘I’ll remember that.’ He gave you a small smile.

‘well, its almost 5, come on we’ve got to suit up.’ You looked at your wrist watch. ‘hey guess what?’

‘what?’ he furrowed his brows.

‘the last one to the gate pays for ice cream after the mission!’ you ran to the door.

‘wait!’ he followed behind you and got there before you. He stood before you with a teasing grin.

‘I would like to thank my parents for long legs.’ He bowed.

‘that’s not fair! I could have gotten before you if used my powers!’ you punched him lightly.

‘you are such a sore loser.’ He pulled you cheek

. ‘I am glad your mood’s better.’ You smiled.

‘yeah.’ He walked with you to your room.

‘buck?’ you looked at him before closing the door.

‘what now?’ he looked at you suspiciously.

‘first one to the quinjet gets 20!’ you closed the door.

‘what?!’ he said.

‘you better hurry!’ you said chuckling.

He groaned and paced to his room. He suited up quickly and ran to the quinjet. He passed Sam and Steve on his way.

‘I didn’t know it was elderly marathon day!’ Sam yelled and Steve snickered.

‘shut it!’ he shouted back.

You were standing near the quinjet with folded arms and a proud look on your face.

‘look who’s here.’ You unfolded your arms.

‘just don’t, I am way too tired for this shit.’ He stopped running and placed his hands on his knees.

‘whatever, you still gotta pay up.’ You got in the jet.

Sam and Steve reached there and had seen the whole thing.

‘she surely knows how to keep you on your toes.’ Steve patted Bucky’s shoulder

‘the hell she does.’ He took one last deep breath.

‘when you gonna tell her?’ Sam asked.

‘tell her what?’ Steve looked at Bucky and he glared at Sam.

‘nothing.’ Bucky said still looking at Sam.

‘oh, it isn’t nothing,’ he said with a grin. ‘you remember when he got drunk on that Asgardian liquid Thor brought?’

‘yeah?’ Steve furrowed his brows.

‘well when you asked me to babysit him, I got out a few confessions, one of them being that he has a huge crush on (y/n).’ he said.

‘what? it’s not new, everyone knows it. There’s a whole bet going on between the team about it.’ Steve stated simply.

‘what!?’ Bucky and Sam said in unison.

‘yeah, let’s go we have a mission to accomplish.’ He got in the quinjet ignoring their question.

The mission went well. You had defeated the hydra agents easily without getting a scratch; all thanks to your powers and your training. But the remaining three weren’t that lucky they had gotten a couple of slashes and cuts. After the base was clear all of you got in the quinjet.

‘a little help (y/n)?’ Steve asked showing you the deep cut he had received on his arm.

‘oh yeah, almost forgot.’ You got up. You placed your hand on the wound and used your healing powers. It glowed and disappeared.

‘thanks.’ Steve smiled at you and then examined his arms.

You then moved to Sam. ‘what about you birdy?’ you asked and he rolled his eyes.

‘right here, doc.’ He raised his leg. It was big scab.

‘that must’ve hurt.’ You muttered and healed it too.

‘I can’t believe you forgot me!’ Bucky said from here he was sitting.

‘I didn’t grumpy’ you sat next to him. ‘what is it?’ he pointed at the dripping cut at his cheek and at another wound on his shoulder.

  ‘I even twisted my ankle.’ He wiggled his right foot. you kneeled and fixed his ankle. ‘better?’ you asked and he nodded.

 ‘okay.’ You got up and healed the wound on his shoulder. You then looked at the cut on his cheek and kissed it. He blushed.

‘aww, look who’s blushing on getting their boo-boos kissed.’ You pouted and he folded his arms after muttering something.

‘hey! That’s not fair!’ Sam said from where he was sitting with Steve.

‘I like my men with long hair. Get over it!’ you grinned and sat next to Bucky. His face turned a bright shade of red.

‘I am so tired.’ Bucky yawned and rested his head on your shoulder.

‘it’s going to be awhile, sleep.’ You patted his cheek while you read the book Thor gave you to help you with your powers.

‘how many powers do you have?’ he looked at the book floating in front of you and you shrugged. ‘I stopped counting at six.’ He said and you chuckled.

 He soon slipped in a deep sleep. He could sleep after so long. The heat radiating from you comforted him. He wrapped his arms around your middle and nuzzled his head in your neck. You found it adorable and ran your fingers in his hair.

‘I have never seen a 100-year-old man sleeping with a teddy bear.’ Sam grinned.

Bucky had become a light sleeper and woke up. He realized the position he was in and decided not to move. He had a faint smile on his face.

‘shut up Sam, he has a lot going on right now.’ You rubbed his back. ‘just leave him alone.’

‘okay, don’t tell him I told you, grumpy has a crush on you.’ Sam whispered and Bucky stiffened. What if you didn’t return the feelings he had for you?

‘really?’ you furrowed your brows.

‘yeah, the whole team knows it only you are blind enough not to notice.’ Steve looked up from the file in his hands.

‘I like him too.’ You smiled and glanced at him. Bucky was finally relieved. he smiled and tightened his grip around you. he was lulled into a deep slumber again.

‘I don’t think he is really asleep.’ Sam squinted his eyes and moved towards him. you quickly put up a barrier using your powers.

‘I don’t care. I like having him close.’ You smiled.

You then made sure he had no nightmares by using your empathic abilities and made him dream only of the good memories he had. He smiled in his sleep. He would mutter stupid things in his sleep and you chuckled everytime. You reached the base after an hour.

You gently patted his cheek to wake him up.

‘bucky? Buck, Jamie.’ He didn’t budge and you decided to take an extreme measure. ‘BARNES!’ you shouted.

‘what!? I am awake!’ he jerked up. Both Sam and Steve laughed.

‘good morning sleeping beauty,’ you grinned ‘now, if you would get your royal ass off me, I have to go.’ You looked at him.

‘yeah sure.’ He moved away and rubbed the sleep out of his eyes. ‘I slept on you the whole time?’ he stood up and started walking with you.

‘yeah, and you are as cuddly as a teddy bear.’ You pulled his cheek.

‘oh, you didn’t just sleep on them. You were clinging to them like a damn koala.’ Sam stopped walking and faced him.

‘can you go without speaking for a fucking minute!’ Bucky glared at him.

‘stupidity makes me sarcasm.’ He stated and entered the facility.

‘would you two just quit it!’ Steve yelled.

‘he started it!’ Bucky said and you chuckled.

‘I am tired of both of you! children are better than you!’ he took Sam with him.

‘you still gotta pay me those 20.’ You faced him as you reached his room. As he remembered about the bet the memory of you admitting your feelings sprang up in his mind. You started to leave and he pulled you by your arm.

‘hey! I, um, I have to admit something.’ He rubbed his neck.

‘I am listening.’ You folded your arms.

‘I wasn’t sleeping when you were talking with Sam.’ He said.

‘I knew it!’ you grinned.

‘so, what do you say? You wanna go out somewhere tonight?’ he looked at you. You took his face and kissed him on the corner of his mouth.

‘I would love to!’ you said with your hands still cupping his face.

‘great!’ he grinned. ‘can I get some more of that?’ he looked at your lips and held your chin. You gave him a quick peck.

‘more after the date.’ You winked and walked away. ‘I will pay for the ice cream as promised earlier!’ you looked back at him then resumed walking. He saw you leave with a grin plastered on his face.

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Yes! Hahah true, especially him! He's one of those cats that doesn't like you sitting close to him, but the minute you leave the room he's trailing right behind you hahah. Oh yeah, of course! I have notifications on for both of your accounts (is that weird?) Ahhh thanks love! Tomorrow's kinda like a "hey welcome back!" Day where we get our laptops, have our class meetings, etc so everything should be ok, except I'll probably see some old friends that I'm not on good terms with :/ -Adorable anon

Awww hahah he sounds so cute though!! I mean who wouldn’t want to be by you?! What’s his name?

Oh man, you are a trooper! (Not weird at all! I have yours!😉)

Ah, okay, well I hope it goes really well for you, Beautiful. And if anyone messes with you they can mess with me! Seriously, I hope you have a great first day and everyone is civil!

McHanzo Week Prompt #4

This one was a little harder to write haha, and I’m not 100% happy with it, but oh well. Thanks for reading!

Day Four: Role Reversal


“I don’t like it.”

Hanzo sighs, not looking at Jesse as he packs his bow into its case. “We’ve been over this, Jesse. The goal is to protect the shipment, and the Numbani government will only sanction operations if we limit ourselves to the payload, and the road it’s on. Any other movement will be deemed illegal.”

“Yer a sniper, Hanzo,” Jesse growls. “It’ll be a helluva lot more dangerous fer ya, an’ the team, if yer stuck on street level! The government don’t gotta know where ya are!”

“Their security force will be monitoring the transfer. I am not going to risk arrest, and I am not going to compromise Overwatch’s safety.” Hanzo’s shoulders tense; he agrees with Jesse, and finds the restriction ridiculous, but of course he can’t say so. It was the only way Winston could convince the city to let them help keep a weapons shipment safe while it’s transported through the city. Although civilians would be evacuated from the area, Numbani didn’t want to risk repercussions from the United Nations for hiring Overwatch. Their force would be small, in and out as soon as the shipment gets delivered.

Jesse is much more vocal about his objections. “Yer the quietest man here, won’t be any sweat off yer back ta avoid security. Why are ya bein’ so stubborn ‘bout this?” He crosses his arms, not ready to drop his concerns. “Ya always hate it when-”

“We’ll be late,” Hanzo interrupts, expressions set into a frown. “We can talk about it after the mission.” He exits his quarters, leaving Jesse alone.

Frustrated, Jesse takes off his hat and runs a hand through his hair. He sits on the edge of Hanzo’s bed, trying to figure out Hanzo’s mood.  After a moment he gets back up again, securing his hat on his head. “Fuckin’ damnit.”



The name rings in his ear, and Hanzo peers out from behind the payload, scanning the rooftops. If he were up there he’d have eyes on her, but he’s grounded, despite the development of Talon presence. On the radio, Winston is still insistent on playing it by the rules. Numbani’s security force is scattered throughout the tall buildings, trying to root out the Talon soldiers hiding within. The rest of the team is spread out on the street, leaving Hanzo alone to protect the shipment, usually Jesse or Jack’s job. But Soldier 76 is on another mission and Jesse is… nowhere in sight. Cursing in Japanese, Hanzo keyed his communicator. “McCree, report your location!” Worry hits him like a brick as he gets no reply.

Distracted, Hanzo sees it almost too late. The red dot of Widowmaker’s targeting laser, appearing like a stain on Mei’s coat. Abandoning his post he springs forward towards the climatologist, shouting a warning. Mei immediately responds, but her thumb fumbles on the switch of her blaster, too slow to throw up a wall.

Hanzo’s heart stops. “No-!”

A gunshot cracks through the air, but it’s not of a sniper rifle. Hanzo freezes, and looks back up, seeing Widowmaker’s perch now empty. That had to be Peacekeeper, the sound of that revolver is unmistakable. Before he can try contacting Jesse again, Hanzo sees a Talon agent make a mad dash for the payload. Growling, he makes swift work of him with a scatter arrow. He exhales hard, the adrenaline making him shaky now that Overwatch and the Numbani security force were taking control of the situation.

“That was close.”

Hanzo spins on his heel, angry and embarrassed that Jesse snuck up on him. The gunslinger is slightly winded, but grinning. Behind him is an open door to a high-rise, and the archer’s relief at seeing his lover unharmed is replaced with rage. “You!” Snarling, Hanzo jabs a finger at his chest plate. “You idiot! What were you thinking?”

Jesse holds his hands up defensively. “Easy! I saw Widowmaker slinkin’ up a building an’ followed her. She killed three security guards, weren’t no one else around, an’ no one saw me come back down. We’re safe, an’ the payload’s secure.”

The answer doesn’t seem to comfort Hanzo. “What are you doing, risking yourself like that?” He hisses, shoving Jesse back roughly. “You-” In an instant, his anger seems to evaporate to gratitude, and he grabs Jesse by his serape and tugs him close, their lips crashing together. The cowboy’s shocked expression quickly melts into pleasure as he kisses him back, wrapping his arms around the shorter man and leaning into him.

When they pull apart, Jesse’s eyes are shining with adoration. “Idiot,” Hanzo mutters with a smile.

“Okay, okay! Get a room you two!” Hana’s mech flies past them and onto the payload. “We still gotta finish this! Do your gross old man making out later.”

Jesse grins and tilts his head, gesturing at their teammate. “Guess we better do what the boss says.”

“You never do what the boss says,” Hanzo points out, knocking an arrow to his bow. “Now that you are back, make yourself useful. We can… discuss this more after the mission.” He winks at Jesse, and the cowboy’s heart damn near melts.

“Darlin’, I like the way ya think.”


Stardew Valley

I don’t know what Linus’ deal is. I don’t know why he’s living in a tent. I don’t know what may had happened in his past.

But he was the first person besides my GF that I befriended and I would give anything to be able to build a little house on my farm for him to live in so people couldn’t throw stuff at his tent and I wouldn’t have to walk as far to give him all the foods I cook for him. 

My first winter broke my heart. I wanted so badly to let him sleep at my place. Like dude, you can take my bed, I’ll crash on the floor, I don’t care, just, you should not be in a tent in a snowy cold winter. 

And at all the festivals when he’s hanging off to the side or far in the back and saying that he doesn’t really feel welcome so he doesn’t want to get involved.

Linus, no. Come hang with me, if anyone picks on you I’ll kick their butts. Abby and I both have swords, we’ll fuck their shit up if they mess with you. 

I have a lot of feels about this old homeless man in a farming game, okay. 

I just want to adopt him. I wanna come how to find Abby and Linus playing videogames together. I will build another room on our house for him if I have to! I don’t care what his reason is for being homeless, he is an adorable and sweet old guy and I want to adopt him. 

FT Males react to the yaoi fanart they star in.

As requested by anon :)

So it would seem all of these lovely male FT Characters have discovered the art we create of them with other guys, is it bad of me to be a little jealous?

Natsu: Oh crap! MY EYES!!

Laxus: Why do they pair me with Natsu? And Bickslow? And Freed? I’m pretty sure he likes Mira anyway.

Freed: …My life is an eternal whirlpool of suck.

Laxus: …No comment.

Gray: Just… why with Natsu? And Lyon and/or Loke?!

Natsu: I’m not pleased about it either, idiot.

Gajeel: Try to be a little more convincing than that Salamander.

Natsu: Hey look Gajeel! This one is a great picture of you and Laxus doing it!

Gajeel: My, eyes… [iron panels slide down to shield his sight]

Jellal: B-but why would they-?

Cobra: Dragneel’s the main character; I think it’s a rule that everyone’s shipped with him.

Gray, Gajeel, Elfman & Laxus: …Dammit!

Sting: Does that apply to me? Seeing as Natsu is the guy I’m trying to be like and all.

Romeo: It had better not!

Sting: But I am shipped with Natsu, and Rufus, and Rogue.

Rogue: You don’t have to be shipped with everybody Sting.

Sting: That’s a good point; being shipped with you is enough for me.

Rogue: I am weirdly okay with that.

Rufus: Who is this green haired man who looks like me and what exactly am I doing with him?

Freed: I believe we are making out while holding hands to combine your memory-make and my runes.


Makarov: Well while I’d prefer a hot young lady, I’m pretty excited about this. Where’s my yaoi?

[cricket noises]

Makarov: Oh come on!

Bob: There’s one here of me kissing your forehead, we’re pretty adorable aren’t we?

Yajima: There’s a few of us doing… things. Honestly you think they’d keep us out of it with us being so old and all…

Goldmine: But Yajima, you aren’t being paired with Bob.

Bob: And just what’s wrong with being paired with me?

Goldmine: So many things.

Bob: Oh I get it! You simple understand that my heart and body belongs to that delicious young man from Maky’s guild!

Goldmine: Sure, we’ll go with that.

Bob: Oh, if only I could find that gorgeous youth, I slept in bed with him once!

Gray: Th-that was filler!

Bob: There you are my handsome prince!

Gray: I don’t need another Juvia!

Natsu: Ha ha! Need a hand there Gray?

Natsu: Though you seem to be enjoying the attention!

Gray: Now look Natsu, is that a picture of Gildarts and Gramps doing it?

Natsu: …Well played.

ASHOFRPS #001.since I didn’t do anything for my first few hundreds, I’ve decided to make a masterlist as a secondary thing for reaching 400 followers. under the cut, you’ll find a masterlist of arctic monkeys lyrics for bios, descriptions, etc from every album/ep/b-side they’ve released. i’ve categorized them by albums. please like/reblog if you found this helpful! much appreciated if u do ayy lmao

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-OKAY, DONNA AND LOGAN, YOU TWO HAVE BEEN BUSY. I MEAN FOUR KIDS HOLY SHIT YOU TWO HAVE YOUR HANDS FULL. plus logan, you’ve turned into a little softie having so many kids ;3
-BRENDAN IS STILL AROUND THE VILLAGE!!! YAY! By the way Zoey was acting, maybe they have a thing going on? 
-Okay, so we’ve figured out where a few people have gone to. BUT WHERE IS EVERYONE ELSE?! I AM SCARED MAN. 
-Dale and Molly. I am ever concerned for where they have gone. i am really hoping they haven’t died. I MEAN COME ONNNNNNNN. PLEASE NO. 
-Not gonna lie, I like how the stranger is cracking jokes. I mean, it wasn’t the greatest of jokes, but I am not going to lie. I laughed. yeah…… 
-Main concern though, what the heck has happened to everyone else. I really, really wanna know what happened with the rest of the people and the wyvrns. I MEAN RAVEN MAN, WHERE YOU BE. 
-okay, the fact levin built the new lord’s house where the old, OLD, lord’s house is was adorable. I MEAN THAT WAS HIS FATHER BRO. IT”S CUTE.

So my dad, who likes Rick and Morty, just told me he heard about Pocket Mortys and downloaded the app because he wants to play.

My dad is a 64-year old man who doesn’t play video games and has no idea about Pokemon beyond the fact that it’s a thing that existed when I was in middle school (he’s not even aware they’re still putting out games.) BUT HE REALLY WANTS TO PLAY THIS GAME.

He keeps IMing me like “okay so how do I fight?” and “what does this thing do?” and “what do I do next” and it’s adorable.

Olicity: Twisted Family

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“Did you manage to get through to him?”

“Yeah, he didn’t have a lot of time though.”

“How is he doing?”

“He doesn’t blame you for anything if that’s what you’re wondering.”

“Felicity…that’s not…”

“I know you, Oliver.”

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okay but consider

  • “we were both adopted by the same stray cat and you bought him a collar because you suspected you weren’t his only source of food and care and now we’re penpals via cat” au
  • “we are mutually irritated by each other but our dogs are best friends” au
  • “we live in the most densely populated city in the country why and how are you raising peacocks on the roof” au
  • “you just moved in across the street and the realtor didn’t tell you the place is haunted by a dog-loving ghost and every night at midnight your dog goes nuts and it’s really getting old” au
  • “i’m not the only person walking a duck on a leash!” au
  • “i agreed to babysit your snake but you failed to mention it was eIGHT FEET LONG WHAT THE HELL” au
  • “i accidentally hit your dog mr. he-man with my car but it’s okay i’m a vet and he’s fine also were you aware that he’s a she and she’s pregnant” au
  • “i was sick and really really cold and you let me borrow your snuggly sphinx cat for use as a water bottle” au
  • “your pig is adorable but she keeps getting in my house and ending up on top of the refrigerator and it’s very confusing” au
  • “please be really careful of your bunny my dog is a hunting breed and i always make sure to keep her contained or on a leash but she’s really smart so please be careful wait where’s–oh god why is your rabbit sitting on my dog’s head no this is a bad idea” au