what an actual beast


i feel like this is an accurate representation of Tords character

Edd: Hey, are you two ok? you’ve been in here a long time-

Tord: Oh? Hello Edd

Tom: Help.

Edd: uhh hi

Tord: Goodbye Edd!

Edd:PFFF yeah, omg

Back in Paris,” he [Maurice] said, “I knew a girl who was so different, so daring, so ahead of her time that people mocked her until the day they found themselves imitating her. Do you know what she used to say?”
Belle shook her head.
“She used to say ‘The people who talked behind your back are destined to stay there.’
[…] he added, "Behind your back. Never to catch up.
—  Beauty & the Beast [2017]; movie novelization adapted by Elizabeth Rudnick

Save the Date

PORPENTINA GOLDSTEIN and NEWTON ARTEMIS FIDO SCAMANDER request the pleasure of your company at the celebration of their union,

The seventeenth of April, nineteen thirty-two, at one o’clock in the afternoon,

Central Court Commons, under Central Park, New York City, New York

(Someone sent me a request for Newt and Tina’s wedding and I loved it so much that I made this immediately after getting the prompt somebody stop me.

PS: Jacob and Queenie are best man and maid of honor.)

[massive spoilers] The Ultimate Oathbringer Chicken List

All the times chickens show up in Oathbringer, and what kind of animal they actually are.

1. Chicken One - chapter 11

“He recognized the man leading the archers. Tall, with an imperious bearing and stark white plumes on his helm. Who put chicken feathers on their helms?”

What it actually is: Pheasant? Peacock? Hopefully not an actual chicken because that helm would look really shabby.

2. Chicken Two - chapter 15

“It’s all relevant,” Adolin said.

“Eating chicken before a match?”

Adolin grinned. “Well, maybe some things are personal quirks.” 

What it actually is: HOPEFULLY REAL CHICKEN. I do hope Adolin hasn’t been eating cute sparrows these past six years.

3. Chicken Three - chapter 22

He looked exactly like the other soldiers they’d passed, save for that face.

And the chicken on his shoulder.

A chicken. It was one of the stranger varieties, pure green and sleek, with a wicked beak. It looked much more like a predator than the bumbling things she’d seen sold in cages at markets.But seriously. Who walked around with a pet chicken? They were for eating, right? Adolin noted the chicken and raised an eyebrow.

Don’t eat this one, bby.

(more chickens under the cut)

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