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I know I'm odd one out but I absolutely love Cait's dress (in fact I "Pinned" it a few weeks ago!) However, what I love more about her choice of dress is that Cait is not a run-of-the-mill actress. She doesnt dress to please the masses & win "best dressed", she dresses in stuff she loves, stuff she finds fun, pretty, dramatic etc. She's def no fashion victim like most of Hollywood. I admire her so very much for edginess w fashion, it says a great deal about personality & makes me love her more.

same!! I didn’t like the dress tonight but she made a statement, like she usually does, with her outfits and I can definitely admire that. I couldn’t wear like 90% of the stuff she wears and 90% of the time she looks incredible in the clothes. I’ll say it till I die: the woman could wear a paper bag and look amazing. I love, LOVE her makeup, hair and jewelry from tonight. And the top half of the dress has definitely grown on me, I will say that. 


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Valentines Day Bachelor Party

Hey, guys! Today is the start of the Valentines Day party!
I asked you guys, a while back, what outfits the skeletons should wear. The winning choice was Classical Dresses!
And while the dresses are quite beautiful, not all of them are back from the tailors.
However, this is fine. Because the party will last for a few days! So skeletons will arrive as their dresses are complete!

At which point you may talk to me, and any available skeletons.
Remember! While this is a Valentines Day Bachelor Party, this blog is still SFW. Suggestiveness is permitted, however, the skeletons will not indulge in it if it’s too far NSFW. Just keep this in mind.
Thanks, babs!

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The final season of Mad Men begins tonight. Artist Alex Katz presented himself as a Madison Avenue-style suit in this large self-portrait influenced by Pop art and advertising. What do you make of this depiction, from his expression to choice of dress? 

[Alex Katz. Passing. 1962-63. Oil on canvas. 71 ¾ x 6’ 7 5/8" (182.2 x 202.2 cm). The Museum of Modern Art, New York. Gift of the Louis and Bessie Adler Foundation, Inc., Seymour M. Klein, President © 2015 Alex Katz]

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91 and 95 please

91: You accidentally eat some radioactive vegetables. They were good, and what’s even cooler is that they endow you with the super-power of your choice! What is that power?
The ability to get dressed without leaving bed…I think the world would be a better place if we could just linger in bed but still be ready to leave.

95: You just got a free plane ticket to anywhere. You have to depart right now. Where are you gonna go?

New Zealand…and I’m never coming home…

My hijab is empowering because it is my choice. I choose to fulfill this deeply personal religious obligation, and that choice is empowering. I don’t shame other women for the way that they dress, nor do I think I am above them. I choose what parts to reveal of myself. I choose to dress in a way that is an automatic indicator of my American Muslim identity, which empowers me with a voice and platform to educate others. Despite popular opinion, no one forced me or oppressed me into dressing the way I dress. My choice, my body. That is what drives the feminist in me.

Date Interrogation(Jaime Preciado~ Y/N)

Could you do one where you’re best friends with ptv and one day you’re about to go on a date (nothing serious) and the guys all really want to meet him CUZ they’re kinda protective of you and everyone’s cool with him except for Jaime and after the date Vic tony and mike tell you Jaime has feelings for you? Thanks!

Written By: Lauren

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It was a much simpler time. A time where the hardest choice was what dress to wear. Steve was your one and only, you didn’t care how he looked and he treated you right. Even though he was smaller than the regular guy, he would stand up for you and for that, you loved him.

You thought nothing could tear you and Steve apart, many have tried and all failed; that was until the United States decided to join the war in Europe. Steve wanted nothing more than to fight and prove everyone wrong. You, of course supported his efforts.

Bucky went off to war and you decided to apply for the SSR, in hopes of being sent overseas and help the war effort. After Steve was accepted, you joined the SSR and was soon sent overseas.

The first thing Steve did when he got out was twirl you around and kiss you. The happiness didn’t long.

After the death of Doctor Abraham Erskine, Steve was forced into being a propaganda campaign, Captain America. You continued to contribute to the war against the Nazis, having to be separated from Steve again.

You met him again after one of his shows, finding out the news of Bucky alongside him and it broke your heart. Bucky was a close friend, the only other person besides you to see greatness in Steve.

Without a second thought, you joined Steve in his effort to rescue Bucky. You were the one to find Bucky on the table. He was muttering his rank and name. “Bucky, its me.” You said, unstrapping him and he smiled. “Y/N.” He said.

“Yeah, Steve’s here too.” You told him, helping him off the table. He wrapped his arm around your shoulders and soon pulled you into a hug. “I love you.” He said. “I love you too, but can we can save the reunion till later? Kinda escaping.” You told him and he chuckled.

“Y/N! Buck!” Steve shouted and ran to your side and helped you with Bucky. The three of you, and hundreds of soldiers escaped the Hydra facility.

After returning to the camp, Steve formed a team of soldiers to take down Hydra and its leader. You joined the team, which was later named the Howling Commandos. The night before Bucky fell, he came to the tent you and Steve shared.

“Is Steve here?” Bucky asked, slowly entering the tent. “No, he’s telling the rest of the Commandos the plan.” You told him. “Y/N…I have to tell you something that I’ve tried to push away.” He said and you nodded.

“Course, you know you can tell me anything.” You smiled at him. “Steve…he’s my best friend. And I don’t want to hurt him but…its been eating me inside.” He told you. “Well, get on with it.” You chuckled.

“I love you. I’ve loved you for the longest time and I know your with Steve. After this, you’ll probably get married and live in a nice place. Forgetting all about me, but I just wanted you to know that.” He said, leaving you shocked.

“Tell her what?” Steve asked as he walked in. “He just wanted to tell me that he hopes I feel better.” You lied instantly and smiled at Steve. He smiled back and kissed your cheek. “If you aren’t feeling well, you don’t have to go on the mission tomorrow.” He said.

“I’m fine, I just threw up a little.” You told him. “Are you sure? You aren’t feeling a little lightheaded?” Steve asked. “Baby, I’ll be fine.” You told him and he smiled. “Alright.” He told you. “I’m going to sleep. I’ll see you guys in the morning.” Bucky said and walked out.

In the middle of you night, you woke up and threw up. Steve woke up a few minutes later after hearing you cry. “Are you okay?” He asked. “Steve…I’m pregnant.” You told him. “What?” He questioned. “I’m sorry.” You told him.

“Why?” He asked you. “We aren’t even married! Not to mention we’re fighting a war. The officers won’t let me join you on missions if they find out.” You rambled and he smiled. “We’ll figure it out. You shouldn’t be crying, we should be celebrating.” He said and kissed you repeatedly.

The two of you decided to tell the Commandos about your pregnancy. They cheered, feeling happy towards you and Steve. You didn’t joined them on their mission to get Red Skull’s assistant.

“So…pregnant.” Bucky said. “I’m sorry Buck.” You told him. “You don’t need to apologize. I was the idiot to fall in love with my best friend’s girlfriend.” He said. “I still care about you. You’re my best friend and I love you.” You said. “It’s not the same.” He sighed and walked away.

That night, you received the news of Bucky’s fate. You tried your best not to cry, but once you began to remember the times you spent with him, the tears couldn’t stop.

Three days after Bucky’s death, Steve followed his fate. The father of your child, dead. September of the same year, you gave birth to a healthy baby boy.

Two years later, you joined the force again. The Director of S.H.I.E.L.D sent you on a mission to find more information on members of the Soviet Union. You never returned home.

For months, members of the Soviet Union tried to torture information out of you. Just when they were about to kill you, but they ‘spared’ your life. Instead, they trained you to be the perfect killer. They hadn’t perfected the art of mind control and sold you off to Hydra, like an animal.

There, you trained with their elite assassin, the Winter Soldier. When you saw him, you called his name, helping him gain a part of himself.

Over the decades, you and Bucky formed a deep relationship. He became your anchor and you his. At one point, you two ran away together, you were of course punished after they found you.

You had forgotten your life before Hydra, but one thing was clear, you loved Bucky and would do anything for him. Hydra would keep you and Bucky in different bases, afraid of what chaos you could cause beside each other.

When Hydra was exposed, you were with Bucky, trying to complete your mission, kill the Black Widow. You crashed through the window and saw Pierce aiming a gun at the red haired assassin. “Ah, my most prized possession.” He smiled.

“Y/N?” Fury questioned. You blinked a few times and began to regain a few of your memories. “What are you waiting for? Get me out of here and kill her!” Pierce shouted. You raised your gun and aimed it at the Black Widow.

You then repositioned your gun at Pierce’s head and fired. Natasha was shocked by your gesture. You looked at her and Fury then jumped out the window.

They ran and saw you land gracefully. You ran to try and find Bucky. When you found each other, you wanted to find out who you were. Days later, both of you visited the Smithsonian; there you found out that you were once Captain America’s girlfriend and carried his son. A son who would carry on to become a Director of S.H.I.E.L.D and U.S president.

Tears filled your eyes reading the memorial and finding out your son died two months ago. You rushed out the museum and Bucky soon followed you. “I’m sorry.” He said and you hugged him. He gently used his metal arm to stroke your hair, not being used to using his hands to do anything other than kill.

“You’re not mine.” He said. “What?” You asked, wiping your tears. “You were his girlfriend before everything. Had his son.” Bucky said. “But I love you. I’m not that person anymore. You’re the one I love.” You reassured him.

“You don’t know that. He could come back and you could remember the happy times you had with him.” He told you. You shook your head, “James,  we’ve been through hell together. Nothing could break a bond like that. It doesn’t matter if Captain America comes back, I will always love you.” You stated and kissed him.

He kissed you back passionately, you then pulled away and smiled. “We can’t stay in America. They’ll hunt us down.” You told. “Where would we go? We don’t have any money.” He told you.

“We’ll find a way.” You said.

I feel like “the dress” could be used as a LGBTQ+ pride symbol
Think about it

You don’t choose how you see the dress; you don’t choose your sexual orientation

People fight over it even though arguing isn’t going to change how anyone else sees something

You don’t choose to like boys

You don’t choose to like girls

You don’t choose to not be sexually attracted to anybody

You don’t choose your gender

You don’t choose to see white and gold

You don’t choose to see black and blue

DAY 2899

Sopaan, New Delhi                 Mar 9/10,  2016                 Wed/Thu  2:02 am

Double breasted art work by Ef Pawan, and a belief that double breasts suit me better .. it is a fact though that I do prefer DB’s than the single .. it has more buttons !! 

Bet you thought it was something philosophical or fashion couture oriented .. naa .. its just a matter of choice .. 

Many a dress choice depends largely on what is popular and within the year’s fashion dictated by the 3 or 4 fashion biggies out of Italy, France, UK, USA .. 

4 individuals decide what the world needs to wear and we diligently follow .. that is dedication and respect and everything that goes along with following .. the following not of the social media kind and its numbers … but the trend following .. a year that propagates black, turns to red the next and we follow .. that is some commitment and zeal .. 

Most dress commitment and zeal is personal and personal body oriented .. you know your own body best and dress it accordingly .. sensible I guess .. but there are many that pay little heed to this compulsion and dress the body according to the bodies on the Fashion Channel ramp .. I think its wonderful to be able to be inspired by the lithe and elegant ramp runners, and to emulate them .. but when the emulation goes wrong then its a disastrous wrong …

So … it may be essential to be attired in the latest and be proud of its presence in your life and indeed your body … but equally is it a moment of pride to be attired in the choice of what you feel keeps the essentials required of your choice for your own body ..

Its the most perfect device to abstain from regimentation ..

My regimentation tells me that I need to get into my night dress, right now and invade the pillow and the bed and the alarm and the heat pads for the shoulder and neck pain etc ..

So see you on the other side of the ‘ramp’ ..

Love you all 

Amitabh Bachchan