what am i wearing today

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Time and Date right now: 22 of july, 13:52, i just got home from school

Average Hours of Sleep: 6, sadly.

Gender: confused. you can use any pronouns, though!

Sexuality: pansexual

Height: taller than average? idk.

Favorite Color: between purple, blue, yellow and red.

One place that makes me happy: fictional. one might even say it’s my “happy place.”

How many blankets do I sleep under?: depends on the season! i’m using three today :O

What am I wearing right now?: chibi star wars t-shirt, hoodie and long pants

Favorite Beverage: in my language it’s named “guarana natural”

Favorite Food: chiken nuggies. Im ashamed

Last movie you watched: ratattouile lmao

Dream Vacation: new zealand, or alaska. forever.

Dream Pet: multiple cats and dogs, a fish, a bird and maybe a penguin

Dream Wedding: i don’t think about it, but probably with someone that is a best friend.

Dream Job: director of my very own animated tv show, and a voice actor in it too!

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Stripes mean business.


went on a job interview today, applying for a position that brings together what i love (you guess what) and what i am knowledgeable in. We´ll see how this works out…

Sporting today: 

Suit: suitsupply Vitale Barberis Canonico pure wool pinstripe flannel

Shirt: no name German PLB

Tie: no name Germn PLB, 100% cashmere knit tie

pocket square: no name German PLB, silk

Socks: Viccel, cotton

Shoes: Loding


Interview session, part two. 

Ladies and gentlemen, 

yet another friday, yet another interview coming up. I am currently enroute and hopefully will make a positive impression. Afterwards i am heading northways, to see a dear friend of mine to spend the weekend over at her place. It´s gonna be a blast, for sure. 


Suit: dark blue superfine merino wool by Carlo Barbera, cut into shape by suitsupply

Tie: vintage houndstooth cashmere, found on ebay

Shirt: no name German PLB

PS: no name white silk, gifted

bracelettes: OurSaints (check them on IG)

Socks: Viccel

Shoes: Loake