what am i wearing today


she had the world // panic! at the disco

i got stopped after class by a girl wanting to know what color lipstick i am wearing today and she told me how good it looks but i have been self conscious about it being too vampy paired with a leather jacket all day

i lost my cellphone for a few minutes and retraced my steps to find that i had thrown it into a garbage can

My gift for @buckycapped on this fine Winteriron Holiday Exchange! I didn’t have time to react to any of your specific wishes, but I hope you like it though. With special thanks to my partner who was an excellent reference model for posture and to Wren who helped me tweak the text.

Happy May the Fourth! Have some Kanera AU trash lol. Teenage AU! 

When plucky sixteen year old Hera gets wind on an illegal slaver ring, she’s on a mission to expose their syndicate and free their captives. Easier said than done but luckily she’s got a Jedi on her side. Sort of.

Jedi padawan Caleb Dume is anxiously waiting for the day he’ll be deemed ready for his knighthood trials. Of course, it would probably be a lot easier if he wasn’t always getting into trouble with the Council thanks to a certain twi’lek with a penchant for vigilantism. 


Just a fun AU idea I’m messing with. Not sure if I should draw it out or write it out. I’m somewhat attached to Jedi!Caleb AUs mostly because canon already follows the life and times of Kanan Jarrus (and I’m very eager to see that unfold) so I waste my time with AUs lol.

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Sign: scorpio

Height: 5′5″

Last thing googled: types of gays

Favorite music artist: fall out boy probably? or amy lee bc I am a 12 year old goth but I really really really love her voice and music and wow. also patd and marina and the diamonds are my loves <3

Last TV show watched: not on tv but I just finished mob psycho 100 today!

What am I wearing right now: black calvin klein sweatpants, a black tank top, an orange/navy plaid shirt, and my glasses

When did I create my blog: august 2011

What kind of stuff do I post about:  yuri on ice, how much I love katsuki yuuri and his trophy husband viktor nikiforov, shitposts and memes, videos and pix of me and my friends having shenanigans 

Do I have any other blogs: I have a travel photo blog that I’ve neglected for months lmao oops and a very factual and inspired scorpio blog

Do I get asks regularly: not very often on here. usually a couple a week from my friends

Why did I choose my url: I’ve had this same url since I was like 17? and obsessed with amber volakis from house md. it sounds too snazzy and great to ever change it tho

Gender: female

Pokemon Team: mystic 

Favorite colors: orange, red, pink, and yellow

Average hours of sleep: during the week I usually get like 5 a night. during the weekend I manage 7-8 most of the time (even tho I’m usually out until like 4-6 am and that means sleeping all day lol)

Favorite Characters: yuuri and viktor from yuri on ice OBVS, roxy lalonde, piper greenmantle from the raven cycle, nina zenik from six of crows, sadie doyle from beyond belief (thrilling adventure hour), carlos from wtnv, fran fine, aph romano, others I have just had a huge brain blank lmao

Dream job: professional katsuki yuuri hype girl. honestly anything that would let me travel and have free time for my hobbies and not suck out my soul would be cool with me

Tagging: anyone you wants to! always love getting to know more about my followers and mutuals :) tag me if you post it!

hey did u guys know that i love supernatural. i know i talk a lot of shit about it, but don’t be fooled. i love supernatural. i will always love supernatural. it could go for 27 seasons and i’d still love supernatural. i’m gonna be 97 years old feigning embarrassment in front of my grandkids while i talk about this ridiculous show i was obsessed with in my 20s. i love supernatural.


my aesthetic is grey cloudy skies and trying pathetically hard to be cute

mothers day psa: there is a difference between ignoring, controlling and supporting your children’s decisions. for those whose mothers were apathetic or over-controlling: i’m so sorry. i am your mother now. i love what you’re wearing today and will be making popcorn for dinner

It's Not About the Game - Ashton

Requested by anon - Can you do one where ashton is the hockey captain and is in love with you and you’re his best friend and he sees a player from the opposite team hitting on you and he hurts him during the game and you get pissed and take creative license from here

*quick note!! I made up all of the towns and team names and whatnot so if it’s real and I offend you somehow, I’m sorry!*

“Could you not ignore me for like I don’t know 30 seconds” I huff at Ashton who has been sitting on his phone for the last hour. 

“I’m not ignoring you” he tells me, still looking at his phone. 

“Without looking up, what shirt am I wearing today?” I ask and he sighs. 

“What is it that you would like my dear friend?” He says with a bit of attitude in his voice. Ashton and I had a bit of a spat on the bus ride over to Berkenshire where the next game was to be played. 

“Seriously Ash? I thought we finished this. I’m sorry that I don’t agree with you about the way that we should have played the last game but as I told you, you are the captain and I can’t make the calls. Yes, we won the game but still, we could have done it better.”

“I don’t want to talk about it anymore. I’m just reading up on how the Barons play so that I can know who to put in and when.”

“We only have a day til the game and today was supposed to be full of exploring after practice. Instead, you have made me sit here with you while you stare at your phone. I’m going to explore and you can call me when you’re not being such a butt” I say as I walk off. I hear him sigh and some rustling. 

“Stop Y/N” he says but I keep walking and shout over my shoulder.

“No Ash, you do whatever you want and I will see you for dinner.” I continue to walk towards a nearby store. I open the door and walk straight back to the counter where there is a cute young guy sitting on a stool.

“Excuse me, can you tell me where I should go to see what this city is all about” I ask and he looks up and smiles.

“Oh my, a supporter of the Charleston Copperbacks. I don’t know if we can have you in this shop” he lets out a little chuckle.

“Not a fan?” I ask with a smile. He extends his hand and I take it.

“Names Joey, I’m the center for the Barons.”

“I might blow your mind here Joey but my name is Y/N and I’m not just a supporter but I’m the right winger for the Copperbacks” I giggle.

“A girl? That’s not a very common sighting in the hockey world.”

“I’m hoping that you aren’t talking crap there Joey. I know that people think girls can’t play but the shock value is great when I take off my mask and the people who we play see that they just got beat by a girl.” He laughs and looks at the clock. 

“You don’t seem like a typical ‘we aren’t on the same team so we can’t be friends’ kinda player so what do you say I take you out to see the city?” he asks. 

“You are working, I can’t be a bother like that. Besides, what would the guys say?”

“I guess I read you wrong” he tells me and he looks disappointed. 

“I’m just messing. Besides, I’m a little on the outs with the captain right now so I needed to get away from them for a bit.”

“I get off in 3 minutes so as soon as my relief comes in, I’ll take you out and show you a few places that need to be seen.” As he stops talking, the back door opens and an older woman walks in who he kisses on the cheek. “Hi Nan, this is Y/N, I’m going to take her out to see the city” he tells the woman. 

“Fraternizing with the enemy I see” she laughs and kisses him back. “Do you have your telephone?” I see a smile on her face and she checks his pocket. 

“Call me if you need me Nan” he says as he walks out with me. When we exit the shop, I see Ashton on a bench across the street. He looks up and we lock eyes as he stands. 

“Y/N where are you going? Who is that?” He starts to cross the street but I keep walking away. I send him a text that simply says *Joey is going to show me around, be back later* I hear my phone ding several times but I ignore it. 

“Where are we off to first?” I ask him.

“Well there is a little place around the corner where I’m going to order you the best apple cider you have ever tasted and then from there, we will walk to Melisoton Park and see all the statues they have set up” he informs me. “I read somewhere that there is a place in New York City that is kind of like this but still, it’s worth looking at.” We cross the street and walk up to a small stand where Joey orders us apple cider.

“You are right, this is the best." 

"Told ya.” He answers as we walk along the road to a large park. Joey and I wander around looking at the different statues and reading the plaques associated with each one. “You know, I’ve lived here my whole life and I can’t say that I’ve ever been in here and read these plaques.”

“It’s a benefit of showing a visitor around” I laugh and my phone rings. I assume it’s Ashton but look at the screen anyway to see that it’s not. I answer the phone politely. “What’s up Cal?” I put one finger up to Joey and take a few steps away. 

“What are you doing going off with a stranger?”

“Listen Calum, it’s not like he will murder me. He works for his Nan and Ashton saw the store we were at. He would be caught in a hot minute and besides, none of you wanted to go with me so I took matters into my own hands.”

“You can’t just abandon your best friend like that. Ashton is freaking out!” he mumbles and I assume Ashton is in the same room.

“Well then my best friend should have paid a little more attention to me then his stupid phone. I will be back in a little bit you babies.” I hang up the phone and walk back to Joey. 

“Looks like I’m being summoned. The others seem to feel the way everyone else does.” I laugh and so does he. We walk back to the hotel I told him we were staying at and he hands me his phone. 

“Just put your number under enemy so I know to never answer” he jokes. We exchange numbers and I give him a smile as I go back into the hotel.


I spent the night barely acknowledging my team and only responding to necessary conversation required since it was about the strategy for the game. When I wake up, I’m in a room with 5 other players and laugh when I look at how they all fell asleep. Calum and Luke are almost cuddled on the other queen sized bed while Michael is on the couch and Jones is on the floor. Ashton is in the same bed with me which must have happened after I had fallen asleep. I get up to shower and by the time I come out all dressed and ready to go to the arena, the rest of the team is in our room eating breakfast. 

“They put a lot of support to their wingers so don’t let them fool you” Ashton said and looked directly at me. “They are going to try and make it seem like they are what you need to be worried about but really their center is their strongest player.” I feel like Ashton is trying to send a whole different message with this but I choose to ignore it. I grab a bowl and fill it with cereal and milk before sitting down and picking up my phone. I see I have another message from Joey and chuckle when it’s a funny picture of his face with a note that says ’ you guys are going down’. I see Ashton look over sadly and I put the phone down. “Y/N can I please talk to you a minute?” he asks and I follow him to the hall. 

“You really scared me when you went off with that guy yesterday” he tells me.

“I told you Ashton, he was a perfect gentlemen and he treated me very well. He just wanted to show me what I asked for, a small tour of the city.”

“You could have waited for me” he said. 

“Are you jealous Ash?” I giggle.

“This isn’t funny Y/N” he said with an edge. “You don’t even know this guy, anything could have happened and if I went to the police they wouldn’t have believed me. They would think I’m just trying to sabotage the game.”

“Are you sure that’s it?” I ask him. “Because to be honest, you haven’t been the best to me recently and I think you are finally seeing what’s going to happen.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?” he asks. Calum and Michael had been hinting for quite a while that Ashton liked me more then a best friend but I haven’t said anything to him. 

“So I made a new friend and he is cute. Maybe we will go on another date or something but that’s my choice. I don’t have a boyfriend so I can do things like that.” I walk back into the room and see Calum look up but his smirk vanishes when he sees Ashton walk back in. 

“Get in the van” he snaps. “Let’s get to the arena.”


2nd period ended and I’m sat on the bench waiting for 3rd to start when I see Joey looking at me from across the ice. He waves with a smile and I smile back. 

“Seriously?” Ashton says but to be honest, I don’t know if he is talking to me or not because I was not paying much attention. Something I should have told Ashton a year ago is that I have a crush on him I’m madly in love with him. I get it, he is my best friend and this could only end badly but I can’t help it. If he asked me to marry him, I would and I wouldn’t be upset that we didn’t date first. I have lived with him for 2 years and granted, we don’t sleep in the same room but cuddles and hugs are a common occurrence in our house. Seeing Ashton jealous is something that I enjoy because I have these day dreams that he does something about his jealously and I don’t have to hide my love anymore but like I said…It’s all a day dream. I hear the buzz off the scoreboard and stand to make my way out into position. As I’m halfway there, Joey skates past me and lightly taps my shoulder with his before saying 'Don’t expect to keep winning’ and laughing. I see Ashton turn a little red but remind myself that he is just probably exhausted. Ashton lines up across from Joey and I see a few words between then but don’t hear what they say before the ref drops the puck and the period starts. Things go smoothly for the first 14 minutes before Ashton takes an opportunity that is presented to him and checks Joey pretty hard. This happens 4 or 5 more times, each time getting harder before a time out is called and we make our way to our side. 

“What the hell Ashton! What are you doing?” I say.

“I’m doing what I have to do” he says back angrily.

“Why do you have to keep checking Joey? He is no where near the puck.”

“He is in my way." 

"We are going to win, just cool it please! It’s just a hockey game”

“It’s not just a hockey game Y/N” he says softly and skates back out since the time out is over. The game finishes with us in the lead and as we high five the other team, I see Ashton and Joey on the side. I skate over in fear that Ashton may do something he will regret. Joey smiles but starts to move away. 

“Congrats guys” he says and leaves. 

“Can you please just explain something to me Ashton. Can you explain why you have been being such a jerk this whole weekend and why I can’t go out and make a new friend without you having to make a problem out of it.” I start to ramble but Ashton moves forwards. 

“I told you. I wasn’t doing all that just because it’s hockey.” Confused, I look into his eyes and notice how close he is. He takes my helmut all of the way off and leans down. He can’t have you because I want you" he whispers before he reaches my lips.

“Yeah okay” I agree and lean into the kiss. I don’t know how long we are there kissing before I giggle but he looks at me confused. 

“What?” he says with a fond smile.

“I think we are being watched.” I point up to the screen and watch the realization that everyone there just watched what happened to me and Ashton. 

“I guess I don’t have to worry about telling the team then” he jokes. I crack a big smile and pull him back down to me. 

“Kiss me again you goon.”



ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED: first attempt at simplified reflected light
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