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there are so many important messages that suga is trying to convey to his listeners through his mixtape and im sure that if you’ve read the lyric translations, you definitely know what i mean. i am seriously blown away that we’ve been fans of bts for what, 3 years now? for 3 years, ARMYs have easily labelled yoongi as ‘lazy’, given him that ‘idagf’ image, and yet, we were oblivious to so many of his hardships. we’ve always known that he’s hardworking, more quiet than the other members, and more reflective, but this mixtape honestly blew me away because yoongi’s gone through so much in his idol career and we had no idea. 

first off, he touches on a sensitive topic that idols don’t speak openly about: mental health. he raps about seeing a psychiatrist, battling with depression, self-hate, experiencing social phobia since age 18, putting on a front, and loneliness. His entire song “The Last” really touches on this:

a word said like habit, oh, I don’t give a shit, I don’t give a fuck
those words are all words I use to hide my weak self
that time I want to erase, that’s right, the memories I want to erase of that day I had that concert
I was afraid of people, so I hid in the bathroom and stared at myself

and in “So Far Away”:

I’m in so much pain and lonliness but people around me keeping telling me to regain my consciousness
I try to vent my anger but I only got myself so what’s the point of venting my anger
I’m scared to open my eyes everyday and start breathing

these lyrics from ‘At Dawn’ also illustrate this:

I pretend I’m not lonely, I pretend I’m not suffering
I pretend I’m okay for no reason, meaninglessly I pretend to be strong
don’t come over the wall I’ve put up in front of myself
don’t throw me off this island in this wide sea 

he also talks about his struggles during his trainee days and i dont think he’s ever talked in depth about this period of his life. this mixtape gives us some insight about him moving to seoul, getting a part time job to afford the cost of living in the city, going to school dead tired after work, and still training with big hit to live out his dreams

was I needy for success? No just needy for money
it’d been a long time since I forgot the words ‘in style’
I practiced at night and went to my part time job at dawn
then even if I dragged that tired body to school I just slept
I became 20 that way, the sight of the graduation room was suspicious

and the fact that he admits he puts up a front:

I hide the self that’s behind my defensive posture
I hide myself completely like I’ve become a criminal, always
I can’t even take one step outside the dorm that’s like a prison 

all of these are reasons im so moved. because it really highlights how idols only show one side of themselves to the camera, and fans can never really know them fully. we only know the version of bts’ min yoongi that he wants to show us through shows and broadcasts. 

behind every idol rapper who succeeds
there’s a weak self standing, it’s a little dangerous
I fall sometimes again into depression and compulsion
hell no, anyway I don’t even know if that’s the real me

but through his music? through his mixtape, he’s trying to show us another side of him, and i’m so thankful that he’s opened up to his worldwide audience. this takes courage. talking openly about your hardships and your weaknesses to people who look up to you, that takes some damn courage. so thank you, yoongi, for opening up to your fans. 


“all i’m getting from you is…colors.”

or the one in which cas is basically a walking and talking color wheel




[ENG] Haikyuu LN Vol 6 - The ‘Cats’ Of The Future

(Because the precious first year kittens are precious and everything about Nekoma is gold. It’s quite short but I hope you enjoyed this chapter! Not beta’d. The content is under the cut~)

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I don’t know if I am the only one who was made curious by this scene but I definitely had to figure out his story! And, well, I remembered the little papers with their histories and look who just happened to be on top! Hope you enjoy his not-so-threatening history XD  Sorry if I didn’t make it all pretty/couldn’t get those last few words! Really I was just trying to get his paper ready <3

                                      GAETAN MOLIERE

Mineralogist and Excavation Expert

Age: 39

Birthplace: Paris, France

Parents: Christof and Gabrielle Moliere


Extensive knowledge of (hidden words and letters) in the new science of tectonics. Advis- (hidden words and letters) National du France, Ottoman Mining, Aust- (hidden words and letters) American Coal and Lumber. Has developed (hidden words and letters) independent mining and excavation (hidden words and letters) related equipment. Holds patents on 59. Acute senses, particularly taste and smell, enable Moliere to correctly identify any type of mineral or soil without benefit or aid of any scientific apparatus 98.75% of the time.


Gaetan Moliere was born to a middle class working family, the youngest of 4 brothers. Both his parents were teachers; Christof Moliere teaches University courses at the Serbanne, and Gabrielle Moliere is a retired music teacher. Gaetan displayed an early interest in subterranean pursuits at the early age of 7 when he began exploring the vast sewer networks that lie underneath old Paris. By the age of 13, Moliere had developed a specialized type of goggles and headgear to wear while exploring caves in surrounding countryside, as the sewers and catacombs held no further challenge or mysteries for him. He entered Serbanne at age 17, but left soon after when given the opportunity to act as a special technical adviser to a local mining company. Soon thereafter, Moliere developed what could be termed his “specialty” of the ability to “taste” and identify various soils (hidden words and letters and that’s it). 


Next, with the too-much-time on my hands, I shall translate the Shepherd’s book into English! Maybe the writers put something interesting in there for us :)

I already did that, back there.

Q. Hi, if you don’t mind, may I ask you something? In the last scene of goblin ep 13, kim shin said (if i’m not mistaken) : 그것까지 의미하였다.. what does it mean actually? There are many translation and I am really confused which one is true :“( 

Here is my answer.

Episode 5 (at the hotel room)

Eun-Tak : Mister, do you love me? (아저씨, 저 사랑해요?)
Kim Shin : If that’s what you need me to do, I will.  “I love you.” (필요하다면 그것까지 하고. 사랑해.)
Eun-Tak : Do you really hate me that much? How much do you have to hate me to be this sad? It’ s pouring out there. OK. Even if you hate me and I make you sad, I’ll go live with you. I’m not in any position to be picky at the moment. I just need to pull out the sword, right?
Kim Shin : Yes, that’s enough.

Episode 9 (at the ski resort)

Eun-Tak : So, did you get to love me? No? Did you not even do that? (그래서, 나 사랑하게 됐어요? 아니예요? 그것조차 안했어요?)
Kim Shin : I’m scared. I’m so scared. So, I wish you keep saying you need me to (love you). I want you to ask me to even do that. I want an excuse like your permission. With that excuse, I wish I could go on living…. with you. (무서워 너무 무섭다. 그래서 네가 계속 필요하다고 말했으면 좋겠어. 그것까지 하라고 했으면 좋겠어. 그런 허락 같은 핑계가 생겼으면 좋겠어. 그 핑계로 내가 계속 살아있으면 좋겠어… 너와 같이)

Episode 9 (dying at the warehouse)

Eun-Tak : I need you to (love me). Do that, too. I love you. (필요해요. 그것까지 해요. 사랑해요)

Episode 13 (at the farewell)

Eun-Tak : I love you, I love you (사랑해요. 사랑해)
Kim Shin : So do I. I love you. I already did that, back there. (나도 사랑한다. 그것까지 이미 하였다)

i’m :) in :) the :) bus :) and :) my :) headphones :) just :) broke :)

KnB Season 3 Vol. 8 Drama CD

Hahaha. According to what was written on my drafts I was supposed to post this last December. 

Even though I’m a trash, I’m also an old rotting trash so I don’t have the energy to draw even though I was planning to but since it’s 5/4 A.K.A. MAYUAKA DAY *CRIES*, I wanted to do ANYTHING so Mayuzumi drama CD for anyone who wants to read!! TTATT!! 

3rd Season Volume 8 Drama CD feat. Mayuzumi Chihiro


  • Ousaka Ryouta as Mayuzumi Chihiro
  • Hatano Wataru as Mibuchi Reo
  • Masuda Toshiki as Hayama Kotarou
  • Fujiwara Takahiro as Nebuya Eikichi
  • Kamiya Hiroshi as Akashi Seijuurou

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Remember this (arguably) most memorable scene from Zyglavis’ main story?

Of course, it’s gibberish to me. And for a long time, I was convinced it’s derived from Greek alphabets (how many times have I used  Φ  to solve equations?)

The Japanese version makes more sense, and probably explains why he was called an ‘old man’ and the MC was baffled.

ちちんぷいぷい (chichinpuipui) is that kind of incantation used to trick  reassure children that their injuries will go away by saying 「ちちんぷいぷい、痛いの痛いの、飛んでけ!」 - “chichinpuipui, oh pain, oh pain, fly away!”

Well, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Zyglavis knows something silly (and adorable AF) like this.

“Monochrome” by Matsui Jurina (Lyrics translation)


What am I doing?
For what reason am I here?
My monochrome days go by
As I think such things

How long will this go on for?
Thinking such things
Have become pointless
Ever since that day

I want to protect you, I want to hold you
Just by looking at you
Your smile fills my head

I want to touch you, I want to feel you
As my days become filled with color
I’ve repeated countless times
“I don’t want to let you go”

I don’t want to let you go

What could you be doing?
What are you thinking of?
Before I even noticed, I’ve been thinking of you
For so many days

How long will these feelings go on for?
I thought my heart was left empty
But now, that has passed

I want to protect you, I want to hold you
Just by looking at you
Your smile fills my head

I want to touch you, I want to feel you
As my days become filled with color
I’ve repeated countless times
“I don’t want to let you go”

I don’t want to let you go

Will I be able to tell you?
There’s nothing I can do
But this, I promise
These feelings won’t change


No idea why I did this but it may help some people. Some of the more obscure games may have obscure fan translations I couldn’t find, but nothing that’s red has had an official translation for sure. Some blue games had fan translations too, but Atlus is generally very good at translations, so there’s no reason that a fan translation would be any better.

IMAGINE did have an English version, but the american servers died in 2014 or 2015, so that doesn’t really matter anymore.

The Shin Megami Tensei: If… translation is a work in progress. It’s been 80% complete for a couple years now. Hopefully it’ll be out this year though.


Hello to anyone reading this! I’m a fantranslator! What I do is just translate random Japanese comics that I am a fan of on pixiv. Recently Boku no Hero Academia is one of my favorite series. From this series, my favorite pairing would have to be Deku and Tsuyu (don’t know why). That being said there is a part two to this and on a side note, if anyone wants something translated, just message me! 

Source: http://www.pixiv.net/member_illust.php?mode=medium&illust_id=48711629

Send the original artist some love as well!