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But if someone got a 3D model made in maya with basic human skeleton rig (I'm know a bit of Maya from doing 3D animation foundation at school), what would you animate with the said model?

Ah I can rig in maya, I am just to lazy LOL ….
Hmm … what would i dooo … i … have no clue x3x ..
Something nice :D?

sasusaku | “We’re in an exam study group and I just send you my nudes by accident oops” AU

It’s cute that Ino thinks damage control is possible. But Sakura knows that this is the actual, real life end of the world and that there will be no recovering from this life-ruining disaster. In the spirit of this, she has collapsed into a melodramatic heap onto the purple shag rug and stares at the ceiling in existential crisis.

“What am I gonna dooo?” she moans.

Occupied by a mirror, Ino rolls her eyes. She’s halfway through applying her new Silver Shimmer eyeshadow and has no time for Sakura’s histrionics. “Girl, please. Sasuke gets nudes all the time, probably even deletes them without looking. Lord knows he never reads texts anyway.”

“He reads my texts!” Sakura wails, inconsolable.

The blonde whirls around, silver glitter flying everywhere as she assumes the hands-on-hips position of exasperated best friend. For someone so devastatingly smart and clever, Sakura can be awfully obtuse.

“That, Forehead Girl, is exactly my point.” A smug smile curls the corners of her lips. “You’re probably the one girl he wants to get nudes from. This is like early Christmas for him. And why would you take those pictures anyway if you weren’t planning on sending them, hmmm?”

Sakura’s mouth opens and closes, reminiscent of a fish out of water as her face turns a spectacular shade of red. “I didn’t–that’s not…none of your business, pig!”

But Ino just laughs, turning back to the mirror. “Better get it together, girlfriend, our study group meets in an hour and you look like a hot mess.”

Queasiness flashes across Sakura’s face. She’ll have to see Sasuke face-to-face, if he even shows up after the trauma of seeing her naked. What is she even supposed to say to him? ‘Hi yes, we study together four days a week but can you please forget that you saw me bent over in this new thong that I swear Ino made me buy and I don’t actually–’

Her frenzied imagination is interrupted by a loud buzz. Thoroughly disgruntled, Sakura hastily grabs her phone, ready to unleash the wrath of an anxiety-ridden co-ed on whoever dares interrupt her mental doomsday prepping. The text icon blinks on her screen, and she’s about to swipe it open when she freezes in terror.

It’s from Sasuke.

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Straw Hat Musical 2
  • Luffy: you're my nakama!
  • Law: Mugiwara-ya, this is just an allian--
  • Luffy: wHAT ABOUT US
  • Law: oh not aga--
  • Law: Mugiwara-ya please--
  • Franky: *bursts into the room* YOU KNOW I NEVER WANTED TO HURT YOU
  • Law: oh for fucks sake--
  • Usopp: *kicks down the door* WHAT ABOUT MEe
  • Luffy: *drops to his knees dramatically* WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO DOOO
  • Law: ...I have made a terrible mistake
Aaand My Hopefully-not-so-late Citrus Reactions Chapter 9 Part 1

…Who am I kidding this is pretty late but oooh well here it is anyway…! 

 ( ̄ω ̄;)

So, the chapter’s called Love or Lie! Pretty clear what’s going to happen if you ask me…so lemme just say this beforehand:

GODAMMIT Mei you screwed up, didn’t you? ಠ_____ಠ 

Disclaimer: The following contains a long long LOOONG rant, read at your own risk!! 

Credits to Yuri Project for the amazing scans.

Images edited by me, if there’s any problem please write to me and I’ll take them down.


Part 2

Part 3

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but moon i didn't know Arryn Zech was cute until you mentioned it on this blog and then I looked it up and learned that she is Blake's VA and she speaks french and ships bumbleby so hard like one AB interview she literally squeed and hid her face in her cardigan because the bees were being discussed and what I'm trying to say moon is I can't handle all this cuteness in one person. its not good for the heart. what am i supposed to dooo now?


look at this fckin NERD also link me to that interview i NEED it

Ha ha ha I get it :’D
Welp, there goes the only thing I had to look foward on Wednesdays ._.
No more reigisa, no more makoharu , no more cute shirtless homos…What AM I GONNA DOOO??? ;A;

Anyways i found da post on instagram @ otakunext