what am i talking about i know nothing about them

You know what pisses me off? Racism.

Seriously. It’s fucking horrendous.

My skin tone has nothing to do with how smart, kind, brave, strong, active, rich, bigoted, poor, ignorant, weak, lazy, or racist I am.

The idea that white people are the only racist ones is racist, and it needs to stop.

I can’t count the number of times I heard “Asians are awesome” when I was in high school, or “Black people are better”. I heard so many people around me being very obnoxious about their ethnicity, and talking about how it made them better than me because I was white. And any time I tried to say “Hey, being white is cool, too! White skin looks great against dark colors”, for example, I would get so much hate for being a “white supremacist”.

People automatically assumed that, because I was talking about how great white people are, I was a white supremacist who thought white people were better than people of color.

Look at the statements below.

“Black people are awesome!”

How did that make you feel?

“White people are awesome!”

How about that one?

I would bet money that you thought the first one was fine, and the second one was racist.

Now, answer me this: what is the difference between those two statements? What makes one okay and not the other? Why can black people be awesome, but white people can’t?

Why is this such a common attitude?

What can you do to stop it?

I figured out the code Sollux was saying to Erisol in the card!

Erisol: You suck.

Sollux: What the fuck did you just fucking say about me, you little bitch? I’ll have you know I graduated top of my class in the Navy Seals, and I’ve been involved in numerous secret raids on Al-Quaeda, and I have over 300 confirmed kills. I am trained in gorilla warfare and I’m the top sniper in the entire US armed forces.  You are nothing to me but just another target. I will wipe you the fuck out with precision the likes of which has never been seen before on this Earth.

((Way to go! You got the binary text right!))

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Oh, apologies. I had forgotten which one it was. I mean, it seems like the big thing the fandom tries to ignore is the sheer amount of sexism that came out of the mouth of Eleven (as well as Twelve constantly insulting Clara's appearance). I've also seen people legitimately try to argue that that's NOT sexism, and argue with people who have been studying sexism in literature for years. Just like I've seen people say "Thin/Fat Gay Married Anglican Marines" why do we need names isn't homophobic.

My personal views really won’t be to your taste, then, I’m afraid. I can think of a handful of iffy throwaway lines from Eleven that I could do without, sure, but it was hardly a storm of sexism. Makes me roll my eyes at worst. As for Twelve’s comments, I am utterly conceived that there’s nothing sexist about them. It’s made quite clear that Twelve doesn’t know what he’s talking about. It’s more a follow-up to Tom Baker’s “you’re a beautiful woman, probably” than a sexist judgement of her appearance. The point is that Twelve doesn’t understand human image standards, to emphasize his alien-ness. That whole thread also built to the very lovely line about how Twelve saw no difference in Clara, even with her having greatly aged. It’s quite clear Clara knows she’s beautiful, and a few confused statements from her alien friend won’t change that. As for the Thin/Fat Gay Married Anglican marines, I’ve always read that as satire of people listing off all the little categories they fit in (go on most tumblr blogs and there’ll be someone listing off their characteristics like that in the about me). It was a weird moment, but I don’t see it as homophobic, especially with the episode also introducing the fantastic representation of Vastra and Jenny.

  • touchofgrey37:you know something i just realized?
  • touchofgrey37:there is like, next to no bad boostle fic
  • touchofgrey37:if we're talking about sarcasm and flirting
  • cyke:NICE
  • cyke:tbh, that's what a lot of people tell me and I feel like I should really really get into those two because I know, like, nothing about either of them other than what shows up on my dash
  • cyke:and usually when they show up on my dash it's followed by anguished screaming in the tags
  • touchofgrey37:y e a h
  • touchofgrey37:boostle is like
  • touchofgrey37:it's more than a ship
  • touchofgrey37:it's a bonding experience
  • touchofgrey37:it's a community
  • touchofgrey37:it's clawing your heart out in absolute agony because iT'S BEEN TEN YEARS NOW THIS YEAR OH MY GOD
  • cyke:OH WOW

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i really hope all starlight don't make that things become a big. just lets support VIXX like we always do and don't ever want change them. i'm so sorry i talk so much. i just don't know where i can talk my concern about it. i'm so afraid about what will happen if VIXX read it :( :(. talking to you make my heart feels better. thank you so much :) :) :) i'm sorry if my english is bad =_="

After reading your full message i understand you and i just wanted to say that its okay the letter didn’t dictate that they should change their behavior just informed them what some of the international starlights thought about it :) nothing wrong with a little information

I am glad that talking to us could make you feel better and your english is perfectly fine ^^

-Admin R

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Why are you always talking about dinosaurs when you literally know nothing about them? They don't exist anymore? What are you even talking about?

I am Tumblr’s resident dinosaur expert. I have suffered through Jurassic Park more than 3 times.

Have you ever seen a bird? A Komodo dragon? A lizard? Joe Biden?

All of these are dinosaurs.

I feel sorry for you because you are going to be the first one to go when the rest of the dinosaurs leave the islands. 

:( bye sweetie

How do people make friends so easily? Seriously, can you give me a guide? Maybe like, directions? That’d be cool. Tell me your secrets.

booterflies & mermaidalien um thx! like i appreciate you saying that rn.

but that’s another thing like, half an hour later i’m gonna go back to thinking u don’t care abt me bc it just doesn’t *stick* in my head, how is it possible that people actually like me if they’re not actively talking to me nicely at the moment? i just don’t GET it, i go back to complaining about i am worth nothing, and eventually ppl just get fed up with me and leave

and then there’s when i KNOW ppl have their own shit to worry about, ppl have their own lives to be busy with, and all i can do is sit here and wonder why they don’t pay more attention to me bc apparently i’m supposed to be important to them except at the same time i know what a selfish mean petty person i am so why WOULD they pay attention to me, it’s like i keep going back and forth between thinking i deserve attention and then being disgusted with myself for thinking that…..?? idk

We just had a conversation in my sci fi class that was titled has technology in campus gone too far? I was one of three pro tech people
It was so annoying how smug everyone who is anti tech was, and when I asked what they do instead of being connected they said things like think or read, and I made the argument that reading is the same as being connected because you are isolated in an artificial communication platform. This pissed everyone off.
It’s funny bc they all assume that bc I’m in my phone I’m doing some lower form of brain activity when I could be talking to my friends across the world about anything or reading news articles about current events a lot of them know nothing about.
I feel that the older I get the more aggravated I am with anti technology people because they feel they are superior for, who knows what reason?

ever feel insecure in a friendship you thought was good. 

Right now I don’t know what to think. I feel like my friend is distant and doesn’t want to spend time with me and I want to talk to them about it be there has been no real time to talk about it and i hate having talks like this over the phone. 

i just want to ask one thing, it’s not that hard. Do you really want to be my friend or am I doing this for nothing because frankly I am not going to work this hard for nothing. 

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I KNOW THIS IS ANNOYING SO I AM SUPER SORRY. I'm beginning to look into the signs and things about them but I still understand nothing and every single zodiac blog talks about cusps or what not and I have no idea what those are and I'm really sorry if this is in your FAQ but I'm on my phone currently and yeah.

aw its oki

cusps are people who are born between two signs. Like an aries/taurus cusp is born on april 19-24 or something. they are supposed to have the same traits of both signs. I honestly think that they are a bunch of bullshit.

frustratedoctor skomentował(a) Twój post “frustratedoctor skomentował(a) Twój post “frustratedoctor…”

welllllll…. you could also talk… about… me? or sth XD no i know what you mean, rly, but no. dont ever change ;)

Oh, you will regret it. Now I am gonna blog about you.

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24, 44

Thanks, Anon!! :D

24. Are you good at hiding your feelings? I don’t know how good I am at actually hiding my feelings, but I’m the best at bottling them up. If I’m extremely upset about something, it’s easy to tell, but I don’t usually talk about it or vent my frustrations.

44. What are you listening to right now? Nothing right now, besides the sounds of cars going by outside my dorm window and a couple birds in the trees.

leighsgf I KNOW i get so uncomfortable thinking about it because some of them are more than half my age talking about the same thing i am like honestly i don’t care what they do with their life as long as they enjoy it but again its kinda…….. and not to mention how they actually have RESPONSIBILITIES like KIDS and an actual CAREER yet they’re on here reaching about two people they know nothing about

Also like Finnick gives away his/her most precious thing for MOSTLY ANNIE but Peeta & Johanna too. Secrets. Literally, in Finn’s opinion, secrets maketh the man. Here’s the thing. Finn’s been collecting these secrets for god knows how long, and I think ultimately, before (s)he knew about the rebellion, (s)he was going to use them in a slight power play for Annie.

{ Remember that Snow knew NOTHING of this & while Finn says (s)he hasn’t dealt with anything as common as money in years, we need to take into account that if Snow got wind of what Finn was doing, Annie & Mags & Finn’s remaining family would die in a heart beat. tl;dr FINNICK ODAIR WAS STILL PAID FOR HIS/HER SERVICES THANK YOU. }

But whatever, the rebellion comes into play & after YEARS of hoarding and hiding these things — even from Annie and Mags, yes — Finnick has to spill the beans. Not even JUST about the secrets, about being whored out too. Do you know how hard that is to admit?? Just because the other victors knew doesn’t mean Finnick was comfortable talking about it. 

{ And lbr, they only knew because a) the same thing probably happened to them and b) they all lived in the same fucking place obviously they’d notice something was up } 

In fact, I think it was the hardest thing for Finn TO talk about. 

By nature, Finnick has this kind of — self appreciating humor in the Capitol. Like, teasing people with his body. ‘ Hot & you know it ‘ type thing. Now — we all know that this isnt exactly the case, as Katniss goes on to explain in MJ that Finn has a ‘self effacing sense of humor’ but either way HUMOR is the key word. { Finn was the one who suggested the prank on Peeta in the arena, remember? } So — by saying this in such a serious light, by really talking about something and NOT just brushing it off with humor, Finnick Odair is breaching a part of her/himself that (s)he has never really visited before. It’s HARD AS FUCK. 

( And part of me wonders if Finnick would have done it if there was no hope for Annie to be alive, or if Annie was at d13 with him/her. As much as I’d like to say yes — something is telling me no. You can say a lot of marvelous things about Finnick Odair but you can’t say that (s)he loved everyone equally. (S)He basically forgets about Johanna, his/her supposed best friend when Annie is around. The codependency in Odesta is SO HIGH. Higher than Gale & Katniss — nearing Peeta & Katniss levels.  )

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-lays down url- -pats ur face-

Message me a URL anonymously and I shall write what I think about them.

//Umm… well, to be quite honest, I don’t know how to feel about you yet. You seem really nice and sweet, and you’ve been nothing but nice to me thus far. I get a little afraid to talk to you sometimes because you just seem so ultra mega popular and, well. You know. The high-school struggle.

But you made me like Calypso, and I made you ship… something [heheheh], and so I am tentatively inching into a place where I am not so afraid of you. So that’s good.

Keep do you. We shall be friendos eventually :D

I am seriously shocked by how people don’t even think twice about the awful things they say or even know that the things are awful

my very white coworker and I were talking about flower crowns, and I said I thought they were cute
she then replies ‘yeah they’re cute, but all the Mexican girls started buying them, so I would never wear one. It just made them kind of trashy, you know?’
what the fuck??????????
that was really racist?????
and then she just continued speaking, to me, a very brown person, like nothing she said was awful?????
i didn’t mention anything bc we were at work and I have to get along w my coworkers but wtf

and later she was talking about one of our frequent customers who happens to be a trans woman and she used the word ‘tranny’ and I cut her off mid sentence and told her to not do that like wtf that is so rude

and like I understand that she’s privileged, white, straight, cis and grew up in a mostly white area in a vaguely racist small town
but come on

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*sends all the hugs to Cher* 8( I'm really sorry to hear about what your stepdad did... He sounds like he's being a real dick to your pets :c

Oh don’t worry too much about it, things will be okay for now. My stepdad is more talk than anything anyways xD
He’ll forever consider them as nothing more than living furniture but there’s no chance in hell that I’ll let him rule over my babies. He knows how I am, so it’s his funeral if he tries to tempt me.