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My Favorite Fics I’ve Written

Thanks @inell, for the tag! I am supposed to list my current top 5 favorite fics I’ve written.

Just so you know, these are all Sterek, and in no particular order :D

Gracious in Defeat Mature - This was my Glompfest fic for @notenoughgatorade, and I really struggled over it at first, I thought it would be a roadtrip AU, but it ended up being 18k of Stiles healing, Derek being awesome, and lots of domesticity with a little bit of angst on the side, all set in Brasil.
Once, just once, Stiles allowed himself to imagine what it would be like to kiss Derek Hale. He’d assumed a lot of things. He’d assumed he would be the one to initiate it. He’d assumed that it would be the finishing move to some kind of intense argument. He’d assumed that it would be a rough, angry, careless thing. The way their words often were.

He was wrong on all counts.

My Life, Without You In It - Teen - Is it cheating to include a series? I’m going to say not. This is my Sterek soulmate AU. I wrote the initial fic, and had quite a few requests for a sequel, and it’s the sequel that’s my favorite here, even though, it’s nowhere near as popular as the original fic.


Derek’s not, by nature, a curious person, but he’s very curious about Stiles. How could he not be?

As far as he knows what they share is entirely unique. Unheard of. There has to be a reason for that, right? A reason why they share this connection with each other.

And Derek can’t help feeling that if he can just see Stiles, if he can just meet him face to face, he’ll be able to explain it. That it will be  obvious.

Nothing To Fear But Fear Itself - Teen - This was so much fun to write. The prompt was amazing, basically to write a fic where Derek gets scared of things ala Dean in the infamous ‘Yellow Fever’ episode of supernatural, and Stiles looks after him. The fic is not set in the Supernatural universe, I basically took the idea and decided an obscure strain of wolfsbane would suit the TW universe better than ghosts.
“I don’t know Scott!” Stiles says, gesturing wildly the phone tucked in the crook of his neck, “He was hiding in my closet, and he’s acting  weird.” He hisses that last bit, hoping that Derek won’t hear him.

Derek, who he left wrapped in that scuzzy sheet and curled up on his  bed. Derek Hale is in his
bed, cuddling up to his pillow like it’s his long lost teddy bear. Stiles has dreamed about Derek ending up in his bed, okay? Many times in fact. Many, many times. It was never supposed to happen like this. There was supposed to be arguing and then making out and then nudity and then mutual orgasms and then maybe more arguing. It’s what they do. The arguing. Not the other stuff. Unfortunately.

For Goodness Cakes - Teen- @stilinskihaleworld sent me this prompt, as an aid to help writers block. It’s my Sterek bakery AU, and it was a lot of fun to write :)


“It might,” Stiles insists, “Anyway, what do you recommend?” he gestures to the display case. “What about that big tower thingy?” he points at the profiterole tower in the front window.

Derek scowls, “It’s a croquembouche.”

“Bless you,” Stiles says, “Should you be working around cakes when you have a cold?“

I Wish He Was Mine, He’s Really Divine - Teen- My Sterek/HP AU crossover, and basically my love letter to the two biggest fandoms I’ve ever been part of. Teen Wolf characters at Hogwarts. It’s still a WIP at the moment, and it’s painful how long it’s taking me to write it, but hopefully it will be worth it in the end.


Derek doesn’t seem to have any expectation of him. He doesn’t even look surprised any more when Stiles shows up, just greets him softly, a small, private smile playing on his lips; then ducks his head, turning back to his work, hair rumpled from where he runs his hands through it in abstracted thought. Tonight he has a smudge of ink on his cheek.

Stiles glances over at him, his heart speeds up in his chest.

I don’t know who has completed this already, and who hasn’t. So I tag @adeepeningdig, @stilinskihaleworld, @alocalband @cursedtruth @lissadiane @loveactually-rps. If you’ve already done this and I missed it then I’m sorry. :)

In an effort to spread my activity between my muses and reduce my personal stress (rp is supposed to be fun!), I am setting up a Main/Exclusives list for my muses. Like this post to become a main/exclusive.

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i was tagged to do the langblr accent tag by @fcboarn and @rukopisi-ne-goryat so i suppose i’ll do this twice, a czech version is in the works :)

i am not going to tag anyone because so many of you have been tagged already and i’m a bit late on this

ich weiß, dass mein akzent zuallererst ganz amerikanisch ist. ich habe doch eine frage: klingt es, als ob mein deutsch durch wienerisch/österreichisch und jiddisch (was sehr ähnlich ist) beeinflusst worden ist? einmal in der aufnahme sage ich “wos”…aber allgemein? oder net? danke sehr :-)


1. what’s your name?
2. how old are you?
3. where are you from?
4. what is/are your native language(s)?
5. when and why did you start learning start learning your target language?
6. have you ever been to a country where your target language is spoken?
7. have you ever been mistaken for a native speaker of your target language?
8. whats your favourite word in your target language?
9. what is in your opinion the most difficult word to pronounce in your target language?
10. do a tongue twister in your target language.

I get asked a lot how to small talk. I don’t know why people ask me, but I thought I might be able to help some of y’all, especially with school coming up in all. If you’re going to a new school or starting a new job, small talk can definitely help. So here are some tips I’ve accumulated that will help you learn to small talk like a boss.

  1. Body Language. Making eye contact, angling your body (or at least your feet) towards, them, nodding, gesturing while you speak, etc, will help show that you are interested in what they have to say to you (even if you really, really aren’t). Physical contact isn’t necessary. In fact, I wouldn’t suggest more than a handshake if you don’t know the person well. If you can keep them talking about something they love, you won’t have to talk as much.
  2. Ask about their L.I.F.E.
    1. L means likes. This is things like tv shows, books, food, favorite color, whatever.
    2. I stands for interests. Interests are hobbies such as cooking, knitting, painting, fixing up cars, etc.
    3. F is for family. This depends on their age. Ask about their significant other or pets if you know they have them (if you don’t, it’s best not to ask). If they’re older, ask about their children/grandchildren/nieces/nephews and so on. If I know anything about adults, it’s that they normally love to talk about their family.
    4. E stands for education. Ask them about school: whether they’re currently in it or not. What’s their favorite subject? What did they major in? When did they graduate? Have they gone back to college since then?
  3. Bring it back to them. People love to talk about themselves. Seriously, next time you have an in-depth conversation with someone, count how many times you talk about yourself in one part of the conversation. It’s probably a lot. Ask questions about them or what they’re talking about.
  4. Pay attention. While they’re speaking, actually paying attention will help immensely. Instead of thinking about what you’re going to say, think about what they’re currently saying. If they say something that demands a response, you’re going to be much better prepared to give them an actual answer besides “yes” or “no” if you’ve been listening to what they’ve been talking about.
  5. Be polite. Smile when it’s appropriate. Say “please” and “thank you” and “excuse me”. Don’t cuss (this is especially important at work). You want to portray yourself as a friendly person if you’re trying to give a good impression.

I hope this helped with all y’all’s questions! Feel free to add anything if you have any tips and stuff.


this is part 3 of the Attack of the Inapprpiate Anons series Here’s part 1 (X) part 2 (X) and part 4 (X)

Context: I reblogged one of those “put a pickup line in my ask box” things. Someone said “I want to put my penis inside you” another person said “I wanna put you inside my penis” and from there, things got weird

Due to the overwhelming requests for the asks to be rebloggable, I tried to put as many of the requests as I could into a couple photo sets to limit the spam. I tried, anyways. If you don’t see your request here, feel free to message me.

Beauty and the Dad

Rating: G
Word Count: 777
Summary: Erwin comes home from work to an unexpected dance lesson from his daughter.

Author’s Note(s): This is entirely unedited and unplanned, as most of the things that I post here end up being nowadays days. There are a lot of things in this that I’ve never written about before, starting with the pairing itself, which means that errors are probably inevitable. This was written in an attempt to make a very special person feel the tiniest bit better, so that’s about all that I care to accomplish with this.

@monidon, I hope there’s at least a few parts of this that can make you think about happier things!

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