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Name: It is… a pleasure. Part 3
Pairing: Mycroft x reader
Summary: Mycroft and the reader have dinner together, and the reader is worried about being stupid.
(Part 1, Part 2) And it went weird now. I’ve no idea what I did. Don’t hate me.

It is the Sunday. The dreaded Sunday. The expected Sunday. You don’t know what feeling is stronger - the fear or the happiness. To say it shortly - you are nervous. Hella nervous.

“Ma’am?” a man knocks on your door again, then steps in. “It is time to go.”

“Did he seriously have to send a car for me?” you ask sadly, and the man nods again - it’s been a dozenth time you asked him that. “And what other instructions do you have? Kill me in a dark alley? Bring him my brain? Why would he even want it?”

“I simply have to make sure you get to the restaurant on time, ma’am,” the man stands there like a mindless statue, as you grab your bag and put the coat on. “An umbrella is not necessary, ma’am.”

“But it is raining.”

“Mister Holmes said you do not need one,” you sigh and leave the umbrella at home, then just head out of the door, knowing that you do not really get a say in what will happen this evening. The roads are clean. No cars to stop you, no traffic, nothing to slow the car down, as if the road is prepared for you, but you have a feeling that it is exactly what happened. Not surprisingly, the restaurant is empty as well, except for Mycroft sitting by one of the windows, reading a newspaper, even though he probably already knows all the important news.

“Y/N,” he quickly stands up to greet you, as you quickly walk towards the table and sit down, feeling rather weirdly, as Mycroft smiles at you. “I am glad you came.”

“Not that you gave me an option, did you?” you try to smile, as he hands you the menu. “Mister Holmes… Mycroft, I would be here even without this patrol following me.”

“I had to make sure you would get here safely,” Mycroft explains. “There have been some attempts to get to me for quite some time now. Wouldn’t want me risking your life, would you?”

“Uhm… I guess no.”

“Good. You… You look amazing,” you blush for a second and can’t help but smile back him, feeling how his insecure smile suddenly widens, turning into an actual smile, as if you are teenagers on your first date. “Now just order,” you look through the menu, trying to find something you would know from the list, but all the titles seem terribly unknown and absolutely luxurious. And absolutely out of your budget. “Is there a problem?”


“Would like for me to order?” he asks softly, obviously knowing what is wrong. “Or we can just ask the chef to do his best?” you nod, and Mycroft smiles, giving a sign to a waiter standing by a wall. “You must realize that I will not let you pay for this dinner, no matter how it goes, don’t you?” you stop for a second, then nod slowly, seeming to accept the terms. “You seem stressed.”

“Now, why would I be?” you ask as sarcastically as possible.

“Is that because this place is not one of those you go to usually?”

“Yeah, one of the reasons,” you answer, and Mycroft leans back in the chair, smiling. “And it is not funny. You drag me here with all this… stuff - the car, and the people just serving… Can’t you just… ”

“I apologize for making you uncomfortable. I didn’t consider that you may find it overwhelming,” he frowns for a second. “Would you like to go somewhere else?”

“No, no, it’s fine… Just… Urgh, it is so embarrassing.”

“It sure is,” the waiter walks back with the plates, and you just start staring at the table, until Mycroft takes your hand. “Y/N, you should just be yourself, it is alright. Forget about the food, and the people, and the way I made you feel. Let’s just chat.”

“Yeah, until I embarrass myself.”

“That is the purpose,” you exchange quick smiles. “Ask questions, Y/N. Whatever you wish to know…” you sigh, deciding to just try and give it a chance, as nothing good will come from just sitting there like two idiots.

“Are you really the British Government?” you ask quickly, and Mycroft leans back, letting go of your hand.


“Really? Seriously, THE government?” Mycroft nods. “Wow… That is cool. Do aliens really exist?” he laughs quietly and changes the topic.

“Do you really kick Sherlock every time you argue?” he asks back, and you laugh back, nodding.

“Did he complain?”

“No, Sherlock pretends that he is the boss,” you both smile, knowing how much the boy loves feeling like he is in control.

“Why the purple tie?” you ask the most random question you can.

“Because I like purple,” he shrugs his shoulders. “And my… employee does not appreciate this color. So I wear it when I am communicating with people outside of my usual circles.”

“It fits you,” you note quietly.

“Thank you. Do you like sorbet?” another random question.

“Lemon,” you nod. “Very tasty, very sour and sweet. Do you read?”

“Of course, I do. Spending an evening with a cup of tea and book near a fireplace…”

“You have a fireplace?” he nods, and you giggle. “Do you make marshmallows in it?”

“Do I look like a kind of man who would?” you raise an eyebrow, and he finally nods. “Yes, once a month,” you can’t stop giggling, so Mycroft asks the next question. “Do you…”

“Why do you ask questions?” he stops talking, and you rush to explain. “I mean, you already know everything about me.”

“I simply want it to look like a natural conversation.”

“Mycroft,” you sigh. “It can’t be a natural conversation. Just look at you, then look at me. Even at my brightest, I will never be as cool as you are when you are casual.”

“You are mistaken,” Mycroft corrects you. “You are special, as I said before.”

“I can hardly believe that you are actually interested in me,” you smile sadly. “More probably, it is about taking care of Sherlock, but I will do that even if you don’t have dinner with me, so it really makes no sense…”

“Gosh, you people sometimes can’t understand simplest things,” Mycroft stands up and leans over the table (which you are pretty sure is frowned upon all over his world) to grab your chin with one hand and lift your face to make you look him in the eye. “I am bloody in love with you, Y/N, and I have no idea what to do with this annoying feeling, but I have no choice, do you get it?”

“Your tie is dirty,” you notice, as the tie falls down and touches your sauce, so you lift it, avoiding Mycroft’s eyes. He groans.

“Did you hear me?”

“Yes, sir, even though it is rather impossible to be in love with someone from just following them… Wait… If you followed me everywhere… Are you seriously in love, like in love with me?” he quickly lets go of you and sits back down, embarrassed with his behavior - you are certain that is not how he behaves ever. Maybe, it’s just because you are being very stubborn.

“And I am emotional, no matter what that brother of mine has told you. I am just good at hiding stuff.”

“So you are emotional? Did you cry when you watched Titanic?” you ask quickly to fix the tension.

“I didn’t watch it.”

“Seriously? Man, you have to!”

“Yeah, as well as a dozen other things like Jane Austen movies, I was told so.”

“You never watched them?” Mycroft shakes his head, and you just stare at him for a good minute. “Mycroft Holmes, you have no idea what world you are living in. You know what… I will make you a list of stuff you have to read and watch and give it to you the next time we meet. Deal?” Mycroft lets a smile out and nods. “You will watch them?”


“Come on! Then I will have to watch them with you,” you shrug your shoulders. “I do not mind doing that, so you will know what people are talking about, Mycroft.”

“I know what they are talking about.”

“Not when we discuss the fandoms.”

“Fine,” he nods, trying to look serious, but you catch him smiling at his plate. And yes, it most probably will be a date.

I dunno. Part 4? I have no idea if it’s worth it. Sorry for disappointing you. 

The signs as letters between Virginia Woolf and Vita Sackville-West
  • Aries: "Do you really love me? Much? Passionately not reasonably?"
  • Taurus: "But I do adore you — every part of you from heel to hair. Never will you shake me off, try as you may."
  • Gemini: "I always have such need to merely talk to you. Even when I have nothing to talk about — with you I just seem to go right ahead and sort of invent it."
  • Cancer: "I wish I didn’t love you so much. No I don’t though; that’s not true. I am glad I do. I don’t know what to say to you except that it tore the heart out of my body saying goodbye to you."
  • Leo: "Yes, I am glad you miss me, even if it is ‘damned unpleasant.'"
  • Virgo: "You have no idea how stand-offish I can be with people I don’t love. I have brought it to a fine art. But you have broken down my defenses. And I really don’t resent it."
  • Libra: "The flowers have come and are adorable, dusky, tortured, passionate like you—"
  • Scorpio: "I wish you could live in my brain for a week. It is washed with the most violent waves of emotion."
  • Sagittarius: "You may have discovered entire new countries in your own soul."
  • Capricorn: "I find I get more and more disagreeably solitary; In fact I foresee the day when I shall have gone too far into myself that there will no longer be anything to be seen of me at all. Will you, please, remember to pull away the coverings from time to time?"
  • Aquarius: "I like the unreality of your mind; the whole thing is very splendid and voluptuous and absurd."
  • Pisces: "I suppose it is good for the soul to be hurt and perplexed perpetually. I know at least that I miss you damnably: that is a good fixed star."
The Signs as Quotes from the Movie "Heathers"
  • Aries: It's not very subtle, but neither's blowing up a whole school, now is it?
  • Taurus: "You look like hell." "Yeah? I just got back."
  • Gemini: This isn't just a spoke in my menstrual cycle.
  • Cancer: Our love is God. Let's go get a slushie.
  • Leo: Dear Diary, my teen angst bullshit has a body count.
  • Virgo: If you were happy every day of your life, you wouldn't be human; you'd be a game show host.
  • Libra: I love my dead gay son.
  • Scorpio: Fuck me gently with a chainsaw.
  • Sagittarius: Did you have a brain tumor for breakfast?
  • Capricorn: I say we just grow up, be adults, and die.
  • Aquarius: Why are you pulling my dick?
  • Pisces: Chaos is great. Chaos is what killed the dinosaurs, darling.
Not in that, you aren’t.

Hi! This is something different. Not requested nor is it DC! I watched Spiderman last night and I am absolutely in love with Peter Parker and I am so glad he has his own movie so I went ahead and wrote an imagine about him! No spoilers though so if you have yet to watch, it’s alright to read this too!

Hope you enjoy this and if you came here for the DC content, do not worry! I will continue to work on the requests as much as I can. That aside, current requests are down to 30+ now so it will not be long until I can open requests again!



He freezes the moment he hears his name falling from your lips. It is a habit that is somewhat hard for him to break – reacting to his name.

“Y-you must be mistaken, uh,” He turns to face you, shaking his head.

You frown, momentarily forgetting about the scare you just had as you continue to stare at the very familiar figure of Spiderman. You step forwards and he falters, taking a step back. “You can hide those ears you have, Peter, but you definitely cannot hide that ass of yours.”

Peter stares at you and underneath the mask, his mouth is hanging open and there is a blush on his cheeks – did you just compliment his ass? Somehow Peter is attempting to wrap his around this whole thing. So he tries to play it cool instead.

“I have absolutely no clue as to what you are talking about.” Peter says hoping he would sound convincing enough but judging from the expression on your face, he probably did not sound convincing at all.

“Have you ever considered getting something that will make your voice change its pitch?” You frown, staring straight at him, trying to ignore the fact that in this beautifully made suit, Peter looks extremely lean, fit and sexy. The suit definitely highlights how attractive his body is.

Peter almost stumbles backwards as he laughs humorlessly. “I am not fooling anyone, am I?” He resigns after a few seconds of staring at you. There is that look of determination on your face. Peter knows he probably will not be able to convince you otherwise.

You shrug, tilting your head to the side to fully look at Peter. You had an inkling that he had been Spiderman because of how every single time he disappears, Spiderman seems to appear and there had also been a few instances too but you never really entertained that thought too much. Now that you are standing in front of him, you definitely should trust your gut feelings a little bit more.

“I mean I can’t really say I am speaking for anyone but I pay attention to you, Peter, a whole lot.” Your cheeks flush red the moment you register what you have just said and you open and close your mouth a couple of times. “I probably should not have said that.” You trail off. Of all the times for your brain-to-mouth filter to fail, it had to be right now.

Peter flushes under the mask and he clears his throat. He feels a little bit shy because of your comment. “Y-you pay attention to me?” In hindsight he probably should have just brought you to somewhere safe and then leave you be but now it is definitely too late to regret his life choices.

You nod your head shyly.

“Oh.” Peter rubs the back of his neck sheepishly.


The two of you stayed quiet for a few minutes after that, just avoiding each other’s eyes and feeling all awkward and shy. Though in all honesty, the silence is not unwelcome. You are only startle out of the comfortable silence when you can hear the sirens of the police cars in the distance.

Peter heads towards the direction of the sound but pauses before turning back to look at you. “Y/N?”

You look at him expectantly. “Yeah?”

Peter clears his throat a few times before looking at you straight in the eyes. “Would you, I mean, I am not going to force you or anything but would you want to go for dinner, or lunch or breakfast – whenever you are free – “

You immediately place a hand over Peter’s mouth, grinning at him shyly. “Yes, of course, I would love that, Peter. We can go for whenever is convenient with you.” You tell him before realizing that you are covering his mouth. So you quickly pull your hand back and give him a sheepish smile. “Sorry.”

Peter shakes his head, trying his hardest to keep calm. “It’s alright, yeah.” He nods his head before turning to look in the direction of the police sirens again. “Do you need help to get down, Y/N?” He asks you as he turns back to look at you and you let out a small chuckle before nodding your head.

“Yeah, I think I should probably let you know now that I am highly afraid of heights which is why I have yet to move much from this spot.” Your knees are literally shaking even though you aren’t that far up in the air. Peter chuckles before nodding his head as he gathers you in his arms – you blush at this – and helps you down from the building.

“Be safe, Spiderman.” You tell Peter just as he releases you gently on to the ground. Seeing as you suddenly have this sudden burst of confidence – Peter is also wearing his mask so it helps – you lean forward to press a kiss on his cheek. Pulling away, you definitely know that your face is most likely red right now. “See you.” You give Peter one last shy look before walking away.

Peter is left standing there, a little bit taken aback by your bold moves but he definitely could not stop himself from feeling giddy and smiling widely. Though his happiness had to be cut short when he is reminded of the crime that is taking place when a police car drove by, flashing lights.

“Uh Oh.”

for you pt. 10

Pairing: reader x Taehyung

Genre: badboy!Taehyung, angst, implied smut

Word Count: 5,1and something


originally posted by vminv

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9 Part 10 Final

The door to the coffee shop opened with a bang as the handle of the metal door slammed into the wall behind.

“Sorry!” you heard a familiar voice shout as she made her way through the coffee shop and towards the counter.

You turn around to see Mina slamming her expensive bag down on the counter, and pull up seat. She is staring at you, giving you a look that can only mean one thing. You were in trouble. She waits, folding her hands in her lap as she waits for you to tell her what you hadn’t.

 But her short fuse gets the best of her, “When were you going to tell me that Taehyung was back?”

 "You’ve been busy.“ you shrug as you try to occupy yourself with the rack of clean dishes in front of you.

 "That’s no excuse, Y/N. We’re best friends. We are supposed to tell each other everything,” she hisses.

 A glass slams on the counter with a little too much force as you turn your attention to your best friend. She’s staring at you, unsure where your emotions are coming from. It is very rare that you raise your voice to anyone, especially Mina. That was her niche.

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You know I don’t think Jack knew he liked Ashi till this exact moment

“Why am I so nervous? Oh no oh no oh god no I like her.. I am not prepared for for this!!!!”

“Shitshitshit our hands touched what do I do?!?!?!??! I should say something I should say something come on brain make words happen.”

“Oh no stop talking. I’m making it sooooooo much worse. STOP TALKING!!!”

“Well I’m sweating worse than when I fought a legit army this is great. Is there a book on this? I feel like I should have been taught something. Well so long as I don’t talk again…”


“Ok ok I can do this we spoke before right? Yes yes we definitely did. Why is this so hard now?!?”

“Is it these uuuummmmm feelings I uh mmmmm does she like me too? I don’t know if i can handle that. Oh where is that figment of my mind to tell me what to do?”

“Oh thank god someone is trying to kill us. This I know how to deal with……should that concern me?”

Seed lines. So many of you ask how I write, how the poems form, what my process is in this odd and overactive mushy swirly lump I call my brain. I say it every time, that all my poems come from a single line, a Seed Line, and the rest grows around it. So, tonight I am going to begin a series where I will randomly post Seed Lines from some of my Typewriter Series poems, the origin, so that you can see how the poem grew. Thought I would start with this one, Typewriter Series #1871’s seed line. Let me know if there are any poems you have wondered about, and I’ll add them to the list. I love ya.

‘Autism’ is not a label

I keep reading comments and today I saw an article shared that said we shouldn’t label our children as autistic- instead we should just accept them as individuals because everyone is different. 

I didn’t know I was autistic until I was 33, so I know what it’s like to grow up without the ‘autistic’ label. 

Here are some of the labels I was given instead:


So excuse me if I prefer ‘autistic’ over all those. 

Knowing that I’m autistic means I have an explanation for why I am different.
Knowing that I’m autistic means that I can join in the autistic community and find people like me.
Knowing that I’m autistic means I can be gentle towards myself on the days when I can’t manage ‘easy’ tasks like phone calls or cleaning or even just having a shower.
Knowing I’m autistic means that I understand myself for the first time in 33 years. 
Knowing I’m autistic means no more lying awake at night trying to figure out where I’m going wrong.

Autism is not a label. It’s me. Don’t tell me that I can’t name such a huge part of who I am. Don’t tell me that I can’t have my explanation for the way my brain works. 

Of course we should be celebrating and encouraging our children as individuals. But how is pretending they’re not autistic going to do that?

What is so wrong with being autistic that you don’t even want to say it out loud? 

I could say I’m not happy anymore,
but I was never happy to begin with
I never learned /
how to love myself /
never learned how to take care of myself /
mother, father, always been so careless,
and I learned the bad habits,
I learned my mother’s anger
and I learned my father’s silence
and I will always /
hate /
myself /
for who I am.
Who would have said that I would be so lonely,
in a place where no one adores me,
all alone /
all shattered like broken glass on the pavement /
cutting up individuals that try to pick up my pieces /
for I am nothing but pieces,
nothing but fragments and crumbs,
nothing but flesh and a beating heart.
I’m sorry for /
the way my brain works /
and I’m sorry for these actions that I cannot control /
But they’ll call me the devil anyway
for all what I do /
for all who I see /
for all what I say /
So maybe I should apologize
for never learning how to take care of myself,
for handling myself so recklessly,
but I am who I must be /
and who I must be starts a fire in me /
who I must be watches me bleed out
and foam from the mouth /
who I must be is a difficult patient.
I am outside of my body
then I am gone,
unloved by anybody,
nothing more than a hollowed out

❛    well,    fuck me gently with a chainsaw.    ❜
❛    do i look like mother theresa    ?    ❜
❛    my teen - angst bullshit now has a body count.    ❜
❛    chaos is what killed the dinosaurs,    darling.    ❜
❛    you look like hell.    ❜
❛    yeah,    i just got back.    ❜
❛    are we going to prom or hell    ?    ❜
❛    god    !    i sound like a fucking psycho.    ❜
❛    i felt bad everytime i did it,    but i kept doing it anyway.    ❜
❛    now i know you understood everything.    ❜
❛    now that’s deep.    ❜
❛    there are no stupid questions.    ❜
❛    that’s the stupidest question i’ve ever heard.    ❜
❛    the extreme always seems to make an impression.    ❜
❛    what’s your damage    ?    ❜
❛    how very.    ❜
❛    i just killed my best friend.    ❜
❛    i can’t believe you did it.    ❜
❛    i was teasing.    ❜
❛    i loved you.    ❜
❛    there’s a new sheriff in town.    ❜
❛    you don’t deserve my fucking speech.    ❜
❛    so what’s the deal    ?    ❜
❛    what a waste    !    ❜
❛    oh,    the humanity    !    ❜
❛    our love is god.    ❜
❛    let’s go get a slushie.    ❜
❛    is your life perfect.    ❜
❛    i don’t really like my friends.    ❜
❛    maybe it’s time to take a vacation.    ❜
❛    now that you’re dead,    what are you gonna do with your life    ?    ❜
❛    why do you have to be such a mega - bitch    ?    ❜
❛    because i can be.    ❜
❛    did you have a brain tumour for breakfast    ?    ❜
❛    i say we just grow up,    be adults and die.    ❜
❛    if everyone jumped off a bridge,    would you    ?    ❜
❛    why are you pulling my dick    ?    ❜
❛    that knife is filthy.    ❜
❛    some people need different kinds of convincing than others.    ❜
❛    you’re beautiful.    ❜
❛    did that sound bitchy    ?    ❜
❛    this isn’t just a spoke in my menstrual cycle.    ❜
❛    you were nothing before you met me.    ❜
❛    she’s my best friend.    god,    i hate her.    ❜
❛    i shop,    therefore i am.    ❜
❛    a true friend’s work is never done.    ❜
❛    god had cursed me i think.    ❜
❛    we’ll crucify her.    ❜
❛    what’s the up - chuck factor on that    ?    ❜
❛    ugh,    such a pillowcase.    ❜
❛    nice guys finish last,    i should know.    ❜
❛    get a job.    ❜

Accidental Kissing

Hi there! I’ve really wanted to start incorporating writing into my blog and this is my first real attempt. I wrote this on my own, and it’s just some phan fluff, but I’d love to write more if you guys want to send prompts or anything like that <3

Summary: Phil has a crush on Dan and during a gaming video Phil might accidentally kiss him.

Warnings: None

Disclaimer: I don’t own anyone or anything in this writing other than the writing itself

Please don't repost this anywhere or claim it as your own <3


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anonymous asked:

I often wish to write lyrics or poetry (but esp lyrics) but for some reason i just really struggle with inspiration, and always have. it's like i know what i want to say but lack the ability to convey such through words or in an artistic manner.

You just gotta do it. Try. Put your pen to paper and just see what comes out. It doesn’t have to make sense. It doesn’t have to be pretty. You don’t have to fill the page with flowery metaphors or big complicated words to convey what you’re feeling. Maybe it will come out incredibly cliché, or corny as hell, or maybe you’ll write something and think “oh my god I am a fucking genius” only to realize it’s a lyric to a julian casablancas song that you’ve listened to so many times that it’s permanently ingrained into ur brain. Who knows!!! The possibilities are endless!!!!!!!

Look, writing is very difficult. Writing does not come naturally to me either. Most of the time I do not have much to say about anything. (Unless of course it’s 3am and I’m laying in bed drunk after a long night of embarrassing myself, or it’s 11am and I’ve had 4 cups of coffee but no food and my hand won’t stop trembling. During those times, I’ve got about a hundred things to say and they are all Super Important)

My advice: do not make art because you want to be a good artist. Do not write because you want to be a good writer. Do it because you’ve got something burning a hole in your throat and if you don’t open your mouth and voice it you might just fucking die


Yes, that’s the approach I’m taking when it comes to gaining more confidence, being outspoken, and believing I am more. These are all areas that I need to work on that are holding me back from growing as a person and trying new things.

·         First, I’m not a confident person and shy away from any attention I receive. I’m really shy and awkward. I need just have more confidence in myself.

·         Second, I always doubt myself and hold back what I want to say or think. Either I say a little or don’t say anything at all. I need to express my voice more and stop this behavior.  

·         Third, all my life I was told I was just a pretty face and my brain abilities were not encouraged. Most people assume I’m really stupid which I find to be really offensive because I am smart and able to understand things. I need to believe in my brain and stop believing what people tell me about my brain.

Every day after I complete my yoga session and start meditating, at the end of my meditation I tell myself I’m confident, outgoing, and smart. I find this to be helping me. The more I lie to myself, the more I’m believing it. I’m actually seeing minor improvements. I’m not doubting myself as much, I’m voicing my opinions more, and when someone questions my intelligence it does not bother me as much because I’m smart.

So if you lack confidence, not outspoken, or if you told you are not anything more than a pretty face:


Stick Around - Blind Reader

Prompt: Oh, what about a blind poor reader that has a seeing eye Great Dane, female to be exact named Spade, and Damian finds her and falls in love with her but they’re completely opposite. Oh and maybe plot twist like she’s catwoman’s daughter or something. Please and thank you


You’re sitting at the dog park the first time you meet him. Even though you took off Spade’s harness, she hasn’t gone very far. She’s only about 15 feet in front of you, playing with the only other dog in the park. From the sound of their playing it’s another Great Dane.

“May I join you?”

“Of course. I assume you’re the other Dane’s owner”

“Yes, Titus is my pet. I am Damian, Damian Wayne” You turn slightly so you’re facing Damian, “Father says that it is rude to not shake someone’s hand, you know.”

Raising your eyebrows you gesture to your feet where Spade’s harness is resting, “I don’t mean to be rude, but I can’t see your hand. If I could see it, I would shake it”

“Oh” He sounds shocked, “I apologize. I didn’t realize you were blind”

You shrug, “It happens” quietly your phone chimes, letting you know that you’ve been at the par for an hour, “Unfortunately, I have to go now Mr. Wayne” Standing up you let out a sharp whistle, “Spade come” Immediately the Great Dane trots over to your left side, ready to be harnessed. “Good girl”

A cold nose presses into your right side once you finish harnessing Spade. “You must be Titus. I’m sorry buddy, but we have to go home, my aunt will be worried if we aren’t home in time for dinner” Turning slightly to where Damian is still sitting on the bench you give him a smile, “It was nice meeting you Mr. Wayne”

“Wait. You never told me your name”

Throwing a smirk over your shoulder you let Spade lead you out of the park, “I suppose I didn’t, you’ll just have to ask me next time we meet, won’t you?”

Damian lets out a throaty chuckle, “Well then, until we meet again”

“Until then”

The next time you meet with Damian he isn’t really Damian, he’s Robin.

“You cannot escape, Kitten. Batman has your mother, and now I have you.”

You can’t help but smile at his confidence, “Do you really have me, Robin? Because last I checked, I still have the jewels”

“Hand them over … please”

Instantly you perk up, “Did you just say please, darling? Has the big bad bat finally taught you manors? Or” slinking forward you press a hand against his chest, “Do you just like me that much? Are you sweet on me, Little Bat?”

Suddenly your hit hard, right in the face and sent reeling. Your scanner’s damaged, you’re once again completely blind, and too disoriented to fight when Robin grabs the jewels.

“Kitten!!” You curl into yourself, trying to get your senses to right themselves. Then you’re in your aunt’s arms, she quickly hauls you up, yanking the scanner from your head. “You’re alright, sweetie. It’s off now, don’t fight it, just let everything right itself. You’re okay”

“Selina, is she alright?”

“Back-off, Bruce. Your son did this. Just leave, she’ll be fine by tomorrow”

You can hear Damian shuffle slightly, “What happened? All I did was …”

“You messed up her scanner, it makes it so she knows where things are. Did you think she wore the face mask just to look cute?”

“It’s fine, I’m fine now. They got the jewels, the heist was a bust, let’s just go home”

Heavy footsteps approach, “She’s blind? You let her complete heists when she can’t see?”

You chuckle, “And most of the time I’m successful, Batman. Just because I can’t see doesn’t mean I can’t do my job. Being able to use echolocation is actually helpful, means I can create a picture of things that aren’t seen with the naked eye. When Robin hit me in the face, he managed to hit one of the few weak-spots on my locator. When it’s damaged, it can emit a high-pitched sound, it makes my other senses go haywire.”

Damian crouches down next to you, “I apologize, I didn’t realize you were blind”

“Really? You seemed to know I was blind when you talked to me at the park”

He jerks back, “That was you!?”

Bruce and Selina chuckle, “It look like the two of you know each other better than we thought! Now you have your own little bat to play with!”

“Aunt Selina!”

“Damian, it’s time to go. We need to finish out patrol and return the jewels”

“Of course, Father. I will catch up to you” He places a surprisingly gentle hand on your, now bare, cheek, “Will you tell me your name now?”

“It’s Y/N. My name’s Y/N”

“It is a pleasure to meet you, Y/N. Will you meet me at the park tomorrow? I would like to get to know you”

“Yeah. I’ll meet you there tomorrow, at 10:00”

“I will be there”

“Are you brining Titus? I have to bring Spade with me”

“Of course. I will see you there”

“You’re here”

You hum softly, “I told you I would be. I try not to lie to my friends”

Damian sits down on the bench beside you, “Are we friends, Y/N?”

“Well, what else would we be. I mean, we hang out, both inside and outside of work, we know each other’s names, our dogs even like each other. Of course, we’re friends.”

“I suppose we are … I believe I would quite like being your friend”

“Well it’s too late to get rid of me now!” Damian chuckles. “You have a nice laugh, Dami. You should laugh more”

“I don’t have very much reason to laugh, Y/N”

You lean your temple against his shoulder, “I’ll just have to give you reasons to laugh”

One of his hands gently cup your face, brushing over the bruise that covers half of your face, “I am sorry for hurting you, had I known …”

Jerking your face out of his hand you turn to face him, “You would have what? You wouldn’t have fought me? You would have let me get away? Because I’m blind you would have gone easy on me?!? I’m not fucking helpless, Damian!!”

“I did not say you were! I would never treat you differently! I would not have let you escape, however I would have … aimed that punch elsewhere”

Your body loses some of its tension, “I don’t want you to go easy on me just because we’re friends now, bird brain”

“I wouldn’t dream of it, kitten”

You and Damian end up meeting with each other a lot in the next few weeks. You’re sitting at a coffee shop across from WE when he finally asks you about Spade.

“I have never seen a Great Dane as a service dog.”

“Yeah, she’s pretty special. I had just gotten out of the hospital after losing my sight. I was grumpy, like you” Damian grunts, “Yeah, definitely like you. Aunt Selina wanted to cheer me up, she started talking about getting a service dog, that I could pick any kind I wanted. So, naturally, I chose a Great Dane, a dog that I had never heard of being a service dog, just to spite her. My aunt went out, found one, and brought her home, I’ve had her ever since.”

Damian hums, “How did you lose your sight?”

“A heist gone wrong. I had gone out alone, Aunt Selina was at a gala, it was supposed to be simple, in and out. Turns out the museum had some … unconventional … theft protection. I must have set something off, I’m still not sure what it was, but the last thing I remember seeing is a bright red light aimed directly at my eyes. The doctors said that the beam emitted a wave a light as bright as the sun, it completely burned through me retinas and damaged the optical nerve. If I hadn’t managed to get out of there the light could have done damage to the rest of the nerves in my brain, and killed me.”

One of Damian’s hands brushes against yours, “I am sorry that happened to you”

“There’s nothing anyone could do. I had already been working on an echolocation device to help with heists, I just had it modified for my specific use”

“How can you be so happy? You lost your sight, and yet you still see the best in everything”

You shrug, “There’s not point being upset, there’s nothing anyone can do. I can either live my life hating everyone and everything, or I can continue to live it.”

“You are so positive, it is an admirable trait. You are a mystery to me, Y/N. One I believe I would like to figure out”

Winking, you take another sip of your coffee, “I suppose you’ll just have to stick around and find out”

His hand grips you’re a little tighter, “I believe I will, kitten, I believe I will”

I will find you

paring; Joker x blind reader prologue

prompt; one day when joker was busy terrorizing the city of Gotham he met someone that didn’t seem to be affected by any of his actions. She didn’t scream in fear or run away like the others what was it about her that made her so different from the rest? 

a/n: this is a prolog for my new joker imagine. I haven’t really watched any batman movies recently the only time I did watch it was when I was 8 maybe so I am not so sure if I got joker’s character right. I mainly used Jared Leto’s joker from suicide Squad. First Joker fic y’all send me some feedback

Joker’s pov

I walked the street of Gotham with my gun on my right hand. I heard people scream as they walked pass me. Some fled, others looked at me with horror and fear. They were all so scared of me and I loved it. I felt powerful.

“Call the cops!” some guy I said. I looked at him and laughed, his eyes were filled with fear. he knew what was going to happen to him. I looked at him with a huge grin spreading my face. “You have Three seconds to run,”I looked at him dead in the eye and pulled the trigger of my gun. I had planted at least 5 bullets in his body. “Oh sorry I forgot to count,” laughed. 

As I continued walking and terrorizing people around me saw a girl. She had beautiful y/h/c, I kept looking at her she was smiling. For some reason, she stayed unaffected from all this chaos that happened all around her. Why? Why isn’t she running, screaming in horror?why isn’t she running away from me? 

“Boss I think someone is calling the cops,” One of my henchmen said. I looked at with angry eyes “then why don’t ya kill’em? it’s not like anyone is gonna miss’ em, “I  screamed him. 

I continued to admire the girl. I didn’t know why but I couldn’t keep my eyes away from her. She was breathtaking and yet she was wearing the simplest of clothes. I walked up to where she was sitting alone on a bench in the middle of the now filled with a few dead bodies park. I sat next to her smelling the sweet scent of her perfume. 

She turned around to face me “hello?” she asked me in the sweetest tone. I looked at her still waiting for her to react to me, to jump and call me a monster and run away in fear like the rest of them, but she just sat there smiling at me like I was her best friend. 

“hey there doll face,” told her. Her smile grew bigger I saw a hint of relief in her eyes as if she thought that I had left her here and that she was talking to herself the whole time.

“What ya doing here? All alone and by ya self?” I asked. Why am I asking her these stupid question? Why am I even talking to her when I can just kill her or better torture her?. 

Her lips curled into a sweet smile “ I am not alone,” she chuckled. It was the cutest thing I have ever heard- Wait what is wrong with me I am not like this. “Well maybe at the moment but my friend went to the bathroom and said he would return to get me,” she looked at me her eyes still filled with hope “ but he didn’t come back,”. My blood started to boil when she told me that her so called ‘friend’ left her here. How can someone do that to her? To such an innocent and delicate little flower like her?

“How ‘bout I drop ya home? what ya say doll face?” I ask in the hopes she will agree and accept my offer. “ Oh no it’s fine-” I put a finger on her lips “ ah ah ah I will not take a no for an answer,” she smiled and got up. “Well then let’s get going” she moved her hand to the side on the bench where a long white stick with a bit of red on the bottom was placed and took it. She straightened the stick and held my arm in hers “I live right here down the corner so no need to take your car, “ she told me. 

“ Sure thing doll face,” my henchmen looked at with wary eyes, one of them tried to come to me to take her away but I stopped him right before he could do anything. 

“So doll face tell more about yourself?” I asked her “well other than I am blind I don’t know what to say”.”Take the left” she said “what?” I was totally confused. She laughed “my house it’s on your left”. 

We talked a bit about each other when we reached her house and one of my stupid henchmen came.I had to resist the urge not to blow his brains out this very second “boss the cops are coming” he whispered in my ear. I motioned him to go. 

“ I have to go now doll face, but I will find you,’‘ I told her and left. I will find you I whispered as went to blow the cops brains because he interrupted my and my doll face’s conversation. 


Fight (Grayson)

request: (anon) Can you pls do a Grayson imagine where him and the reader get into a bad argument.

a/n: wasn’t sure if you wanted the fight resolved in this or not so i left it unresolved so if anyone wants a part 2 where they make up send me a request xx


word count: 460

Originally posted by heaslipmariana

“This is my job y/n, why can’t you just accept that?” Grayson yelled at me as we walked back into his apartment.

“Your job is not to flirt with other girls right in front of my face.” He stopped and turned around to face me letting out a deep, angry sigh.

“You are so delusional! I’m being nice, making them feel good but you would never understand that concept because all you think about is yourself!” He screamed in my face. The veins in his neck bulged and his fists were clenched. Tears welled up in my eyes. 

“I understand you are trying to be nice but you take it way too far! Those girls are looking at me thinking “Oh my god he is flirting with us right in front of his girlfriend” they look so smug and I look like a complete fucking idiot for letting you do it!” I yell back at him, my voice keeps cracking because of how much I’m crying. 

“You don’t understand, you will never understand! God, why did I think that making us official was a good idea, you clearly can’t handle it.” He blurted out, he looked up from the ground as soon as he said it. That cut deep. I turned around in place and started walking towards the door and walking out on this asshole who doesn’t leave me any room to make mistakes.

“No y/n I’m sorry I didn’t mean it. Please don’t go.” He said softly.

“Nice to know how you really feel, I hope you find someone who understands you and isn’t as sensitive as me. But I can guarantee you, you will never find someone who loves and cares about you as much as I do.” I said as I walked out and slammed the door behind me. I heard footsteps going towards the door but the door never opened like I hoped it would. I took a deep breath and kept walking. I kept repeating to myself ‘If it’s meant to be, he will come after you.’ 

I chanted this in my head all the way home. I sat down and stared at the wall. What the fuck just happened. It was so easy to blame myself and over think what had happened. Was I a little dramatic? Should this be something I have to put up with? So many questions flooded my brain. 

No, I said what I wanted to say and I stand by what I think. If this is going to work we both need to be happy and I am not happy. I curled up in bed as it was quite late now and drifted off into a restless sleep. All I could think is ‘is this really the end?’

BBC’s Merlin  {Sentence Starters}

  • “I thought I told you to get out of my sight.”
  • “I thought I told you to do that yesterday?”
  • “Has anyone ever told you you’re a genius?”
  • “I had no idea you were so keen to die for me.”
  • “I warn you, I’ve been trained to kill since birth.”
  • “How come you’re so much better at this than me?”
  • “I’m your friend. You know I wouldn’t make this up.”
  • “I cannot stay when there’s no longer a use for me.”
  • “You had the advantage, you can’t afford to hesitate!”
  • “Wow. And how long have you been training to be a prat?”
  • “I saw you fighting today. You have a very aggressive style.”
  • “You are special. The likes of which I’ve never seen before.”
  • “I hate to ask, but I was wondering if you had anything to eat.”
  • “I won’t be alive long enough for anyone to do anything to me.”
  • “Anything you want, anything you need, all you have to do is ask.”
  • “I just didn’t fit in anymore. I wanted to find somewhere that I did.”
  • “OK, I bent the rules a little. But the rules were wrong. They’re unfair.”
  • “I believed you. I trusted you and you made me look a complete fool!”
  • “You have to show everyone that you were right and they were wrong.”
  • “I know what it was. I just want to know where you learned how to do it.”
  • “I don’t understand anything anymore. I need to know what’s happening.”
  • “I did it. I saw how desperate things were becoming. I had to do something.”
  • “I wouldn’t say I needed saving. I’m sure I would have thought of something.”
  • “How long are you going to keep punishing people for what happened then?”
  • “In life you always have a choice. Sometimes it’s easier to think that you don’t.”
  • “I am a terrible liar. I start sweating, my vision blurs, my brain stops working —!”
  • “Would you let something terrible happen if it meant you’d stop something even worse happening in the future?”

what danny says: steve, no

what danny means: when will you get it through your thick skull that I am in love with you, you idiot, and if you keep doing these dumb things and then something bad happens to you, I’m going to have to do something as equally stupid to get back at the people that hurt you! do you want it in writing, huh, do you want it in ORGANS, because I already gave you part of one maybe you’d prefer some lung or some heart or better yet some BRAIN since you clearly don’t have enough of your own, steven, I mean would you stop already, would you just use the stairs at least once, or follow some rules or SOMETHING? HUH? I LOVE YOU!

Say Goodbye

For a month Anti had been trying to take control of the famous Jacksepticeye, that ridiculous screaming YouTuber whose head he was trapped inside ever since the figment was born. He’d glitched videos, written messages, and had the entire fanbase wrapped around his little finger. With each new theory, each new comment he grew in power. And now it’s time. He’s finally strong enough, and he will put an end to Jack once and for all.

He thinks Jack is oblivious. After all, Jack has no memories of the times that Anti grabbed the reins, but of course, Jack has seen the videos. He’s seen the glitches and the fans chattering about it like crazy. He knows that something is amiss, but he doesn’t know what he’s going to do about it. Anti seems to crave attention from the fans, something that he already has plenty of, but what more does Anti want? And what sort of climax is all this building up to?

When Jack picks up the knife to finish his pumpkin, he suddenly realizes. He feels an insane compulsion to cut his own throat, and he can’t understand why until it all clicks in his head. With him out of the way, Anti will have center stage. Jack tries to stop himself. But Anti has control now.

He feels the blade biting into his skin, feels the blood creep down his neck, and at the last moment, he feels Anti draw back. His influence over Jack’s body wavers, and Jack releases the knife while he still has time.

He springs away from the table, his breathing erratic. “Wh-what do ya want?”

Anti, from inside Jack’s mind, growls in a layered fuzz of static, “I want out!”

Jack rushes to the bathroom to grab a towel and presses it against the wound to his neck; fortunately, Anti hadn’t managed to cut a major artery. “You could’a killed us both!”

“Maybe not! Maybe I would finally have a body to myself! And even if it did kill me, too, it would be better than having to live inside another person’s brain all the time!” Anti makes Jack kick the bathroom vanity. “’m tired of having no control!”

Jack rubs his sore toe and keeps pressing the towel to his neck. Can’t let Signe see this, or she’ll have a fit. “Can’t we work something out? Isn’t there another way other than murdering me?”

Anti pauses. “I hadn’t considered that.”

“Yeah, of course ya didn’t,” Jack mutters. “You were just going to make me cut my throat right in front of all my fans.” Jack gasps. “Oh, no! The video… what are we going to do now? I can’t use that footage! Everyone will freak out!”

Anti giggles. “That’s why we should use it!” He claps his hands together and glitches inside of Jack’s mind, “It would be so much fun!”

“Yer horrible,” Jack says with a laugh, but he shrugs. “Think of what a cool ending that would be, though. I mean, you’ve been appearing all month, so why not have this be the grand finale?”

“Exactly!” Anti glitches all over the place inside Jack’s head until he finally stops, “Wait, ‘finale?’ As in, the end? B-but…”

Jack feels Anti’s anxiety in his own stomach. He suddenly understands the figment’s desire to be seen and heard. If he doesn’t get the attention he needs, he’ll fade from existence, slowly and painfully. Jack wouldn’t wish that on anybody. “Hey, Anti. D-do you mind if I call you Anti?”

The glitch shrugs. “That’s what yer fans call me. It’s the only name I know.”

“Well, what if… what if we kind of work together, ya know, to keep ya alive? I’ll find a way to get ya yer own body, and you can be in a couple of videos every now and then. As long as ya promise not to kill anyone, alright?” Jack waits for Anti’s answer, pulling the towel away from his neck and inspecting the cut in the mirror. Maybe it won’t scar, he thinks.

Anti thinks over his host’s offer and nods. “Ok! As long as I get out of this awful place!”

“Hey!” Jack shouts. “It’s not so bad in my head.” Jack hears someone clear their throat behind him, and he turns to see Signe standing in the door of the bathroom.

“Who are you talking to in here?” When she sees the blood on his neck and all over the towel in his hands, she screams. “Sean! What have you done?” She starts to run to go call for an ambulance when Jack grabs her hand.

“No, no, no,” he says quickly. “I’m ok! Anti did this!”

Signe shakes her head. “No, he’s not real! Sean, I’m scared. Please, let go so I can call someone to help you!”

Anti grumbles from deep inside Jack’s brain, “I am real! I am!”

“Shut up,” Jack growls at the glitch, but Signe thinks he’s talking to her. She fights to get out of Jack’s grip on her wrist and runs for the door. “Signe, don’t! I promise, he’s real!”

Signe grabs her phone and purse, heading for the door. “Fine, Sean. Fine. If you want to bleed to death, so be it. I’m leaving. Goodbye.” She slams the door behind her, and Jack feels it like a stab of pain to his heart. Anti curls into the corner of Jack’s mind, feeling that awful sensation pins and needles in his host’s stomach.

“I’m sorry, Jack,” he mutters.

“Let’s just go finish the video.”