what am i saying

honestly, it’s harder for the person doing the slapping.. but at that time I got slapped in the right way.. till I bend my head.. I think it’s a really good experience for me. - do kyungsoo

trans girl experience (explained via pokemon)

(warning: nightblogging shitpost what am i saying)

what society wants you to be: pikachu, the marketable expectation

what society thinks you are: mimikyuu, pretending to be pikachu

what you really are: whatever cute thing is under mimikyuu’s cloth that wants and deserves love (possibly cosmic horror which specifically is REALLY cute and deserves lots of love)

why winning 1st place for Chained Up is important?

forget about VIXX’s promised about undressing or the fact that we might see the member’s arms/abs if they bag the 1st place.

think about how hard they worked for this;how passionate wonsik is about this comeback,how happy they are that they are finally making a comeback as 6IXX after a long time or how difficult it must have been for them since they have to juggle both working for this comeback while at the same time going through their individual schedules.

think about hakyeon.think about how hard it was for him going through different schedules;dj-ing,mc-ing acting while doing his best as VIXX’s leader.sometimes missing practice because of a lot of his work engagements,but even then he still tries to lead the group and actually monitor them.think of how he would prolly cry during an acceptance speech,saying thank you and sorry and talking about how they,he,will work harder to be able to give as much as they receive.

think about taekwoon.think about how happy he was because the release of the album was during his birthday.think about a passionate taekwoon asking to go over and over again while recording the song.think about how he must have been so embarrassed about doing the choreography but he had to tough it up to be able to show a really good performance for all of us.think about how he sees Chained Up as a gift for him.why not give more gifts to him right?

think about jaehwan.think about how he confessed about coughing out blood during one of the recordings,whether figuratively or it happened to him literally,dun you think he actually deserve to experience a win for something he worked so hard on?jaehwan had been doing great as a musical actor,but even then you can’t deny how he still longs for the time he gets to be Ken,to be the cute main vocal of VIXX.think about how painful it must have been for him,using his voice constantly for Cinderella and still going hard for the 2nd album.dun you want to see his huge smiles and cute aegyos while receiving the 1st place trophy?dun you want to hear him say thank you to the “Starlight babies”?

think about wonsik.think about how wonsik have carefully thought of expressing his desire to do the “slave” concept without an assurance that their label would agree to it.think about his lyrics,his song, actually being the carrier single for something as big as the 2nd Full Album.think about the amount of effort and pride he has put into the album.think about the sleepless nights,prolly the frustrations he had while trying to come up with suitable words for Chained Up.think about how he so passionately and strictly instructed the members while recording for his song.think about how happy will wonsik be if his work,his song gets the recognition it deserves.

think about hongbin.think about the constant struggle he goes through whenever there’s an album coming up.he does not get a lot of lines but for Chained Up,look how amazing he is.how sexy and manly he sounds.how he complimented the whole song with his voice.think about how passionate he is about singing.think about how he must have had a hard time acting for Moorim and then going back to the practice room or recording studio to be able to do his part for Chained Up.think about how it’ll make him smile (with dimples) because Starlights acknowledges their hard work for this album.

think about sanghyuk.think about how gorgeous he is for this comeback.think about how hard he must have worked on his body so that he can look “manly” for this concept.think about the lines he was able to get for Chained Up as compared to Super Hero.think about how hard he must have practiced for this comeback.just think of him singing and having those parts in Chained Up and i’m sure it’s already a good motivation to give him a 1st place right?

think about VIXX.think about how important this album is for them.think about the times they have struggled to be able to achieve the status they have now.they aren’t a part of a big label,they indeed started from the bottom and to be able to produce a 2nd full album is already such a huge thing for them. think about how happy and thankful they will be if they receive a very nice gift such as a recognition for their hard work by winning 1st place.

think about a tearful Hakyeon,a very surprised Taekwoon,a very very cute Jaehwan,a /sobbing Wonsik,a smiling Hongbin and a happy yet dorky Hyuk.

we can do this Starlights.VIXX takes pride on our abillity to do something not a lot of people would expect from us.we aren’t the biggest fandom but if we do it together,we might even do the impossible.think about it.