what am i literally trying to accomplish here


We reached 150+ followers, plus today is the day I started Tumblr last year! LET’S CELEBRATE!


- You gotta be following me. Wasn’t gonna make this mandatory but this is for you lovely people who stays on this shit blog. <3

- You enter by either liking or rebloging! Each are only one vote but you can do it multiple times if you want a bigger chance of winning. :O 

I’m going to pick a random number and literally count the notes and pick whatever user I land on. I have no idea how to do it better if you know please help.

I can TRY to do anything but NSFW I’m like a toddler please no and things I am uncomfortable with (I’ll tell you what when you win).

Ends on May 25th, 2017!! 

There is a chance I might add more prizes and winners as time goes on! But I’m lazy so here. 

Thank you so much and have fun! Under the cut will be what I want to accomplish in the next year. Good luck!

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This is the transcript of the TED talk I gave in my English class this year:

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You know what I really like about the Hellboy* comics?  Whenever somebody’s trying to open a doom-portal straight to hell or whatever, there’s pretty much two settings: “Fuck yeah, let’s wreck this joint!” and “Oooooh shit, why the fuck did I do this I can no longer remember what I was trying to accomplish shiiiiiiiiit.”

And the people saying these things are very frank about it. 

“Why yes, I, Rasputin, am attempting to drag through the elder gods and unleash them open this mortal plane.  Thank you for noticing.  Everything’s gonna be fucked from here to eternity.”

“So I got kind of obsessed with summoning a demon, and I did it, and in retrospect I have no idea what the fuck I expected, because boy howdy I was somehow not prepared for the fact that I opened a literal portal to hell in my fucking living room.”

There’s even a bit in one of the earlier Hellboy issues where aliens are randomly shown seeing the fallout from one of the attempts to open a portal to hell and going “What the fuck is going on down there?”

But there’s a definite lack of people pulling a Mephistopheles and selling their soul for the girl of their dreams and maybe some modest fame and fortune.  It’s all either bored assholes who somehow misunderstood the concept of ‘hell’ or people who want to murder existence right in its face.  It’s actually really refreshing.

*And associated spin-off titles.

what she says: im fine

what she means: ive been looking through my old stuff trying to make myself cry because i feel like crying bc theres definitely some built up emotional issue happening here but the thought of me having emotions of love and romantic gestures that i tried doing some months ago dont make me sad anymore it just makes me want to actually vomit so like i dont really know what im trying to accomplish anymore so i put on a tiara and started screaming so thats where im at