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demon hunter Bones sounds good tho. I'd really like to read something about it!

I’m glad u asked!

  • “Have you heard anything from Uhura and Spock lately?” Bones asks into his phone. “No,” Sulu replies, “last I know, they were hunting that nest of vampires in Montana. They’re not nearby.” “Jaylah, Scotty and Keenser?” “New York. I can ask Chekov-” “No,” Bones says, “Chekov’s our primary researcher, keep him that way.” “I don’t have anyone else, Bones,” Sulu says, “you’re going to have to go in by yourself. You can wait a few days, but we’ve not seen any demons leave the premise in three days. You’re our demon specialist.” “Fine,” Bones sighs, “but just for the record; I hate you.” He hears Sulu chuckle at the other side of the line. “Noted.”  
  • Bones is by no means a specialist in any way. He just happens to send more demons back to Hell than most. Often he works together, though. Most of the time, Bones teams up with Spock and Uhura, two fellow hunters who aim to make the world a bit safer. Often with the help of Chekov and Sulu, who are their general contact persons if they need any research on lore. Scotty’s gang has the cool gadgets, but Bones likes his weapons old fashioned.
  • He makes his way inside the abandoned warehouse, guns loaded with rock salt and a flask of holy water at the ready. He holds on to his gun tightly, quietly following the dried blood trails on the ground. Clearly, whatever they got dragged down here, Bones is too late to save them. That’s going to gnaw at his guts for a while. He finds the body, tortured and mutilated on the floor. A mere second later, they crawl out of their hidey holes. Demons. At least six of them. Bullets don’t kill them, but at least they’ll hurt.
  • Within a minute, though, he’s getting his ass handed to him. His nose is bleeding, his entire body is sore and covered in bruises, and Bones thinks he might just end up in the same position as the corpse. Was bound to happen at some point, anyway. Today is not that day, though. Because just as he fights one of the demons to the ground, the demon drags him down with him, and Bones finds the demon on top of him, strong hands closing around his throat. Before the demon can actually kill him, though, Bones watches the demon’s skull get stabbed by a long dagger. The demon possessing the human body vanishes, and the body collapses on top of him. By the time Bones pushes the body off of him, the other demons are on the ground, too. “I can’t believe how dependent on me you’ve become,” Jim says, putting the dagger back in his belt. “Jim,” Bones groans out his name, “took you long enough.” Jim reaches out, grabbing Bones’ hand to help him up on his feet. “You’re bleeding,” Jim says, reaching out to run his fingers gently over Bones’ cheek, and he watches the other tense under his touch. “Come on,” Jim says, “let me get you cleaned up.”
  • “You really ought to take better care of yourself, Bones,” Jim says once they’re in Bones’ motel room. Bones shrugs lightly. Jim has been cleaning up the wounds on his face, and Bones’ nose is no longer bleeding. “I would’ve been okay,” he says, “just needed to perform that exorcism.” “Bit difficult to say that out loud when you’re being choked, and not the good kind of choking,” Jim replies, lips turning into a small smirk. “Why’d you come and help me?” Bones asks. Jim sits down next to him, resting his hand on Bones’ leg. “I’ve been good,” Jim says, “but I’m starving. Figured I’d stop by you and see how you were doing.” Bones sighs, though not entirely annoyed at that. “Fine,” Bones says, smiling lightly when Jim’s eyes glow a little lighter when Bones reaches out, pulling him in a little closer.
  • Sleeping with an Incubus is a generally terrible, frequently fatal idea. Jim is different, though. Doesn’t take much, just enough to survive. Jim also joins him on hunts occasionally. Bones knows teaming up with a demon is a little unethical, considering he’s hunting them, too, and he makes a point not to trust Jim for anything other than the occasional intimate company, and someone who has his back on a hunt when no one else is available. 
  • Jim rolls on to his side, his hand running over Bones’ naked chest. “You’re my favorite hunter,” he says, and Bones smiles lightly. “That because I didn’t kill you?” “It’s not for your lack of trying,” Jim huffs with a grin, “no, I like you because you trust me. Not a lot of people do.” “I trust you for about as far as I can throw you.” “So, against the wall or the mattress, huh?” Jim teases, straddling Bones’ lap and kissing him. Sweet at first, but quickly more passionate. “Wanna go for round two?” “You gonna feed off my soul again? Then no,” Bones replies, and Jim laughs. “No, I’m good. Don’t want to end up swallowing my favorite hunter,,” Jim says, pressing gentle kisses over his chin and his neck. “What I am gonna do, is swallow something else entirely.” Bones rolls his eyes at that, pushing the Incubus off of him. “No, you’re not. Not when you say things like that.” “Come on, Bones. I need sex to survive. You’ll literally save my life by getting naked with me again.” “Nice try,” Bones says, feeling a little amused when Jim obviously looks defeated when Bones pulls on a shirt again. The hunter reaches out for his phone, checking for messages. “Sulu says there’s a wolf pack nearby.” “Ugh, I hate wolves,” Jim says, “with their pack mentality, weird sexual appetites-” “You’re one to talk,” Bones says, “weird sexual appetites? You’re literally a sex demon.” “Hmm, always consensual, though,” Jim points out with a grin. “You coming with me to hunt them down or what?” Bones asks, and Jim smiles. “Absolutely.”

Nightbird!Blaine AU: Being the boyfriend of a superhero has it’s ups and downs. 

Kurt’s legs kicked the air in a futile attempt to find firm footing. The hand holding onto his arm was strong but anything but comforting as it squeezed hard enough to bruise but ready to let go at any moment. 

“Well, well, well, Nightbird. At loss at what to do, are we?" 

"If you hurt him, I swear to God, I…" 

"What? You’ll kill me? Oh, but you’ve tried. We both know you can’t. I’m stronger than you. And I’ve found your weak spot… Blaine." 

Kurt gasped as the hold of his arm tightened to be painful. 

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