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It‘s nearly 5 pm. We‘ve been suffering another storm for some weeks now.
Creepy thumbnails, hidden tags, zalgo everywhere, more changed bios by the minute, glitches in the facecam… We got hit hard. Very hard.
And today – in a few minutes, to be exact – everything should end. We discovered today‘s date in the HTML of his Tumblr‘s blog, sneakily hidden in the source code for us to find… Shit was going to go down today.
But what if… we use Anti‘s weakness?
What happens if we all spam the tag with fucking circles when the time is right?


I can‘t believe this took me nearly two hours… what am I doing with my life

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Ambrollins goes for furniture shopping and Roman is tagging along...

Seth [to Roman] : See, I told ya. My boy is serious in our purchase.

Dean : Daddy!

Seth : What is it puppy? What’s going on? You like it. You want it?

Dean : *bouncing* want want want

Seth : Alright! My baby’s gonna get what he want I am…WOAH WHAT ARE YOU DOING

Dean : WANT TO GET POUNDED OVER IT! That’s how we gonna test its sturdiness duh!

Seth : BABY, wait! Roman is still here!

Dean : *bends over regardless*

Seth : *burning red*

Roman : *amused af* Go on. Imma watch.

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help me survive and move out

hi! i’m mirela and after a year and a half of living with my extended family out of necessity, i managed to move into an apartment with my sister. which turned out to be a mistake. my sister is homophobic, controlling, and sure loves humiliating me in front of other people.

i am currently job hunting with little success. i spoke with my cousin today and said he is willing to let me live with him. it will certainly be better for my mental health. 

i am in need of 100$. 50$ would go toward paying my phone bill and the other 50$ would go toward me moving out.

the issue is that i do not have a paypal account (since those bastards didn’t yet send me the confirmation code), just a bank account. if anyone is willing to help, dm me for the IBAN. 

even one dollar helps. please help me secure a future for myself.

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Nick, I'm reading in the chono view and I think you've forgot to tag "livebloging the reservoir chronicle" in this post "completeoveranalysis tumblr com/post/167816587009/4-i-am-so-upset" That's not like you, maybe something is stressing you? I've no idea what it could be. It's a mystery.

Aha! Thank you!!

I don’t always reply to these messages publicly but I’m going to use this as a quick group Thank You to everyone who finds mistakes in my tags. It’s EXTREMELY helpful when you guys point them out, and that way I can go fix them as soon as I can. You are all very wonderful!

Flash Give Away!

Since I’m bored at work, I am gunna do a flash give away type thing for the tag!

Reblog this and reply with a Morphing Potion or PB you want. Price isn’t an object, but only enter if you’re going to use it and not resell.

When I get home from work in the morning, I’ll slap names in a randomizer and give the winner what they asked for! c:

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Your comp het tag is really reaching out to me! I'm still not sure what I am, I've id'd as bi for years but never actually like/want to date any real men lol. Every man I like is either famous gnc or fictional. I figure maybe I just have high standards but I always hated it when I realized men irl were attracted to me, I try really hard to make them like me and then I go away thinking "wait why did I do that?" I feel nervous around men all the time but because I'm scared they'll hit on me lol

that sounds like comp het to me! actually it sounds exactly like my own experience with comp het. you could also check out my questioning tag if you’re looking for more help

Another god damn PSA

(But this one isn’t pro or anti. Just a mulitshipper wanting peace)

To make a long story short: it’s not the ships that are the problem, it’s the shippers. Ships are for fun, not canon. That’s the entire point. None of your hate blogs are valid for obvious reasons and be accepting. Go look in the other ships tags and see for yourself how nice the ship it’s self is.

What is it exactly that Sheith shippers have done to get so much hate? Aside from being basic and hating Klance for petty reasons. Said reason - ‘my ship is better than your ship because you suck’ come on guys, you sound like toddlers. And the hate blogs aren’t helping because, really? It’s just a ship about fictional characters

I am very aware of the disgusting things Klance shipper have done, which is not going to name because that encouraging. But it has to do with getting themselves into legal trouble on more than one occasion because you take the ship too seriously.

Both ships, (the ships themselves in and out of canon) in my opinion, are acceptable.

Sheith isn’t ‘incest’ because they aren’t biologically related - so stop that. Keith said they’re ‘like brothers’ not actual brothers - and it’s not ‘pedophilia’ either. They’re both adults, their age gap is 7 years, and while that’s a lot, there have been larger gaps.

Those are the only points I know??? They aren’t good ones.

And Klance isn’t ‘incest’ either. I’m not ruling out that they could have a brotherly relationship because Jeremy’s comments are always sneaky, but again; not biologically related. If either ship went to court for ‘incest’, you’d probably be the ones charged with a fake arguement. Anyway. Klance isn’t ‘abusive’ either. They’re competitive. That’s the entire point of that one sided rivalry. And it’s isn’t pedophilia either dammit! Give or take one year in the future and the past and you can’t use the ‘it’s an adult and minor’ excuse because they would both be either adult or minor. People using that excuse, I’m going to say it but I don’t mean it, can be ignorant to age gaps. Because seriously?

Oh yes, and there’s also the beloved “____ is straight, it won’t be canon”. For starters, that is the entire point of the ship. A ship being canon just makes it all the more enjoyable. You don’t ship to make it canon you ship, possibly, oh I don’t know, because it’s fun. And it passes the time between season. And, you don’t know anything. Are you leading the project? Do you have a say in the show’s production and characters? No. So don’t say stuff like that. Please.

This is neither pro or anti either ship, this is a discussion to end this stupid petty war between them.

I, myself, am a multi shipper who (don’t hate me) prefers Klance because of they’re dynamic alone and the other, strong ships with Shiro. But I agree with the Sheith shippers. Klance shippers, WTF?! Ya’ll are crazy I stg! You would actually make me regret shipping Klance?! Just- Stop! Like I said before, the point of the ship is fun. Not dominance, not the ship being canon, and trying to do all of this most certainly doesn’t make it better.

Both ships are great and can be very healthy! Both parties of either ship have the ability to help eachother mentally and physically. Both ships are great and all the negative points are coming from a stupid petty ‘rivalry’.

Why can’t you admit that no ship is perfect and the shippers are far- FAR from it (looking at you Klance)

So please, just. Scroll around on the other ships tag a bit. See how nice the ship and it’s shippers can be. I’m not asking you to change your ship, just your views. Don’t judge a ship on its shippers and haters. The ships themselves are perfectly acceptable, the shippers are the ones who need to change. That can be your homework.

Thank you for reading all the way through and please, do your homework. For the sake of the fandom and not getting the show cancelled based on this god damn fandom. Please. Some people just want to enjoy their show, keep getting their seasons and watch them for the plot and ship in between. Don’t ruin this for them.

And if you seriously can’t bring yourself to accept each others ships, don’t hate the ship, hate the shippers. Not all of them are as repulsive as the worst of them. So your hate blog against one ship is adding fuel to the fire with misleaded accusations with little to no real evidence or purpose. The ships are fine and dandy. Hell, there are waayyyyy worse ships. But it’s the shippers that make everything terrible so stop that.

*takes in a deeeeeep breath of nice fresh air*

*lets it out slowly and calmly*

What a lovely day to remember that asexuals and aromantics are included in the LGBT on pure virtue of being asexual or aromantic alone, regardless of their romantic (for aces) or sexual (for aros) orientation in addition to their asexuality/aromanticism. Truly a lovely, marvelous day.


the hours i spent on this shitty thing is not worth it tbh. Click if you can’t read!

oh my god

i just went onto google earth and there’s this random place in the middle of the pacific ocean

where someone just. added a bunch of pictures from Lost???? and somehow they haven’t been reported yet?????????

who did this

How Dan and Phil probably broke up #57
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b>Phil:</b> Dan, The End is here<p/><b>Dan:</b> <p/><b>Dan:</b> Why did you name our child this way<p/></p><p/></p><p/></p>

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join the club bro

edit: there’s an amazing fic for this now, please read it for a good time

Mass hug for those who didn’t spoil the show for everyone else.

I’m so jealous that you got to go to the VERY first show.  You’re the only people who can say they had NO idea what to expect.  But the level of respect I’ve seen so far on tumblr has been amazing.  (I’m avoiding Instagram tags)

There have been no real spoilers, no real videos - I know he asked, but not everyone respects that.  YOU guys respected that, and the surprise hasn’t been ruined for anyone going in future.  You have no idea how grateful I am. I was really worried that by the time I get to go in Europe, the entire show would already be online in various clips and streams.

But if everyone is as respectful as you guys then we have little to worry about.

Thank you SO much for not spoiling the experience for the thousands who are awaiting their turn.  I can only hope those attending the next 2 shows are as amazing as you guys. 

best of husbands, best of men

Okay, Tumblr, we need to talk.

Listen, mermaids are not usually my thing. I am pretty indifferent towards them in general, but I see a lot of you in my dash posting about mermaids, so I saw this novel and even though I have just started it and I can’t tell you if it’s going to be good or not, I feel it is my civic duty to tell you it exists. Ready?

Ice Massacre, by Tiana Warner. 

A book about a little island at war with a growing colony of mermaids living in the waters around them. So they send warriors to fight them, but historically men don’t do very good against that mermaid lure magic thing they do, so they decide to send a ship full of highly trained girl warriors, and the protagonist is the one Useless Lesbian™ of the ship (who, by the way, also happens to be a lady of color, like most people in the island).

Like I said, mermaids are not my thing and I have only read a few chapters, but so far it is fast-paced and action-y, with a touch of fantasy. The kind of entertaining book you read fast and easy.

Sounds good? Happy to hear it. The paperback is fifteen dollars, but it’s literally less than a fucking dollar for Kindle right now and until July the 31st, because a sequel is coming out in two days and they are having a special offer.

Now go grab your fantasy lesbian mermaid girl warrior novel.  

Edit: I finished the novel and it was great fun, I basically demolished it in two days. Mostly lots of action (and it gets way more graphic than I expected it to) with a touch of reimagined folklore-ish fantasy. It’s the kind of lovely book you can just keep reading if you want to, and devour it in one go. If you are into fantasy YA, badass lady protagonists and mermaids, give it a go, I know many people around here will enjoy this a lot!