what am i going 2 do with my life after


2.09 johnny be good

Well like my father told me, sometimes we have choices and sometimes we don’t. 

This is a spread for the ones who are still in the closet! I created this spread for coming out, but I am sure it can be used for any other similar questions. Good luck! 

1. Current situation: What is my current situation? What do I struggle with? What am I afraid of? What is holding me back?

2. World around you: What will be the reaction that I am going to get? What will people around me think? 

3. Main problem: What will be the main problem I may struggle with after coming out? How can I avoid this problem? 

4. Solution: How can I solve this problem? How will the solution come to me?

5. Positive improvement: What will be a positive improvement in my life after coming out? What positivities will coming out bring to me?

6. General future based on coming out: How will things change? What is waiting for me? Which phases will I go through?

Please don’t take it seriously, I created it for fun and inspiration. I do not take any responsibilities if you use it for yourself -especially to make a decision. I am so sorry if there are any errors because of my english. Thanks to hermitdiviner and butterfly-effect12 for their suggestions about creating a tarot spread! 

Let me know if you try it! My ask is always open for questions and feedback.