what am i going 2 do with my life after

Life is Strange Season 2 - CONFIRMED!!

Oh. My. God.

I almost lost hope that I would EVER be able to write a post with THIS kind of headline. A season 2. That all I ever wanted. Thank you so so much!!!

Now what do you guys think will go down in it? I personally think that they are going to make a complete new game with a complete new cast (and maybe setting). The story of season 1 (damn, that wired to say) is told, but I am 110% sure that Dontnod will hind at it or even hide Easter eggs (after all Michel was on the plane with Max, remember?). 

I do hope that they maybe now have the financial resources they need to make the game like they want to (and maybe not leave as many open question as they did with S1, pretty please?)

So what do you guys think will go down in season 2? Fell free to Ask/IM me :) 

-Love, Lena :)

Day 26 of the July Study Challenge🎶akmu - dinosaur

i couldn’t pick just one favorite quote, so i decided to make a post with my top 5 favorite quotes!  

1. everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about. be kind, always. 

we are quick to jump to conclusions, and say harsh words we don’t mean. keeping this in mind helps me remember that you never know what someone could be going through, and to be gentle.

2. when thinking about life, remember this: no amount of guilt can change the past, and no amount of anxiety can change the future. 

what has happened has happened, and this quote has helped me learn lessons from my past and move forward. as i am also prone to overthinking, this helps me realize that i shouldn’t worry so much about what will happen.

3. there are 3 rules in life: 1. if you do not go after what you want, you will never have it. 2. if you do not ask, the answer will always be no. 3. if you do not step forward, you will always remain in the same place.

pretty self-explanatory. i like the logicalness of these rules, and how simple they are, yet profound. i remember these whenever i am hesitating or unsure, when i am worried about something, or when i cannot give something my all. 

4. you have to continue to work even when you’re not being praised. you have to dig deep and go the extra mile because breakthroughs don’t happen when you do the bare minimum. it has to come from you and be for you. it all comes down to you.

it is hard to keep going when everything feels pointless. why should i keep working hard? no one even notices or recognizes my efforts. what is the point in reaching for excellence? will this even benefit me in the end? whenever i get like this, this quote reminds me of the answers to these questions. 

5.  motivation is what gets you started. habit is what keeps you going.

motivation, that lets-do-this!! attitude only lasts for so long. simple motivation is not enough to power you through everything. discipline and habit will keep you on you path, even when you can’t bring yourself to.

these quotes have really helped me when i was struggling, and i hope they can do that for you too!


Signs as the things I've heard my mom say

Aries - *sings* I’m making a delightfully white trash dinner

Taurus - there’s a Hemsworth in this movie. Don’t know which one, but does it matter?

Gemini - I hate my job

Cancer - *sarcastically* JUST LOVIN LIFE RIGHT NOW

Leo - *failing at speaking* How was your school? I mean- how’s day? I mean-…

Virgo - *wheezing laughter* *farts* *wheezing laughter gets slightly louder*

Libra - *knocks on my door at 3 am* Hey are you hungry I’m going to get a burger

Scorpio - *after walking a 0.2 mile trail* WE JUST WALKED 2 MILES


Capricorn - the Chewbacca mask lady is who I aspire to be in life

Aquarius - Justin Timberlake did bring sexy back

Pisces - *screaming at the GPS* SAY SOMETHING

My Heart Bleeds For You-Part 1

So…. This is my first attempt at a reader fic. Ever. Be gentle, and give ample feedback.

I’m so psyched for American Assassin guys, omg, the first time I saw the preview I just had major heart eyes. (keep in mind i have not read the book i’m just hella hyped for the movie and am going off of trailer info)

And after months of re-watching all the trailers and dying ten million times inside, I decided to try my hand at writing a fic. Feedback is always welcome and appreciated please!

Chapter 1 - Chapter 2 - Chapter 3

Chapter 1: Rollin’

Song rec: Rollin’ by Calvin Harris ft. Future & Khalid

Word count: 2,916

Warnings: Obscure mentions of abuse, obscure mentions/ implied violence (fist fights), mentions of blood, swearing. Also consent. Lots and lots of super sexy consent.

Keep reading


it’s been a loooong while since I have posted some original content on my blog, so I thought that the approaching school year would be a great opportunity to take advantage of! :)

I’m going to be a senior in high school this year (😰) so I am hoping to go out with a bang! this is the most excited I have been for a school year and I also hope to make it the most successful school year. yes, senior year is deemed to be easy but I still want to challenge myself throughout my last couple of semesters. this year I’ll be taking the courses: AP English, AP Psychology, Gov/Econ, Statistics, and Photography.

I’d like to share my goals for myself that I plan to achieve with you and maybe give you some tips/inspiration to set up for yourself! if you have anything to add to this post, feel free to! just don’t delete my caption, please :)


1) Have no “C” show up on my report card. now, there is nothing wrong with getting a “C”, especially if you tried so hard. you still passed! at my school, we only have A, B, C or F. last year, I really lost discipline over what I had to do and barely passed two classes. and every year before that, I earned a C in all my math classes, I hope to end that pattern this year. I know if I really work hard and put priorities in order, I can get a B in that Stats class.

2) Complete and turn in every assignment, no matter what. I don’t think I can stress just how important it is to have no missing assignments enough. for example, a 3/10 is soo much better than a complete red box. those missing tasks really add up and do affect your grade, so no matter how half-assed the assignment ended up being, turn it in.

3) Ask freaking questions. in all my math/science classes, there has always been an instance where I’m in class, taking notes and then the teacher writes something or says something, and I go “wtf just happened” and then didn’t ask a question because I was afraid to look stupid. (granted, I had a terrible, uncooperative, unhelpful, teacher last year that would actually make fun of me for asking, scoff, then return to the board without giving me an answer, that was so much fun.) but I know that I have to put that fear of looking dumb behind me because I would definitely benefit from getting that answer and most likely help someone else in the class who was scared to ask as well. this also means going to the teacher during office hours or even during class to ask for help. hopefully, you don’t get a teacher like my old one and actually get some help. it is the teacher’s job, after all, just go and ask. they want to see you succeed.

4) Go to all sporting and dance events possible. as great as studying is and as important as it is, don’t spend every single hour of every single day staring at notes and textbooks. it just isn’t good to overload your brain like that and you need a break. studyblrs encourage studying constantly and I don’t think we encourage relaxation and having fun enough as we should. instead of spending your friday nights stressing over monday’s test, go watch the football game! there’s so much school spirit and its so exciting and doing it with friends makes it even better. and instead of skipping out on prom or homecoming or even a silly in the gym dance because you think you need to be spending your weekend revising, go to the dance! you won’t remember your flash cards and notebooks when you look back on high school, you’ll remember the fun things. in ten years, you’ll be more disappointed in the things you didn’t do than the things you did do.

5) Become a social butterfly. if you’re anything like me, you experience major FOMO (fear of missing out) very, very often. I’ve always wanted to be friends with everyone and be nice and do my best to make everyone feel loved because everyone deserves to feel like that. it sucks that I’ve waited until my senior year to really change my social life but hey, better late than never. I hope it will carry into college.

6) Narrow down five colleges to apply to in the fall. I kind of know what I want to do with my life, I would love to teach history at the middle school or high school level so I can start there. I live in southern california and I am blessed to have so many options around me. I’m so excited for college! everyone in california wants to go to UCSB, so of course, that’s in my sights but let’s hope I can get in. for applying for college, you have to have a back up for a back up for a backup. but make sure you love all of the choices! it is the next 2-14 years of your life after all 😂

7) Enjoy my last year. I want this year to be a good one, and I want to do that in any way I can. I want to be the best student I can be, that means befriending my teachers and really putting discipline over motivation to good use. I want to be the best friend I can be, that means being there for my friends when they need a laugh or a shoulder to cry on or taking every opportunity to hang out with them. I want to be the best girlfriend I can be, meaning giving my boy all the love he deserves and spending quality time with one another. and be the best me I can be. self care is so important, guys. take time for your well being, it’s so worth it.

I hope some of these goals/tips helped you out for getting ready for this new school year! expect more posts from me, i can’t wait to be active again. I hope everyone is enjoying their summer!

I love how Antis are telling people who like Killing Stalking to die or kill themselves. Ha, sorry kid but I’m not going anywhere nor am I killing myself because

1. I’m not going to have some random idiot on the internet tell me how I should end my life

2. I know when to separate fiction from reality because guess what, I’m not an idiot.

But you know what, center your life around a comic you hate and telling random people you don’t even know to kill themselves because hey, what else are you going to do with your life?

Seriously, grow up and do something more productive then going after a comic. Honestly, this is why Tumblr is a joke to everyone and why people don’t take antis seriously.

  • 8 30 A.M.
  • Me: I took a shower last night, so I can make some coffee and eat an apple before work.
  • Grief: It's been seven months dude.
  • 9 30 A.M.
  • Me: So lucky I made it as the doors were closing. Not gonna be late.
  • Grief: Do you remember when he used to live off the Myrtle-Wycoff, and you'd bump into each other in the morning?
  • 10 30 A.M.
  • Me: It's iced coffee which is like half a cup of coffee so I can totally have a second cup.
  • Grief: That photo of us from last year's party is still posted on the fridge. Does it help me or does it hurt me? Should I take it down? But look at him, how cute he was.
  • 11 30 A.M.
  • Me: This scene blows. So boring.
  • Grief: This would be the time when he would come back here and dance to a Madonna song. Fuck I miss him.
  • 12 30 P.M.
  • Me: I'm so broke. Just gonna eat tuna and canned veggies with mayo. Fuck it.
  • Grief: And I haven't gone to Dig Inn, Le Pain, Pret or Sweet Greens since he died. I'm afraid of what it will feel like to walk alone. We always walked together.
  • 1 30 P.M.
  • Me: Everyone's eating in the garden, but I'd rather watch another episode of Awkward.
  • Grief: And we would have lunch in the garden every day and I just can't-do it without him. I hate how the fucking chair he used to sit at is still there, but he's not. A fucking chair is here while he's gone.
  • 2 30 - 5 30 P.M.
  • Me: Ugh what am I doing with my life.
  • Grief: Breathing. He doesn't even get that. God, how the fuck did that happen. Seriously he'd eat salads and workout all the time. How the fuck do you get a stroke at 30.
  • 6 00 P.M.
  • Me: So glad to leave the office. My moods have been so low. I should go for a run.
  • Grief: Like he used to after work by the river. He was so handsome.
  • 7 00 P.M.
  • Me: When are these fucking endorphins gonna kick in?
  • Grief: When am I gonna start feeling like he really is dead?
  • 8 00 - 1 00 A.M.
  • Me: So mundane. Everything is so fucking mundane.
  • Grief: I don't wanna spend all my life grieving like this but why the fuck of all people he had to die? Again, seriously, first her and now him and I can't be mad at anyone so what do I do with all of this?! And I can't fucking sleep, and I'm losing my mind and when I sleep I dream about him and I'm trapped in this bubble, this loop where yes it is real but can't feel it yet and who the fuck will I be when I do? I'm so lost! What do I do? Where is he because I need him to tell me what to do about losing him because I don't know and he would know, but it's about him so what the fuck dude...

if i can save up enough from work for it to be a reasonable purchase im going to treat myself to something… i think i am really going to buy a tasm 2 replica spider-man suit. ive been thinking hard about this for days but i think thats something indulgent that will bring me happiness for a long time. well wish me luck at work…

Dance Tip Of The Day!

Number 13 (?)

For the love of God please bring a tennis ball in your dance bag!!!

I know it sounds really weird, trust me I do, but a tennis ball has saved my life many many times

Imagine me, on a Saturday afternoon, I am in class from 8:30am to 2:30pm. Half way through my feet start to hurt. And I mean hurt. I go from ballroom to tap to ballet, I am in pain after those three classes let me tell you something. But you know what? I still have Musical Theatre after that. 

So I take out my motherfucking Tennis ball, put it under my motherfucking foot, and roll the shit out of that motherfucker.

It gets out every single cramp, all your aches, any pain, removes tight muscles, and makes it so that you can walk normally again.

So just, get a tennis ball okay?


24q  asked:

uhh also i know i've sent you like 20 asks today sorry skdhdj but do u have any headcanons for svt like fluffy stuff bc ... i need a distraction :') its ok if u dont though

IT’S OKAY JAY I LOVE YOU N I LOVE GETTING ASKS SKFJDA;LKJG also i just really don’t wanna do my hw so like okay aflksjdg what to write uhhhhh

i’ll start with dates with you n jihoon?? ig?? idk this might be really shitty i’m so sorry sljfkadg

  • anyways!!! can you like imagine him calling you up at 2 am after he’s finally done with work for the day n he’s just had too much coffee n so he still has energy
  • n ofc you’re just about to go to sleep so you’re tired af n you answer like “tf do you want from my life i loVE YOU BUT I ALSO LOVE MY SLEEP”
  • n he’s just like lmao suck it up n let’s go on a date
  • so like you really should say no and just go to sleep but we all know that each n every one of us would be like “meet me at my door in 15″
  • so you’re speeding around brushing your teeth just bc you wanna smell fresh n you throw on some comfortable clothes n like try to get your hair under control… key word is try n you’ll just smack him if he makes fun of your hair LOL
  • n the bell rings but it’s onlY BEEN 10 MINUTES WHICH IS NOT ENOUGH TIME
  • so you like debate whether or not you should open the door but you’re gonna open the door for you boyfriend you’re too soft
  • the door opens and wow there’s jihoon looking like a godly panda (them bags under his eyes tho!!!!!! nice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) and he just looks at you and smirks
  • “nice ha-” “SHUT UP”
  • and you just decide that whatever it’s not like you’re gonna look too much better anyways LOL it’s like 2:30 in the morning no one is gonna be up
  • so you just grab your bag and put your keys and wallet and if you’re like me you’re gonna bring snacks bc you know what you need some sugar to stay up at 2 fricking 30 in the morning
  • jihoon’s hands are just shoved in his pockets and once he sees that you’re basically done grabbing your shit
  • he grabs your hand n stuffs it in his pocket n basically drags you outta your door lmAO
  • ofc you remember to lock your door bc AIN’T NOBODY GONNA BE ROBBING YOUR HOUSE TODAY
  • but right after, he’s dragging you down the street and you’re just like ??????? where are we going pls tell me
  • and can you just imagine him turning back with that beautiful smile of his skdfjads;ljkg
  • that eye smile and laugh beaUTIFUL okay okay so you get distracted and he’s just like “it’s a secret lol”
  • and you’re just like slkfjas;dlkgja hoW CAN SOMEONE BE SO CUTE HONESTLY
  • and so like he drags you to this car on the curb and you’re just like ?????? you can drive?????????
  • and he just kinda chuckles and is like “lol let’s hope so”
  • sldkfajds;lgkaj whY IS HE LIKE THIS
  • but like he basically shoves you into the car lmao and you don’t have to worry… too much LOL
  • so like woooooo a drive!!!!!!
  • and lmao you fall asleep in the middle bc like it’s calming af
  • and like you wake up and you try to lift your hand to rub your eyes but??? you can’t???
  • and like how sweet it’s bc jihoon is holding your hand and can you just imagine him cruising down the highway with one hand on the wheel, leaning back and he’s just playing with your hand
  • and he side eyes you and you give him a small smile and this bitch fucking lifts your hand to his lips and kisses it like bitch i did not ask for that but also thank you bless you i love you so much alskjdglk
  • and you squeeze his hand and he squeezes back SLKAJF;WJF ADORABLE COUPLE
  • and like it’s all quiet and so you’re like whispering n you’re just like “sooooooo where are we going?”
  • n he like rests his cheek on your clasped hands alkwfasd this cutie n he’s just like “the beach”
  • n you’re just like ????????? bc you know you love the beach but also it’s what 3 in the morning why are we going to the beach now?????
  • jihoon just shrugs bc he has no idea but he can’t say that LOL he’s a manly man who knows what he’s doing
  • n so you get there at like 4 in the morning n jihoon checks his phone and he’s just like ykw let’s just stay and watch the sunrise
  • and you’re just like wtf bro i thought i was gonna sleep sometime????
  • and he just looks at you n then looks away n then looks back at you and he’s just like …sleep is for the weak
  • but also lmao you honestly would rather spend time with him since he’s always so busy
  • so you’re just like okey whatever this’ll be a once in a life time thing since you will never wake up this early again LOL
  • n basically you just sit on one of those big rocks and let the waves lap at your feet (after you’ve taken off your shoes ofc)
  • and there’s just like comfortable silence between the two of you
  • this boy was smart enough to bring this throw blanket so like that’s wrapped around the two of your n it’s just nice n quiet n peaceful
  • n the sun comes up n wow holy shit that sunrise takes your breath away
  • and you turn to jihoon but he’s already staring at you?? and you’re basically a blushing mess like slkfjasld;kgaj why are you already looking at me oml
  • so you turn back to the sunrise bc you can’t face him rn
  • n you just feel him plop down on your shoulder
  • cue panic LOL
  • honestly jihoon is so cute like he would do this but then he’s the type to goddamn fall asleep on your shoulder so you’re just like slkfja;weoigraljkdf WE NEED TO GET HOME GDI JIHOON
  • but you forgive him bc in his sleep he like mutters “love you” n you are soft af
  • so you just lean your head against his n rip you bc you gotta wait like another 3 hours before you’ve had enough n your phone is on like 8% n you really need some sleep LMAO

anonymous asked:

After 8 months I still can't forget him. Me and my ex were 2 years in a relationship and we broke up last year in october. I still cry when I'm alone and I still think of him and dream of him. I just don't know what to do I am afraid that this will keep going on for years or worse that this will keep going on even if I find some other guy

He was a big part of your life for 2 years! It’s normal to feel like that. But it will not last forever even tho it may seem like it. Keep your mind busy at all times and go out with friends & party! Every thing happens for a reason, & when you meet the love of your life it will all make sense 💕

Ostara Serpent Magic Tarot Spread

This spread aims to discover what slumbers within you. Cast in the shape of a serpent uncoiling itself. 

Here’s how my reading for myself went:

1. What is reborn this year? (The Sun) My joy and passion for life is reborn this year. I will be successful in my relationships, my goals, and my life in general if I allow this joy into my life. Good things are coming my way.

2. How do I activate my passion? (Queen of Cups) If am kind, openhearted, and generous with my love towards others, the world will return this energy to me and I will find my passion for life reinvigorated.

3. How can I stimulate my intellect? (Ace of Pentacles) I must continue to work hard at my writing and other intellectual pursuits. If I continue to make an effort, I will be rewarded and therefore encouraged to continue to work hard.

4. What must become conscious? (8 of Swords) I must acknowledge the way in which I let fear rule my life in order to overcome it. Too often I let fear trap me and keep me from going after what I want, and if I am to be open to all the good the world has to offer me, I need to overcome this by acknowledging it and actively working against this tendency.

5. How do I become an active participant in my life? (2 of Swords) I need to take charge, and stop living in denial. I can no longer allow others to tell me who I am or what I am capable of, and I must stop self sabotaging.

6. What does metamorphosis mean to me? (Knight of Cups) Metamorphosis to me means allowing myself to feel all the emotions that come along with change and self discovery fully and without shame. Without being able to feel and then process these feelings, the growth is impossible.

7. What can I uncoil and free? (The Hanged Man) This card seems less like an answer and more like a challenge (not uncommon for this deck, the sass is out of control). In order to set something great within myself free, I need to allow myself to look at life with a fresh perspective, and rethink some ideas I once held as absolute truth.

8. What message does the serpent whisper in my ear? (Ace of Cups) “Love yourself with the same generosity you love others. Life will improve.”

Quarter Life Crisis: Are you going through one?


Who knew there was such a thing as a quarter life crisis? Turns out there is an actual term for those feelings that settle in the pit of your stomach when you finally get around to doing adult things. You know that your heart sunk a little bit when you realized that those bills arriving were addressed to you and not your parents. Or how about that time that you set up your 401 (k)? It totally knocked the wind out of you, right? Maybe it didn’t but it turns out that a lot of people between the ages of 20-30 feel this pressure to be an adult, and this is causing everyone to freak the fuck out!

Somewhere in between graduating from college and setting your priorities straight you may have slipped into a….DUN DUN DUN! Quarter Life Crisis!

I have a feeling that I am currently in the throes of my crisis. Some of the telltale signs that your expressing a quarter life crisis is:

1)   Experiencing a lack of purpose in your life.

I am cant be the only that wakes up in the middle of the night after having a dream where I reenact Driving Miss Daisy with a cat as Morgan Freeman, and suddenly have no idea where I am. I do not mean literally, because obviously I am sleeping in my bed, but I mean figuratively on the road of life. After quitting my job as an investigator I have no idea what I am doing or where to go with my life.

2)   Comparing yourself to others

Now I know that I am not the only one that does this. Sometimes it’s hard not to feel inadequate compared to your friends or acquaintances that just got a promotion, new job, engaged, or who appear to have their life together. Especially since we live in a world that is so connected to social media. We can’t help but be bombarded my pictures, posts, and snaps of only the best in someone’s life.

3)   Everything appears to be too much to handle and you cant make a decision

There are so many tough decisions to be made when you are a grown up. Like, should you be responsible and set a bedtime or stay up all night watching Netflix and browsing Tumblr? Should you splurge on a great outfit or put money in a savings account in case of financial trouble? But more importantly you may have indecision about school programs or where you should live. It may accumulate in having indecision regarding your career or life choices.

There are definitely more signs that let you know that you may be in a quarter life rut, but mostly it is a feeling. It’s that feeling of having a want to do something more with your life but not knowing where to start. It’s the feeling that hits you in the morning when you wake up and you think, “Am I happy with myself and with my life?”

First things first, it’s okay to feel like this because truthfully most people do. Like, this thing wouldn’t have a term if most people where happy with their lives and knew exactly what they wanted to do. Contrary to popular belief you do not need to have all the answers. It can be hard living life without a road map but getting lost and exploring can be fun. Sometimes you start off thinking you should do one thing but realize that something else is more your style.

Secondly, take some time to unplug from the world! Put yourself first and realize that most people on social media only most the very best of their lives. Notice that you are valuable and amazing. Remember that you have things that are worth celebrating and never forget that you have worth. Sometimes we are too worried about other people and not worried about ourselves enough.

Lastly, kick it like Nike and do something! Just do it! Break the cycle of indecision by actually doing something. Explore and discover. Sometimes we get stuck with the “what if” or the “I don’t know” and never really try anything new. The first decisions are the hardest but set that bedtime, save that money, and pick that school program. Let us stop weighing ourselves down with inaction and kick it into gear.

So, even though we may be confused and unsure about life and it’s meaning, that is absolutely okay. We will get through this together!

one of my professors came up 2 me before class and started a conversation by immediately asking me if i knew what i was doing with my life after i graduated and i was like “uh…….i don’t know” because i was eating a granola bar and browsing instagram and not prepared 2 get into my life plans. Long story short now i am getting lunch with the representative of a prominent law school that i have no intention of going 2 because i felt 2 awkward 2 tell him i have student debt and no ambitions and just plan on doing whatever BS job will hire me until becoming a stay at home mom. Free lunch though

“Famous Heartbreaks” Justin Bieber imagine

anonymous asked: “Your both singers and have broken up and you perform a song and it’s about your relationship and get back together after the show??💟”

Warnings: heartbreak

Word Count: 908

Yes I did use Life Is Worth living lol I’m terrible at making up songs


2 months ago

“Justin, you always do this, you stay out until 2 am and come home drunk! I’m sick of it!” I shout, my voice going hoarse from all the screaming.

“Y/N I’m so sick of you always trying to control my life! How about you shut up for once, gosh why am I even with you?! You know what I’m done with you Y/N, get out of my house.” He hollers


“Just go…” His voice was much more calm and sensitive than it was before.

With that I packed all my things and left. My music equipment and everything, he really wanted me gone.


It’s been 2 months since Justin and I broke up, the first month I was a wreck. I didn’t eat for days and didn’t get out of bed until Ariana made me.

“Are you ready to go to the arena?” Chris, my manager smiles.

“Yep! Lets go!” I was mentally screaming, because to be honest, it wouldn’t be the same without Justin in the crowd cheering me on and spoiling me after every show. When we arrived at the arena, I see thousands of screaming fans outside with concert jitters. I notice some fans in the back of the venue waiting for me to come out of my tour bus, they looked about 15 or maybe 16, they were really pretty and I’m positive they’ll be meeting me again considering they have VIP necklaces on. I step out of the bus wanting to pass out from exhaustion, but I try to put on my best “I’m totally not tired AT ALL” face.

“OMG ASDFGHJKL ITS Y/N. YOU ARE MY MOTHER. LOVE ME I WANT TO LOVE YOU! GIVE ME YOUR FACE!” The first girl screeched. I don’t know what was more scarier, the fact that she actually said asdfghjkl or the fact she said to give her my face. The 3 girls huddled like a bunch of football players, probably telling one another to play it cool.

“oh my god Y/N I’m such a huge fan, I will forever ship you and Justin!” The 2nd girl said.

“Shut the fuck up, Emma, they broke up, remember? I’m pretty sure she doesn’t wanna here it.” The tallest girl nudged. Yeah because that really helps.  

I took a couple selfies with them and then walked backstage to the arena. I’ve never been this nervous to perform before. Maybe it’s because I’m singing a song that hasn’t even been released to the public yet, and it’s about Justin and I’s relationship, so I don’t know how that’ll go. It was finally time for me to go on after waiting hours and preparing for what’s about to happen. I heard one of my most recent songs boom in the arena along with thousands of screaming girls and guys, indicating that it was time for me to go on stage. My heel to my sexy leather knee high boots clicked on stage as I felt my heart race with anticipation.

“Hey my loves! Thank you for coming tonight! Are you guys ready!” My voice carried to the top of the arena. Everyone screamed.

“I can’t hear you guys! Are you ready!!??” Another roar of screams, this time louder. I knew they were ready. I played through all the songs that were on the set list, except for one, my “love” song.

“This next song is one I wrote about 2 months ago, that I haven’t released to anyone yet, but now you guys get to hear, enjoy..” I took the deepest breath I could as I strummed my guitar and sang the first verse of the song beautifully.

“Ended up on a crossroad

Try to figure out which way to go

It’s like your stuck on a treadmill running

In the same place.”

As I sang the through all of the hooks and chorus I was approaching the last words, I started to tear up, like really tear up.

“Life is worth living, oh yeah
Life is worth living, so live another day
The meaning of forgiveness
People make mistakes
Only God can judge me
Life is worth living again
Another day
Life is worth living again”

I sang the last part so angelically I even saw a few tears coming from the 2 rows in front. The crowd cheered and hollered until I walked off the stage. As soon as I went in my dressing room I slammed the door and started bawling my eyes out…until I heard a voice that was just to familiar to not forget. It was Justin.

“Wha-what are you doing here?” I sniffle, trying to look tough, but it doesn’t work.

“I was here the whole time, that last song you sang was beautiful, Y/N. Listen, I’m sorry for what happened 2 months ago, I fucked up big time, and I’m sorry. I never once stopped loving you. I wanna give this another tr-” I cut him off  by kissing him hard on the lips, he kisses back.

“Of course we can try again, I love you.”

“I love you too.”


get to know me: [2/5] favorite male biases - min yoongi

“When people heard that I wanted to make music, they would worry and say it’s not going to work. ‘If you make music, it will ruin your family.’ I’ve heard these things so many times…since middle school. After hearing these things, it gradually built up my worries. My favorite lyrics are ‘What am I doing with my life, this moment won’t ever come again. I’m asking myself again, am I happy right now? The answer is already fixed, I’m happy.’”

When their girlfriend falls asleep on their shoulder during a plane ride

Awww that’s such a cute request! I will do my best ^_^

Here goes~


Keeps giggling and grinning to himself. Everyone’s shooting him confused and weird glances but that doesn’t bother him, because he’s too happy at that moment.


‘’She’s so cute. Oh my god, what to do.’’

Soon after remembers that he really needs to pee.

‘’Shit. What am I going to do. I really need to go use the toilet. Be a man ChimChim, it’s just … 3 more hours. Oh god. I’m done for.‘’


Is going to take silly pictures with her while she’s asleep and makes various faces.

‘’Excuse me Mister? Could you maybe take some photos for me??’’


Doesn’t know how to act and is too scared too move, because he could wake her up.

Rap Monster

Kept talking for 2 hours, explaining her the meaning of life and only now notices that she fell asleep on his shoulder.

‘’Oh sure, I see how it is. Be that way, it’s not like I care or anything.’’ ugly pouting


Notices that she’s drooling on his jacket



Cuddles with you and falls asleep soon after, both your heads against eachother.

Accepting EXO, BTS and Monsta X reactions!!!^_^

This is a spread for the ones who are still in the closet! I created this spread for coming out, but I am sure it can be used for any other similar questions. Good luck! 

1. Current situation: What is my current situation? What do I struggle with? What am I afraid of? What is holding me back?

2. World around you: What will be the reaction that I am going to get? What will people around me think? 

3. Main problem: What will be the main problem I may struggle with after coming out? How can I avoid this problem? 

4. Solution: How can I solve this problem? How will the solution come to me?

5. Positive improvement: What will be a positive improvement in my life after coming out? What positivities will coming out bring to me?

6. General future based on coming out: How will things change? What is waiting for me? Which phases will I go through?

Please don’t take it seriously, I created it for fun and inspiration. I do not take any responsibilities if you use it for yourself -especially to make a decision. I am so sorry if there are any errors because of my english. Thanks to hermitdiviner and butterfly-effect12 for their suggestions about creating a tarot spread! 

Let me know if you try it! My ask is always open for questions and feedback. 

Justin meeting your family for the first time:

Today was finally the day Justin was going to meet my family for the first time. Justin and I have been dating for about 6 months, and now we thought it was time to meet each others families. We didn’t want to meet the families if our relationship wouldn’t be serious, but our relationship is getting really serious, Justin even asked me to move in with him, and that was one of the things we would had discussed tonight. Justin would be over at 6 pm, so I still had an hour to get ready in. Justin and I had used most of the day talking to each other over FaceTime, but about half an hour ago Justin had to go, he wanted to look perfect tonight, and even though I told him he always looked perfect, he didn’t listen to me…
I got out of my comfortable bed and went into my bathroom, but as I got in there my brother Jake stood out there.
“Jake what are you doing out here? This is my bathroom” I whined, Jake is my big brother, so he was a lot taller than me.
“Gabriella is in my bathroom, and I need to get ready too! It’s an important night, I need to make sure Justin is a good boyfriend for you” he explained, I rolled my eyes and went over to him before trying to push him out of my bathroom, but since he is also stronger than me, I of course couldn’t!
“This drop it, I just need to do my hair, and then I’m out of here, it smells like girl in here” he said as he made a face, I groaned and crossed my arms under my chest and waited for him to leave my bathroom. Finally a minute later Jake left my bathroom. I locked the door behind him and stripped out of my clothes, then I went into the shower and showered.
10 minutes later I got out and wrapped a towel around my body. I unlocked the door and went into my bedroom again. I had already found my clothes, and I had decided not to be overdressed, so I would just be wearing a tight, black dress, a pair of black, see-through tights, my low, black converse and some silver jewellery’s.
I had on purpose not washed my hair, because I had made my curls this morning, so they weren’t too new, when Justin would be coming over. So now all I needed to do was my makeup, which was pretty simple, because I never wore much makeup, just some concealer to cover my dark spots, some powder and mascara.
When I finished it was 5.50pm, so Justin would be here any minute. I grabbed my phone and went downstairs, but as I walked downstairs Justin texted me, so I stopped walking and looked at it.
“I’m on my way, and I can’t wait to see you baby :*” he had texted, I awed and texted him back, then I locked my phone and went downstairs. I went into our living room and sat down beside Jake and Gabriella. Luckily Gabriella was also wearing a dress, so I didn’t look like a fool.
“You look beautiful sis” Jake said, I smiled and thanked him as I sat back and looked at my phone.
“So how is he?” Gabriella asked me, I furrowed my eyebrows and locked my phone again.
“How is who?” I asked her, Gabriella playfully rolled her eyes and smiled.
“How is Justin?” she asked him, I giggled and nodded my head as I blushed of embarrassment.
“He is really sweet, and he makes me feel so loved and so… me” I told her, Gabriella awed and folded her hands.
“You’re so in love, it’s so cute” she cooed, I giggled and nodded my head, because it was true, I was falling in love with Justin, and I didn’t even want to deny it, because I knew Justin was falling in love with me too.
“Don’t you think your sister looks in love?” Gabriella asked Jake, Jake scoffed and shrugged his shoulders.
“Come on Jake, you must let me live my own life now, you can’t protect me forever” I teased him; Jake scoffed again and rolled his eyes.
“I’m not protecting you,” he said as he looked away, I chuckled and looked at Gabriella who was also chuckling.  
“Whatever you believe,” I told him, and then I got up from the couch and went out to the kitchen.
“Is there anything I can help with” I asked mom as I smiled at her, mom shook her head and smiled too.
“No, you just got to make sure Justin feels comfortable, when he arrives, and make sure he knows your dad isn’t a mean person, he is just looking out for you” she said, I nodded my head and then the doorbell rang. I hurried out to the hall and opened the front door, and there he was standing in the doorway looking better than ever, he was wearing a grey suit with a black button up shirt and leather shoes.
“Hey baby” I smiled as I bit my lip, Justin nervously smiled, and then he embraced me.
“Aww, you bought my mom flowers?” I asked him as he pulled away, Justin nodded his head and took a deep breath.
“I am overdressed?” he asked me, I just shook my head and kissed his lips.
“No, my brother and my dad are also wearing suits” I told him, Justin let go of a breath and chuckled a little.    
“I don’t think I have even been this nervous” he chuckled; I smiled and grabbed his hand.
“You have no need to be, they will love you,” I told him, and then I kissed his cheek.
“By the way, you look amazing baby” Justin said, I awed and thanked him.
“You do too,” I told him with a smirk, and then I dragged him inside the house. Mom had made her way into the living room, so my family was gathered in there, even my dad…  
“Guys meet Justin” I said to everyone as we made it into the living room. They all stopped talking and stood up, and my dad was the first one to say hello to Justin.
“Justin, this is my dad Y/D/N,” I said as they shook hands.
“Hello Mr. Y/L/N, thank you for having me” Justin said, my dad smiled and nodded my head.
“Don’t call me Mr. Y/L/N, just call me Y/D/N, Justin” he said, Justin smiled and nodded his head, then he said hello to everyone else, and afterwards we went into the dinging room and sat down.
“So Justin, do you have any siblings?” Jake asked Justin as we ate, Justin nodded his head and swallowed the food he had in his mouth.
“I do, I have a little brother named Jaxon, and a little sister named Jazmyn” he explained, Jake nodded his head and looked over at me.
“Then you understand that I need to look out for my sister and make sure she doesn’t fall in love with a total douchebag” Jake continued, Justin nodded his head and smiled.
“I understand, and I will promise you that I’m not a douchebag, I will do everything for your sister, because she deserves everything in this world” Justin sweetly said as he looked my brother directly into the eyes. My brother looked a little skeptical, but even he changed the look on his face into a smile and nodded his head as he looked at me telling me that he had approved Justin. I let go of a breath and smiled at Justin. I kissed his cheek, then I started eating again.
“So Justin, what are you doing right now with your life?” My dad asked Justin, Justin looked down at me with a nervous look on his face; I just nodded my head telling him to tell my dad about his life.
“Well, I am a singer and I have been making music since back in 2009, but the last 2 years I have just been enjoying life, and I have been trying to get my life back on track after a horrible 2013 with a lot of problems” Justin explained, my dad nodded his head and kept chewing on his food.
“What kind of problems?” my dad asked him,
“Well, I thought I was better than everyone else, because I had – still have  - a lot of money, I got arrested, but I really do think that I’m getting better, and that’s because of your daughter” Justin continued, my dad smiled, and so did my mom.
“How has my daughter been helping you?” dad asked him, Justin looked down at me and placed a hand on my thigh.
“She made me wanna continue living my life, she helped me out of a really bad depression by just generally loving me for who I was and for who I am today” Justin said, I smiled and bit down in my lip as I placed my hand on top of Justin’s on my thigh and gave it a squeeze.
“Well, I’m glad she could help you” my mom said, I nodded my head, then I kissed Justin’s cheek, and he started blushing.

After dinner Justin and I went upstairs and into my room. My room wasn’t big, and I didn’t need that much space. But I did have an area in my room with my bed, and a lot of pillows. Justin opened his jacket and laid down on my bed, I lay down too and placed my head on his chest.
“I told you they would love you” I told him; Justin nodded his head and gently started stroking my hair.
“You’re right, and I’m so glad they do” Justin said, I nodded my head and closed my eyes.
“And I can’t believe they will let you move in with me, they were completely fine with it” Justin said, I nodded my head and looked up at him.
“I can’t believe I’m actually going to move in with you” I smiled; Justin smiled too and squeezed me tight. I sat up and crawled on top of Justin, I intertwined our fingers and bended down over him, then I laid my lips on top of his, and we started kissing.
This was a new start on life. I was finally going to live with the love of my life!