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What about Harry and you are in the studio and when everyone goes on break you and him have some "alone time" making things hot and steamy...

Maybe he’s been incredibly horny all day and you’d agreed to go with him to the studio.  And everyone is going out for lunch, but Harry tells them you two are gonna run home and eat your left overs from the night before.  Of course, you know that he doesn’t actually mean that.  As soon as they leave, he’s on you like a postage stamp.

You’re sitting on a brown couch (vintage, if you had to guess) and he’s hovering over you.  Not sitting, but bent at the waist with his hand on the back of the couch for support.  His lips work eagerly at yours and he sighs into your mouth, with his free hand (the one not holding on to the couch) holding your neck.  After a moment you giggle into the kiss and pull away for a bit.  “Where’s this coming from?”

He grins down at you, pressing an innocent kiss to your lips and saying, “Just love you, s’all.  Am I not allowed to love my girlfriend?”  He shoots you a cheeky look before straightening up and walking over to a table containing lots of paperwork, half empty coffee mugs, sheet music, and even a couple magazines.  He begins clearing it off.

But too soon do your lips miss his.  So you sigh and lean forward a bit.  “You know,  I really am a bit hungry.”

“Yeah?” he says.  He doesn’t look up from what he’s doing.  “You wanna go meet up with them?  They’re probably not that far.”

“No no, that’s… not what I mean.”

Harry pauses briefly to look at you and raise a questioning eyebrow.  When he sees you biting your lip the way you know drives him mad, he narrows his eyes at you.  “S’that so?”

You rise to your feet, walking slowly over in his direction.  He jumps up onto the table, letting his feet dangle off the edge, and spreads his legs out for you to stand between.  When you’re close enough that he can reach you, he puts his hands on your hips and pulls you in.  He presses a few soft kisses to your lips, just enough to make you want more.  He’s smiling into the kisses but he doesn’t close his eyes.  “Been watching you all day, y’know.”

“Really?” you say, just before he pulls you in for another soft kiss.  “That’s bad.  Shouldn’t you be focussing on the music?” Kiss. “The boys?”

“Mm, but see,” kiss, “The boys aren’t wearing low-cut shirts like that. The boys,” kiss,  “aren’t shaking their hips every time I open my mouth to sing the lyrics that,” kiss,  “Again, are not about the boys,  but about you.”  Kiss.  “Forgive me, doll, but you’re a bit distracting.”

“Am I?” Kiss.  “Didn’t mean to be.”

He chuckles and narrows his eyes, speaking quietly.  “You little liar.  You’re out to kill me, I know it.”

You giggle, kissing his nose.  “So what if I am?”

“Then I’d have to do what it takes to stay alive, wouldn’t I?”  He reaches up to play with a lose lock of your hair, and eyes it for a moment before speaking.  “But, luckily I know your weakness.  So it wouldn’t take much.”

“I highly doubt-” You’re cut off when his lips press spongy kisses to the spot on your neck that he’s discovered will, without fail, make you moan.  You sigh into him and he rises to his feet, without so much as taking his lips off of your neck.  

He spins you around so your back is to the table, then picks you up by your hips to set you down on it.  He uses his fingers to pry your legs open and, before allowing them to come in contact with you, pulls away from your neck and smirks.  “S’this what you want?  Mm?”

You groan because GOD how could he manage to be so sexy no matter what he did?  So you nod.  “Yes.  Fuck.”

He chuckles onces again and kisses your lips softly before hooking his fingers into the belt loops of your shorts and pulling them down your legs. “Good thing I’m a bit hungry, too, innit?” With one more kiss to your collarbone, he sinks to his knees in front of you.  Needless to say, this is the best lunch break you’ve ever had.