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Terrorladd Friendship #5
  • Brock: There's only one thing worse than death.
  • *Rips of piece of paper above death to reveal 'Craig's*
  • Brian: *Gasp* Craig
  • Brock: No
  • Craig: .....Bitch

Oh shoot waddup what was the plot of this blog again

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A reminder that the boys love and appreciate us ❤️ - taken from their thank you sections in the album cover of Night and Day

From top to bottom - Brad, James, Connor, Tristan

I dunno guys I just drew somethin’.

Here you go

Here are some screenshots from the bloopers video-

Their faces in this one

Phil looks disgusted and dan…… well does that even need a caption

It looks like phil is eating Dan’s fingers

Phil eyebrow

Just that little smile >_<

What is up with the d-slice y'all phil just looks scared

A sneeze mid sneeze

Dan looks like he just killed someone or something ya know that sinister ‘look what u made me do u bjtch’ and phil just looks worried lol

There u go I don’t know what half of that was but anyway



Kylo finds this glamour shot at Hux’s house and takes it home with him. He thinks Hux looks handsome (as always), but Rey, Finn, and Poe…disagree.

Rey: “You really…wanna gaze lovingly into those eyes, huh? O-okay…”


Poe: “Eh, I’ve seen worse. He’s just coked up, man! No biggie!”

Rey: “No biggie?? He looks like this in every single goddamn photo–look at the yearbook! He’s terrifying!”

Kylo: “UGGHHH oh my gawwwwwwwd you guys are just jealous that I have a hot almost-boyfriend and you don’t.”

Finn and Poe glance at each other, stifling their laughter. They’re actual-boyfriends, not just almost-boyfriends.

After watching episode 10 of Yuri On Ice it reminded me of the ending of The Hangover, so I made an edit with the banquet hall scene 😂😂😂

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First Time With Them: CNBLUE JUNGSHIN

/ JungShin // YongHwa /

/ ASTRO // B.A.P // BIGBANG // BtoB // BTS // EXO // GOT7 // KActor // KHH // PENTAGON // SF9// WINNER // SEVENTEEN // NCT // MONSTA X /

  • Would literally be the sweetest first time you could ever imagine????? ;
  • And so romantic???? ;
  • Even though he would be red from embarrassment at doing all that romantic stuff;
  • He would still try very hard;
  • Just to please you;
  • That would be his show of courtship;
  • And then whenever he’d hint that you two should head home for an even more romantic and passionate evening;
  • He would start things off with such maddening kisses;
  • Like no joke;
  • His smiles are already panty dropping well surprise surprise- his smiles and kisses are like on a whole another level;
  • And he’d love nibbling on your lip as well because something in that action was just so satisfying to him? ;
  • So by the end of the whole ordeal you’ll have your lips very much swollen
  •      Very swollen;
  • He may not be much into hickeys and marking in general- but boy would he love receiving them;
  • I also think that he’d be the first to get completely nude;
  • Only because he knew you might be uncomfortable otherwise;
  • So to ease your tension he’d be like “Hey look I’m naked and not shy- join me” ;
  • Which would make him even more embarrassed and he’d cover his face and be like “?????? what even am I doin,,ng????” ;
  • Which then will make the situation actually hilarious and you’d stop being at all nervous and like “Hey, you know what? You rite” ;
  • And this change in the atmosphere will actually make him relax a ton and instead of taking the whole ordeal very fucking seriously he’d fuck you like he’d already done it a thousand of times;
  • Meaning that his thrusts would be quick and snappy;
  • Kisses more deep and passionate;
  • And yet after keeping up the pace he would slow down just before your orgasm;
  • Because he wanted to have more time with you;
  • Taste you more;
  • Feel you more;
  • It would be a very, very long night.

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How about Eren x mike x Erwin texts?

RIP Erwin Smith. ~ Zari