what am i dooing


ok so ,,,, here’s the promised video of me and @uselessprotag ‘s adventures,,,, i had the time of my life with her and hope i can see her again soon somehow (i miss her so goddamn much you have no idea)

also big shoutout to @raythrill and @huitality bc we kind of met thanks to both of you, and we’re really grateful for that, also your friendship is Iconic

and a message from pauls to both of u

‘‘ If it wasn’t for ya goofs Id be a sad man with like -2 friends. Julia made my life so much better and it’s all thanks to both of you. If, by any chance, one of you (or both) end up in Warsaw I’ll find you and buy you a shit-ton of good candy.

Papa bless yall’’-@uselessprotag

Supernatural Season Thirteen
  • What we might expect: More Team Free will interactions, monster of the week episodes, brother moments, the literal Antichrist
  • What we are given: Scooby Doo. An actual Scooby Doo cross over.

i REALLY needed to draw something so i drew my favorite junkers quickly👌👌

the evolution of reactions to jojo's bizarre adventures
  • phantom blood: well this was a little wacky
  • battle tendency: weird
  • stardust crusaders: wwwwwweird
  • diamond is unbreakable: am i reading scooby doo
  • vento aureo: what the fuck
  • stone ocean: what. wait, what the fuck?? WHAT THE FUCK????
  • jojolion: and i can no longer comprehend anything. my mind is blank. i am watching two people betting fucking cars on battling bugs. i live in a swirling galaxy of confusion made by a god named araki.