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Let's talk about the Queens of Ru Paul's Best Friend Race season 9

I don’t like Trinity Taylor (her vibe is AWF to me)

I do like Valentina but I feel like she is going to be miss congeniality over all ( she could surprise me)

I DON’T like Charlie Hides (canceled)

I Like Aja but she talk too much

I am on the fence about Farrah ( someone showed me some receipts about her BUT they may have been out of context so I’m going stay neutral) SHE REAL WHINEY THOUGH 🙄 it’s going to get old fast!

I like Alexis Michelle so far

I do like Jaymes Mansfeild but I’m not sure what she’s doing or how she’s coming across ( idk if she is nervous or… but I would like her to pull it together)

I Love a plus sized queen with a country accent! Eureka is cool but she gotta MOUF on her and she came in and automatically started with the slick comments. So we shall see!

Lemme tell you about Shasha Mother Fucking Velour. I👏🏾Am👏🏾Living👏🏾For👏🏾This👏🏾Art👏🏾Haux👏🏾AESTHETIC👏🏾

Ummm Nina BoNina Brown another queen who is very talented BASED on first impressions her look is fucking cool and abstract ( based on what I’ve seen and heard I’m not feeling her personally)

I’m cool with Kimora… F o r n o w ( I feel like she’s gonna be running her mouth and get real annoying real quick)

I like Peppermint… she’s an established queen I want to see what she’s bringing to this competition.

LET ME TELL YOU ABOUT SHAE COULEÉ aka BAE COULÉE. I’m in love ❤️ she is perfect and I can see her SLAYING the competition!

to all kpop fans who claim they don’t have an asianfanfics account

we all know you’re lying

neurodivergent and neuroatypical headcanons are my jam! lets make some!!!!

freddie has anxiety!!! that’s why she hates being on camera, she hates that she doesn’t have control over how she’s being perceived because that’s something she obsesses over a lot.

balth has adhd!!! he got into music because he could never sit still but music is something he can focus on. but he is still always hyperaware of whenever anyone is displeased and feels the need to soothe such situations because they stress him out.

ben is autistic! he has trouble coping with change and often fails to recognize social boundaries. but still he has super rad special interests that he can talk about for days.

This was gonna be something but I never got around to finishing it lmao 

so here have a rough draft I guess

maybe i’ll finish it if i can think of other characters 

Okay you know what? I am gonna just come out and say this because it has been troubling the shit out of me ever since Agent Carter’s season 2 has started.

Literally every week I watch the show and afterwards I go into the tags and I love looking at opinions and reblogging gifs etc. but I never see any gifs of Jason Wilkes or of his kisses with Peggy. Nor do I see anyone talking about how the interracial relationship is revolutionary or how it is portrayed within the show or even an analysis of how Jason’s status as a black man affected him in the deeply racist time period.

All I see is:

1) People saying he is evil when he has never shown any evil tendencies or ill feelings towards any of our protagonists from Peggy to Sousa to Jarvis to Howard Stark and has actually gone out of his way to help them in their investigations to the point of endangering his own life rather spectacularly.

2) People who wish he got less screen time because he’s boring etc. when his character is largely groundbreaking and his personality is ridiculously charming. He’s got a great sense of humour and he clearly cares a lot for Peggy. Their chemistry is undeniable and yet I hardly ever see anyone who stans for him or legitimately and whole heartedly ships him with Peggy. And as far as the boring thing is concerned, I see more stans and people demanding greater screen time for Jack Thompson who, quite frankly, is as interesting as a soggy lettuce leaf.

3) Peggysous shippers who wish he’d go away. Now I don’t want to start a ship war. I don’t care who the hell you ship on the show; that’s your choice. However I will say that it is unacceptable that Peggysous shippers want Jason to go away because it interferes with their ship. I’d like to point out that I definitely see why people ship Peggy and Daniel. I lowkey ship it myself. They clearly have feelings for each other but let’s face it. Jason and Peggy have kissed twice. She is deeply attracted to him, admires him, and has worked extremely hard to keep him safe and restore him to his tangible self. I would feel like there should be an equally strong fanbase for Peggy x Jason shippers as there is for Peggysous shippers but there isn’t! There should be heaps of gifsets of the Peggy and Jason kiss but there aren’t! But there are literally heaps of the Peggysous hand hold + Peggysous almost kiss. In fact, if you go in the Jason Wilkes tag, a large majority of it is people who wish he’d go away and being annoyed that he kissed Peggy.

The fans asked for a diverse cast and even though more white dudebros were added, the addition of Jason Wiles is extraordinary. He’s a black man in a period piece and he isn’t a slave or a servant or someone of a lower socioeconomic class. He’s a reputable scientist and someone who has charm and talent. He is an example of fantastic representation. However, the fandom really doesn’t give a shit about him. I feel like they have asked for representation and they have received it however what they really wanted was a token black character who’s quiet and and stays out of their way so they can ship their wholly white ship. They want their token black character so they can feel satisfied that they are Not Racist™ and that they have officially solved the problem of anti blackness in media and fandom.

Quite frankly, I hate this love triangle. It’s unnecessary and Peggy Carter deserves a more original romantic subplot but at least it has revealed the insidious anti blackness within the Marvel (and specifically Agent Carter) fandom. This isn’t new. We all know how Rhodey and Sam and even Nick Fury are treated in fandom (fanart, meta and fanfiction included.) We know that there is a severe lack of women of colour within the franchise of a whole (especially in feature films). I just wished it would be different for this fandom. One which prides itself on being feminist. One which went out of its way to create dialogue with the creators of the show to demand better representation. But I guess I should have known better :/  

LT question tag

So guys… I never did question tag before but… I wanna know this fandom better. Awwww sooo cute right?
But there’s may questions you don’t want to answer so don’t. Idk if there was this kind of tag already I think it was for sure. I would like you to write as much as possible. I wanna read long stories. Have a fun!

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