what am i doing someone KO me

And it hit me...

Kala ko he’ll never be one of those judgemental freaks pero I was wrong. Saang part ng ‘KELANGAN KONG AYUSIN YUNG PAMILYA KO’ ang di nya maintindihan?
Of all people, I never expected him to do that.

I guess, expectations are truly painful. I’ve never been to the pits of hell but with what he did?
He just made me realize how stupid and useless I am. I didn’t know someone can make you feel really really down.



Last night my college friends were talking about marriage.

Gusto na daw nila magpakasal. Anytime pwede. Like for real.

And I was here like. For real? Kasal? How old are we? Im just freaking 22! Turning 23. And im also freaking single! Haha.

Why are they in a rush? Whats with the urgency? Im puzzled.

I wanted to quit the conversation. I didnt even bother to reply. I cant even change the topic. Mahahalata na umiiwas ako. Haha

Bitter ko ba? I dont think so. Its not that I dont want to talk about it because I dont someone with me yet. But because, I am not yet done with my single life.

The point where I can leave my parents settled. I dont even have my own house and car yet. I dont have much savings yet. These are the things I consider.

Do they have all these already? If they do. Wow. They reached their dream that fast.

So yes. Im puzzled. And for a bittersweet escape, I drowned my thoughts with alcohol.