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hello my lovelies! i thought that i should get the hang of this studyblr befor introducing myself and hEY! im finally doing an introduction c: i didn’t understand what a studyblr was until i looked it up and Honestly, i am loving this community. 

i go by the name veronica, but you can call me vee for short. this year will be my first year at university and i’ll be doing a bachelor of design in visual communication. in the last 2 years i did a diploma course for graphic design in college so this will be a continuation from my previous studies. 

with the help of you lovelies being such a motivating and encouraging community i’m quite excited and i’m so ready to get started with uni. i’d like to give a shoutout to a few of my fave studyblr’s @tbhstudying​, @lostlxmb, @studybuzz, @studyfulltime, @vestiblr and @studesiqn c: 


Request: Where you both are good friends and you have a crush on him but he has a girlfriend. 

Pairing: Baekhyun x Reader

Genre: Angst

Word count: 1,462

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Tumbling down the hill, you both rolled, legs entwined. The sun was out and it was a beautiful spring day. Cherry blossom flew from trees as the wind gently knocked their branches.

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A/N: Here’s another phanfic bc I’ve been working really hard on my new chaptered fic so be looking forward to that. I saw this prompt yesterday and really liked it so enjoy. Sorry I added smut :/

Based on this Prompt  @ wishingbelievinghoping

Summary: 2009!Phan AU Smut, Phil moves into a new house by himself in Wokingham which so happens to be right next door to one 18 year old Daniel Howell. 

Warnings: Smut

Word Count: 1769

“Are you sure you don’t need any help?” The mover guy asked me as he placed the final box down on my new driveway.

“No, thank you.” I wasn’t really sure if I should’ve tipped him or not but I handed him £10 and he happily took the bill.

I turned around to my new house. My own. I couldn’t believe it. I was 23 with my own house. I was pretty content with my life, if I could say so myself. I had a finished uni, an amazing job, and did I mention the house? My thoughts were interrupted by a family walking over to greet meet.

“Hello, Dear. I’m Mrs. Howell and these are my two boys, Adrian and Dan.”

“Hey.” The shorter boy said cheerfully whilst the older one sent me a wave and a smile.

Neighbours are friendly. Even better. 

“Since we were the first ones to move into the neighbourhood about a year ago, we have a little tradition. The development is fairly new so we have a lot of newbies coming in quite often and we always invite them over for dinner.”

“Oh, lovely. I would really enjoy that. Tonight do you mean?” I gave her a warm smile.

“Seven.” Mrs. Howell then departed with her son Adrian, but the Dan kid stayed behind.

“Do you maybe need help with your boxes?”

“I think I’m fine.”

“Alright.” Dan smiled again before taking off in the same direction his family had.

Kinda cute. I was most definitely looking forward to dinner. 


“Are you currently employed, Phil?” I was now sat at the Howell’s dining table having an absolutely delicious meal, if I might add.

“Yes, I am actually a 3rd grade teacher.” I smiled. I really was happy about my job. “What about you, Dan?”

Dan now looked up from his food. Besides a few glances at me Dan hadn’t really said anything.

“I’m heading to uni soon.”

“That’s nice. Uni was actually really fun for me.” Dan chuckled before averting his attention by onto his food.

Dinner was filled with questions about me for the rest of the meal and once dessert was cleared off the table, I helped Mrs. Howell with the dishes.

“Phil, do you think you could do me a favour?”

“Yes, of course.”

“My son, Daniel,” She began in a hushed voice. “He’s heading off to uni soon and he’s just not really excited or motivated and I don’t want him to waste all his potential. Do you think you would be able to chat with him a bit and tell him how amazing uni could actually be.”

“Considered it done.” I smirked looking back at the dining table to find the quiet boy still silently sat there.

“I’ll finish up here. Why don’t you go talk to him?’

With that I went over to a chair next to his own and pulled it out to have a seat.

“Hey, Dan.”

“What is she trying to make you do?”

“Nothing. It’s just you’ve been pretty quiet. I barely know anything about you.”

Dan shot me another smile, but said nothing.

“Maybe you could show me around your room or something?”

“Yeah, sure.” Dan got up and started walking up the stairs.

I followed shortly after to reveal a room filled with posters, albums, and clothes all over the floor and frankly, I didn’t think fit the personality of someone with such a soft smile.

“Sorry, it’s messy.” Dan mumbled.

“Oh my god.” I laughed. “You like Muse?”

Dan just shrugged his shoulders with a blush appearing on his face.

“They’re okay, I guess.”

“I fricking love Muse!”

Dan then looked up from his toes.


“Hell yeah.”

“What’s your favourite album?”

“Definitely Origin of Symmetry.”

Dan smiled. “Yeah, me too.”

“Sucks that you’re going to Uni soon. We would’ve been awesome neighbours for each other.”

“I still got the summer.” Dan whispered.

“Yeah?” I smirked. This kid was too adorable for my well-being. “Maybe I changed my mind about needing help to unpack those boxes. You busy tomorrow?”


“Yeah as in you’ll help? Or yeah as in you’re busy?”

“I’ll help. What time?”


“K.” Dan smiled again.

“I’ll see you tomorrow, Dan.” I caught his gaze in mine for a little longer than I probably should have, but he didn’t seem creeped out by it at all. His face just turned another darker shade of red.


“Just bring these to up to the first room on your right, upstairs.”

“Got it.”

“You can start unpacking them as well.” I told Dan before letting him and and then picking up another few boxes to bring up myself.

I grabbed about 3 and it wasn’t until I was halfway up the stairs that I realized that it was much too heavy for me. I pulled through the strenuous torture, and reached my room where I found Dan looking through some of my old photos.

“Whatcha got there?” Dan jumped.

“Oh..I-I’m sorry..I didn’t-t..”

“Stop being so shy around me. It’s absolutely fine.” I said and took my place on the floor next to Dan to see what he had found.

“Aww. These are my high school photos.” I skimmed through a few more before making another comment. “Ugh. Look at my hair!”

“I think it’s cute.” Dan then went red just as yesterday when he realized what he’d said.

“I think you’re cute, Dan.” And once again we were caught in each others gaze, but much closer than our first encounter.

Dan was intensely blushing and I could feel a slight one coming on as well.

“I do really need you to stop being so shy.” I said looking down to his lips and then back up to his eyes.

To my absolute surprise, Dan had some kind of burst of confidence and I could feel his lips on mine. It took me a couple of seconds to recognize what was happening before kissing him back. Dan’s tongue licked my lips asking for entrance and I happily accepted. 

Dan took his time nipping at my bottom lip and exploring my entire mouth before planting small kissing down my neck, making me let out a moan. He then pushed me down to the floor, climbing on top of me, slightly grinding into my crotch.

Every single innocent and shy impression I had of Dan spilled anyway in an instant. The boy look incredibly sexy moaning in pleasure in top of me and the feeling was an incredible one that I haven’t felt in quite a long time. Dan fingered around with my belt for a bit before I stopped him.

“Dan, are you sure about this?”

Dan sighed. “I’ve never done this before.”

“Oh. Then we probably shouldn’t. You’re first time should be special.”

“No, it’s not my first time. Just my first time with a guy. I want to. I really do. I’m just kinda confused.” Dan shyly replied turning back into his timid self. 

“Well do you want to top or bottom?” I asked rubbing my fingertips up and down his arm in attempt to comfort him.

“Probably bottom. I don’t know what I’m doing.”

“Dan.” I said sternly. “You have to be sure. I don’t want to be taking advantage of you.”

“I am.” He said before bringing us back into a kiss. 

I then flipped us over so that I was on top of him. I helped him pull off his t-shirt before throwing mine across the room. His body looked so skinny and delicate that in any other case I would be so careful of touching him if I hadn’t what to fuck the shit out of him at the moment. It was very out of character for me.

‘Mhm, Phil.” Dan moaned into my ear.

At that moment, I couldn’t take it anymore and I pulled off Dan’s jeans which were already slipping off even with the belt on, taking the boxers with it. Dan’s throbbing cock was revealed and I took one last look at him for permission. He fiercely nodded and I started licking at his slit. 

After a little bit of teasing, I took Dan’s full length into my mouth, bobbing as fast as a could.

“Phil, phil, phil, phil! Stop! Stop. I’m close.”

I came off him with a pop and then bought my lips to his neck for a little work while Dan worked on the removal of my wretched jeans. He got them off with much ease and his shaky hand was working up and down my shaft.

“Dan.” I breathed. “You ready for me to stretch you?”

“I trust you.”

I slowly pushed my index finger deep into Dan’s arse and then stopped to let him adjust.


“Are you okay? It’s gonna hurt a little at first.”

“I’m okay. I’m ready for another.”

On his cue, even slower than the first, I pushed my middle finger into him as he let out a soft grunt. I felt him adjust to me and then started scissoring him, searching around for his prostate.

“Phil!” Dan loudly yelled and I knew I found it.

I gave it a few rubs before I determined that he was stretched and ready and I pulled my fingers out.

“You’re really sure?” I asked once again.

“Phil. Fuck me.” Dan moaned out in a hurried voice.

Just hearing him moaning out my name made it hard not to come on the spot. I pushed my length in half way before feeling him tap my shoulder letting me know to push in all the way.

“You okay?”


Starting slow, I thrusted into the boy withering beneath me, quickening the pace every time I heard him moan. 

“Dan. If I had known how incredibly sexy and tight you are, I would have moved here a long time ago.” I said nibbling on his ear as I felt him clench around me.

“Phil, I’m close.” Dan breathing was getting heavier and heavier. “Really c-”

“Mhn. Me too.”

With a couple of grunts and one last scream of my name, Dan was releasing onto his stomach, wheezing from the intensity. I soon joined him as I released into him and rode out my orgasm. After we somewhat caught out breaths, I pulled out and laid down next to him.

“You’d better be clean.” He chuckled and I laughed.

I turned my head to face him and kiss his lips gently. When we parted he rested his head on my chest, his scent mixing with a bit of sweat.

“You still got a whole summer, right?”