what am i doing in this school otl

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Do u think u could write about trans!dex, I rlly love him

Okay so. I started writing this in my head like the day after you sent it, but once I started writing it on paper it… changed drastically. Sorry if it’s not what you were hoping for? Usually I write Dex pre-T and not stealth but this fic did not end up that way  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. Unfortunately I am Nurseydex trash and this is not unaffected by that but for once it’s not explicitly romantic OTL
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Most of the time, being on the hockey team at a school as liberal as Samwell was a blessing. No one questioned Dex’s need for privacy in the locker room, no one did the ‘no homo’ dance to excuse closeness, no one ever called Dex a pussy even jokingly. It would have been a dream, except his team couldn’t seem to stop there. They had loud arguments about “bullshit heteronormativity,” they accepted Bitty for being gay without thinking twice, and they lectured Dex about not placing judgements onto people as though he didn’t already know.

It was a lot.

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clip studio paint, photoshop

Guess who watched the haikyuu stage play!!!

Ahh Asuma-san really is the perfect Oikawa, in all his selfies he’s making that gesture! He also played volleyball in high school???? I think it’s amazing that Oikawa’s his first stage play role and it’s so cute that he calls the other actors senpai aaah
Also he’s only 2 years older than me (1 year and 3 months actually) 

It’s weird that celebrities are popping up to be around my age meanwhile what am I doing… OTL 

ALSO I NEED YOU GUYS TO JUST CONSIDER THIS: iwa and oiks going off to different universities but coming back to miyagi and attending their coming of age ceremony together ;u;u;u;u;u;u;

Anyways I tried out some new brushes in clip studio paint today!! :D