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I owed the Satan and Me livestream chat a picture of Satan working at McDonalds. I’m still not completely sure how that came about, but here it is? Haha, it was supposed to be the older version, but Adult Satan wouldn’t cooperate, so here’s Young Satan instead. Please forgive my sucky handwriting and lack of digital coloring experience;;

Also, if you’re wondering:

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((note that the Adult Satan on the side is the art of the original comic!))

tips for high-schoolers

idk there are a lot of these around but most of this is my experience. I go to a huge school with a pretty good reputation so again, this is based on my school experience. hopefully it helps some of you though!

  1. sleep may be for the weak but make sure you get AT LEAST 4 hours a night. a lot of people will tell you to sleep more than 8 hours a night or some bs like that but it’s honestly super difficult esp if you procrastinate as badly as i do
  2. if you procrastinate, don’t blame your teachers/parents/the forces of nature. hopefully failing a project due to procrastination will convince you to stop. if it doesn’t, accept the consequences and move on.
  3. you don’t HAVE TO have a private counselor or an after school or tutors but it sure doesn’t hurt. if you are able to get one of these, convince your parents to do so. it definitely helped me A TON.
  4. you will get bad teachers at some point in your high school career. just do your best to push through it. if it’s an AP/IB class where you can get prep books, DO SO, and not 2 weeks before the exam. do it asap. then study like hell for the exam because doing it four days before like i did will not make you feel good about yourself when the scores come in.
  5. treat your teachers well even if you hate them. when in school, they have the power over you. it sucks, but it’s the truth. you’ll regret giving them that side-eye in freshman year when you’re thinking about asking them for a letter of rec in your senior year. 
  6. freshman don’t be afraid to ask for help getting around. a lot of people in my year (senior) are still getting lost at my school so it’s not embarrassing to ask for directions. most people are willing to help. if you feel like there’s no one ask-worthy available in the hallways, walk into a classroom with an open door and ask the teacher. chances are they’ve helped plenty of wayward freshman around and will be happy to help.
  7. DRINK LOTS OF WATER and passing period if DEFINITELY enough time to pee. use the restroom during this time instead of at lunch where the restrooms will probably be super crowded. 
  8. when it comes to studying, do what other people do UNTIL you discover a way that works for you. color-coded highlighting may LOOK impressive until you’re reading your notes and trying to remember which color was for which type or term.
  9. use a planner. or don’t. depends on how you prefer to organize. I like planners for daily homework but for long term projects i tend to use my phone’s calendar/google calendar. figure out what works for you.
  10. use your free time wisely. and judge it yourself. you may feel like browsing tumblr for 4 hours straight is a good use of your time, and that’s your prerogative. just don’t go complaining to your friends about not having time to study. remember, everything is YOUR decision. 
  11. join as many clubs as you can, and don’t feel bad for ditching them if you find them boring. I joined 10 clubs in freshman year. now as a senior, i’m only in 2 and one of the two i joined in junior year. it’s also a good idea to join at least one service club even if you find it boring because you’ll need some kind of volunteer experience for college and these clubs are the easiest to get that.
  12. academic or sports teams are cool too!! sometimes you’ll experience a lot from being part of a competitive team. also teammates are awesome. you’ll learn a lot of new things that you wouldn’t be able to just by living through high school alone. 
  13. grab any opportunity that comes your way. officer position openings? go for it!!!! officer teams in clubs are a great way to make friends especially if you’re a freshman. a lot of clubs are always looking for freshman applicants because they need people to keep running the club when they eventually graduate. 
  14. don’t believe everything you hear in the hallways. that teacher they claim picks favorites may very well choose you as his favorite. it all depends on perspective. if he gives you a few extra points, then count yourself lucky and move on.
  15. if your friends are destructive, you’re better off ditching them. whether it’s if they make bad decisions (such as underaged drinking/taking drugs) or if it’s that they insult you and subtly bully you as a ‘sign of their love,’ you’ll be gone in a few years. you won’t have to see them again. their opinion won’t matter as much as your own ten years down the road.
  16. dress well but don’t worry about dressing down. once the week before finals i wore the same pair of sweatpants every single day that week. people understand. most people don’t care if you dress well or dress badly. even if they do they’re not worth your time/effort. 
  17. start early!! if you’re a freshman, start prepping for the SAT/ACT. take practice exams for both to see which you like better! a lot of people say the ACT is easier, but I prefer the SAT because I’m good at vocab. try to finish it as soon as you can instead of putting it off. you’ll be grateful for finishing early when you’re watching your fellow classmates slaving away at SAT prep classes during junior year summer if you’re done by sophomore year!
  18. if you’re good at a subject, or if you really like it, go take an SAT II for it! even if it’s not under what you want to major in, it can’t hurt to show the colleges that you’re willing to try new things, or that you’re good at things besides what you WANT to be good at. that didn’t make perfectly good sense, but hopefully you get the gist of it. 
  19. take AP/IB exams if you want, but don’t take it if you don’t want to. most private schools don’t give a lot of credit for them anyway. case in point, my dream school will only take 2 exam scores as credit, but by the end of high school i’ll have taken 9 AP exams. if that doesn’t prove how dumb I am, idk what does honestly
  20. when choosing colleges (do this early too!) don’t completely ignore your parents but don’t follow them 100%. find your middle ground, compromise. you may be the one going to college but most likely your parents will be holding the money that is the MEANS to go to college. find out exactly what your parents expect before you rush into things. try to figure out your college list BEFORE application season starts (AKA IN THE SUMMER) because school will be hell while trying to negotiate schools with your parents.
  21. talk to your parents about finances. i’ve heard too many stories of how someone gets into an high class private school but can’t go because they can’t afford it but their parents never told them/they never asked their parents. 
  22. take any opportunity you have to travel. those experiences can make up an interesting essay for when you apply to college. 
  23. ESSAYS! everyone says this, but if you’ve procrastinated your entire life and high school career up to this point THIS IS THE ONE THING YOU DO NOT WANT TO PROCRASTINATE ON
  24. learn to step out of your comfort zone. even if you’re nervous talking to new people, connections if one of the most important things in the world today. think of high school as practice for when you’re making connections outside of school.
  25. a private college is not the be all end all of education. there are other options. vocational school. community college. etc. research your options. find what fits you best.
  26. last of all, try to be at least partially satisfied with your high school life. take a step back and see if you’re unhappy or disappointed; do something spontaneous (LIKE JOINING A CLUB) or try something new (like taking a cooking class or learning how to knit). even running a blog on tumblr can be something you put on your college apps. 

hope this helped at least a little bit. it’s kinda text heavy OTL.