what am i doing i need sleep obviously


I’m still on semi hiatus (though I’m not very good at maintaining it or actually being off Tumblr) until probably the end of this month, or even the beginning of April. I have final papers and projects coming up (I just finished my other assignments and midterms) and I do need to make sure I am keeping up on my reading and what not. After that, as of the 7th of April, it will be finals time and I will need to be studying and the like. I am still here, obviously, but I might take a little longer to reply to things/make starters than I usually do, and especially if I know you don’t mind waiting (some of you are going on weeks now but I also know you won’t lose any sleep over it), I’m going to take advantage of that. You can also find me on kik an discord, if you want to chat!

Pay what you want commissions!

As many of you know I went to EQLA this past weekend. 

While I got to the convention and had an amazing time, getting back to Minnesota was a whole different story. 

My flight ended up being canceled and it took me an extra day to get back home. So I ended up missing a day of work. The whole ordeal was stressful and I got only a few hours of sleep and now I am sick (there goes another day of work). 

I have regular bills to pay, medical bills, and two pets that need to be updated on their shots. 

So I am going to try to make up my lost wages with some pay what you want commissions!

Obviously if you give me just a dollar I’ll only do a dollars worth of work :P but if you give me over $55 I’ll paint you a picture and send the canvas to you (no shipping for those in the USA). 

At the moment I am only taking MLP related commissions! 

If you are interested or have any questions please send me an email at sandsibilings@gmail.com. 

If you don’t want any art and still want to help feel free to donate on PayPal (sandsibilings@gmail.com) and/or just reblog! 

Thank you!