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It’s Wednesday folks! So I just want to let you know I have over 100 requests in my inbox right now and I love you all and am working as fast as I can to get these out to you and keep quality up, ok???? So don’t lose faith in me if you’ve requested!!!!

Also I do have a masterlist for those asking! I’ll finish updating it today! I don’t know how to make it for mobile though (so if someone wants to help…) but it can be found here:


Anyway! Here is what I have since 1 am EST (when I queued this):

Today- Ben Hutton- Smut

            Morgan Rielly- stressed out by kids

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25 Q/A Personality Tag RULES: Tag people you want to get to know better.

I’ve been tagged by @ilonavic to do this. Thank you very much, love!! So, let’s begin!!

1. Are you introverted or extroverted? Introverted, but sometimes I can be very extroverted. Don’t ask me how or why, it just happens.

2. Are you ruled by emotions or logic? I always try to use logic, I am logical most of the time, but emotions always stand in the way.

3. What is your happiest memory? I don’t recall right now.

4. What is your saddest memory? I am not sure, maybe when my grandmother died or watching how sad my mother was after she and my father got divorced.

5. In what kind of world would you rather live in? In this one, in the current one. Despite all the bad things that are happening and are going to happen, it gives me hope to think that there are still good people who will do everything possible to fix it, to prevent these monsters from getting their way. I will fight for this world too.

6. What is your favorite video game? I love Dragon Age but I have to say The Witcher 3, the story, the characters, how well done it is… I just love it!!!

7. What is your biggest fear for yourself? For myself? Mmmm… Disappointing my loved ones, not achieving my goals.

8. What is your biggest wish for yourself? Be able to overcome all the obstacles I still have to cross.

9. What fictional character do you relate to the most? There is no fictional character I relate with.

10. If you could become anything, without any education or demands, what would you choose as your profession? I have no idea. I’d like to do something important, not be SOMEONE important, but to do something useful for society that would make me feel proud of myself.

11. Do you have any siblings? Yes, a little one, I rather not talk about him.

12. Have you ever wanted to injure someone? Yes, although I don’t do it because I know that violence is not the solution, but I think about it very much.

13. Have you ever wanted to help someone, but didn’t? Yes, and I am still regretting that. I am just too shy, so shy it annoys me even. Or maybe I am just stupid for feeling embarrassed of helping someone. I mean, I am helping them, right?? That’s something good!! Why am I not able to even ask them how I could help them or if they’d like my help???

14. What makes you angry? There are many things that make me angry, but injustice, I can’t help it, I just can’t see an unfair situation and stay still and be quiet, I have to do something! Also, I hate people who mistreat animals or people, gender violence included. I also can’t stand intolerants or people who judge others without knowing them.

15. What makes you happy? There are many things that make me happy: eating my favourite food, do something good for someone, having good grades, listening to music, singing, etc. Too many things!!

16. Would you rather beat up a small child once - or get beaten up by an angry man every single day for the rest of your life? I’d never hit a small child, I prefer being beating by a man (that I will kill afterwards).

17. What places would you visit today if you could? Poland, Italy, France, Japan, etc. Every place in the world if I could.

18. Do you want children? Why? If not, why not? No, I don’t want. Don’t misunderstood me, I like children, but other people’s children, am I explaining myself? I can take care of a child if later he/she returns home with their parents. Also, I had enough taking care of my little brother when I was younger (I’m still doing it).

19. Did you have a happy childhood? I am not sure how to answer this question. I’ve had a good childhood but it only lasted like 3 years? I was bullied at school and after my parents divorced everything changed, my mom was unemployed and had to take care of me and my little brother (who was only 4 years old) on her own. When I grew up more I had to help my mother with everything, I became a second mother to my brother and to myself. Let’s say that I had to mature very soon.

20. Have you ever done drugs? If you have, would you do it again? No, and I am never going to do it, for sure.

21. Would you rather become a child again, possessing all the knowledge you have today, or become middle-aged, with 45 000 000 € on your bank account? I rather become a child with all the knowledge I have today. Think about it, I’d be considered the most intelligent child in the world (intelligent for a little child not for an adult lol), maybe I’ll be famous, and I’d have the opportunity to repeat my actions again.

22. If you could become any existing famous person in the world - who would you be and why? Scarlett Johansson is my goddess but, you know what? I don’t want to be any famous people I know. I rather be myself famous for something I’ve done.

23. Are your parents married or divorced? Divorced, as I said before.

24. Where do you see yourself in the future? I like imagining myself doing the job I love, maybe as a translator or a teacher, having a little apartment somewhere nice, Switzerland or Germany, or even Spain, and living on my own with my two cats. Being independent and free.

25. If you’d like, a question of your own here. Mine is directed to my fellow Witcher lovers; Who and Why?

For friendly purposes, Regis or Cirilla? Regis would be my best friend ever; I’d love to learn from him and to hear all his adventures, his live must be fascinating and he must know so many things! His voice is the best thing ever.

For romantic purposes, Dettlaff or Avallac’h? Do I really have to explain why?

As your co-worker, Caranthir or Geralt? Sorry, I don’t trust Caranthir, I prefer Geralt, he’s funny and very hard working, intelligent and competent. You can’t say I am telling a lie.

As your boss, Eredin or Ge’els? First, because he’s hot and so tall I can’t stand it. And the sassiness!! OMG!! I love Ge’els. And second, Eredin is too violent for me and not very trust-worthy, on the contrary Ge’els looks like a decent person.

As your best friend, Yennefer or Shani? Imagine having as best friend a sorceress as intelligent and powerful as Yennefer… That would be so cool!!! She would teach me magic!!!

As your ally, Vernon Roche or Anna Henrietta? Roche is determinate, clever, an excellent plotter and he cares about his soldiers’ security. He seems legit and he’s hot. Anna Henrietta is very moody and I don’t like her, anyways.

As your worst enemy, Triss or Dandelion? What would he do to hurt me? Sing me a ballad? Hit me with a lute? Write a satire about me? Dandelion is harmless, for god’s sake.

Thank you very much for this awesome ask @ilonavic. It’s perfect! I love it! ♡

I am tagging @petit-oiseau-de-nuit, @lunedin, @daovihi, @lenkalost, @ferelden-doglord, @cirillach@tesham–mutna, @bryd-one-brere and @silnaniewinna. You don’t have to do it if you don’t want or can’t, although this is quite interesting. 

w4w guide to talking to girls at parties

wow. it sure seems like there are a lot of parties out there. a lot of girls also. “i am weak and unsure of what to do with this information or my life,” i’m sure you’re finding yourself mustering feebly. do not worry! it means you should be meeting girls at parties and that i am here to teach you how to do so!


people throw parties for many reasons, such as turning 1, turning 2, etc. there are also parties thrown for other more important reasons, like hedonism or the devil. unless it’s the type of party that you don’t think a girl who likes girls will be at, then it’s a safe bet that there will be at least a few. if it’s not that type of party then just stay home, re-read Nevada, order some za, and commune with the ancient ones that periodically burst through the astral wound in your bathroom. assuming you do go out, however, you have to be ready for everything a party throws at you.

getting ready

always, always, always wear your second favorite outfit. your first favorite is a) trying too hard and b) best saved for a first date. so you need to be showing off, but just not too much. anyway, this is a party you’re going to go to, so try and have fun! wear easy, semi-comfortable clothing. if you plan on altering your consciousness this is very important. you don’t want to be wearing heels that you stumble on or a ceremonial headdress that curses everyone. consider avoiding make up that actively mutates the wearer into something foul (but rad as hell). also avoid any mobile devices that might dilate the time stream, as you don’t want people accidentally showing up to work two years late the next morning. just focus on looking good, looking confident, and looking gay. the idea is that this will keep boys away while drawing in girls. this idea does not work.

dealing with boys at parties

yikes. these suck! often these are strangers and many of them will try to touch you without consent. outside of wearing a plate mail or carving protective sigils into your yielding human(?) flesh, what is there to be done about these? well, if ignoring them doesn’t work, just remember your ABC’s: Always Be Condescending. does he try to talk about the music? you’re above it. literally planes of existence above it. yes, you’ve heard of that band, you’ve also heard of a thousand bands beyond his pathetic range of hearing. does he invite you to dance? turn him to stone. does he try to give you a drink? dump it on the floor and consume the red solo cup. you’re above them, you’re above all of this. what you’re not above is seeking advice about talking to girls at parties from an alleged witch on the internet. 

the talking to girls part

what do you talk to girls about? well, that’s easy! if you’re a girl you can talk to another girl about anything! long bathroom lines, filing income, the unhealing cut on your neck that seems to keep producing more and more spiders. anything! girls, it turns out, love talking to girls. why? because they’re not boys. but how do you know if she’s one of those kind of girls? no, not a werewolf (see: how to talk to wolfgirls and their kin), a gay. this is literally impossible to tell. is she in flannel? then she could be a hipster or a lumberjane. pierced septum? maybe she’s just into jewelry. a howliing cavity in her a chest that beckons you inward? again, maybe she’s just into jewelry. what were often, in the past, common signs girls gave to each other to telegraph gayness are now often just hip shit that all girls do because, let’s face it, gay girls are fashionable as fuck. anyway, assuming you are talking to a girl, assuming you are getting a little bit of a vibe from her, just shoot her the old “I AM GAYBONES FOR YOU AND WOULD THROW MYSELF INTO A VOLCANO IF IT MEANT YOU WOULD KISS MY NECK IN THE BEYOND” look that we all know how to do. if that doesn’t seal the deal just try gently touching her anywhere from the shoulder to the fingertips and telling her she’s cute while smiling. works on me every time.

hope this helped! don’t drink and drive! use erowid if you’re iffy about the weird pills you’ve been given and the necronomicon if the dead start eating guests! bless!

The death of Finnick was, devastating…Him screaming in pain and then his last scream were he yells “Katniss” was the end of me.

An Auspicious Start

Just starting a new campaign as a tiefling rogue. As I am the only veteran player in our group, DM turns to me first and asks me to set the scene with my character.

DM: You’re in a small, cozy tavern with plenty of food and ale, what do you do?

Me: I am loudly buying the wealthier customers rounds of drinks while cutting their purses under the table.

DM: Okay, roll a stealth check.

Me: *rolls nat 1* Well… fuck.

DM (to newbies): And THAT is what we call a critical failure

Day 1
Day 2424
Today I’ve been feeling up and down. Loved and ignored. Happy and sad. No matter what I’ve been feeling I will always be grateful in one thing: trusting myself. I am so happy with the person I am today, 2424 days into hormone therapy, and I thank that little boy in the first picture who had the courage to do something I am still in shock of. I was scared and depressed before day 1 but I found a community of people online who supported me and will forever attribute the bravery I had on that day (June 16th, 2010) when I started hormones, to them. Since then the community has grown into something beautiful and I am so blessed to be part of it. Now it’s my turn to help people and it feels amazing that everyday I look online and what I’ve always wanted has happened. I’ve always just wanted to help people and be a resource for them. Here I am, 6.5 years into this, and feeling so fulfilled by the work that I do. Helping people is what I am meant to do and maybe this comparison will help people, maybe some people will hate it. But I’m so proud of who I am today and even though I feel low, ignored, and sad. I’ll always have the feeling of love and happiness by my side, especially coming from you guys, the amazing online trans community that we all built together. ❤🐝


How to avoid an awkward situation by Min Yoongi Genius: Rap Agust D.


I’m so so so so glad he’s back healthy and happy tho I missed him soooo much ヾ(*´∇`)ノ

“What if Burrs and Hamiltons roles were reversed?”
I present you Alexander Burr, because @burr-ito made me draw the AU too, thanks for making me stick with my stupid ideas