John Paul Jones writing the poem in Latin while at sea is significant because 98% of the time, the people on a ship are uneducated. No man in their right mind really wants to sail (notice I say man. Many boys would take to the seas when they’re 13 or younger as apprentices and cabin boys because they still romanticize it and have not yet realized the horrors of a life at sea). Most people become sailors because it’s the only option left to them, because they’re greedy enough to risk their lives for cash, or they have ambition. So, in most cases, the only man on the ship who is educated is the captain (and often their education is limited as well). The rest of the men on the ship have basic learning at best and they most definitely never learned classic languages like Latin or Greek. So, Jones wrote a bisexual poem in Latin that no one else on his ship could read and, if discovered, would only be gibberish to whoever found it.


idek man i had writers block then i just really needed laith to be parents and this happened i didn’t proofread and im dead inside so fuck it here. 

The smell of food filled the air, and Keith was absolutely ravenous. He sat down and piled food onto his plate, ignoring Lance’s amused expression. “What? It’s a celebration, right?” Lance pretended to zip his lips and followed behind him with his own plate of food.

The party went on around them. The Arusian king was dancing with a very confused Allura. Pidge and Hunk were chowing down on snacks and going on about some of the protection tech the put up. Shiro was with Coran and the lions were set up around the area, providing the comfort of protection. Lance sat beside Keith, fixing him with that dorky doe-eyed look.

“What?” Keith asked, suppressing a smile.

“Just really like looking at you,” he answered, leaning into him. Keith felt butterflies burst in his stomach, but there were too many people around for him to kiss Lance. “It’s surreal that you like me back.”

“Lance, it’s been months,” Keith laughed, poking his side. Lance chuckled and moved away.

“I know…. But ever since we…. You know. It’s just. Wow.” Keith felt himself blush further and he intertwined their fingers. They had gone the next step after 7 months of dating and learning each other’s nuances, and ever since it felt like they were both on cloud nine. The giggling, blushing honeymoon phase had resurfaced, something Pidge enjoyed teasing them about. “I really like being with you, Keith.”

“I like being with you too,” he murmured. “Now eat. Try this it tastes like chicken.” He pressed a piece of food to Lance’s lips and chuckled when Lance’s teeth lightly grazed his fingers. He hummed appreciatively and Keith continued to eat.

As he ate, he felt a sudden wave of dizziness, and his stomach churned. The food which had been so appetizing a few seconds ago suddenly smelled too strong, too greasy. Keith stood and scrambled away from alien eyes, finding some place dark before he leaned over and hurled.

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Inter-House Friendships #2
  • Ravenclaw: *laying on the floor having an existential crisis*
  • Hufflepuff: *quietly lays next to them*
  • Slytherin: *shakes head in defeat and sits next to the other two*
  • Gryffindor: *lays entire body on top of Ravenclaw*
  • Yuuri: *reading a tweet* "Victor Nikiforov seen last night with a dashingly handsome man! Unfaithful to Katsuki?!"
  • Victor: what on EARTH these tabloids are getting out of hand I swear I'll get to the bot-
  • Yuuri: *shows Victor a photo of the two of them from their anniversary dinner the night before* I guess they couldn't recognize,,
  • Victor: D-darling you know these people are just out to get money! I'm sure they meant nothi–
  • Yuuri: it's just. me. dressed in the suit you bought me. and my hair styled differently. but. it's me.
a potential supergirl episode:

kara accidentally reveals to the world that she is in fact, supergirl.

as a result the deo helps her assume a new identity, a new name in a new city where she can be free again.

but first they enlist the help of one of the top identity experts in the united states of america, nay, the world.

‘she’s a genius. she’ll help you,’ jonn says. 

kara is introduced to a girl with brown hair.

‘this is miley,’ jonn tells kara. ‘you might know her better as hannah. hannah montana.’ kara is losing her mcfreaking shit. 

‘it’s so nice to meet you, hannah. i mean miley. i mean–’

‘it’s ok. nobody’s perfect.’ miley tells her. ‘i’m just here to teach you how you can have the best of both worlds.’