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“The AU where Dean never liked going to he gym until suddenly… he did…”

Dean huffed when he pushed the door open to the gym.  It was muggy out and he was not in the mood.  In fact, he was thinking of just beating up the punching bag for an hour before heading home.  He crossed his fingers that the gym’s only punching bag wasn’t already claimed by someone.

It wasn’t his favorite pastime.  Sam enjoyed running and such, good for him.  Dean didn’t.  He liked cooking and eating.  He liked fast cars not fast running.  He liked… that guy sitting over to the side doing yoga.

Dean blinked twice.  He could move like rubber.  It was enthralling.  Dean turned so he was pummeling the bag from the opposite direction so he could watch.  The man balanced on one foot and brought the other foot to his head; then he did it again but behind him.

Punching the bag  became more fervid because he was fighting off arousal.  He ended working out almost 45 minutes longer than he planned.  He began to put his things away and tucked his gloves into the crook of his arm.

On his way back to the changing room, someone fell into step next to him.  When Dean glanced over, he almost swallowed his tongue.  It was the same guy.  He was looking straight ahead, determined; it was like he didn’t even realize Dean was there, which gave Dean an reason to look at him.  He was shorter than Dean but not by much, muscled in the right places; he had the beginnings of stubble.

When they reached the changing rooms, a red-headed girl was waiting outside the men’s door.  She glared at the Yoga man.  “You’re like 30 minutes over.  You know mom wants us there for dinner.”

The man stopped and rolled his eyes at her.

Dean walked past and opened the door.

The man offered his excuse, “There was something worth watching today.”

Freezing in just inside the door, Dean heard the sister’s reply, “He must have been something special.  You hate being off schedule.”

“Oh, he was.  You should’ve seen this guy bounce around on his toes at the punching bag.  It was like he was a cat.”

Dean looked down at his feet and thanked them for remembering all his training from high school.  He backed away from the door and further into the locker room.  

Making up his mind, Dean placed his gloves into his bag.  He chuckled to himself when he glanced over to see Yoga man changing his shirt at the end of the line.  

He’d have to come to the gym more often.  Sam would be so proud.

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omg okay imagine sitting on Luke’s lap when all the guys are over and you’re just hanging out outside and talking and stuff so Luke would wrap his lanky arms around your cute waist and you’d be wearing his shirt and a cute pair of shorts mindless scrolling through tumblr or something while the other guys talk about whatever and he would rest his chin on your shoulder and place a kiss on your neck whenever you weren’t paying attention and the other guys would roll their eyes and it would be so cute because Luke would blush and then you would and this was so pointless but I’m smiling so hard