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i had literally the weirdest experience with this boy in my class so yesterday he kept making this weird knitted eyebrows confused expression at me and i was like um excuse me r u good and he just kept doin it until i looked away, then today i went out of the class to get water and right as i was he was coming back from getting water, and he did That Face again, and i was about to let it go then i stopped and was like “okay wtf why do u keep doing that? like is ur face ok??” and he just said that was his normal face and i was like “um no THIS is ur normal face” and made a robot face lmao and then he LAUGHED which he’s like never done, and said that he was just smirking and i was like why r u smirking and he was like idk and then i was like ok um cool and he was like cool and then he walked back.. and when i came back from getting water and closed the door he smiled/smirked at me and i NEARLY giggled but caught myself bc everyone was looking, i just smirked back and then for the rest of the class he kept glancing at me and i’m probably overthinking all of this but it was WEIRD

Historical figures playing Mario kart!
  • Hamilton: Get the f*ck out of the way Jefferson!!!!!!
  • Jefferson: No way! I'm going to be in first place forever! HAHAHAHAHA
  • Washington: How do you play! Someone help me.
  • Eliza: Why do I have to be in last place?
  • Burr: This is stupid!
  • Laurens: YOU'RE STUPID
  • Lafayette: Guys calm down it's just a game!
  • Hamilton: it's a game, ITS JUST A GAME! LAFAYETTE HOW DARE YOU SAY THAT!!!!
  • King George: HA BEAT YOU ALL!!!!!
Terrorladd Friendship #5
  • Brock: There's only one thing worse than death.
  • *Rips of piece of paper above death to reveal 'Craig's*
  • Brian: *Gasp* Craig
  • Brock: No
  • Craig: .....Bitch

Dazai: What do you think about our love? Chuuya~~

Chuuya: Count the stars in the sky, asshole!

Dazai: Aww…Chuu. You mean it’s infinity!

Chuuya: Hell no! It’s just a fucking waste of time.

99% of my crushes are +10 years older than me and out of my reach


Interviewer:Mister Osamu do you have any special talents ???

[inner dazai:You mean besides kill, torture, being charming and my skill to annoy only with my existence little chuuya… well.. ]

Dazai:I never die… no matter how many times I try to commit suicide

Interviewer:Uhm… okay and why is it like that?

Dazai : *dramatically wipes away a tear* Because dreams never come true

Oh shoot waddup what was the plot of this blog again

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top 10 songs to fight to

1. i need a hero (shrek version)
2. i need a hero (shrek version)
3. i need a hero (shrek version)
4. i need a hero (shrek version)
5. i need a hero (shrek version)
6. i need a hero (shrek version)
7. i need a hero (shrek version)
8. i need a hero (shrek version)
9. i need a hero (shrek version)
10. livin la vida loca (shrek version)