what adults teach their children

anonymous asked:

I honestly can tell you the best sexual education for kids is none, just sometimes early teach them the right healthy relationship not just the sexual aspect and keep them away from EXPOSURE

Well I wouldn’t agree that that’s entirely true. Obviously children don’t need to be exposed to explicit sexual situations AT ALL but they do need to be told what is and what is not appropriate from older children or adults, and I think teaching them abridged consent at an early age is very important. And knowing a little bit about what makes their bodies different but not making a big deal out of the sexual aspect as little kids are curious. And of course the healthy relationship is crucial for children of all ages.

And I think sexual education with regards to consent and predatory behavior is especially important among older children in middle school considering so many boys are growing up on pornography, getting addictions and that being their only sexual education which is damaging to young girls they interact with growing up as well as themselves.

People say they only listen to marriage advice from people with experience. That’s smart if they’ve learned from Jesus.

But God does not give children a jr. Holy Spirit. What He teaches adults; He will teach to children. It is all the same.