what about yunho


Just another story about them living together in Japan.(plus traumatized Sanma-san)

bonus: Changmin’s twisted logic why they live this way.

SJK: Jaejoong and I both had negative preconceived ideas about each other
Jae: Now we are friends but before it was so awkward because there are not that many male celebs born in ‘85, we are in serious shortage. So he’s the first friend I made who was born in '85.
SJK: We both didn’t know. Jaejoong and I went for a drink with Yoochun, we were just talking and we found out that we were the same age. Jaejoong was a very great person, very honest and easy-going, so we became good friends.

one of the things that i love about yunho is that when people talk shit about him, ie about his body, his act/sing skills, etc, he turns those bad things into goods thing that makes him work even more hard, i’m pretty sure that those words affects him, he is an human like us but that doesn’t stop him to reach his goals, i’m so proud of him :’)