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Concept: Philip Shea loves wearing Highlighter and occasionally loves doing make up- especially costume make up. But if he’s going out somewhere fun like a club or something he’ll just pop on some gold on his cheek bones and on his nose. maybe put a little glitter in his hair 

When I wrote about love, I imagined your face. That was when I realized I fell for you.
—  C.H.

first selfie on this blog??? 😱

I know I’ve been torturing myself for weeks now about you, and what I did, and how I shouldn’t have done it, shouldn’t ever have talked to Camille. I’ve been sorry and I’ve understood and I’ve apologised and apologised, and you haven’t ever been there. I did all that without you. So it makes me wonder what else I could do, without you. It was my fault, what happened. But it was your fault too. I could have learned not to care that you’re immortal and I’m mortal. Everyone gets the time they get together, and no more. Maybe we’re not so different that way. But you know what I can’t get past? That you never tell me anything. I don’t know when you were born. I don’t know anything about your life—what your real name is, or about your family, or what the first face you ever loved was, or the first time your heart was broken. You know everything about me, and I know nothing about you. That’s the real problem.
—  Alec Lightwood, City of Heavenly Fire by Cassandra Clare
Tabimatsu: Gunma Story 2

EP 002: Hitou wa Kon’yoku?! / 秘湯は混浴?!
EP 002: Mixed-Sex Bathing at a Secluded Hot Spring?!

well I promised people that this one was going to go up, and I’m following through with that! I’m sure many of you were looking forward to seeing kara (along with the rest of the evenmatsus) in nothing but a towel :’D

Karamatsu: I-It sure warms you up…

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after the last thing i draw Jamie’s immediate response was “AU where instead of captain america for a retainer Elise has batman” 

so here’s five million doodles of Gerome doing very important retainer duties for the little Nohrian princess, he takes his job increDIBLY seriously, thank you. Unlike the other royal sibs and their Awakening!retainers he is definitely the babysitter here, I bet he’d probably be like Jakob except not a butler and five times more straight-faced. 

Things you need to stop putting on your face

I’ve seen lot’s of posts on here post about what you shouldn’t put on your face, I’ve studied holistic skin care for a very long time and some of those lists are true…some not so much and are blown out of proportion but overall they never provide insight as to why you shouldn’t use these things. So since I’ve gotten a few asks regarding some DIY skin care methods, I just decided to make this list.

lemon / This is probably the most frustrating one, I see this everywhere as a method to get rid of dark marks and it makes me cringe every time. Lemons are very acidic, with a pH of 2 so they’ll not only irritate your skin but also disrupt the natural pH of the acid mantle. The amount of citric acid varies depending upon the lemon, you never really know exactly how much you’re putting on your face. This can be especially dangerous because there is also phototoxicity there, once your skin makes contact with the sun you could even get a chemical burn.

sugar / Lots of people recommend sugar scrubs as a good exfoliating method and it is…it’s just too abrasive for your face. It creates tiny lacerations in your skin and disrupts your lipid barrier which causes dryness and flakiness. To make it even worse, the destruction of your lipid barrier prolongs the healing process of your skin. Which defeats the purpose of exfoliating because it won’t be soft, it’ll cause more flaky skin and it’ll be terribly dry.

toothpaste / This method is as old as I can remember, people suggest using toothpaste as a spot treatment to put directly on your acne. Toothpaste will rapidly strip your lipid barrier, the pH in toothpaste also affects your acid mantle. Toothpaste also contains lot’s of irritants, everything from sweeteners to whatever it is that causes it to foam up.

baking soda / I seen someone suggest this today… I can’t believe people still do this. Pretty much causes the same problems as the sugar, it’ll affect your pH and then strip your skin of the properties that defend against bacterial infections.

• instead of lemon for dark marks, try aloe vera gel
• instead of sugar or baking soda, try green tea
• instead of toothpaste, try a clay mask

anonymous asked:

i just had a thought.. what about Harry fucking you, his face nuzzled in your hair, bodies sweaty, room filled with moans and whimpers. Then he stops his thrusts and he is so thick and deep in you. "Move your hips for daddy" he says out of breath. You start moving your hips, his pubes rubbing your clit. "Good girl, yeahh ahh, fuck your so tight, love the way your cunt hugs daddy's cock" he kisses your jaw and moans against your skin. "Just, a bit more" his eyes shut and his legs start trembling


and for a moment nothing else

summary: Princess Emma and Prince Killian have never gotten along. But it all changes when Queen Regina starts to meddle.

word count: ~9700

also read on: ff.net, ao3

Dear Prince Killian,

Undoubtedly by now you’re back home at your castle near the highlands. Thank every god in the skies above. I’ve already been told you’re returning for yet another exhausting visit to our castle just so Queen Regina can discuss the logistics of this ridiculous trade that seems like it will never end. Thankfully, it looks like it’s going to be finished soon.

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kazeelia  asked:

Can I get hc of the RFA Searan+V about MC sleeping only on her stomach and face flat of the pillow. How would they react finding out or would they be scared for examle that maybe MC isn't breathing at night. Ps: I love your blog •ω•

So I’m giving this one a go, but it’s most likely not going to be super long simply because I can’t really think of a lot of different reactions for this;;; sorry T_T I tried


  • If any of them were going to freak out, it’d be him. Because he gets worried over everything, so easily.
  • The first time he walks in to find you sleeping on the couch, he drops everything and panics.
  • Wakes you up asking if you’re alright…
  • …and then feels like an idiot when he realizes you could breath fine.
  • He’s a bit paranoid about it and will often check your pulse to make sure you’re alive.


  • Babe, what about all the lines you’ll have on your face?
  • He playfully suggests you sleeping on his chest instead, even though it’s obviously not a valid option.
  • Even though he knows that you’re probably fine, any time he wakes up first, he sets a hand on your back just to make sure he can feel that you’re breathing.


  • She knows there’s no way the human body would allow itself to suffocate like that.
  • Self-preservation is an instinct, it won’t be overwritten by your preferred sleeping position.
  • She is not a stomach sleeper, so for the most part she just thinks it’s amazing that you do like it.
  • She’s also very meticulous about making sure your pillowcase and pillow are always clean.


  • As long as you’re alive, he doesn’t really care how you sleep.
  • Of course, he still buys you the most expensive pillow, one that’s g u a r a n t e e d breathable.
  • He’ll try to tell you all of the details about it, regardless of if you want to hear them or not.
  • Past that, though, he doesn’t really think about it.


  • He’ll tease you about it. Joke around and say you don’t need to breathe to live.
  • After years of not getting enough sleep, he’s such a heavy sleeper that he really doesn’t notice. He’s out before you and you’re usually up before him.
  • Sometimes he may play pranks involving your hair, since it’s so easily accessible. Nothing bad, though; he doesn’t wish to die.


  • V wouldn’t know unless for some reason he decides to explore. Once the lights go out, the little vision he has is basically useless.
  • But if for some reason he did run his fingers across your face after you fall asleep, he’d quickly drop them down to check your pulse.
  • He’ll probably worry a bit more than he should and maybe check it a couple times throughout that first night and talk to you about it in the morning.
  • Once he knows it’s a common thing, he’ll be fine.


  • The conversation would go something like this:
    • “So you sleep on your stomach with your face shoved in the pillow.”
    • “Yes.”
    • “And you can breathe, so you won’t die.”
    • “Yes.”
    • “Okay.”
  • AKA, this boy has zero shits to give as long as you’re alive.

In my head, you are not welcome.


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