what about you camila

Camren at a Couple Therapy
  • Therapist: So let's start by-
  • Camila: I have questions for you...
  • Therapist: That's a good start. Camila go ahead.
  • Camila: Do you care?
  • Lauren: Of course I do! When I wake up all alone. And I'm thinking of your skin I remember, I remember what you told me.
  • Camila: Then why did you leave me here to burn?
  • Therapist: Okay maybe we should start with a less intense conversation. Lauren do you want to say something?
  • Lauren: She's never listening, she says it's innocent. She doesn't let me have control anymore.
  • Camila: What are you talking about? I gave you all of me. My blood, my sweat, my heart, and my tears.
  • Lauren: Well, I'm tired. I must've crossed a line, I must've lost my mind.
  • Camila: I was there Lauren, I was there, when no one was.
  • Lauren: I know. I miss the memories replaying in my head.
  • Camila: And your voice, it was the most familiar sound but it sounds so dangerous to me now.
  • Lauren: I'm sorry you have to feel that way. I miss the thought of a forever, you and me.
  • Camila: But now you're gone and I'm here. Is it my fault? How do I fix it?
  • Therapist: Time is up! What a productive session. I'll see you both next Wednesday. Great progress Camren!
  • Ally: I have to ground you. I am grounding you. You are grounded.
  • Camila: What about the show next week?
  • Ally: Fine. Other than Fifth Harmony. And no TV.
  • Camila: My TV is broken.
  • Ally: Then I'll take your laptop.
  • Camila: I need my laptop to write.
  • Ally: Then no... uh...
  • [Glances at Lauren]
  • Ally: No Lauren.
  • Camila: What? No Lauren?
  • Ally: NO LAUREN!

[Camila channel surfing]

Camila: oh look! Here’s a movie about you and Mani!

Dinah: and what’s that?

Camila: Dumb and Dumber

Dinah: [snatches the remote from Camila and starts channel surfing]

Dinah: oh here’s a movie about you and Lauren!

Camila: yeah? What’s that?

Dinah: (s)He’s Just Not That Into You.


Best Friends Forever

Disclaimer: Even though I’m not a fan, I don’t hate Camila. This is pure fiction and it was not my intention to offend anybody by portraying fictional Camila a certain way. No Camilas were harmed writing this.

Cuddled up on the couch, Jo rests her head on Shawn’s shoulder, watching the news on TV. He is mindlessly running his hand over her thigh, drawing little circles onto her skin with this thumb and Jo takes in his familiar scent and the warmth of his body, wrapping an arm around his middle.

Having Shawn back home was truly the best thing ever.

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I Have Questions / Crying In The Club Video Reactions

Yesterday I was watching all the videos that I found on YouTube with people reacting to Camila first video. I really liked some of them and I want to list the things that the majority of those people said about her:

1 - When she sing “Why did you leave me here to burn? I’m way too young to be this hurt…”: “OMG, who left her? Who hurt her?”

2 - When I Have questions starts: “OMG, she’s gonna cry… omg, she’s already crying…”

3 - While she’s sing I Have Questions: “OMG, who broke her heart? Who did this to her?” / “That’s so emotional.” / “That’s so real!”

4 - About her beauty: “OMG, she’s so beautiful.”“She’s so hot!”“She’s very attractive.” “Oh, Camila, don’t give me that look!” / “Her hair is perfect!”

5 - When the color change: “OMG, those dresses…” / I saw a Brazilian guy saying that she looks like a “Dark Bride” with that black dress…(I thought with myself-> Lauren will love it!)

6 - Some of these people didn’t know that she was releasing two songs and when she finished I Have Questions they were like: “What? What’s happening? What’s going on? The music has changed completely.”

7 - When she sing “Why don’t you care?”: “I care, Camila. I care!” / One girl stopped the video and said: “Lauren, what the fuck is going on? Why don’t you care about Camila?” (I died)

8 - When she sing: “I Have questions for you”“OMG, now I have questions for you too.”

9 - Crying in the club chorus: “That’s so good… she reminds me of Sia…”

10 - Random things of the fans: “Omg, I’m gonna cry with her!” / “I’m shaking!” / “That’s so dope!” / “Why I’m not in that club?” / “Lauren?” / “Did u saw that tear? All these tears are from the haters.” / “OMG, Camila!” / “Camila… OMG!!”

Was very fun to watch all those videos, I laugh a lot!!

And I have to list the last one… I saw like in two or tree (or more) videos:


Is really cool to watch people feeling her song (even when the person doesn’t know her)… everyone feels her pain with I Have Questions and then feel her vibe with Crying In The Club… they shake their bodies when CITC starts.

It’s awesome!