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Wonder Woman's Bracelets

(***I’m a closet witch so I have to type this all on mobile, sorry if any formatting is weird! Also this is my first spell I’ve ever written, and I’m very !!!!! about it.)

So I was HELLA inspired by Wonder Woman, I absolutely loved it, and–you, you reading this? YOU SHOULD GO SEE IT. Minor disclaimer, I have never read a single Wonder Woman comic in my life, so everything that I know about her is based on her movie and DC Comics Wiki Page. Anywho, let’s get started!

LUDENDORFF: What are you?

DIANA: I am Diana of Themyscira, daughter of Hippolyta, Queen of the Amazons.

Wonder Woman’s cuff-bracelets are called the Bracelets of Submission, and are worn by all Amazons. They serve as a reminder of the oppression the Amazons felt under Hercules, and also as protection to their wearer. For this spell, we’re going to keep both of these things in mind.


Preferably, a set of bracelets you wear almost every day. Alternatively, you could use earrings, rings, hair rubber bands, anklets, socks. Basically, two separate articles, with one worn on your right and your left.


I’m not super huge into timing, so you can do this whenever you want. I like Wednesday because of alliteration.


Time to channel your inner badass Amazon. Do some self care! Take a witchy bath, smother yourself in lotion, do a face mask, etc. Do whatever you need to do to feel epic and unstoppable. And put on some clothes that make you feel confident! Also, grab your phone or laptop, and get Wonder Woman’s theme queued up. (I believe her theme is titled “Wonder Woman’s Wrath. Listen to it before/during/after the spell to pump you up.)


1) Do your normal pre-spell set up. Ground and cleanse, cast a circle, call on your deities, scream at the void, etc.

2) Cleanse the objects you’re going to enchant.

3) Meditate on the badassery of the Amazons and Wonder Woman. Remember your favorite scene(s) from the movie. Picture yourself as an Amazon, fighting next to Wonder Woman. Feel the power and strength course through you with every breath. You’re fucking AWESOME. Revel in it.

4) Take the item to be worn on your dominant side, and hold it in your dominant hand. Internally or aloud, say

“I have endured oppression and wish to see it eliminated. I am kept safe from oppression, and fight to free others. I am strong and protected. Protect me so I may protect others. My oppression has made me s t r o n g e r.”

Don the item.

5) Take the item to be worn on your non-dominant side, and hold it in your non-dominant hand. Internally or aloud, say

“I have endured oppression and wish to see it eliminated. Change is the way of the world, even though there are those who fight against progress. I fight to bring progress. Protect me and guide me in my quest to aid others. My oppression has made me w i s e r.”

Don the item.

6) Strike a power pose. My personal favorite is feet slightly wider than shoulder-width apart, hands on hips, shoulders rolled back and down. Internally or aloud, say

“I am Power. I am Progress. I am protected through the power of these [items]. What once weakened me now strengthens me.”

7) Hold your arms out in a W shape. Close your eyes and feel your power. Visualize it, and make it your own. It can be lightning, water, energy, cats, etc. When you feel ready, cross your wrists in front of you. This is the fun part: you get to come up with an identifying phrase like Diana, following her format.

“I am [name] of [place], [identifying adjective] of [insert forces here]. I am Wonder [Person].”

Go crazy with it. Do you want to be the guardian of bees? Sweet. Do you want to be the destroyer of the gender binary? Awesomesauce. Do you want to be the patron of under appreciated vegetables? Hell yeah. The forces can be any elements you like, schools of witchcraft you follow, deities you worship, or whatever you like. Make it personal. Make it you! And make it AWESOME!

8) Now, wear these items whenever you need strength and/or protection against anything. Wear them to school to ward against bullshit. Wear them to work to protect you from stress. Whenever you wear put these items on, stand in front of your mirror in your favorite power pose. Cross your wrists and say “I am Wonder [Person].”

And that’s it! This is my first spell, so any constructive criticism would be nice! If you decide to do this spell, let me know how it went for you!

Wonder Woman’s Bracelets Of Submission Spell

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Wonder Woman’s Bracelets of Submission have been around since the first comic came out (1942). They go by many names, such as “Amazonian bracelets”, “Silver bracelets”, or simply “Magic bracelets” but the “Bracelets of Submission” is their most meaningful name. This aids Diana in absorbing anything that comes to harm her and was her first sign to herself that she was far more powerful than she ever realized.

This spell is for when too much crap is coming at you. Like Wonder Woman, you too can have your own magical bracelets.

What You Need:
- (1-2) Bracelet(s) to act as a talisman.
- Some Ivy (make sure it’s not poisonous), Sage and Thyme.
- Paper & Pen (index card size works best)
- Black Candle (any size will do)
- Lighter or Matches
- Black Cloth
- Cauldron
- Salt

How To:
- Lay down a clean black cloth on your altar or working space, making sure nothing is on it besides the ingredients you need for the spell. Keep your cauldron towards the side of the center of the cloth.
- Place your bracelet(s) in the direct center of this cloth.
- Sprinkle the salt around the bracelets (and the cauldron) forming a complete circle.
- With the pen and paper, write down either a sigil used for the general purpose of protection, shielding, etc. or write down a phrase you wish to put towards the bracelet(s). Ex. “protect and shield the wearer from any harm”
- Fold up the paper thrice and place it to the side of the cauldron (inside the salt circle).
- Next, place the Ivy inside your cauldron. Ivy is great for love, protection and purity which is what Wonder Woman is all about. Envision these qualities as you place it inside the cauldron.
- Then place Sage inside your cauldron. Sage is great for purification and removing negative energy. This is the main point of this spell. Envision these qualities as you place it inside the cauldron.
- And now place the Thyme inside your cauldron. Thyme is great for banishing negative energies that have lurked around you (such as friends/family you hang around with) so that these energies will not absorb into you. Envision these qualities as you place it inside your cauldron.
- Light your candle.
- Hold the candle in one hand and the folded paper in another.
- Light the paper with the black candle, then place it on top of the herbs. Wait for all of it to turn into ash. (If the flame is out before so, you may relight the mixture with the candle as needed.)
- Once everything is ash and has cooled down, sprinkle the ash over your bracelets.
- Recite the following while sprinkling “By the powers invested in me, I hereby charge this/these talismans to remove negativity. May it go back to whence it came and allow my energies to remain the same. As I decree, so mote it be.”
Allow the bracelet(s) to absorb the energies from the ashes for as long as you’d like, then feel free to use.

Once Activated:
- Do not forget to cleanse and charge your bracelet(s) every now and then (depending upon your situation).
- You may repeat the spell if you feel it is necessary.
- Wear for whatever occasion you need it for, they are your talismans now!

Pro Tips:
- Conducing this spell under the waxing moon or full moon will make it more powerful.
- If you’re allergic to any of the herbs, feel free to use substitutes. Do not use things that will cause an allergic reaction to you.
- If you do not have a cauldron, please do this in a place that is safe to have a fire. Be safe!!!!
- Crystal bracelets would be excellent for this spell, such as obsidian, hematite and jet. Just a suggestion from a crystal witch ;) .
- If you do not have a black cloth, black candle, etc. Use what you do have. Some other colors for this spell can be white (it can substitute anything) or even red. I would even say you can get away with gold and blue since those are Wonder Woman colors.
- If you want a picture of Wonder Woman, I won’t stop you.
- I neat idea you could also do with the ash is to put it inside an oil so you can cast your bracelet with the oil for a quick charge.

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I recently saw the Wonder Woman film and while I felt it was a pretty decent, I was somewhat disappointed that they used a lot from Brian Azzarello's run in the narrative. I know you've had your own critiques about the New 52 and so I was curious about how you felt about it?

Great question, and I’m sorry it took me so long to get to it. And in case anyone reading this hasn’t seen the movie yet: ⚡️SPOILERS! WONDER WOMAN MOVIE SPOILERS! SCROLL PAST THIS QUICKLY IF YOU HAVEN’T SEEN THE MOVIE!⚡️

I had mixed feelings about Brian Azzarello’s take on Wonder Woman (see here and here). I’ve also been very honest that if it hadn’t been for Cliff Chiang’s art, I would have dropped the title altogether around issue 5. The main critiques of Azz’s Wonder Woman run are that: 1) he gave her a father, 2) he toxic-masculinized the Amazons by making them warrior-rapists/child-slavery-endorsers, and 3) he made her the god of war. I actually liked #3 and thought that it was a clever reflection on the nature of war in today’s world, but #1 and #2 are horrifyingly against the very concept of Wonder Woman. I’m glad that Greg Rucka was brought to the title for Rebirth, and in the comics, the clay origin is restored.

What’s troubling to me is that “Zeus as Wonder Woman’s father” is lauded by so many, is what’s sticking out in Wonder Woman’s origin, and is what was adapted by the movie. I fail to see how giving Wonder Woman a father “makes her more human and relatable” according to DC (I’m as clueless about this as some male reviewers of the movie are about Cleo’s treatises). I don’t understand why that if Diana was sculpted from clay she couldn’t have been brought to life by Hera (arguably as well-known as Zeus and certainly better known than Ares). I find it baffling that Zeus’s magic-sperm is the only way that Wonder Woman could have unlocked the full power of her Aegis-derived bracelets (#GailSimoneDidItBetter).

Putting a man into Diana’s origin undermines what makes her original origin so magical, unabashedly feminine, and radical. Zeus is not the first father Diana has had–back in the Silver Age, Kanigher attempted to tone down the “dangerous” lesbianism in Wonder Woman by giving all of the Amazons (including Hippolyta) nameless husbands who were gone fighting some war. That was stupid. But Zeus-as-a-father is stupider: Wonder Woman’s relationships end up being defined by him. A man. Unnecessarily forced into the origin of the womaniest hero of all time.

Azz ended up feeling affectionate for Wonder Woman and what she stood for near the end of his run. But it was too late. The damage was done. And it still has repercussions that I wonder if even he had anticipated.

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Hey David, here's one for yez: What three 2nd/3rd/lower-tier villains (either company, any era) do you think could be elevated to world-beater status and how would you go about it?

Well, an immediate answer would be any of Flash’s rogues. Every now and again DC likes to at least tacitly acknowledge that Flash is by rights one of the most mind-shatteringly powerful beings in all creation, and given they represent fundamental forces themselves, you’d think each and every one of them would be in that class too (I know the Flash show said Captain Cold and Heat Wave’s guns reach Absolute Zero and Planck Temperature, but given riot shields can stop Snart’s beam, and Rory doesn’t destroy the solar system every time he fires up his gun, I’d call that an exaggeration). If nothing else, if Captain Boomerang can even consider tagging Flash, he should be able to knock batarangs and arrows out of the air without even trying.

If we’re sticking to just one from that bunch though, I’d say Mirror Master would be the obvious choice.

I know it’s currently part of his charm that he’s kinda a dumb mook, but his deal has always seemed markedly different from the other Rogues. Captain Cold has a cold gun. Heat Wave has a high-end flamethrower. Trickster throws exploding whoopie cushions and whatnot around. The Top does…whatever it is The Top does that he writes home to his mother about. But Mirror Master? My understanding is that McCulloch never quite tapped all that Scudder did - that maybe Scudder himself was never entirely aware of what he had on his hands. There’s a sense of mystery about what he does, maybe even magic, and with that comes the air of adventures through Wonderland and flipped worlds. Hell, he’s got dominion over an entire unseen dimension! You wanna make him a threat to the Justice League? Have him pull Wonder Woman inside out through the shimmer in her bracelets into a limbo without end, or leave Green Lantern useless by having his eyes reflect the inside of his skull instead of the outside world. Have him haunt the crystal caverns into the Fortress of Solitude. You wanna talk about world breakers? There’s two pretty massive reflectors of light we encounter on a regular basis just waiting for him to wise up and start taking advantage of them.

For two others…let’s say Kraven for one. Just have him start hunting much, much bigger prey, cosmic monstrosities and occasionally the odd high-tier hero or two, which Squirrel Girl has already somewhat set up; you can say that with Spidey he’s committed to doing him in in a manner suited to that particular hunt - he could just bust out whatever insane weapons he uses to hunt Cthulus or whatever and end Peter in seconds, but there’d be no honor in that. And for the last one, how about Riot. On top of punching him splitting him off into more Riots, maybe his touch could turn someone into a Riot themselves. A spreading, single-minded mob spreading like a disease, engulfing everyone it touches, until he stops being a mind so much as a wave, or a tornado, sweeping across cities and nations as Superman and his friends have to figure out how to restore everything to normal when any attempt at confronting him will just make more of him one way or another; a viral, living hate that can live on even when he’s seemingly beaten, just waiting to rise up again.

Let’s talk about Wonder Woman costumes! (because I’m bored and feeling catty) 

the original 1941 costume, honestly it’s one of the one’s I like the most, full skirts are kinda rare in comic  hero outfits, her boots being high heels is a little much, the iconic bracelets are a little small but I imagine they look a lot more like the kink fetish wear Wonder Woman’s creator William Moulton Marston’s girlfriend Olive Byrne wore. Over all though still one of the better Wonder looks

almost at once the original skirt got ditched for this, I’m not really sure what to call them other than bloomers, skin tight bike shorts are never a good idea for your superhero look, as we’ll see when we get to 90s Wonder Woman. 

in 1949 Wonder Woman ditched her high heel boots in favor of ballet shoes, the eagle logo on her chest changes a little and the bloomers got a little shorter as we head toward the more classic bathing suit look, in the late 1950s they’d give there’s ballet shoes high heels because…. women in comics 

this brings us to the darkest days of Wonder Woman, for some reason in the late 1960s a twat named Mike Sekowsky took over Wonder Woman comics. He thought it was a greta idea if Wonder Woman gave up her powers, her outfit, all the Amazons went away, and she opened a head shop in San Fransisco, learned ku fu from a racist caricature named “I-Ching” and fought evil hippies and followed plots ripped from the British spy TV show “The Avengers” Diana doesn’t really have one costume from this period since she wore hip “Mod” mid-1960s civilian clothes, but this white jump suit is the best remembered outfit, and it’s horrible 

hey it’s the cover of Ms. magazine in 1971 effectively demanding the return of classic feminist icon Wonder Woman, super suit and all. 

Shortly after Ms. put her on the cover DC came around and returned Wonder Woman to her costume, powers and Amazon stuff, and also they finally bit the bullet and finished the slow mo shift from bloomers to the bathing suit look. In 1975 Lynda Carter would star in the TV show Wonder Woman, that picture is the second design of the costume for the show. I should point out that the 1970s is also when the belt of her suit goes from white to yellow or gold and also merges with the eagle logo on her chest. Lynda looks fine in a slightly goofy 1970s TV way, the cuffs and the lasso are too small and her pants always looked weirdly padded but as a basic look it’s good and has been translated to comics pretty well (and not gonna lie I kinda like the cape, which wasn’t in the show)

Here it is, Wonder Woman’s iconic WW logo came along pretty late in the game, in 1982 in fact this, right here is close to my very favorite Wonder Woman look, it’s the classic that comes to mind when you say her name 

So in 1986 DC rebooted for the first time ever and Wonder Woman didn’t get too many edits, mainly this is when her bracelets become much larger and clearly reflective sliver rather than more dull metal as before, also she gets big hair, before she had kinda flat hair now she would have big curlly hair 

Oh dear, the 90s are gonna 90s, for reasons known only to vengeful elder Gods, DC decided to take Wonder Woman away from Diana and give it to a then new character named Artemis who was idk more “bad ass!” but Diana put on this…. whatever this is, and kept being a super hero, luckily this didn’t last long but good god look at this outfit

After getting out of the black bike shorts Wonder Woman found a really huge belt, or whatever that is this is ok but shows off a bad habit (MALE) artists have of drawing her bottoms as kinda a thong and making the back out her outfit backless which makes me wonder if she’s using spirt gum on her boobs to hold her top on.

The mid-2000s saw this, the belt became a second WW logo (in case you forgot her name) and the chest WW became mixed with the eagle logo, it’s fine, don’t love the belt logo and feel like it leaves a lot of awkward red space in the middle but it’s not bad

the 2010 redesign that literally no one liked, maybe because she looks like she’s wearing tights or leather pants and a top with a really stupid jacket that makes her look like a girl you met at a college party and less like the world’s most powerful woman also the gold bracelets that now went kinda over her hands and had all these designs on them getting rid of the iconic simple look of them before, any ways comics fans AND feminists hated on this and it was dropped like it was red hot not that what happened next wasn’t worse.

Oh oh no, Wonder Woman was hard hit by the New52 design flaws, for one bright colors are OUT, gold/yellow was replaced by sliver, blue with BLACK! and the red was darkened, there was needless confusing lines on her costume that implied armor but of course she’s wearing a bathing suit so that’d be silly, she has a random choker, just so she can also have a collar like all the other heroes in the new52 and not sure what that thing on her forearm is 

Batman V Superman gave us this, I wish I could say more but the movie was so dark, poorly lit and gritty and the outfit it’s self is dark it’s hard to say much about it, it seems to be made of leather, which is a choice, it might have been very dark red in the right places, maybe… I mean hell you can barely tell Superman has red on his outfit in this picture 

And here we are at now, it seems to be an effort to translate the movie into comics, and it’s not bad, the lines on the body are still needless and pointless but not as bad as the New52, the skirt is okay, I kinda like leaning into the idea of her as being Greek, the bots are fun, they mostly haven’t used the cape which is good I like the return of color and most of all gold to her outfit, Wonder Woman in sliver was strange and not a good look

all in all I like the 1986 look best both the late 1990s and the mid-2000s are fine. 

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So L next time you get any asks about Voldemort’s broken heart why don’t we ask how Westbrook’s wife, AE, or Staci Felker feel about it. So much denial about her behavior.

That is what is so infuriating! Do you think her forehead works like Wonder Woman’s bracelets and it’s able to zap negative stories about her before they can take root?


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Have you seen how the way Logan have been marketed recently. Fox have been marketing and selling Logan as not your typical fun entertainment superhero movie and will be something different and unique. As a result, fans are hyped out about it and know what to expect from this movie. I wonder if BvS have been marketed in the same way as logan,would it received less harsh criticisms given that majority of marketing selling BvS as a fun blockbuster movie but the actual movie itself is not like that

BvS was never marketed as a fun superhero blockbuster and I’m glad someone asked this question so I’ll finally go into one of my frustrations with people’s misgivings about BvS; the marketing.
BvS was always marketed first and foremost as a serious superhero drama, actors Henry Cavill, Amy Adams, Ben Affleck, Jessie Eisenberg and director Zack Snyder have always gone out of their way, to prepare people for the tone of the movie. What did people do? Laugh at them and berate them for saying words like “deep”, “complex”, “complicated, "serious” etc. When the first Teaser Trailer dropped, people did nothing but whine and complain about the darkness and the tone and this and that. When the first official San Diego Comic-Con Trailer dropped, it was exactly the same thing: complaints about tone, color, lighting, the drama, etc. Some posts right here on tumblr called the very first trailer “pretentious” and “self fellating” for the crime of showing that this was not your typical run off the mill popcorn superhero fare.

When the second trailer dropped, once again people complained about all the above, except with the addition of holding them accountable for inserting minute amounts of literary humor; because that meant “they’re copying Marvel!” and when the third and final trailer dropped, once again, people complained and complained and complained and complained, x infinity. Curiously the third trailer was the shortest and focused more on the fight between Batman and Superman because people wouldn’t stop complaining about the serious tone, so to the contrary, the only time it was presented as a fun sock ‘em romp, was because people literally bitched for it. And during all this, the actors and director above kept engaging in interviews where they kept insisting that this movie called Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice was a whole different ball game that would require people’s attention and challenge people’s opinion about what they knew about superheroes and as they said all this, mocking think pieces sprang up everywhere, mocking cast and director for being self important, wondering if their movie will feature the heroes finally smiling (all screenrant articles for the past three years) instead of focusing on the content of their words and opinions. Chris Terrio went out of his way to point out this movie was mentally taxing for him, despite being a superhero movie and it was like the Empire Strikes Back of what he considers a Superman Trilogy and did people wise up? If they did, I wouldn’t be here posting this.

Then we go into another part of the marketing people like to misrepresent; trailer spoilers. For people who say the trailers shouldn’t have shown Doomsday, I don’t know about them, but I’ve been hearing Zod + Corpse = Doomsday since 2013 and I wasn’t even interested in movie news at the time. Everywhere I went, there would be pop ups talking about how Zod would be resurrected as Doomsday, there were entire fake plot synopsis and plot summaries claiming authenticity and all about how Zod’s body becomes Doomsday. So I don’t know how confirming that yes, Zod does become Doomsday counts as a spoiler. Let’s remember that the first trailer actually had a short scene of Zod’s corpse being unzipped in a body bag, lending credence to the fact that the corpse would be a plot point. And if those people insist that my point has no merit, let’s look at it this way; when J.J Abrams worked on Star Trek into Darkness, rumors sprang all over that the villain was Khan. Abrams denied the rumors at every point until the movie was released and then he became a laughing stock in the Star Trek fandom for treating a not!secret reveal so seriously as if it were. Zack Snyder isn’t stupid, despite what some people think, he doesn’t live in a self fellating bubble, he was there when that fiasco happened and he learnt from it and made, in my opinion, the right call by having Doomsday be revealed in the second trailer. Even more so, considering Doomsday’s full canon history would rely on too much plot convenience and with Doomsday being the literal definition of a “Generic Doomsday Villain”, it was better to put him out there and get it over with.

The other spoiler people like to complain about is the appearance of Wonder Woman. Ever since Gal Gadot’s casting, she’s come under fire not just for her acting ability but for her figure and capacity to embody people’s idea of what a Wonder Woman actress should look like. I see no problem with how much of Wonder Woman that was in the trailers. The first trailer showed her Bracelets clash, the second showed her Shield block moment, which by the way is not her appearance being spoiled. Yes, she was shown blocking Doomsday’s blast, but it’s spliced with later scenes when the trinity themselves face off against Doomsday. And considering all the unfair attacks Gal was getting, I would think a director defending her integrity by putting her in the trailer trumps any one public members need for some kind of secrecy. That decision made it easier for her to be accepted when the movie was released. And let’s not forget that some people actually think there wasn’t enough Wonder Woman, so you really can never tell with your audience. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Lastly, people complained about the trinity being revealed. The movie is called Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, the plot synopsis points out it leads to the Justice League and yet, people complained that it spoiled the moment they got together when they don’t even know what brings them together. For those who say they didn’t push Dawn of Justice enough, DoJ only happens in the very end and Superman dies during Dawn of Justice, so unless they wanted the funeral of Superman or the videos of the JL to be spoiled I think Dawn of Justice was pushed well enough. For those who said they didn’t push Batman v Superman well enough, the plot synopsis points out that Lex himself is pushing them into conflict, and for a these people who claimed the trailers revealed everything and they can tell how the movie goes, no one seems to realise you can’t make a movie of just Batman and Superman fighting each other, because if their conflict gets physical too soon, there’s nothing stopping superman from beating and apprehending Batman and Batman needs to survive long enough to challenge Superman in the DKR suit of armor. And the physical conflict of BvS wasn’t pushed too much at the expense of other aspects of the film because Batman v Superman was always presented from Lex’s point of view. Every. Single. Time.

So while this reply is long, it’s necessary to combat the retroactive and historical negationism surrounding this movie and being helped along by the internet. The BvS marketing is just people going out of their way to ignore the marketing and then complaining that the movie didn’t align with the idea in their head.

“I think the fun of the movie is that in the end it’s a drama. They have to figure out each other to fight each other. So it’s about what makes them tick and how that’s going to work out in a conflict.”

-Zack Snyder

“Yes, it is like the most incredible character. It was written by this guy, Chris Terrio. This is like his first movie after Argo. He’s just this brilliant writer of characters. So this movie is not this kind of cartoonish superhero movie. It is very serious and well acted, well written, well directed movie. It’s really phenomenal!”

-Jessie Eisenberg

Wonder Woman, besides usually being the only thing that keeps the Justice League from turning into a complete sausage party, has transcended comic books and become an enduring symbol for feminism. She’s always been portrayed as a badass Amazon warrior who doesn’t take shit from anyone and, unlike Batman, she isn’t afraid to break a neck or two when she has to.

Of course, originally Wonder Woman was created as, well, pretty much the exact opposite of what we just described. We’ve mentioned before that her creator believed bondage was the key to a healthy relationship and tried to include as much as of it in his comics as possible – what we didn’t tell you is that he also made it so all of Wonder Woman’s amazing powers were rendered completely useless if her hands were bound by a man.

And yes, it only works if a man does it, so when you think about, the real weakness here is scrotums. However, her one weakness was also apparently the only thing keeping her destructive tendencies in check: If Wonder Woman’s Bracelets of Submission were broken, she would “launch into an uncontrollable rage.”

The 6 Most Ridiculous Superhero Weaknesses

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Fic prompt: Killian asks Emma about the bracelet she is no longer wearing (Graham's shoe lace).

New Year, 1000 Follower Appreciation Fics

Oh, this was a hard one! I didn’t have a preconceived notion as to why Emma would remove her bracelet. I guess you made me think! (And I totally asked Miranda for her opinion on this prompt.)

There were many a trinquet that he had not been able to let go. There were many items that had made their way into his life, and had stayed there from that day on, for one reason or another. Bit by bit, he had shared what each of those items had meant to him, and why they were important. There were other items that didn’t even need that detailed explanation. There was something to the idea of kindred spirit…

Perhaps that was why it had taken him so long to ask her. He knew of the many items that she had carried with her throughout her life, how she’d picked up this and that throughout the years. He knew that she looked at each significant piece of cloth, metal, fiber… in a familiar way, the same as he had. So… what had happened to the one? The one that had always been a visible reminder of some past event in her life. That was why he wondered… Why had one significant object… replaced another? Why, just days after he’d slipped the engagement ring on her finger, had the bracelet made of a bootlace…disappeared from existence?

Killian didn’t know much about the man. He knew that Emma had only known him for a short time, when she had first come to Storybrooke. He knew, even before she had shared with him, that he had wrote on the slate of the woman that he loved. So… what had happened? The question was still there, burning to be asked, to be discussed. What had happened to the piece of fiber, the piece of string, the mere bootlace that had so rarely left the wrist of Emma Swan?


Killian twisted his fingers through hers, the feel of the ring accentuated by the significance of what it meant to not only Emma, but to him as well. Chin pointing down, his eyes lifted to take in the scene before him.

The sheriff’s station was empty save the two of them. Her day was coming to a close, and soon they would be on their way home. Soon. But for now, for just a moment longer, they were here, in her element.

Sitting on the edge of her desk with her right beside him, it was easy to shift his eyes down towards the linked hands as she squeezed her fingers tighter around his. But it wasn’t the ring that held his attention. Not really. It was the thought of the tattoo that was placed on her wrist. Engagement ring, buttercup tattoo, and…

But the bootlace-turned-bracelet was not there.

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