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Pin-up Girl

A/N: this is something I had written on my previous blog, please do tell me if any of you guys have more headcanons in mind, I’ll see if I can write them!

Warnings: NSFW-ish (+18)

(ps this gif has melted my insides)

So, as a pin-up girl, imagine yourself something like this, but along with the long black stockings, held up by garter belts.

You’d be dressed to the nines, cherry-red lips and neatly quaffed hair, pinned down to a side, hair in perfect ringlets, bouncing down on your shoulders. The blouse tied down, just enough to accentuate your best assets and that mini shirt would leave very little to his imagination.

Your look would what be describe as the one the brings your man down to his knees.

You’d give yourself a final look, making sure everything is just as described by your boyfriend, only then you’d be satisfied with your job. Bucky had once disclosed to you about one of his fantasies, that being seeing you in a pin-up dress.

And just the thought of him seeing you like this would make you jittery.

You’d be sitting by the dresser, fluffing up your curls when he’d walk in. Your eyes would meet looking at each other through the mirror watching him give you a double check with his blue eyes wide and astound. He’d be surprised for sure. Then slowly, a smirk would pull at his lips, as he’d take his steps forward, practically doing that murder strut.

“I see someone’s been busy,” he’d mummer as you stand up to face him. He’d lick his lips hungrily, already wanting to touch you and feel the silky material of the cloths and your skin together. He’d probably want to compose himself, as his voice would drop down a new octaves, “God, who told you it’d be fine to do something like this without giving me a fair warning, sweetheart?”

You’d slowly tilt a side of your mouth up, eyes feigning innocence as you look up at him through your thick lashes and casually slide your arms around his shoulders locking wrists behind his neck.

“Oh, no. You don’t get to act all innocent, doll. Not after wearing this,” he’d chuckle lowly, picking at the knot of your blouse; the blue in his eyes almost disappearing as they’d land on your half exposed breasts, his hands would travel down to sneak under your skirt, grabbing a fistful of your plump flesh in his hands. You’d squirm and squeal, the scarlet color of your lips matching with your cheeks, in part embarrassment when Bucky would give one of your ass-cheek a sharp spank.

“Now, I’ll tell you what. We know this little number won’t last longer than one night,” he’d start to back up and leave you standing right in the middle of the room. “So we’ll take a picture or two, with you posing for each of them as I desire. Okay, sweetness?”

“Okay, Sarge.” You’d smirk, watching his eyes turn darker at using his rank.

“Before I rip it to shreds,” and let’s say, the rest of the evening would be very eventful.

*finger guns*

carry on, darling, we were built to last

Victor stared down at Yuuri incredulously, his mouth half open in shock.

“Did you just… hit me with a pillow?”

“I believe so, yes,” Yuuri replied, not even an ounce of shame in his voice. His cheeks were flushed a beautiful pink, his hair was in complete disarray and he was smiling – that cheeky little grin that always made Victor’s heart tremble with want. “What are you going to do about it?”


What was Victor to do about it?

Stupidly charmed, he leaned over the gorgeous man he had the utter delight to call his fiancé and plucked the blue glasses off his nose. Yuuri’s eyes crossed funnily as he watched Victor carefully place them out of reach. Victor wasted no time in pressing a small kiss to Yuuri’s nose afterwards. It wrinkled adorably, and Victor snickered.

And then he took the pillow Yuuri had just used to whack him in the head, doing the same to Yuuri’s now glasses-free face.

The pillow landed with a loud whoop. Yuuri squeaked, loud and surprised, which made Victor chortle as he rolled away. Victor was all ready for a fight with his own pillow held at the ready when Yuuri lifted his off his face. Brown eyes, wide and so, so lovely, were burning with a challenge that Victor could feel perfectly mirrored the one coursing through his veins. He grinned at Yuuri and Yuuri grinned back.

“You’re on,” Yuuri said and that was all it took.

Laughing like idiots, they kept hitting each other until their bed turned into a mess of tangled sheets and the seams on the pillows ripped, covering them – and the room – with fluffy, white feathers. Only when both of the pillows were nothing more than the empty covers, since all the stuffing was currently on them or around them, did they called a truce. They fell onto the bed tiredly, raising a cloud of feathers. Their breathing was heavy and their cheeks were more than flushed, but the happy smiles on their faces were more than worth it.

After a moment of staring into the ceiling, Victor turned his head to the side to look at Yuuri. His hair was even messier than before and there were a few feathers stuck here and there. Lips curled in a fond smile, Victor plucked them out one by one, gently running his fingers through Yuuri’s soft locks.

Yuuri watched him do it without a word, but his eyes were speaking for him enough: there was fondness inside his gaze, a warmth of affection that was more than mutual. Victor closed the small distance between them and kissed Yuuri softly, because words had failed him. Yuuri sighed against his mouth, a relaxed, lovely sound that made happiness burn with a low flame in Victor’s chest. Yuuri’s hand came up to rest against the side of Victor’s neck, thumb stroking soothingly across his jugular in a caress so tender that Victor couldn’t withhold a shiver.

When he pulled back for breath, he rubbed his nose on Yuuri’s, his eyes melting into warm brown.

“So what brought this on?” he asked, content with the way Yuuri’s hand moved to rest on his chest.

Yuuri mumbled a bit sheepishly. “It’s silly.”

“I love silly,” Victor declared and Yuuri chuckled at that.

“Of course you do,” he said in a light, teasing tone.

“So?” Victor pressed, eagerly shifting closer. “Will you tell me?”

Yuuri debated it for a moment. And then he bit his lip and his cheeks coloured when he said:

“You just looked too pretty.”

Victor broke.

For one, Yuuri had called him pretty. His heart skipped a beat and he was certain a flush that matched Yuuri’s perfectly was making its way onto his face.

But then his mind caught up with the rest of what Yuuri had said. His lips twitched.

“You thought I looked too pretty, so you… whacked me with a pillow?” Victor asked, barely holding back his amusement.

Yuuri groaned, covering his face with his hands.

“It seemed like a good idea at the moment!” And then when Victor started laughing, he added in a pained voice: “Don’t laugh!”

Victor only cackled louder, curling around Yuuri and sobbing tears of laughter into Yuuri’s shoulder.

It took a moment for him to regain his breathing and dial down his amusement. Still grinning widely, he wiped the tears that gathered in the corners of his eyes before he looked into Yuuri’s face that was now a lovely shade of embarrassed pink. Without much thought, Victor pressed light kisses to both of Yuuri’s cheeks.

“Sorry for laughing,” he said. “It was just so adorable.”

Yuuri flushed harder, his eyes flitting to the side. Victor smiled at him, a tiny teasing curl at one corner of his mouth.

“Next time, though, how about you hit me with something else other than a pillow?” he asked, tapping a finger on Yuuri’s lips in a clear hint.

Instead of answering with words, Yuuri pulled him into a kiss, which Victor guessed was just as good an answer. Or maybe he was being pretty again. Who knows.

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Word gets around that Rex has feelings for a certain General, but he gets confronted by all sorts of Jedi, his brothers, and his own general and commander about what would happened to him if he ever hurt Obi-Wan

Now, Rex expected to be confronted by his vode, he expected General Skywalker and he expected Commander Tano.

What he did not expect was for the first one to confront him with their arm crossed over their chest was General Windu of all people as he stared Rex down with those deep dark eyes, tightly pinched lips and a vein throbbing in his forehead.

“One warning Captain.” He gritted out, eyes narrowed. “Hurt him and they will never find your body. Not even a hair strand. Are we clear?” The Jedi glared at him.

Nervously, Rex saluted him. “Yes sir, of course sir… I wouldn’t dream of hurting him.” He added the latter part quietly, more earnestly.

Those dark eyes flickered over his face before Windu suddenly relaxed, giving a nod and then patting Rex on the shoulder, obviously having read something in Rex that testified to his sincerity.

Breathing out heavily when the Jedi was far enough away, Rex pulled his helmet on. ‘Sweet stars, that was almost not worth it… oh who am I kidding, anything is worth it when its about Obi-Wan.’ He smiled to himself, glad the helmet hid his face as he headed through base.

Though honestly after having the master of the order threatening him… well Cody didn’t scare him one bit.

He watched his vode as the other slowly cleaned his blasters at the mess, resting his head on his hand. “…Cody?”

“Yes Vod?” The other drawled, pretending the rest of their vode weren’t listening in as he continued polishing.

“I had General Windu threatening my very existence about two and a half week ago when we were paired up with him and his trope. You threatening to shot me in the groin isn’t all that scary after that.” Rex shrugged when the other looked at him with wide eyes. “Ob- that is General Kenobi is very popular and well liked, which is good considering how he seems to be low level trying to get himself killed every time we step onto a battlefield.” He settled his other elbow on the table, head now supported by both hands.

The commander blinked slowly, staring at him.

Rex shrugged. “And then there was Commander Tano who told me how a lightsaber could be used to castrate someone… slowly… while still aware.” He grinned a bit at his vod even as a few of the eavesdropper winched and tried to discreetly covering their groin.

Cody settled his half finished blaster down, now looking wary. “And General Skywalker?”

Not even pretending they weren’t listening, several brothers from the 501st and 212th had turned to to stare at him which caused Rex to snort at them. “Hasn’t gotten to me yes. I think he’s trying to figure out how to threaten me without compromising chain of command but I know its coming.” He grinned before the grin faded. “But all of this hinges on people actually thinking I’m going to approach General Kenobi. Which I won’t, because honestly, he’s way above my level.” He shook his head, sighing a bit.

The other struggled at that.

On one hand he wanted to encourage his vod because honestly everyone deserved a chance.

On the other hand, this was his karking General!

Finally he sighed. “Look, Rex… I know that we might be clones but Jedi don’t look at us that way. They look at us and see people and… honestly? I don’t think General Kenobi is above your level. He’s just…” Cody frowned a bit before shrugging. “Well protected and if you did approach him, he’d be the one to give the final say. And honestly? In the end that’s the important thing, what he says and what you say.” Cody and Rex stared at each other.

The blond finally gave a wry grin. “Is that your version of a blessing?”

Snorting, Cody picked up his guns. “Kind of. Considering the level of threat you have against you, you have to treat him well, I’m pretty sure you will anyway.” He smirked even as Rex barked out a laugh and several vode quickly hiding their sniggers into their foods or drinks and in Killer’s case, having a massive coughing fit from inhaling his food.

“Honestly? Out of everyone threatening me? I’m most scared of Ahsoka. She’s a fireball.” Rex confessed with a wide grin.

Cuddling With SVT (Hyung line)

lmao not a soulmate au but enjoy

cuddling with seventeen hyung line


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  • honestly so soft when it comes to you
  • loves feeling like you need him
  • is a huge softie
  • pulls you close and likes to play with your hair
  • whenever you put your head on his lap, thats what he does
  • jokes around a lot
  • tickles you before pulling you close and kissing your head
  • sometimes carries you about when you wrap yourself around him
  • loves to pretend you’re too heavy for him before flinging you around
  • such a domestic couple
  • whenever you get too tired and cuddle into him he moves so you’re both lying down and covers you with a blanket
  • always tries his best to make you comfy


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  • this man loves his rest
  • and he loves you so it fits well
  • whenever you cuddle it normally ends up with one or both of you sleeping
  • normally its just you with your head on his chest
  • sometimes lying down other times sitting up somehow
  • when you two were tired you were magic i stg
  • hes all about comfort so covers and pillows galore
  • such a cute sight to see
  • loves to play with your hands when you two are just chilling about
  • you love to play with his hair
  • you act cute with him and he pretends to disown you until he turns round and asks you who’s sunflower you were
  • cuddling takes up 90% of his time


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  • hes such a cutie pie i can’t say this enough
  • loves to hold you as long as you’re okay with it
  • sings to you in all the languages he knows when you can’t sleep at night and hes holding you
  • definitely a forehead kisser
  • sounds weird but is actually really nice likes to smell your hair and kiss your head a lot
  • will never overstep boundaries
  • knows exactly what to di to make you happy
  • perfect amount of blankets and pillows if you dont want to use him as a pillow


Originally posted by infinitblaq

  • might seem like a greaseball
  • is actually a huge sweetie pie with a bit of grease thrown in
  • loves to pull you into him and then falling dramatically on the couch
  • jokes so much but will be calm and gentle
  • when he sees you’re getting tired, pulls you closer and kisses your head gently
  • hugs you more
  • hes a giant human radiator
  • when it gets too warm and he tries to cuddle you, you dramatically push him away 
  • acts hurt then agrees
  • when its cold he makes sure that you are always warm
  • always loving to cuddle


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  • fight me if you dont think that kwon soonyoung wouldn’t love cuddling
  • he’d be the biggest cuddler
  • so cute
  • gets all cute and blushy whenever something happens
  • you put your head on his lap, blush
  • you pull his head onto your lap
  • hella blush
  • but he loves it so much
  • honestly loves to smoosh your face and you do it to him too
  • when he finally sleeps, he cuddles into you even more and hugs you
  • when you both fall asleep cuddling you wake up and your lying on top of him with your head on his chest
  • so cute
  • hoshi loves to kiss your entire face when you do something cute when cuddling


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  • not the biggest skinship fan
  • but does like cuddling occasionally
  • its a very rare occasion when it does happen
  • and you love it
  • wonu loves the feeling of you cuddled up to him
  • knows his deep voice can get you to do anything
  • uses his morning/sleep voice to get you to cuddle him
  • when you cuddle into his side, he grabs the back of your neck gently and pushes your head into his neck
  • when hes in a cuddle mood, makes sure that you’re always comfortable but pressed up against him
  • or if you’re kinda sitting up, he does the same with your head and his neck but just a more comfy way
  • basically he just likes you close to him


Originally posted by sevixxteen

  • the fluffiest thing ever
  • when its just the two of you he loves LOVES cuddling
  • hes an affectionate cuddler
  • so he kisses you, your forehead, your cheeks, anything he can reach
  • his hands are always on your waist or your sides in general
  • when you’re on the couch and really tired and on top of him, one hands on his back and the other is on your thigh
  • carries you to bed when you fall asleep and tries to detach you from him but can’t cos you’re always holding on too tight
  • when he falls asleep on you, he always looks so peaceful and cute
  • you fall asleep as well
  • end up cuddling really close into each other
  • when you’re in bed and tired he snuggles his head into your neck
  • you get so soft and tingly
  • you end up falling asleep too and you nap together
  • so warm and soft
  • hes a giant pillow to you and you’re the same to him
  • so cute together

YOOOOOO! It’s just like On the Run! Good times, that. They really are making an adventure out of it!

I wonder if we’ll see that rascally racoon again…

Hey, what do you know? Peridot isn’t moping around like she did on the train. She’s deadpan, sure, but she’s actually speaking at length about the Famethyst’s exit holes. She could even identify that one of them had curly hair due to iron deposits near the head space… Man, she wasn’t even right in there to look, she was down on the ground! Certified Kindergartener at work, everyone!

Peridot also said that the naming order goes top to bottom… I wonder if it’s actually possible to work out all the “names” of the Famethyst from that?

Also, I love Amethyst’s description that this place used to just be empty holes full of nothingness to her, but is now just empty holes full of nothingness that used to have things in them! How beautifully said.

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36 + namjoon pls💕

36. Why are you being like this?

Namjoon came home that night exhausted and ready to just fall asleep on you while you stroked his hair and hummed a lullaby. However, when he got to the living room looking like a dead and drowned rat he saw you waving your arms in front of the TV wrapped in a blanket and a lap full of popcorn, a sight he usually accepted.

“Babe, it’s two in the morning. What on Earth are you watching? And why aren’t you in bed sleeping?

“Shh, stop talking. They are just about to confess their love to each other.” Namjoon sat down next to you and tried to focus on the movie with you but his tired eyes couldn’t focus on the screen.

“How about we go to bed?” His attempts to get you to the bedroom were in vain since you were determined to witness the two main characters first on-screen kiss. With a scoff and a loud yawn, Namjoon playfully smacked your arm. “Why are you being like this? That kind of love doesn’t even exist in real life.”

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"Was Shakespeare gay?” EddEddy.

“Was Shakespeare gay?”

Edd practically breathed out his respiratory system with the groan he heaved. His head collapsed in the pages of notes that had been written out but never properly developed into he and Eddy’s ten page research paper.

“Eddy, what gives you that impression? We’re putting together notes about how Shakespeare came about with his poetical format. Besides, Shakespeare married a woman by the name of Anne Hathaway.”

“The actress? Damn she still looks good,” Eddy mused.

Edd felt the urge to tare out his hair even more. “An Anne Hathaway of a different generation. She and Shakespeare were happily married. Now to get back…”

“You haven’t brushed up on your facts have you?”

“What are you referring to, Eddy?” Edd asked heaving his book down on the table.

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Freedom in Chains

She sat at her desk, hair all in disarray
And wondered what she should do
For her life seemed so bleak and worthless that day,
She wanted to talk, but with who?
She had no friends to speak of, no siblings to call, no pets to cuddle and play
So she pick up a pen and scratched down a few things about life going her way
She lost herself in the magic of bringing words to life
And spend the rest of her day there, forgetting about her strife
The day turned into nighttime and blissfully she wrote on
Staying up all night till light peeked in at dawn
About a half month later, again sitting in her chair
her parents came in to talk, much to her despair
They wanted her to get out more, take a brake from inside her head
Maybe go out walking, just to be outside instead
They worried she was unhappy, always in that chair
Writing of things that didn’t exist and never would be there
She promised she would go walking, so they would leave her be
Because they didn’t understand it, what it’s like to be free.
They said she was always stuck here, as if a prison cell
That the pen was some kind of addiction and she would end in hell
So that the people who didn’t understand would leave her be
she hid her writings away where none could see
But she never gave up her grip on her pen
She still writes now as she did back then.
It was a place she could forget her pains
There was beauty in the writing, and freedom in the chains


throughout my impoverishing fever i literally could not stop thinking about a gemstuck eridan

probably a tanzanite? kunzite?

So imagine that one day Harry and Draco are arguing in an abandoned corridor (like they always do) and Draco has Harry shoved up against the wall and they’re breathing heavily and Harry just says offhand, “What are you gonna do, Malfoy? Kiss me?”

And to both their surprise, Malfoy lunges forward and does just that. It’s rough. It’s desperate. But after a moment they stop. And they’re just standing there glaring at each other. Like their both so pissed that they did that.

Harry shoves Malfoy off of him and says, “Always knew you were a poof” and Malfoy snarls back, “Like you weren’t begging for it, Potter.” They walk in opposite directions and don’t talk about it again.

A few days later Malfoy is reading a Potions textbook in the eighth year common room and Harry flops down on the sofa beside him and proceeds to lay his messy, unwashed, fresh-from-Quidditch-practice hair on Malfoy’s lap.

Everyone around them stops what they’re doing to see what will happen. But neither Draco nor Harry make any comment and act like it’s the most normal thing in the world. Harry closes his eyes and acts like he’s gonna fall asleep. And Draco keeps reading his book.

After about five minutes Draco finally snaps, “When was the last time you washed your hair, Potter? I’ll have to throw these trousers out after this.”

And Harry, without opening his eyes, yawns and says, “Anything to get you out of them, Malfoy.”

“Look who’s a poof now.”

“Says the one with a hard on from just my head in his lap.”



“Fuck off, Potter.”

Then Harry yawns again and Draco turns back to his book.

And then Harry legit falls asleep still with his head in Draco’s lap.

In Charms later that week, Malfoy insists on being Harry’s partner. They fight and say the nastiest things to each other the entire time. After class, they’re still fighting, but holding hands all the way to the Great Hall for lunch. When they part ways, Harry scowls and makes an obscene hand gesture while Malfoy gives him his best derisive sneer.

A few nights later, Harry wakes up to find Malfoy cuddled up to his side, fast asleep.


No response.

Malfoy.” he whispers a bit louder.

He prods the other boy’s shoulder who then wakes up with a start and immediately looks pissed.


“How long have you been here?” Harry can’t help asking.

“Does it matter? Go back to sleep. It’s two in the morning for fucks sake.”

Malfoy lies back down, curling himself around Harry again, and closing his eyes.

Harry rolls his eyes, but then looks down at him for a moment. He can’t see too well in the dark and without his glasses, but Malfoy’s blonde hair and pale skin almost seem to glow. He can just make out the peaceful look on his face and for the first time ever, he sees Malfoy as Draco. An 18-year-old kid.


Malfoy looks up, thoroughly annoyed. But before he can say anything, Harry catches his lips in a deep kiss. It’s open. It’s hot. It gains speed quickly. But all the while, still soft. And sweeter than Harry would have ever thought anything could be with Draco Malfoy.

Harry pulls away suddenly and lays his head back on his pillow. Slightly breathless and with a small smile on his lips he whispers, “Fuck.”

Malfoy snorts and says, “You wish.”

Run To You Part Two

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Run To You Part One

Pairing: Billy x Reader

Word Count: 2,297

Warnings: Slight smut, mentions of abuse/violence. Possible spoilers for Season Two?

Authors Note: This continues straight from the first part. I am so incredibly overwhelmed by the response I have already received for this story!! I just wanted to write something to fuel by unhealthy obsession with Dacre Montgomery and you guys have made me feel so loved, so thank you! I will possibly write one final Part to this, let me know if you want it or just what you think! I am accepting requests for Stranger Things.

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Disclaimer: I do in no way condone Billy’s behaviour or views in the show, nor do I intend to romanticise racism and abuse.


Darkness washed over as the closet door was pushed shut and you shifted your weight uneasily on your feet.
Your eyes hadn’t yet adjusted to the darkness but you would bet anything Billy would have that perfect, yet annoying smirk on his face.
“Mmm, you’ve finally got me alone, huh princess.”
“Don’t get your hopes up, Billy. You’re not my type.”
He leant in closer and you could feel the heat of his breath on your lips.
“Is that so?”
His words sent shivers down your spine and you gulped, desperately fighting the urge to kiss him.
You placed a hand on his chest and pushed him back lightly.
“What’s it gonna take to get you to go on a date with me, huh?”
You could faintly make out his features now and he saw you roll your eyes.
“Oh I dunno, maybe a complete personality change?”
He chuckled.
“At lest you’re attracted to me.”
“I didn’t say that.”
He leant forward again and this time you didn’t stop him.
“You’re not denying it.”
His tongue darted across his lips, leaving them glistening and he placed his hand on the wall behind your head.
You bit your lip, unable to find the energy or the courage to resist him.
He leant closer and dipped his head, his breath ghosting over your collar bone and trailing up your neck.
You closed your eyes, heat burning within you as the intoxicating scent of his cologne filled your lungs.
“I know you want me, princess.”
That was all it took, that stupid fucking  nickname that drove you wild. The final string holding back your urges snapped and you pushed him against the wall.
Your lips crashed against his with an urgent hunger and your hands pulled his head to yours.
He smiled into your kiss but met you with the same urgency and passion, his hands snaking around your waist and pulling your body against his.
In the dark you stumbled as he pushed you back against the wall and you whimpered as he pushed himself against you.
You ran your tongue across his bottom lip and bit it lightly, earning a low groan.
His hands roamed down your side and found their way you your ass and he pushed himself against you once more.
You came up for air and he kissed down your neck, sucking harshly at the soft skin and you were too wound up in the heat of it all to worry about the bruises he was leaving.
Your hands roamed down his chest and you grasped his shirt before lifting them back up and running them through his hair.
His head lifted and his lips crashed against yours in another hungry kiss.
He ground his hips against you while he squeezed your ass and you moaned against his lips.
“Billy.” You pushed him away gently.
You were both breathing heavily and the way he was looking at you lit something inside you that only he seemed to ignite.
When he came in for another kiss it took everything you had to turn your head and dodge his soft lips.
He smirked as he pulled away and he opened his mouth to say something when the door was ripped open.
The light from the room exposed you and Billy’s friends cheered.
Almost instantly he was back to his cocky self and he walked out of the closet with a coy grin on his face.
You took a deep breath and walked out of the closet.
Billy turned back to look at you and you met his eye for a fleeting moment before you left the room and fled to the haven of your own home.

You had been dreading going to school after the party but there had been no need to worry.
Billy hadn’t been there for two days and when he did finally show up he barely took any notice of you.
It was no surprise really.
Guys like Billy only wanted one thing, and you had been naive to think that whatever you thought was going on between you was in reality nothing more than a drunken kiss.
You rummaged through your bag, looking for your keys as you walked towards the car park.
Finally you pulled them out just before you reached your car and you looked up to see Billy leaning against the hood, a signature cigarette between his lips.
You took a deep breath and walked straight past him and unlocked the door.
“Ohh cmon, don’t be like that, princess.” He called.
You opened the door and tossed your bag onto the passenger seat.
Billy pushed off the hood and grabbed hold of the door and finally you looked at him.
He didn’t have his usual cocky aura about him today and when you looked at him you noticed the ghost of a bruise under his eye and his bottom lip was slightly swollen.
He sensed you looking at his healing wounds and he cleared his throat.
You blushed slightly.
“I’m.. are you okay?”
Billy frowned, taken aback by your concern. No one ever bothered asking if he was okay.
“I’m fine.”
The way he was avoiding your eyes insinuated that he was in fact not fine but you didn’t want to press him on it, at least not here.
“What are you doing tonight?”
“Got a hot date with my homework.” You joked.
Billy smirked and licked his lips.
“Come out with me.”
You looked into the abyss of his blue eyes and saw a spark of that fire you had seen at the party.
Just as you were about to answer Billy’s sister Max walked past, holding her head down sheepishly and gripping her skateboard.
Billy glanced at her and looked back at the kid she had been talking to and you saw his jaw clench.
“What did I tell you about hanging out with that kid, Max?” He snarled.
Max ran a hand through her long red hair.
“I wasn’t! I swear.”
She quickly got into the car, slamming the door shut and averting her gaze.
Billy closed his eyes for a moment and took a deep breath, reining in his anger.
You glanced back at the kid she had allegedly been hanging out with and you saw how deflated he looked.
“You know I’ve seen that boy around. He’s a good kid.”
“She shouldn’t be hanging out with kids like that.”
You raised an eyebrow.
“What is that supposed to mean? Cause he’s black?”
Billy’s jaw clenched again and he took a long drag of his smoke.
“It means she should listen to me if she doesn’t want to get in trouble.”
You frowned, deciphering his words.
“In trouble? With who?” You glanced at his fading bruises and your voice softened. “Billy who did this to you?”
“It doesn’t matter. Do you wanna come out with me or not?”
“Billy I-“
“Forget it.” He turned on his heels and slid into his car before you could say another word.
He cranked the music up, drowning out your calls and tore out of the car park.

You yawned as you drove and turned the radio a little louder, hoping the music would help keep you awake.
The backroads of Hawkins were still unfamiliar and you drove slower than usual as you navigated around the bends and potholes.
You had spent the evening studying at the library. Your parents had gone away to visit your sick Aunt and you didn’t particularly like being home alone. So you’d stayed at the library til it closed before having dinner at the local diner.
It was a little past midnight when you turned the corner onto Maple Street and you pressed down on the accelerator.
“In the midnight hour!” You tapped your fingers against the steering wheel. “She cried more, more, more!”
You bobbed your head along to Billy Idols ‘Rebel Yell’ when suddenly you slammed on your brakes.
A figure had staggered out into the road and your car skidded out slightly before coming to a stop.
Fucking drunks.
You took a deep breath to calm your rapidly beating heart and released your grip on the steering wheel.
You looked at the drunk, swaying with every step they took before falling to their knees.
A cloud shifted in the night sky and the moonlight illuminated the mans hair.
Was that..?
You could recognise that hair anywhere so you turned off the ignition and got out of the car.
He groaned in response as he tried to stand and failed.
He knelt on the road and you walked briskly over to him.
“Billy?” You called again.
He looked up at you and your breath caught in your throat.
His lip was split and swollen and he had blood on his nose. The left side of his face was red, matching his slightly torn and half unbuttoned shirt.
“What happened?” You asked as you knelt before him.
His head swung forward, too heavy for him to hold up himself.
He didn’t seem drunk and you couldn’t smell any alcohol at all but he was definitely in some sort of state.
You bit your lip and gently cupped his face and lifted his head.
His eyelids were heavy and he struggled to focus on you but after a few blinks he registered.
“What happened? Are you okay?”
His head bobbed forward again and you shifted to his side.
You lifted his arm over your shoulder and wrapped your arm around his side.
He shivered against you and you realised how cold he must be, out here for god knows how long in just his jeans and ripped shirt.
“Cmon, lets get you up.”
You managed to get him standing and together you staggered to your car where you helped him into the passenger seat.
Once he was in you leant across him to clip in the seatbelt.
You hadn’t been this close to him since the incident in the closet and you couldn’t help but breath in the intoxicating mix of his cologne and natural scent.
His head leant against you as you fumbled with the seatbelt and he let out a low groan.
There was a sense of vulnerability to him now.
It wasn’t just because of his semi conscious state, or because it was just you and him.
But the blood from his nose and the bruises forming on his cheek indicated that something had gone down tonight  and you suddenly felt very protective of him.
Once his seatbelt was secure you ran around the car and hopped in.
“Billy, where do you live?” You asked as you started the engine.
“Can you tell me where you live?” You repeated.
“Can’t go home.”  He mumbled.
You bit your lip and pondered your options. Your parents were out of town and as long as he was gone by tomorrow night they’d never find out.
You’d take him home, clean him up, let him sleep off whatever this was and drop him home in the morning.

The drive back to your house was uneventful. You kept up conversation, trying to keep him engaged although he just mumbled incoherently.
Every now and then you would hear him say ‘Max’ or your name or ‘Harrington’ but you figured it was just random mumbling of his confused mind.
You managed to get him inside easy enough and you helped him to your bedroom. He seemed to being coming to, slowly, and you tok that as a good sign.
He laid against your pillows on the bed and you pulled off his boots and placed them on the ground.
Once you had covered him with a blanket you went to get the essentials.
You returned with a damp washcloth, a first aid kit, a bag of frozen peas, a clean towel, a bottle of water and some paracetamol.
“I’m gonna wash your face, okay?”
He nodded and you perched beside him on the edge of the bed.
Carefully you wiped the dried blood from his face with the wash cloth. Next, you dabbed some alcohol onto a cotton ball and held it up.
“This might sting.”
He closed his eyes and you gently ran the cotton over his cuts.
He winced as you wiped his lip and you couldn’t help but feel a pang in your chest.
You didn’t like seeing anyone in pain, and for some reason you felt sick at the thought of anyone hurting Billy.
“You gonna tell me what happened?”
You asked quietly as you applied some cream to the bruises forming across his cheekbone and jaw.
He gazed at you with hooded eyes.
“Max.. She..”
You frowned. “Is she okay?”
He nodded slowly and you wrapped a towel around the frozen peas before offering them to Billy.
He closed his eyes and when he opened them you noticed the way they were glistening with unshed tears.
“Oh, Billy.” You whispered.
He lifted his hand as if he was embarrassed and wiped at his eyes and you noticed blood on his knuckles.
Gently you pulled his hands towards you and you said nothing more as you cleaned the blood and cuts on his hands.
“I’ll let you get some rest. I’ll be on the couch if you need anything.” You stood and started gathering the supplies.
You met his eye and he reached out for you.
“Can you stay?”
You hesitated for only a moment before nodding and tiptoeing around the bed.
You slid in next to him, the both of you still fully clothed and he raised his arm before pulling you into his side.
You curled up against him and buried your head in his chest.
Neither of you spoke, there was no need.
You traced your fingers over his chest and somewhere between the sound of his heartbeat and his fingers running over your shoulder you both fell into slumber, wrapped in each other’s arms.


Part Three


PAIRING: steve harrington x reader, billy hargrove x reader

summary: nancy breaks up with steve and he is a bit of a mess when you find him. being the new girl in hawkins you try to befriend and keep nancy off his mind. it backfires and now you have him falling in love with you, as you fight off the urge to fall in love with him, too. [THIS IS AN AU!]

warnings: swearing, sexual situations, violence

a/n: quentin tarantino is my favorite director and i really love old movies. so here’s this. lot’s of music in here. also, nothing too major happens now. just two characters meet. this is possibly the maybe first time i have such an independant/strong reader

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“Hey, sorry to bother you. I wouldn’t be if… if you didn’t look like you could use some company.”

Your statement is met with silence as the unfamiliar guy in front of you lifts his eyes up to stare at you in bewilderment. Late autumn wind blows past and ruins your neat hairdo. Your hand grips the strap of your purse; you note tears glisten in his deep brown eyes and decide to look away so he’d have enough time to collect himself. The guy sniffles, rubs his eyes before giving you a tight smile; He opens his mouth to possibly dismiss you, but you beat him to it, “There’s no shame in crying. If you’re sad, you’re sad, right? Nothing you can do about it.” He sighs, “May I sit?” You inquire. After a moment of consideration, he gives a curt nod. And so you do.

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Stranger Things/Steve Harrington imagines - They’re just boys

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AN: I love the requests you guys are sending in. They’re amazing. 

Summary/Request from anon: Could you do a Steve Harrington imagine in variation of the locker room screen in Riverdale (1x03) when Veronica confronts Chuck about slut shaming her but with Stranger Things where it was Billy (as Chuck) who’s slut shaming the reader’s best friend and in this equation she bumps into Steve (as Archie) and she gets kicked out by a teacher but doesn’t get in trouble because she’s a good kid but is still pissed and somehow she and Steve end up together? 

Pairing(s): Steve Harrington x reader

Word count: 1,013

Warnings: Mentions of sexual acts and some strong language.  

You were walking down the halls when you saw a group of girls snigger at you and your best friend. 

Your best friend turned bright red and put her head down. 

“Hey, what was that about?” You asked her. She turned into the bathroom and you followed. You watched her make sure it was empty before opening up to you. 

“You know how I had that date with the new guy, Billy?” She whispered. 

“Yeah, of course, why?” You frowned, knowing whatever was coming next wasn’t going to be good. 

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Not in Front of the Baby!

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Older Steve Harrington (20s) x Reader

I got the idea from this prompt.

“Steve?” Y/N called through the apartment, pushing in the back to one of her earrings. She looked into the bedroom, but the only occupant was Gizmo the cat, who was stretched across the bed. The comforter-less, sheet-less, pillow-less bed. She sighed and continued her search. “Steve?” A yipping noise that could only come from one thing was quickly silenced before Y/N could tell where it was coming from.

Shhh, Scoot. She’ll hear us,” Steve’s hushed voice made Y/N’s eyes turn into slits. She slowly walked down the hall, passing the many pictures they took throughout the years that documented so any memories. A playful growl and a yip sounded from the living room giving their location away. When Y/N made it to the end of the hallway, she stopped dead in her tracks, jaw practically on the floor.

“Steve Harrington, what the hell are you doing?” A ruffling of sheets and blankets got closer and closer to Y/N until Steve’s head popped out of the opening to the massive pillow fort he apparently made in the living room in the time it took Y/N to shower and get dressed. He looked up at Y/N from his place on his hands and knees. Moments later, Scooter -their two year old beige French bulldog-, stuck his head out of the opening much like Steve did.

“I have no idea what you’re talking about,” He had a dumb grin on his face and his thick head of hair was a mess. He ran a hand through the top to tame it.

“You know exactly what I’m talking about, you goon,” Y/N ruffled his hair. Steve swatted at her and Scooter barked playfully. “We need to leave in half an hour and you are still in your pajamas,”

Babe,” Just with that one word, Y/N knew Steve was going to try and weasel his way out of the plans that he made.


I love you,”

“And I love you, but you’re still going!” Y/N turned around and walked back down the hallway to the bathroom to put her makeup on. Before she shut the door, she heard, “She wouldn’t’ve found us if you hadn’t been sassing back, little man. We’re gonna work on that,

“Steve, for the love of God, please get out of that fort! We’re supposed to meet Jonathan and Nancy for dinner! I don’t care if I have to drag your dead body behind me; You. Are. Going.”

“Counter-offer,” Steve started, once again sticking his head out of the fort with Scooter, but this time his hair was neatly done.



“We’re meeting them in ten minutes, Steve!”

“Just hear me out. You join me, we rule this pillow fort kingdom together with Scooter, watch Beetlejuice, and eat popcorn for dinner.” His eyes were wide, his brows raised, and he gave her a persuasive grin, trying to sell her on the idea. Y/N kneeled down to his level and gave him a sweet kiss on the lips.

“I would love to rule this pillow fort kingdom with you and Scoot,” Y/N tapped Steve’s cheek, “After we get back,” Steve sighed dramatically and dropped his head back with a groan.

“The restaurant is only a few blocks down. We’ll grab something to eat, have a few drinks, and we’ll be back to have plenty of fun in the fort,” Steve gasped, scandalized, and clasped his hands over Scooter’s pointy ears.

Not in front of the baby, Y/N!”

I actually really love this. I’m an idiot. God.

I wanna know what love is

El learning the meaning of ‘love’ with Mike, requested by @cricket-hater


It was one of those quiet afternoons, when Hopper was not yet back from the station, and the cabin was bathed in dim November sunlight. Mike was scribbling in his D&D notebook, biting his pencil, deep in thought, and El was sitting next to him, curled in a ball and deeply engrossed in a soap opera that was on.

Mike knew those by heart by now. Not only El watched those a lot, but so did his mom. He would normally roll his eyes when his mom switched the TV to cheesy love confessions and dramas, but when El watched them, it was different. He liked the way her eyes widened in suprise, or when she leaned towards the TV, her curly hair falling on her face.

'But Rebecca, you can not leave with him!’ the man on she screen begged. 'I love you!’

Mike resisted the urge to groan at the theatrical character of the show. He turned the page and wrote annotation about a monster he wanted to bring out in a particular moment.

He felt El tug at his sleeve and raised his eyes.

'Everything okay?’

'What is 'love’?’ she nodded shyly towards the screen. Mike felt his mouth go dry.

'I… Uh… You don’t know what love is?’

She shook her head and looked down. Sure, she heard that word multiple times on the TV. She knew it had usually something to do with hugs and lips pressed together. But dictionary definition didn’t help her much. For some reason though, she was reluctant to ask Hopper about that. And Mike always had answers. Right?

Mike looked at her, frozen on the spot, almost feeling his brain work rapidly. How does he explain 'love’ to her, of all things? But then again, he always knew how to explain things to her before. Right?

'I uh… I mean there’s nothing wrong in not knowing!’ he assured her, seeing her expression. 'I… Um…’

'I checked in the dictionary once. It said something about 'deep care and devotion’, but… ’

'It’s not really something that a dictionary can’t explain properly. It’s…’

He took a deep breath and put away his notebook. You can do it, Wheeler.

He looked at her again, turning towards her, and resisted the urge to put a stray curl behind her ear.

'Love is an emotion. A feeling. Like happiness, or sadness.’

She nodded.

'Okay. And, uh… There are different kinds of love. There’s love you feel for your friends. You want them to be happy, safe, healthy and all. You sometimes argue with them, but you always try to make up, and you care about them a lot.’ he looked at her, as if to make sure if she’s not lost. She nodded, processing that.

'And then, there’s love for your family. It’s really similar to the love between friends. Love between siblings is sometimes hard, like for me and Nancy, we argue a lot more than I do with the guys, but I care about her a lot, even when I’m mad at her. And the love of parents, it’s… Um… Parents are supposed to love you unconditionally, that means they never want anything in return, they just love you no matter who you are and accept you. Always.’ he remembered his father’s complete lack of genuine concern and care, and resisted the urge to sigh. 'Like Hopper loves you. ’

'He does?’ her eyes widened.

'Yeah, I’m pretty sure he does. He might not tell you that a lot, but he cares about you more than anything. Then, um… There’s that kind of love.’ he gestured towards the TV. 'Although the way it’s shown here is not really accurate. I, uh… I guess it’s called 'romantic love’. It’s mostly very similar to other kinds of love. It’s…. If you love someone you just…’

He took a deep breath and looked at her quietly for a second.

'You never want them to be away. You always want to be near them. You… You find it hard to breathe sometimes, when you look at them, because your chest is full of this… Warm feeling, it’s hard to explain. And when they are hurt, or unhappy, it pains you. You want to take away all the bad stuff in their life. And I want to always be there when you need me, or when you have nightmares again… I mean I know you are way more awesome than I am and I’m no hero, and Hoppers way more capable of protecting you anyway, even though obviously you don’t need it, because it’s you who saved us all…’

He didn’t even notice the switch in his speech. The words he kept inside for all those months full of longing and despair were just flowing out.

She, on the other hand, noticed, but didn’t dare to speak, looking into his eyes, unmoving.

'And I wish I could take away everything that haunts you, and it angers me that I can’t-’

'I love you too. ’ she said softly, her eyes never leaving his.

'And I… What?’

'I love you. ’ she repeated, feeling her lips curve into a small, shy smile.

He looked at her with his dark eyes, frozen on the spot.

'You… You do?’

She lifted her hand, her fingertips brushing his cheekbone.

'Yes. ’ she said simply, and inched closer to him, touching his nose with hers.

'That’s… That’s good. B-because, I love you too. ’ he blurted out, grinning, his face crimson.

'Good. ’ she repeated with a hint of laughter in her voice and she kissed him softly. His larger palms covered her hands that were holding his face.

'El? ’ he said quietly, his lips still close to hers.


'Remember, when I told you about the dance? Snowball? You… ’ he gulped 'You weren’t there for the one that was last year, but.. there’s another one coming up next month, and I thought… Maybe if we talked to Hopper, we could go… If you want.’ he rested his forehead on hers.

'Is it who you are supposed to go with?’ she asked, remembering what he said that fateful night in school cafeteria, resting her hands on his chest, while he held her wrists gently. 'Someone you love?’

He smiled gently and nodded, rubbing their noses together.


'Cool. ’ she whispered.

'Cool. ’ he pressed his lips against her forehead.

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reddie headcanon

warning: some sexual assault, alcohol, drugs
requested by: @whipashwhipash

-reddie decides to go to a party and while the party scene isn’t eddie’s cup of tea, he goes because richie loves going to parties

-when they arrive, eddie practically clings onto richie, holding his hand and keeping close to his boyfriend as they move through the crowds of people in the house

-“i won’t leave you, okay?” richie whispers into his ear, kissing his cheek

-eddie stays close as richie starts talking to people eddie isn’t familiar with

-richie introduces eddie to this friends and all eddie can do is smile and nervously looks around

-when they make it to the least crowded part of the party, like an hour later, richie asks eddie if he’s ready to go home

-eddie knows richie doesn’t want to leave so early, so he plasters a fake smile on his face and shakes his head

-“we can stay a little bit longer.”

-“are you sure? because it’s no big deal if you wanna leave.”

-eddie shakes his head again and kisses Richie

-they sit around in the kitchen a little while longer, talking a little and richie tries make eddie feel more comfortable and tries to make him laugh adn loosen up

-“can i have something to drink?” eddie asks

-richie nods and grabs a plastic cup off the stack on the counter

-“what do you want?” richie asks his boyfriend

-“something that will loosen me up,” eddie says, nervously fiddling with his fingers as he leans agianst the kitchen counter

-richie gives him a look, not sure what’s going on

-“you don’t drink, eds,” he says, laughing a little

-“yeah, maybe i should try it, though,” eddie shrugs, trying not to look as nervous as he feels

-“eddie, you don’t have to have something to drink because everyone else is,” richie says, his voice serious

-“please, rich,” eddie pleads, his eyes never leaving Richie’s

-richie doesn’t want to, but he hisitantly grabs some fruit punch out of the fridge and a bottle of some kind of alcohol (eddie has no idea what it is but richie does so he doesn’t panic as much)

-when richie is done with the concoction he’s made, he hands the cup to eddie

-richie makes himself a cup of the same thing and they clink their cups together before taking sips

-“hey, it’s not as bad as i thought,” eddie says, taking another sip
-richie laughs

-“that’s because i mixed the alcohol with fruit punch, eds.”

-richie decides to go back out to the party, grabbing Eddie’s hand

-when eddie lets go, richie turns back to look at him

-“you’re not coming?” he asks

-“nah, i’ll just stay here,” eddie says, shaking his head

-“oh, okay,” richie says, feeling uneasy about leaving eddie alone

-“you can go,” eddie says, giving him a smile

-“i don’t want to leave you alone, though,” richie sighs

-“i’ll be fine. i really just don’t want to go in there, where it’s crowded with all those people,” eddie says

-“are you sure you’ll be fine?” richie asks

-eddie nods and richie leans over to kiss him

-“if you need me, i’ll be in the living room, talking to that group of guys you saw me talking to earlier,” richie says before smiling at eddie and leaving

-eddie stays in the same spot for another ten minutes, sipping at his drink, bobbing his head to the music he’s never listened to before, and looking around at the stranger’s kitchen he’s standing in

-“you look like youre having a great time,” someone says over eddie’s shoulder, causing the boy to turn around

-eddie sees it’s one of the guys richie was talking to earlier and he smiles, not knowing what else to say

-“you don’t talk much, do you?” the guy asks

-eddie just kinda of shrugs

-“i’m not good with meeting new people,” eddie says quietly, sitting his drink down on the counter

-“i’m chris,” the guys introduces himself (again), holding his hand out for eddie to shake

-“i’m eddie,” eddie says, shaking chris’ hand

-“yeah, richie’s always talking about you,” chris laughs a little. “I understand why now.”

-that last statement makes eddie feels a little uneasy but the more he talks to chris, the more he feels himself getting loose

-“i’ll be back, i have to go to the bathroom,” eddie excuses himself, heading out of the kitchen and down the hall to where the thinks the bathroom is

-when he comes back, chris is still in the same spot, sipping at his own drink

-eddie grabs his drink from the counter and takes a sip, leaning agianst the counter like was before

-it takes another ten minutes for eddie to realize something isn’t right, and the more he drinks what’s in his cup, the worse he feels

-eddie feels sluggish and his vision is getting blurry and he can barely understand chris as he tells eddie they’re going upstairs

-eddie feels his body moving, but doesn’t know where he’s going and he doesn’t say a word as the music gets louder and the chatter of people fills his senses

-and then it’s quiet again because they’re upstairs in someone’s bedroom and eddie’s being thrown on the bed and then the weight of someone else’s body is over his and eddie doesn’t know what’s going on

-“just be quiet and this will all be over,” chris says into eddie’s ear as eddie starts to squirm and wiggle about on the bed

-eddie can feel chris’ lips all over his body and his hands and he doesn’t like this, but all he can do is mumble “no no no stop” as he tries to get out of chris’ grip

-chris has his hand covering eddie’s mouth and that’s when eddie tries to shout

-“richie!” he tries to call out with chris’ hand over his mouth. “richie, help!’

-and that’s when eddie blacks out

-but just a few minutes after eddie blacking out, richie is knocking hard on the locked door adn he’s screaming out for chris to open it


-he continues to bang on the door for a few more moments, but then he stops

-and then the door is being kicked open and richie comes storming in, a group of people watching at the door as he shoves a stunned chris off of eddie

-richie looks over at eddie, his shirt not on his body anymore and his jeans unbuttoned and he can’t help but wonder what would’ve happened if he hadn’t have gotten upstairs in time

-richie saw chris taking eddie upstairs, but his “friends” held him back from following him, as if they knew what chris was going to do and they were helping him

-richie holds back his tears as he stares down at eddie and then rage fills him as he walks over to chris and punches him square in the face

-richie gets on top of chris as he’s knocked down and continues to bash his face in


-richie is pulled off of chris by some random dudes, who richie shoves away, walking straight over to eddie and buttoning his pants back up and grabbing his shirt off the floor, putting it back on his body

-richie carries eddie downstairs and outside to his car, lying him down in the backseat

-richie grabs a blanket from the trunk of his car and puts it over eddie’s body before walking around to get in the driver’s seat

-when he’s sat down, richie breaks down behind the wheel and cries so hard

-he can’t help but feel it’s his fault and he hits his hea don the steering wheel several times, mad at himself

-he doesn’t want to go home, but he knows another place he go

-they get to bill’s house and when bill opens the door, seeing eddie unconscious in richie’s arms, he’s scared and confused

-“what happened?” bill asks, moving out of the way for richie and eddie to come through

-“I’ll tell you about it in a minute,” richie says, still crying a little. “where can i put him?”

-bill leads them up the stairs to his room and richie lies eddie down, throwing the covers over his body, kissing his forehead and moving the hair away from his face

-bill and richie go back downstairs and sit down on the couch in the living room

-richie explains to bill what happened and richie breaks down again

-bill pulls him in and wraps his arms around his friend and holds him while he cries

-“it wasn’t your fault,” bill says. “and it wasn’t eddie’s fault.”

-“i shouldn’t have brought him to that party,” richie says quietly

-“shhh…” bill says, still holding richie, “everything will be okay.”

-about an hour and a half passes and bill makes tea for richie and eddie and says they can stay if they want since his parents aren’t home for the weekend

-richie takes his and eddie’s cups of tea and heads upstairs to see if eddie is awake

-he is and he’s sitting up in the bed, staring down at his fingers

-“hey,” richie says, walking over to him and sitting their mugs down on the nightstand

-richie sits down on the bed with eddie and, pulling the covers up over them and wrapping his arms around eddie, pulling the boy closer into him

-that’s when eddie bursts out crying and he holds onto richie so tight, as if his life depends on it

-“i’m here,” richie says quietly. “it’s okay, i’m here, eddie spaghetti.”

-when eddie calms down, he tells richie all that he can remember and he tells him that he calling for him and he was so scared he didn’t know what to do

-“i’m sorry, eddie,” richie says

-“why are you sorry? you saved me, richie.”

-“i just wished i could go back and not bring you to that party,” richie says. “it was my fault. i’m sorry i let you down.”

-eddie makes richie look at him

-“richie tozier, this wasn’t your fault,” eddie says softly. “you saved me. i’m so thankful for you and i love you so much.”

-he kisses richie’s lips softly and richie pulls him back into his body, holding him close and not letting him go

this was probably shit and it’s really long but i almost cried writing it ok

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Pillow Talk (Steve Harrington)

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@spam-to-follow requested: You asked for Steve harrington requests and I shall deliver: Christmas cuddles with *gasp* the first “I love you” from the Mr. I don’t care Harrington ?!?! 

A/N: Ok I wrote this with the biggest, mushiest smile on my face and I hope it gives you the same feels! Thank you so much for the awesome prompt, love. (:

Warnings: Sweet fluff

You could feel the pull of awareness on your dreaming subconscious, but you stubbornly yanked back and snuggled deeper into the toasty warmth that was encompassing your chilled body. It was no use though. You could see the bright, cheerful light of Christmas Eve morning burning its way through your eyelids. You blinked yourself awake blearily and took a deep, yawning breath of pure Steve Harrington. You shuffled away a bit, just enough so that you could clearly see his sleeping face.

Steve shifted and grumbled. You could feel his arms tightening their hold around you, and it caused a sleepy and satisfied smile to curve your lips. You should probably wake him up already. You had a house to ready for your troupe of teenagers, but Steve was just so cute when he was asleep. His soft, brunette hair was tousled around his head, his eyelashes were long and brushing against his cheek bones, and his face was completely serene.

You propped yourself up on one elbow, studying his profile. He wasn’t just cute, he was beautiful. A beautiful, kind hearted boy. You swallowed down the rawness of your emotions, and lifted a finger to lightly brush against his face. Down his prominent nose, lightly along his lips, to his strong chin. You traced the moles and freckles that were clustered along the left side of his throat and jaw, smiling at the pattern. They were like constellations on an inverted night sky; little dark stars against his creamy skin.

He hadn’t said the words yet, and neither had you. You knew it was hard for him. But right here, right now while you were cuddled to his side and only wearing his shirt from the night before made you want to scream it. You settled the tips of your fingers against his clavicle, staring down at sharp line with a clenched jaw.

I love you I love you I love you I LOVE YOU

The electrical currents in the air changed, you could feel it. Your eyes slipped back up to his face, watching him watch you. He smiled drowsily. The green flecks in his eyes stood out more today. You smiled back and leaned down to brush your lips against his in a tender and warm kiss.

“Good morning,” You mumbled softly, not wanting to break the magical quality of the moment.

“Morning” He whispered back, pulling you down so that you were on your laying with him on your sides. The arm that had been possessively curled around your waist moved up along your body in a gentle caress. Steve cupped the back of your neck, rubbing his fingers along the shorter baby hairs there. You could feel the tingle all the way down your spine to your lower back. You shuddered and pressed yourself closer, watching the pleased look spread across his face. “You been up long?”

“Nah,” you said huskily, “just enjoying the view.”

His eyes crinkled at the corners from the teasing tone of your voice. You lifted your hand back up to trace along his collarbone again, but Steve caught it and pressed your palm against his heart instead. “I had a dream about you.”

“Really?” You grinned, prepared for some saucy details but he was serious now. His hazel eyes flickered over you, as if they were gazing directly into your mind and you suddenly felt incredibly small and vulnerable.  You bit into your lip, and quietly asked him what it was about.

“We were here, with the kids. It was great, but then we were all at the beach and there was a bonfire.” He paused, wet his lips and moved his face until he was nearly touching his nose to yours. “You were sitting down with El and Max, and there was this little girl with long hair on your lap and she looked just like you. And Dustin and the guys, they were finding shells with this little boy and he looked like you too. A little bit of me, but mostly you.”

You lay there stunned, almost wanting to cry at the feeling that was exploding throughout your entire essence.

Say it say it say it say it I love you say it say it say it

Steve pulled his hand away from the back of your neck and cupped your entire face. He tugged your lip from between your teeth and brushed his thumb along the bright red flesh. You had to say it, had to let him know. It was clawing its way up your throat.

“I love you.” Steve said, “God Y/n, I love you so much.”

You thought your soul might have combusted in that second. A tear escaped down your cheek but Steve was quick to brush it away. You said it back, barely moving your mouth to form the words. Then you were on top of him, covers shoved away as you whimpered “I love you, I love you too Steve,” again and again.

  • <p> <b>what she says:</b> I'm fine<p/><b>what she means:</b> how does kojuro manage to slick his hair up in the day and let it down at night? what kind of gel did they use in the sengoku? did they even have hairgel back then? is he using clips to keep it up? how does it look so good if he's using clips? maybe it's natural? maybe it's maybelline?<p/></p>
Best Of Me - Jimin Version

Summary: Jimin knew he loved you, he loved everything about you. He also knew that he wasn’t ready for a relationship, so he forced himself to hate you and it worked. It left the both of you broken hearted, and you ignoring him. Will he confess to you? Or will you leave him for good?

Best Of Me - 5/7

Word Count: 6777

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The way you tilt your head back when you laugh. The way you scrunch your nose when you’re playing a video game against Jungkook and you’re losing. The way you wrap yourself up into blanket before sitting down, no matter the temperature. The way your hair comes untuck from behind your ears and falls into your face. The way you always talk, with light in your voice, always intrigued at what the others are saying.

Jimin hated it. He hated your laugh, he hated how loud and obnoxious it was. He loved watching you lose against Jungkook, but hated hearing you whine about it. He never understood the blanket concept, even when it’s scorching out, you somehow manage to be covered up. He hates how you never do anything with your hair, how it’s always down and a mess, like you just rolled out of bed. And your voice, it cuts him like glass.

Right now, he’s cringing at just how loud your voice is as you’re complaining to Hoseok about your day at work. Still dressed in your work clothes, you just had to come over and rant to someone. He can hear you plain as day from the living room, interrupting his TV show that he so badly wanted to watch.

“I just don’t understand what went through her mind to do something like that! She completely messed up twenty-five files Hoseok! I would have understand if it was like five, but twenty-five!” You let out a groan and placed your elbows on the countertop as you watched Hoseok grab items from the refrigerator to make a quick dinner.

“I mean, it’s only her what, fifth week, cut her some slack Y/N, she’ll learn.” Hoseok was too forgiving sometimes, you on the other hand didn’t have the patience to be dealing with 25 files being recorded incorrectly. It leaves you to redo them, at home, on your own time.

“Yeah, her fifth week.” You rolled your eyes and massaged your temples with your index fingers. “Hoseok she should know better.”

“Well maybe,” he placed some salad ingredients on the countertop next to you with knife as well, “she was just stressed or got too caught up in her thoughts, I don’t know. Just ask her tomorrow, it’s not like she did it on purpose. Oh can you also cut that tomato?”

You grabbed the knife with your hand and started cutting up the tomato, taking small pieces from it and plopping it into your mouth. “I guess you’re right, I’ll talk to her tomorrow. It’s just,” you set the knife down as Hoseok reached above you for 2 bowls, “now I have to redo all those files.”

Hoseok started making the two of you salads as you grabbed some water from the fridge. You sat at the table as he brought over the 2 bowls. “How about, you stay here and I can help you.” He let out a cheeky grin.

“How about no.” The both of you looked up to be greeted with Jimin leaning against the wall. “How about you go home and get that done.”

“Good afternoon to you too Jimin.” You grinned at him, and Jimin scoffed. “I mean Jimin is right Hobi, I should go home and get this done.”

“No it’s alright, do it here and I can maybe help you. I don’t know with what, but I can try.” Hoseok was trying his best to help take the workload off of you, he hated seeing you stressed out like this. Jimin on the other hand, didn’t mind watching you suffer. As long as you leave at the end of the night or anytime soon, it was just fine for him.

“Are you sure I won’t be intruding?”

“When are you ever intruding? You seriously just barged in here twenty minutes ago!” Hoseok and you both let out a laugh. You nodded your head at him, indicating that he was right. You didn’t need to knock anymore, you were always here, and it helped that you were Taehyung’s childhood friend growing up.

“You have a point, let me just go to my car quickly then and grab everything.” You bustled out of their apartment and Jimin let out a groan.

“Why are you inviting her to stay?” Annoyance laced his voice.

“Uhm I don’t know because she’s our friend?” Hoseok grabbed your bowl along with his and placed them in the dishwasher. “What’s so bad about her being here?”

Jimin ran his hands down his face. “She’s just so annoying hyung! I wanted to watch my TV show but I couldn’t because of her being too loud like always!” Hoseok just laughed.

“Jimin, stop being childish. She’s a friend and we treat with her respect around here.”

“Well she’s your guy's’ friend but she isn’t mine. I can’t stand her.” With that, Jimin left the kitchen and sat back down on the couch, turning the volume up on the TV.

You walked through the door again, with folders in your hand and your laptop case thrown around your shoulder. Hoseoks’ eyes went wide, looking at each folder you had to do. “I told you it was a lot yet you told me to it’s gonna be alright!” You strode past him, heading into the living room. You sat down on the other end of the couch from Jimin, and he glared at you. “What?” You questioned him as you sat everything down, and watched what was on the TV.

“I think you should leave.” He said it darkly, his eyes squinting at you, an annoyed sigh escaping his lips.

“Oh, I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to bother you it’s just my normal spot to go and…”

“Bye.” He waved at you, and turned the volume up even more to silence you. You and Hoseok walked back out into the kitchen, and he helped you place your items neatly on the table.

“I’m sorry if I made him upset.” Apologizing to Hoseok wasn’t going to anything.

“Nah don’t worry about, he’s been in a mood all day.” Opening your laptop bag and retrieving your laptop, you set it out on the table so you and Hoseok could look at the spreadsheets you needed to do. “Well how about,” Hoseok started and he opened one of the folders you had, “you start with this folder, and I’ll organize each folder and hand them to you, and then place the done folders on the other side of us.”

“God you’re a life savior Hobi.” You snatched the folder from his hand as he let out a chuckle. “But if you don’t mind,” his eyes peeled away from the sheets of paper to look at you, “can you get me a blanket please?”


Your eyes were dry, your fingers hurt, your head was pounding, but the 25th file was done and inputted into your laptop. Shutting your laptop, you stared at Hoseok and let out a sigh. “How long was that?” Hoseok peered down at his watch and his eyes went wide. “What?”

“Five hours Y/N, oh my god.” He rubbed his eyes intensely as he drug out the last word in his sentence.

“I think it was only five hours because Tae and Namjoon came back.” You grabbed your laptop case and placed it on the table while sliding your laptop into it.

“Tae acted like he hadn’t seen you in years when he saw you yesterday morning.” Hoseok rolled his eyes at the younger boy, as he stood up and pushed in his chair. The only light that was on was a small one above the table, otherwise the whole house was dark and quiet.

“Oh be nice, that’s my best friend ya know?” A half smile came across your lips as you stood as well, stretching. “Thanks again for the help, and I’m sorry for keeping you up.”

Hoseok waved his hands at you with a little ‘psh’ coming out of his mouth. “It was no problem Y/N, I’m glad you got it done though and can go home and sleep.” You grabbed the neatly stacked files as you adjusted the laptop on your shoulder.

“Ugh sleep sounds amazing right about now.” The blanket you were wrapped up in was now in your hands. You walked to the living room quickly to place it on the couch, but saw Jimin fast asleep and shivering. With the one hand that was available you tossed the blanket over Jimin and fixed it as neatly as you could so it covered him up all the way.

Jimin’s eyes opened faintly to see the image of you adjusting a blanket on him. He didn’t know he was that cold until you woke him up momentarily. “Thanks.” He mumbled out, before turning to his side and dozing off again, or so you thought.

You walked back out into the kitchen to be greeted with Hoseok by the door, waiting for you. “Jimin looked cold so I put the blanket on him.” You sheepishly grin as you slid on your shoes.

“I bet he appreciates that.” Hoseok opened the door for you while saying good-bye and gently shut it. He walked over to the table and turned of the light, and as he was yawning, heading to the bathroom he bumped into Jimin.

“Tell her to not put a blanket on me again.” He shoved the blanket into Hoseok’s chest and walked past him.

“Jimin she only did it because you were cold.” Hoseok threw the blanket onto the couch as the younger got to the bathroom before him.

“Well tell her thanks for waking me up.” He slammed the door on Hoseok, and Hoseok let out a little growl.

“Well maybe you should thank her because every time you sleep on the couch your neck ends up hurting.” Hoseok waited for a reply from Jimin, but nothing came out his mouth. Hoseok stood there contently, knowing that he was right. The door finally opened and Jimin walked out.

“Well tell her that I hate her.”

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Hello hi! I have a prompt if you're feeling up to it? There is so much of Andrew looking after sick!Neil but can we have it reversed? I think Andrew would low-key (highkey) love the focused attention from Neil (also,,, Neil not being sure how to look after sick people and turning to advice from the other foxes as discreetly as possible bc there's no way Andrew wants them knowing he's anything less than impenetrable)

(I did my best w this prompt from one POV, sorry it took so very absurdly long! lots of Andrew thoughts with a side of useless boy dialogue)

He wakes up bleary and dry-mouthed, his tongue catching on his hard palate like papers rustling together. Andrew squints into his pillow, pressing two fingers into the eyelid of one streaming eye. The sun is too dilute to touch him, and the breeze from the cracked window chills him so much that it hurts, muscles locked and shivering.

He knew he was getting sick when the hurt that lives inside him flared real, visible and disgusting. All this hacking, running, sweating makes him vulnerable, loud when he wants to be quiet. Neil had called him overdramatic. He’d dragged the covers to his side of the bed in reply, battered sleep’s door until it splintered.

Now he feels like he always felt in the heart-racing countdown to withdrawal, fighting through sweat and aches and cracking lips, cracking skin, cracking strength. Whiskey won’t help him here though. Nothing will help him here, after rowing through the confused, freezing night and only now washing up in foggy morning, fever lapping at him.

Something drips onto his hot forehead and his chest pumps hard, startled. His eyes flash open.

Neil is frowning, looming over him and holding a cold rag that’s a bit too wet. It’s clumsy, but it feels better when Neil arranges it on his sweaty brow. His hand stays on the compress, a sustaining pressure, like he’s healing with just his hands and his willpower. Water runs into his hair like tears.

“How are you?” Neil asks. His other hand walks from the bedspread to Andrew’s side, he can feel the fingertips becoming a full-palmed press. It’s the comfort of a person who always feels better when he’s touched hard and deliberately, alive in a way he can feel.

Andrew doesn’t reply, but he knows that his closed eyes and relaxed body mean something to Neil. He trusts him with his hot forehead and his bedside.

“You look bad,” Neil continues.

“I am not playing,” Andrew says hoarsely. “If that’s what you’re angling for so tactfully.”

Neil’s hands retreat, Andrew’s forehead folds under the rag where no one will see. “I’m here because you’re my— I’m not worried about our goalie, I’m worried about you.”

“You’re here because this is your room,” Andrew corrects.

“Fine,” Neil says, voice full of the opposite. “I’m going to practice, anyway, since that’s all I care about.”

Andrew feels him leave their bed, and he finds that the wet smell of his hair was keeping his headache at bay. Another drop of water rolls down his temple, and he scrubs the compress from his face so he can watch Neil leave, but he’s already gone.

It haunts his heart, for a while, the snapped olive branch, the hurt that put its fist in its mouth and left the room so Andrew wouldn’t see it properly.

He knows, deep in him, that he’s not being any different than usual, but he also knows what Neil might have expected, seeing him spread out in their bed with his eyes wet. He’s trying to fix Andrew’s surface like he never tries to fix what’s underneath.

Neil doesn’t have the vocabulary for sickness that isn’t terminal, though. He can’t fathom something between a bandaid and a prosthetic.

He drifts, for hours, so thirsty that he can feel it in his skin, so stuffed from throat to nose that he can only breathe dry and heavy through his mouth. He can hear the wheeze inside of him.

In foster care, they would make him sleep in the garage when he got sick. They didn’t want him to infect a house full of already difficult children. He remembers watching the shadows of feet moving in the light under the door, the way the cold only made him sicker and angrier, a yoga mat between his body and the concrete.

He blinks and his eyes are crusted together. He can taste salt. He thinks of Neil and the pain in his chest changes. He latches onto the feeling, like the garage door opening in the morning, letting him back into the warmth.

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