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What's your favorite thing about being gay/dating a girl? (Like sharing clothes, not getting pregnant, etc)

Not getting pregnant is the bomb tbh

I could honestly go on forever about this question tho bc I’m that fucking gay… so I’ll just give you the spark notes


why do tv/movie producers and authors think that adequate lgbtq+ representation is Cis White Young Gay Boy Side Character™? what about lgbtq+ people of color? what about lgbtq+ women? what about trans and non-binary people? what about (alive) lesbians, bisexuals, pansexuals, and asexuals? what about people who discover their sexuality/gender identity later in life? and here’s a novel thought: what about an lgbtq+ main character whose sexuality isn’t queerbait…. BUT in a show/movie/book that isn’t about their sexuality/gender identity? ((you don’t see media about people coming to terms with the fact that they’re straight :)) 

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Okay, I'm asking this because I'm genuinely curious. Why do people think Keith is gay coded? I really haven't seen any characters show romantic interest besides Lance, obviously, and maybe Hunk and Shay. Or maybe I should say that I didn't interpret many scenes as showing ship potential. Not a lot of moments scream chemistry to me, especially not with Keith, but I think if I saw people's reasoning, I'd understand better. What is it about his portrayal that people think is gay coded?

thanks for asking this bc i wanted to talk about it before but had no reason/didn’t know how

with all his moments with allura they could’ve made his attraction to her (if he had any) MUCH more obvious, and if allura and keith WERE going to get together they would’ve shown his attraction by now.

for an example:

if they wanted to show some attraction here they would’ve made keith have SOME expression, blush, anything. instead he has no reaction whatsoever.

like that’s not a face someone who’s into girls would make if they had ALLURA in their arms

I’ve read lots of people write about how Yuuri is such a wonderful gay icon but what about Victor?! I MEAN

Come on

The guy has a pink ferrari for God’s sake 


He has been the pro of what he does since he was a teen 

he takes cute pictures with him and his beloved dog for the press

his whole country loves him

he is not only comfortable but happy to play both a female and male part

He can get away with those lines

this one speaks for itself

he has insecurities about his hair


He is more beautiful than a disney princess

and he is a genuinely kind person 


he gets to spend the rest of his life

with the cute boy he fell in love with 

and live happily ever after

really, Vitya is an inspiration to us all

Some tips to writing gay sex when you aren’t a gay guy:

When your characters are cis men:

  • Preparation can be key. If your character didn’t expect to have sex that night, then he probably isn’t prepared. If there is penetration going to be happening, some men prefer to get themselves ready… y’know… clean up. Otherwise bad stuff can sometimes happen and it’s not pleasant for either person.
  • LUBE. Not spit. LUBE. Spit dries up really easily and it can pull on that sensitive flesh and that’s not a pleasant experience for most people. There are also different types of lube which you can choose from depending on the type of situation!
  • There are other ways of having sex then putting dick in butt. Many other ways. Explore them! This also applies to every other gender.
  • Stretching before penetration is important, it can REALLY hurt otherwise. Your character needs to be relaxed, but don’t overstretch them (that can hurt too). That ain’t fun buddy, don’t put your character through that.
  • Don’t just… have your guy who is on top slam his dick into the other? That’s not fun, put some speed differences in there, have him pay attention to the other’s responses.

When the characters are trans men:

  • All trans men are different, much like all cis men are different, and all girls are different, and all other-gendered-folk are different as well. Each has their own experience with their lives, these notes are just things that I’ve personally learned along the way, so they may not be applicable to everyone!
  • After going on HRT (hormone replacement therapy), men can grow facial hair and get a deeper voice.
  • If your character shows signs of having hormones, he may not be able to produce natural lubrication anymore in his parts. Much like cismen, he also needs lube.
  • Some trans men prefer anal, just cause gender dysphoria can suck sometimes.
  • Try to stray away from calling your trans character terms like ‘tranny’ or other terms that can be hurtful. (Some older generations may find power in the term, so this can change.)
  • Some trans men feel uncomfortable when people start talking about their ‘pussy’, calling them ‘woman’, or wanting to ‘impregnate them’ (which for some people -not all though- is impossible once you’ve been on HRT for a while). You might trigger the aforementioned gender dysphoria again in your readers, but also in your character.
  • It’s not a good feeling, so maybe stray away from that! :)
  • Be kind to your trans man, (and your other characters of course), so give him things that make him feel validated as the man he truly is. Use he/him/his pronouns, be obvious about it.

Feel free to add more! This is not an all-encompassing list!
It’s also good to note that everything changes from person to person, so feel free to do some research and talk to trans and cis men alike, go out and write what you like, what makes you happy!

My fav thing about this series is we have this canon line that Keith sleeps like a baby, but hes often made out to be an insomniac. Idk why I find that interesting.

Im off my work schedule so far I don’t even care. Sure I have a plan but Ive been interesting in trying to learn new things.. This time.. calming the fuck down. I tend to go over board when it comes to makeing stuff look perfect. I want a sketcher tone to my work.

I realize this line may be wrong cause im going off memory but you get the idea


You clean up nice.

the boy who stole sweaters

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when girls shut their eyes really tight and tilt their head back while they’re laughing my heart explodes with love


dancing lessons

dedicated to my favorite person, rena, for making me love these two

People actually expect me to believe that if you throw a group of only one sex inside a fucking maze with no memories, no social, cultural or religious discourses forced upon them, no outside influences of any kind for years and years with only each other to grow close too, trust, survive with, protect, build with, bond with etc.