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"The way I see it even if you’re asexual heteroromantic, you’re not straight, so yes." then what about gay aces? pan aces? bi? you're erasing their identity, no?

The question was about heteroromantic aces. Not mentioning gay/bi/pan aces in my answer doesn’t constitute erasure. The question was nothing to do with them, so I don’t see how they would be relevant. Unless you meant something else.

I just saw a post that made me think of this and it’s always been a thing that bothers me. Exclusionists say that while there are similarities between the struggles of asexual people and the rest of the community, they don’t risk death for being who they are so obviously they don’t belong. Before I even get to my main point, Id like to say how much I hate this idea that there is a particular level of discrimination you have to experience to belong in the community. That’s complete bullshit. But what I hate about this specifically is the fact that i, as a gay womam living in the extremely homophobic south (in trump’s america), have never been in a life threatening situation because of my identity. My coming out experience wasn’t awful, it was honestly pretty positive if you rule out my asshole dad that was a dick before I came out so really nothing changed there. Where I work, there’s pretty much not a single person that would attack me or my beliefs. So what I’m trying to say is according to this required level of discrimination, I’m not technically a part of this community either. But I guess since I’m gay and not ace it’s okay. I magically belong. I call bullshit and I’d like to say that I think ace people belong in my community and this is a safe space for you all.

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But if we get a Magnus clip it will probably be about Vilde and we've already seen her 3 times this week and if it's about Eskild (going to the Gay Pride ?) then what does it have to do with Sana's Eid party ? On the contrary Elias is obviously going through something, it's been hinted multiple times and on the two latest hei briskeby videos. And it would be an opportunity maybe to see Linn or the balloon squad, or hear about Yousef. It just makes more sense than an Eskild or Magus clip...

Same same same. That’s exactly what I think
I love Magnus and I love Eskild but Elias makes more sense. Why would they keep hinting at him if they’re not going to explain it?

i know everyone describes mothman as being a big, fluffy black (or white in some accounts) moth creature but what if, because it was usually dark/in the distance when people saw it

one time mothman comes out in the daytime and everyone sees that mothman really looks like this

mothman is pink and yellow. it’s just a huge rosy maple moth.

Some tips to writing gay sex when you aren’t a gay guy:

When your characters are cis men:

  • Preparation can be key. If your character didn’t expect to have sex that night, then he probably isn’t prepared. If there is penetration going to be happening, some men prefer to get themselves ready… y’know… clean up. Otherwise bad stuff can sometimes happen and it’s not pleasant for either person.
  • LUBE. Not spit. LUBE. Spit dries up really easily and it can pull on that sensitive flesh and that’s not a pleasant experience for most people. There are also different types of lube which you can choose from depending on the type of situation!
  • There are other ways of having sex then putting dick in butt. Many other ways. Explore them! This also applies to every other gender.
  • Stretching before penetration is important, it can REALLY hurt otherwise. Your character needs to be relaxed, but don’t overstretch them (that can hurt too). That ain’t fun buddy, don’t put your character through that.
  • Don’t just… have your guy who is on top slam his dick into the other? That’s not fun, put some speed differences in there, have him pay attention to the other’s responses.

When the characters are trans men:

  • All trans men are different, much like all cis men are different, and all girls are different, and all other-gendered-folk are different as well. Each has their own experience with their lives, these notes are just things that I’ve personally learned along the way, so they may not be applicable to everyone!
  • After going on HRT (hormone replacement therapy), men can grow facial hair and get a deeper voice.
  • If your character shows signs of having hormones, he may not be able to produce natural lubrication anymore in his parts. Much like cismen, he also needs lube.
  • Some trans men prefer anal, just cause gender dysphoria can suck sometimes.
  • Try to stray away from calling your trans character terms like ‘tranny’ or other terms that can be hurtful. (Some older generations may find power in the term, so this can change.)
  • Some trans men feel uncomfortable when people start talking about their ‘pussy’, calling them ‘woman’, or wanting to ‘impregnate them’ (which for some people -not all though- is impossible once you’ve been on HRT for a while). You might trigger the aforementioned gender dysphoria again in your readers, but also in your character.
  • It’s not a good feeling, so maybe stray away from that! :)
  • Be kind to your trans man, (and your other characters of course), so give him things that make him feel validated as the man he truly is. Use he/him/his pronouns, be obvious about it.

Feel free to add more! This is not an all-encompassing list!
It’s also good to note that everything changes from person to person, so feel free to do some research and talk to trans and cis men alike, go out and write what you like, what makes you happy!


dancing lessons

dedicated to my favorite person, rena, for making me love these two

What your fave melodrama track says about you
  • <p> <b>Green Light:</b> You're gay<p/><b>Sober:</b> You're gay<p/><b>Homemade Dynamite:</b> You're gay<p/><b>The Louvre:</b> You're gay<p/><b>Liability:</b> You're gay<p/><b>Hard Feelings/Loveless:</b> You're gay<p/><b>Sober II (Melodrama):</b> You're gay<p/><b>Writer In The Dark:</b> You're gay and sad<p/><b>Supercut:</b> You're gay<p/><b>Liability (Reprise):</b> You're gay<p/><b>Perfect Places:</b> You're gay<p/></p>

Starz network writer in 2013 about to pitch Black Sails: so you know how you read Treasure Island and see mentions of an ornery sea captain named James Flint who died before the beginning of the book and think “wow what a gay icon”?

Starz network executive in 2013 about to approve the pitch for Black Sails: yes I’m with you so far


I have no idea.