what about the choice of the ones that are breathing and housing these unborn babies

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Chain of Command: Part 5.

Claire traced the pattern on the rough table, trying to avoid making eye contact with Mama Crook who –with a very motherly stare– was keeping council with her in the privacy of the downstairs study.

“Who, Claire, ye need to tell me, aye?”

Dipping her head closer to the wooden hardtop, Claire tried to contain the butterflies that were forming in her belly.

She shook her head.

“Did he force ye? You can tell me. Ye *ken* me, Claire…”


For six months she’d managed to conceal the child, using rags to hold her belly flat under her skirts after her failed ‘escape’ attempt. But in a moment of weakness, she’d snuck away from her duties, undone her bindings - just as her baby began to move within her - and just sat with her palms cradled over the unborn babe.

Mrs Crook watched her sneak away and had followed, curious as to why Claire had been so withheld recently. Pushing the door open, she viewed Claire with a sort of awed-wonder as the lass stripped down and sat cross legged on the floor, cradling her extended belly with such peaceful reverence.


Claire shook her head again, keeping the identity of her secret lover concealed.

Huffing out an audible sigh, Mrs Crook dropped her joined hands onto the tabletop, her patience wearing thin as the minutes ticked by.

“Claire, ye need t-”

Opening the door, Brian plowed into the small room a large smile on his face as he viewed the two women, “Mrs Crook! I need some…” his words trailed off as he took in the tense scene in front of him, his smile faltering as he caught the sweep of Claire’s belly beneath her thin dress.

“Mary, mother and bride,” he cursed, pulling a chair beside Mrs Crook as his weight fell into the seat with a solid thump.

“Dinna ask me who, sir,” she sighed in defeat, “I canna get her t’ tell me who’s fathered the bairn.”

Holding his hand up to Mrs Crook a look of understanding crossed Brian Fraser’s face as he placed his large palm over Claire’s joined ones. “Claire, lassie, who?”

Remaining stoic, Claire pressed her lips together, Brian’s familiar blue eyes piercing her armour as she tried to stay quiet. “You’ll send me away, so what does it matter if you know?” She questioned, her voice stable for the moment as her fingers twitched where they lay beneath his.

No matter what, she wasn’t from their world. Whether she told him the truth or not, she would not be allowed to raise her baby the way she’d dreamed since discovering her new circumstances.

“Ach! It *does* matter, Claire,” Brian whispered, his hard stare holding some unspoken emotion that Claire couldn’t place, “especially if it’s someone who hurt ye! And we willna send ye away, why would ye think such a thing?”

Hiding her head beneath her curls, Claire pulled her eyes away.

“Is that the reason fer *Inverness*?” Brian whispered, sensing her crumbling resolve he changed tack, his palms rubbing soothing circles over Claire’s clammy hands.

Claire’s cheeks pinked but she remained quiet.

“Did I ever tell ye,” he began, a wistful reverence in his tone, “about my mother, Claire?”

Bringing her head up, Claire studiously ignored Mama Crook as her eyes locked with Brian’s once more. Shaking her head, she licked her lips as unshed tears welled in her eyes. “No,” she replied, the hunched set of her shoulders relaxing a little as she settled to listen to his tale.

Seeing her calm, Brian’s mouth twitched upwards as he continued. He had an idea, of course, as to why Claire was being so coy about her tryst. But he wanted her to tell him the truth of it without having to force the information from her. He knew that this story was likely the only thing to break down the walls which she’d built around her wee secret.

“Ye already ken Jamie and Jenny’s grand-sire, aye?” He forged ahead, waiting only briefly for Claire’s nod in between words, “weel, he met my ma in a rather unconventional position…”

Sitting on the guest bed, Claire shifted her weight. The mattress was incredibly comfortable but she just couldn’t seem to relax. Despite his best efforts, Brian had been unable to coax the identity of Claire’s mystery suitor from her. She very nearly cracked after hearing his story but the more rational part of her saw through his attempts to prize the information from her. In the end, the story saw Brian’s mother raise him alone - without the help of Simon Fraser. Only in guilt had the man gifted Lallybroch to Brian and Claire could only see the same fate for herself and the baby. Why bring Jamie’s reputation into disrepute? She’d rather continue to conceal it in the hopes that Jamie wouldn’t feel the need to claim ownership of her unborn once he discovered her secret.

She’d come this far, already in too deep, Claire -as stubborn as she was- had chosen her path.

Ellen clicked the door open, pushing the thick wood slowly so as not to spook Claire. She had returned home to find Brian with his head in his hands and and empty dram of whisky drained on the table in front of him.

He’d only to say two words and Ellen knew it all.

‘She’s pregnant.’

With the words still echoing around her head as she snuck into the bedchamber.

“Claire?” She questioned quietly, reaching her hand out to run over the young lassie’s hair as she tried to hide her eyes from Ellen. “Ye ken what you mean to me, to us…” she began, her hands trembling a little as she tried to quash Claire’s misgivings. “I wouldna be here today if it wasne for you.”

“I’m so sorry, Ellen,” Claire blurted, her emotions boiling over at Ellen’s motherly touch.

“What is there to be sorry for, a leannan? I dinna think there is anything ye need apologise for. But we canna do more until you tell us…tell me, Claire…” she pleaded, “please?”

When Claire still refused to speak, she tried one last thing. Wrapping her arm around Claire’s shaking shoulders, she brought her against her chest. “Ye ken how strong our Scottish blood is, Claire,” she whispered, “tell us and we can assure you both safety and protection before the bairn arrives. Do you want to be a family?”

The question was supposed to be rhetorical, but Ellen did not, and had never believed in the impossibility of any situation.

“You’ll send me away once you know,” she spoke repeating the same worry to Ellen as she had to Brian, her voice muffled as she burrowed deeper into the wool of her shawl. “Or take my baby away from me. Why yearn for something I can never have?”

“This has to be your choice, Claire. I canna force yer honesty. But I will strive to help you in any possible way. And we would *ne’er* remove your child from ye.” That particular statement and cut Ellen deep - for Claire to assume that either her or Brian would punish her so severely made her heart ache. 

Taking Claire’s hand in her own, Ellen first ran their joined palms over Claire’s belly and then raised them to place over her own heart. “Trust in us, Claire. We will see ye safe.”

Closing her eyes tight, Claire felt the steady beat of Ellen’s heart and swallowed. “I should have told him first,” Claire sighed, tears falling down her cheeks as she opened her eyes again, staring directly at Ellen as she tried to convey meaning with simply a look. “W-will you tell him I’m sorry for it…?”

Padding downstairs, Ellen huffed out a rather large breath as she pressed herself to Brian’s side.

“How is she?” He asked, eager to know if his clever wife had managed to wrangle the truth from Claire.

“Scared still,” Ellen sighed. “She thinks she’s alone.”

“Have ye managed to convince her that view is supremely foolish?” Brian chuckled worriedly.

If anyone could do it, Ellen could. After Jamie, Ellen was the Fraser with whom Claire had the strongest bond.

“What’s amiss, Mam?” Jamie piped up, his voice echoing through the almost-silent room. Brian and Ellen’s eye rose to meet his immediately. They’d been so deep in thought that neither had seen or heard their youngest enter until he’d made himself known.

“Son,” Ellen coaxed, patting the sofa next to her as she spoke, “before I tell ye, I think we need a wee chat, aye?”

Sitting with some trepidation, Jamie perched on the end of the seat with his fingers strumming out a nervous rhythm against his bare knees. “It’s Claire, isn’t it?” He broached, unaware of her current predicament. She had been off-colour for a while, avoiding him completely in recent weeks. He’d been busy though, which had made giving her space easier.

Brian took Ellen’s hand, watching as Jamie’s gaze flittered restlessly between them both. After Willie had been taken, sickness in the house always came with some manner of trepidation.

“Jamie,” Ellen began, her eyes serious as she clutched Brian’s hand tightly, “Claire’s pregnant.”

Steeling himself, Jamie wrung his hands together as he stood outside the guest bedroom door. The distinct sound of sobbing filtered under the door and his heart shattered at the idea of Claire suffering alone for all this time, afraid and unable to come to him with her news.

*Promised*, his mother had told him. She’d spent most of their romantic time together thinking their actions to be illicit - all because of some misconceived notion that he was to wed another.

In a moment of weakness as a child, his grief at losing his brother consuming him inside and out, he’d made a promise to his father. Claire had been his beacon. His shining light. And no matter how she saw herself, he saw the treasure she truly was. In those dire days he had promised Brian that one day Claire would be his bride - no matter what.

Brian, it seemed, had taken him at his word to this day. The rumours that had been spilt throughout Broch Tuarach had not been wrong, he was permanently entangled with someone whom he loved greatly. But since the name of the lucky lassie had been conveniently omitted - to allow Jamie the chance to woo his intended properly - Claire had only heard a partial truth.

She’d craved Jamie, labouring under the assumption that sometime soon he’d be betrothed to another woman.

Suddenly her downtrodden mood over Laoghaire became clear to him as the mist evaporated before his eyes.

Cursing his foolishness, Jamie berated himself for the lack of clarity on his behalf. This mess would not have occurred had he cleared Claire’s misconceptions. Had he not allowed her to block his every attempt at making his position clear to her, they would *not* be in this situation now.  

Opening the door, he walked across the wood paneled floor and knelt beside the cushioned four poster bed.

“Why, Claire?” He muttered, taking hold of her frozen hands as he began to kiss her frigid digits. “Why did ye spend all this time thinking yerself no’ fit for me?”

Stunned, Claire remained silent. She’d expected the ‘why’. After all, Jamie was loyal to a fault. To think that he’d missed the chance to resolve this mess earlier would have certainly had him in knots. But she hadn’t expected latter part of his statement.

Ellen’s calming influence earlier had worked. Within moments of their unusual mother/daughter-like conversation beginning she’d broken, sobbing relentlessly as she hiccuped through her sorry tale.

“Because I’m not, Jamie. You’re the Laird Broch Tuarach… and I’m plain Claire, nothing more.”

“No!” Jamie cried, tears slipping from his eyes as he leaned forwards, pressing his forehead gently against hers, “dinna you ever say that, Claire!” He castigated, his patience at the depredation of her self-worth depleting.

“It’s you, mo nighean donn. It’s always been you! Can’t you see?” He begged, pleaded, his tone reverent and true as he grasped her tightly.

“All of those years ago, I pledged myself to ye. My body, my heart…everything. I told da. So yes, I am promised. I was *always* promised…but to you, Claire.”

Fresh tears cascaded down her cheeks now as she dragged in a ragged breath, relief and sorrow coursing through her veins as she hurled herself from the bed and into Jamie’s waiting arms.

“Oh, Jamie,” she spluttered, gripping onto his shirt so tightly that she almost tore into the fabric, “I l-love you…God how I love you.”

“Then you’ll have me?” He whispered, his lips caressing her ear slowly as he pressed his flat belly against her round one, the feel of his child between them emboldening his words by touch alone. “Because, Christ, Claire, if I don’t love ye too. I always have…”

Announcement [Zach Dempsey]

Pairing:Zach Dempsey x pregnant!reader

Request:Hi, could you do a imagine where Reader and Zach are going to have a baby and have to tell their parents and friends? ❤

A/N:This is so far from what you requested so i’m sorry!Your girl here messes up all the time!-M

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credits for this amazing gif go to its amazing owner

Having to tell their parents was the biggest and most serious decision they’d ever made in their lives.But they were confident they would understand and help them.Besides,where there’s love there’s comprehension,empathy.

Y/N sighed deeply as she held her boyfriend’s hands.Their first stop was Y/N’s home.Her and Zach were both sitting on the living room couch,waiting for the girl’s mother to return from work.

“Hey,no need to worry.Everything’s gonna be okay…“He reassured and kissed her forehead.She weakly smiled at him.

“But what if it’s not?What if she kicks me out of the house?” She asked put her right hand on her head.

“You’ll come live with me.” He said but when he saw that she was ready to cry,he added: “But there is no way she’ll kick you out.No way!”

That was when the front door opened and Y/N’s mom came to sight.

“Hey guys!” She said with a huge smile on her face.She left her supermarket paper bags in the kitchen and came to hug Zach.

“How are you doing,dude?”

Y/N burst out laughing.Her mom was so awkward.

“Hello Miss Y/L/N.I’m good how about you?“He said and looked at Y/N who gave him a thumbs up,still laughing.

“Y/N,may i know where’s the funny part?“Asked her mother as she pulled away from Zach and lightly patted his back.As she was about to go upstairs,Y/N’s words stopped her.

“Um,mom?Can you please sit down?We’ve something to tell you.”

Her face had gotten serious now.Her heart was beating so fast and she felt lightheaded.But she had to say it.There was no other choice.

Y/N’s mom nodded and sat in front of them,on one of the brown couches,and Zach found his place next to his girlfriend.

“Okay,why are you two like this?Did something bad happen?“Y/N’s mom asked curiously.

“Look,” Y/N started and placed her hand on Zach’s knee. “You like Zach,right?”

Her mom let out a small laugh.

“Of course i do,what kind of question is this?I love Zach,he’s like the son i never had!Why?” Y/N bit her lip and glanced at Zach.He smiled and nodded.He believed in her.He believed she would handle it perfectly.He was so proud of her.At that moment,he was the happiest man alive.

“Well,” Y/N said hesitantly.Come on,it was just a sentence,consisting of three little words.


“You may not like it but…I am pregnant.And Zach and i are willing to keep it whether you like it or not.You can tell me whatever you want,you can spit on my face,you can shout at me but i’m not changing my mind…”

Her eyes were watery then.She couldn’t believe that she had finally said it.It took a lot of courage,not many people did this every day.But she did it.And all she could do was patiently wait for her mother’s response.

Miss Y/L/N was shocked.At first her mouth was open in shock.It seemed like she wanted to say something,to prove that she was still there.But she couldn’t.A few tears came out of her eyes and with shaky hands,she wiped them away.Soon,a smile appeared on her lips.She got up and reached for her daughter.She lifted her up and rested her hands on her shoulders.

“I,” she said in a low voice, “am going to be the best grandma a kid could ever ask for.” Y/N and Zach couldn’t believe their ears.The girl hugged her mother so tightly,she could barely breathe.

"Are you serious?”


Y/N pulled away and made way for Zach to come hug her too.

"You’re a good boy Zach.I promise that me and my husband will be by your side every step of the way.”

“Thank you so much Miss Y/L/N!”

Y/N was relieved.Zach was right,her mom did understand.And she was sure her dad would too.But it wasn’t over yet.There was still one home waiting to be informed.A home where she was always welcomed and felt wanted every single day.Would Zach’s parents react the same way as her mother?She wasn’t sure.

But where there’s love, there’s comprehension, there’s empathy.And that was what made her smile wide and already imagine her embracing Zach’s family and her beautiful unborn child.

ISSUES -Part Two

Read part one- HERE 

Negan x you

When the saviours turn up early Negan comes face to face with one of the secrets Rick has been keeping from him. His eldest daughter.

Upcoming chapters will contain a lot of smut, suggestive rape, suggestive drug usage and of course bad language from the start.  

Word count 3,283 

Part Two

My breath sped up as everyone stood frozen in place waiting for what was gong to come next.

He seemed to be thinking deeply and it worried me. I could feel it pouring off of us.     

What was he going to do?

This couldn’t be good.

Rick should never of left.

I bloody told him.

If The Saviors were just going to turn up when ever they wanted he couldn’t keep going out and leaving.  Some of these people stupidly looked up to him and he owed them more than he could ever realise. I wish I could look up to him but  I didn’t agree with a lot of the things that had been happening recently and my trust was gone long before the dead started walking among us. 

Attacking that outpost had been the biggest mistake and Glen and Abraham paid the price for it. Sasha, Maggie and her unborn baby would have to live with that. Have those pictures run through their minds for the rest of their lives. That would never ever leave them.

Our family was fractured and I didn’t see anyway that was going to be fixed. How could it?

This man might of been semi responsible but Rick, the so called and self proclaimed leader was at the centre of it all.

Quickly I moved my eyes to look over our people and noticed Carl wasn’t here. What the fuck?  

Shaking my head slightly I hoped he had done what I told him not too do. As stupid as that sounds I hoped he was on his way to Hilltop.

With any luck Edith caught up with him and Judith was safe with the both of them.

“Okayyyyyy” he tapped the wire covered bat on concrete road beneath us “This is what’s going to happen” he began walking up and down looking every Alexandrian in the eye as he did  “My people are going to go in these homes and take what they want and you’re going to stay out here and behave like the good little boys and girls I know you can be”  he pulls the bat up to eye level in Arron’s face “You can sit, you can stand but you can’t move from out here until I damn well say so” he smiled wickedly and then started to move in your direction again.

I could feel my heart start to beat faster as he moved. Oh shit.

“Now” he pointed the barbwire covered bat right at you “ y/e”

“Oh fuck” I muttered under my breath. However apparently not quiet enough because the arse who was holding my arm chuckled. Oh fuck indeed.

“That’s Rick the pricks house. Right?” He tilted his head to our house that only a few moments ago you had been standing in front of with Edith and Judith. I couldn’t seem to form any words so I simply nodded my head swallowing the extra saliva that was now pooling in my mouth.

“Excellent” he threw his arms in the air “Time for some fun boys!” And just like that most of the saviors scattered forcing their way into our homes once again while the rest stayed with their guns pointed towards us.

Closing my eyes briefly I sighed as the one who had been holding my arm released it. Defiantly going to have a serious bruise from his fingers. Thanks fucker.

“Don’t look so sad little one” you jumped as you felt warm fingers pull your chin upwards.

Opening my eyes I once again came face to face with Negan. I didn’t hear or feel him move this close to me and that was alarming.

“Now I have got a special task for you darling” he stood up straight, releasing my chin as he did.

I started internally freaking out what did he mean by ’special’?

“I am thirsty” thirsty? “So you can follow me into Rick the Pricks house over here and make me some god damn lemonade!” Lemonade? He started walking away from you “Todayyyy!” He called over his shoulder as I starred at his back kind of in shock.

He wants me to make him lemonade? I didn’t know if we even had any in the kitchen. Shit.

This was it. Dad was going to come home and I was going to dead, splattered all over the damn place because we didn’t have any fucking lemonade.

I took a step forward to follow but then froze.  I could see Rosita shaking her head at me telling me not to follow him.

“DO NOT MAKE ME ASK AGAIN Y/E!” Looking at the house I found him standing at the front door pointing that damn bat at me. | didn’t like the thing, I assume thats why he has it. Scare tactic.

Quickly, not allowing myself to look at anyone else I made my way towards him, walking straight through the open door, him following silently behind.

The sound of the door clicking shut made me nervous.

It was just the two of us.

Negan and me.

Me and Negan.

The man who killed for fun.

If Dad was here he would be freaking out right about now.

I couldn’t help but nervously smile at that as I reached the kitchen. He would probably be more concerned that he wasn’t the one alone with Negan. Looking for a weakness he could use against him.

Not knowing if he was following behind me or not I move quickly. He wanted lemonade and that is what I was going to do. With any luck once he had his drink, if we even had any that is. God please let there be enough to make him at least one glass.  

Hopefully he will leave.

I could hear a lot of shouting and banging occurring outside as his men took even more of the stuff from our homes.

This wasn’t going to end well. Fuck sake Dad.

Opening a cupboard I let out a breath I wasn’t aware I’d been holding and pulled out a tub of lemonade. Thank god it doesn’t feel empty.

Olivia must of brought it over when she was looking after Judith yesterday.

Smiling I quickly made his damn drink. Aware the entire time that he was watching me from across the room.

The sound of a thud echoed throughout the room made me jump, my eyes quickly looked towards him. For the first time since being alone.

He was starring right back at me with those hazel eyes and that lop-sided smile.

“You’re very quiet” he noted as I went back to making his drink “Unusual in fact women normally don’t shut the fuck up unless you threaten to knock knock” he chuckled eyeing his weapon of choice.

Finding my voice I replied in a semi sarcastic voice “Yeah, well good for them”

His laugh caught you off guard and you spilt some of the lemonade on your hand and the floor as it poured into a glass.

“I like you” What? “No bullshit…. Itssssss” he waved a hand in the air “Refreshing

I must be hallucinating. Right?

“See your leader, Rick the Prick he..”

“My Dad” I blurted out not thinking. Oh shitting hell I should not of said that. Dad is going to kill me, if Negan doesn’t first.

“Excuse me?” He stood up straight “Ohhhhh so that explains the stink eye He’s your Daddy?”

Staying silent I just placed the glass on the table that separated us and moved backwards so my back was against the work top crossing my arms over my chest.

“So Daddy Rick has been hiding you from me then?” I didn’t answer. To be honest I didn’t dare speak as the man before me picked up the glass and brought it to his lips “Thats very interesting” he added with wide eyes before taking a sip.

“Damn thats good!” I Smiled, relieved.

“You sure are something” he snickered “So Daddy isn’t going to be home anytime soon? Shame I was hoping to see him”


“I miss him” he laughed at some kind of joke he must be thinking off. I sure as hell didn’t see why that was funny.

“So y/e” he said before taking another mouthful of lemonade “Lets talk” he pointed towards the front room before walking over to and sitting down almost gracefully onto one of the sofas, leaving his bat on the table in the kitchen.

“Come on” he patted the space next to him “I don’t bite” at that I raised my brows and walked closer “Well unless you ask ever so nicely anyway” he winked and I couldn’t help but laugh.

Really laugh.

I don’t remember the last time I laughed like this.

You know one of those full on belly laughs that makes you slightly light headed?

“Well that was fucking a beautiful sight and sound sweetheart” Negan speaking stopped me almost instantly and I suddenly remembered where I was and who I was with.


I had let my guard down for a few seconds there and that was dangerous to do in this world now. Dangerous to do with this man.

Ignoring his earlier move for me to sit down next to him I sat in a chair opposite instead.

“Okay” he said placing the now half empty glass down with a clink on the coffee table that we never used “Lets get straight to the point”

I could feel myself breathing harder as I nervously watched the man before me who didn’t fault as he held my gaze.

He both was and wasn’t what I thought he would be like at all.

The way they spoke about him he sounded more like a wild cave man from the prehistoric time than the one who was calmly sat in front of me now.

I knew he was dangerous, I wasn’t stupid, you couldn’t miss that but there was something more about him and I couldn’t put my finger on what it was exactly.

“Now you look like a smart girl y/e”

Did he just compliment me?

There was a odd tension building in the air as I continued to look at the man before me.

What was he going to say?

What was he going to do?

Why was I even here?

With him?

When he had hand-lessley dragged me into the house he hadn’t known I was Rick’s daughter. What was he doing?

“Now I know we fucking surprised you guys but thats the name of the game of this world” I could feel my teeth digging into my bottom lip as he spoke in a deep and commanding voice.

Why did he have to be so, so…..charismatic?

I mean I should feel nothing but hatred towards him… right?

“But I’ll let it slide that you didn’t have your great almighty fucking leader Rick the Prick here and I’ll even let it slide that you didn’t have my shit this one time. We came early, I respect that”

The blood pumping around my body began to get warmer as he leant forwards in his seat.

“But what I won’t deal with being damn disrespected”

“I’m no..not” I stuttered.

“Now now” he laughed and stood up towering over me like a damn tree or something that had been growing for hundreds of years “You have been more than hospitable doll but that Daddy of yours” clicking his tongue “He needs to be more respectful. Im not stupid I know he’s up to something

Nodding my head I didn’t know what to say.

“What else Is he hiding from me?” He asked eyeing me “Apart from your glorious self of course”

“I wouldn’t know” I answered honestly. Because that was the truth. I may be Rick Grimes daughter but I was never involved in his little meetings. The only thing I knew he was hiding was Judith and of course Maggie and I was not going to be the one to tell him about either one of them. I would rather face his bat than be the one to tell him. Judith was too innocent to have to face this and Maggie… well she just had been through enough.

“Don’t lie to me y/e” he raised his voice making me jump.

“I’m not lying to you, honestly all I do is stay here and look after Ju.. everyone elsefuck.



I had almost let her name slip between my lips. He seemed to disarm me being around him. I had to be more careful.

“You don’t leave?” He looked me up and down.

Shaking my head “No, not really Rick doesn’t want me out on runs or anything and we’ve been here for a while”

“So the last time you stepped foot outside of these walls was before you got here? To Alexandria?”

“Pretty much” I nodded my head.

There was of course the times you had snuck out, protected Judith and that time you had been to the quarry with that insanely massive heard of walkers.

Apart from that I hadn’t left here since Arron brought us.

I both hated it and was grateful at the same time. I wasn’t stupid though. I knew the reason why was because my Dad didn’t think I could cope, didn’t want me outside of his control, of his watchful gaze or whoever he had around to watch me. He didn’t want my help unless it was to look after the baby that wasn’t even his.  

“Well fuck me sidewaysssss” he started walking around the room. Running a leather clad finger over every surface as he went.

I bit my lip as I watched him move. He was one of the most graceful men I had seen in a very long time and I could feel it, him, awakening something inside of me that I had buried down so, so long ago.

Wait, what?

Stop it.

We hate him.


“Damn thats no fun huh?” He laughed almost evilly but there was something else there too. Almost glee?

“Well I’ll tell you what y/e” he stalked towards me causing me to sit as far back as I could in the chair. “If you ever and I do mean fucking ever want to get outside of these walls and have a little adventure I would be more than fucking happy. Jesus it would make my fucking week to have you at the Sanctuary” Sanctuary? Where was that?

“What?” I asked as he placed a hand on either side of the chairs arms, caging me in.

“Our own little paradise doll” he licked his bottom lip “All you have to do is say yes and you can come” widening his eyes he added “And if you say so in more ways than one” he added with a wink that almost made me openly drool.

My eyes widened and dilated as I processed what he said. Did he just? No?

Shaking my head I simply said “Thanks for the offer but no” Idiot.

“No?” He sighed before standing back up “Offers there anytime y/e. Any fucking time for you. Yes it fucking is. You can have anything you want anytime, get some air in those magnificent lungs” Did he just checkout my boobs?

“Thank you” Why did I just say thank you? The man just said he wanted to make me cum. Only if you said so My subconscious reminded me.

“And if you were to become one of my wives.. then damn sweetheart you just might make my fucking year” his eyes were twinkling and the room was now thick with sexual tension causing the two of us to both breath a little heavier.

“Wives?” As in plural? Fucking hell.

“Perk of the new world” he stroad away towards his bat, picking it up in his gloved hand “Me and Lucille here will leave you all alone sexy y/e before……just don’t forget the offer alright?”  He added the last part as he shook his head. As if if he was trying to remove what he was about to say from his brain.

His bat had a name?  

Was he a former asylum patient or something before the apocalypse?  

Wait a second did he just call me sexy?

Shakily I mumbled out a sort of ‘ok’ as I followed him as he moved.

Something inside me wanted him to stay.

Maybe I was the one in need of a phycologist. Jesus.

Loosing my damned mind.

Just around him. Fuck.

He whistled loudly “We are out of here!!!!!” Turning to you he added “Thanks for the lemonade” with a wink and waved goodbye before they all began to retreat towards the gate “We’ll be back in TWO DAYS” he shouted reminding everyone he was coming back for the stuff he was ‘owed’.

In less than a minute they were gone and Gabriel was pulling the gate shut behind them, leaving us almost stunned. It was like they had never even been here.

No one moved for a moment. It was probably only a few seconds but it felt like several minutes.

For some stupid reason I had a smile on my face.

That man was nothing like what they had said about him.

Yes he had killed two of our family but we were responsible for over forty of his being killed in that outpost. Maybe he wasn’t so bad?

“What happened?” Rosita came over to you when everyone felt safe to move once again.

Shaking my head I had to gather my thoughts making sure to loose the smile.

“Doesn’t matter” you told her but not taking your eyes off of the closed gates. There was no way I was going to tell them Negan knew I was Rick’s daughter and I sure as hell wasn’t going to tell them about his offer.

To take me to the Sanctuary.

And the whole wives thing?

That was kind of fucked up.

“Y/e” she repeated sounding angry and went to grab my arm.

“I already fucking told you it doesn’t matter” I bit out angrily.

She looked a little shocked at my outburst.

I barley bothered saying anything these days. No one ever listened unless it was about fighting or gathering stuff so what was the point?

Looking at everyone as they looked back at me with confused and shocked expressions I realised I had to say something. He could not find out Negan met me. If he knew what would he do?

“Rick can’t find out about that” I told them pointing towards the house.

“And why the hell not”

“If you want to be the one to tell him that Negan spoke to me when I was meant to be out of here before he ever had the chance then fucking go for it but I think we all know that is not a great idea. You know what he is like he’ll do something stupid. Look what happened last time he did that we lost Glen and Abraham!”

It was his fault we were in this position in the first place.

Spencer was nodding in agreement. He was one of the only other ones who openly didn’t agree with going into that outpost. He said we should make a deal and looking at what had happened today he was right.

No one got hurt.

No one lost their life.

Hell he even thanked you for making him a lemonade.

You didn’t leave it for any further discussion before turning around and walking back into the house.

“Where are you going?” Arron spoke up.

“To have some lemonade” I shouted not bothering to look back as I slammed the front door shut.


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I’m Always Here

A/N: I usually just write Cancer Crew stuff and I know that’s what people probably follow me for, but I go this idea so I hope people enjoy ♡ Also, this takes place around the time after Season 7, episode 1 when they get back to Alexandria after the Line Up. 

warnings: Mentioning of attempt of rape. possible spoilers if you aren’t caught up. Also, kinda shitty

The memory hit him out of nowhere. 

He was laying in bed, staring blankly at the white ceiling of his bedroom in silence. Michonne and Rick were in their room, trying to sleep. Everyone was after what happened.

But, Carl wasn’t. He was wide awake, thinking. Thinking about everything that has happened to the group. Thinking about how much Glenn and Abraham have helped them get to where they are. Thinking about how Sasha and Rosita both lost the man they loved, how Maggie has lost her last family member other than her unborn baby. Thinking about how bad he blamed his Dad for this even though there was nothing he could have done. Nothing any of them could have done.

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An Ordinary Girl - Part One

[Massive, MASSIVE thanks to @stunudo and @criminal-minds-fanfiction for their writing and structuring advice on this one. It started out as a one shot and now, well, this is part one of FIVE]

It was a strange way to come into this world. The mother, cuffed to the bed, screaming, and flailing looked more like a wild animal than a woman. That coupled with the presence of the two prison guards and the bellowed promises to kill her child before it had a chance to take its first breath meant that neither the midwives or the nurses had ever attended a birth like it. Everyone was on edge.

Only the head midwife spoke. Her soothing comforts had been thrown back in her face so instead she had stuck with plain instructions in a curt tone. After hours of pain and struggle the little girl was pushed free, thankfully healthy, with a small cry.

“Give it to me” the prisoner demanded. The head midwife only responded with a steely look and began to wrap up the tiny bundle. She had stopped crying already.

“Give. It. To. Me” the prisoner hissed again, wild-eyed and half feral looking “It’s my baby. It’s mother should hold it first”.

One of the younger midwives moved forward but was stopped. The room was silent.

“There are concerns for her wellbeing” said the head midwife “And for yours” she added, not unkindly. With a swift movement she left the room and made her   way down the winding halls of the corridor. The whole situation left her feeling uneasy, sick to her stomach and as she glanced down at the now sleeping infant she felt a twinge of pity.

No one should come into the world like that.

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Major Crimes: Season 5 Round Up, A Reactionary Post

I had planned on doing a post at the end of 5a but then time got away from me. So I thought I’d do a reaction post on 5a then 5b and how they tie together. This is my final Reactionary Post for season 5 and it feels really great to review a whole entire season of a show! Stay tuned for more reactionary posts, next week we go back in time to cover Reloaded

What this reactionary post covers:
// Season 5a & theme
// Characters & Storylines

// Season 5b & theme
// Characters & Storylines

// Thoughts on Season 5 (as a whole) & other themes the season covered
// Speculation & Season 6
// Favorite scenes
// What I liked and What I didn’t

*This is a long one so sit back and grab your favorite drink. ;)

Season 5a

Theme: Balance

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Ordinary Days 1

Rating: T-M

“You’re a disgrace.” “You let your mind go to mush.” “I won’t have a daughter in my house who ruins my reputation.” “Knocked up, unmarried, and single.” “This is the last straw Betty.” Those words were screamed at Betty or muttered in harsh tones. She had fell into a whirlwind weekend romance. Not bothering to think about timing or consequences. Now she was dealing with it. She sound have known her conservative catholic family would send her off for her inexcusable behavior. Betty imagined she be sent away, the baby given away, then they’d bring her back home. Instead, they were sending her 2,000 miles to be married to a man she never met. Her mother didn’t tell her anything about the place she was going or what the man she would marry was like. All Betty knew was she was never welcomed back here again.

Betty felt a tear roll off her face dropping onto the ground, it was so silent in the airport that she could hear it hit the ground. Her family stood in front of her, her niece stood hugging her legs while her sister Polly hugged her. Betty cried into the hug and looked over to her mother, Alice. Her face hard as a rock, unphased by the emotional scene. Betty face scrunched, her heart hardened the longer she stayed looking at her mother.

Betty pulled away from Polly as she felt her niece, Megan, tugging at her dress. “Auntie Betty? I got you a present.” The little girl explained taking a pink heart shaped balloon from her father Jason’s hand. “So you remember me.” Betty heart broke throwing herself onto the ground to hug her. “I love it very much, Megan. I promise I will never ever forget you, I love you way too much for that!” Megan smiled hugging tight to Betty, “I love you Auntie Betty.”

“I love you too, Megan.” She whispered into her ear and pulled away from the hug, standing up. Betty quickly wiped her tear away. “Goodbye.” She announced to her family. Polly was a puddle of years, Jason, Polly’s husband, held his arm around her shoulders. Betty forgo a hug with Polly not wanting her to cry more. Betty simply turned away and rolled her suitcase onto the plane, not looking back. Headed to her new life leaving the one she was forbidden from behind.

Betty passed the grey walls leading into the plane. This was it. Her life is going to change, forever. Maybe her life would change to the color of the walls, locked up in a farmhouse, in a loveless marriage. Her mother made it very clear what she has to do. She has to marry a man she has never met, raise her baby with him, and act like this was her choice. She has to be a good proper wife for the man who agreed to take her and her unborn child under his wing. Something no man should have to deal with as her mother had put it. But in reality she did not know what awaits her, maybe things would turn out okay. Maybe, she thought in the back of her head, she would fall in love. He could be sweet and loving. Or the man could be a horrible man. He could be mean, violent, a drinker, he could even be a criminal. She knew that her life was a gigantic question mark, and she knew she wouldn’t know what her husband would be like until she was there.

The blonde girl shook her head trying to shake away her worries before entering the plane. She walked down a long aisle till she reached her seat. She smiled, realising she got the window seat. At least she will be able to take one last look at her hometown, and her life as she knew it, before flying into her new life. ‘’Good bye.’’ She said quietly, her hand gracing the window as if she was touching her house, her family, and her life once last time. A tear escaped her eye while her home started to disappear and soon started to look like just another dot of land, miles and miles beneath her.

For the remainder of the five hour flight Betty stared at the seat in front of her or stuck her nose in her book. A voice crackled over the speakers making Betty looked up from the book she was reading. The voice above her informed the passengers that they would be landing soon. She sighed, her heart pumping in her chest, excitement and nervousness making her dizzy.

She closed her eyes, taking in a deep breath as the plane started to shake and rumble. They were landing which was the worst part, she hated landing. The quick descent made her feel as if she was crashing. She gripped the seat beneath her, her knuckles turning white. Thankfully, it was soon over and before she knew it she was being escorted off with the other passengers. The exited the same way the came, except when the entered the light of the airport, it was wasn’t the Californian airport but rather a small MInnesota airport.

As soon as she got a hold of her luggage, she saw a man in a black suit holding a sign with her name on it. She walked up to him with a small smile. ‘’Miss Cooper?’’ He verified.

She nodded, her hands shaky as he took her bags from her. The pink balloon had been tied to one of the suitcases. ‘’Right this way.’’ He motioned for her to follow him to a taxi outside of the airport. They sat in silence until that came to a spot in a small town, it was quiet in the center of a valley. A brown wooden sign read “Lanesboro, Minnesota Est. 1868”.

In California, you could find a hint of yesteryear still lingering there. A old payphone sitting on a street light, an old cold sign, but here, the whole town screamed yesterday. The buildings, which include a post office, a library, a general store, and a mechanic were old and rundown.
The signs were antique, the street brown instead of black, a whole sense of safety.

‘’Excuse me, sir.. I thought you’re supposed to take me to The Maple Valley farm.’’ Betty asked as she saw that the cab pulled up in front of a church.

‘’No, Miss. Cooper. I was instructed to bring you here.’’ He told her, pointing to a blonde lady who walked quickly towards them.

‘’Betty!’’ The woman greeted the confused girl, wrapping her in a tight hug.

‘’Hello, miss…?’’ Betty trailed off next knowing her name, her figure stumbling back from the sheer force of the hug.

‘’Oh i’m Mrs. Tate! Me and Pop own the Chock’ lit shoppe.” He paused with a grin, “Now come on Jughead is waiting for you! The ceremony will start any moment.’’ She told her, leading her towards the church. “Oh boy we are just so happy you are here for Jughead.” Ceremony? Her mother really had wasted no time in taking care of Betty’s situation. “But little did we know he had went off and met a girl right under our noses!” She explained with a grin. Betty breathed a sigh of relief as Mrs. Tate ushered Betty inside and through the chapel doors, he hadn’t told anyone just why she was here. She was suddenly thankful for that.

The whole church stopped and turned to look at Betty. There were six people in all, including herself and Mrs. Tate. A preacher, and a woman whom she presumed was his wife. A older black man who looked like he had just left a kitchen. And then to her left, stood a young man about her age, a crown beanie sat upon his head. A small black curl fell to his forehead, as he looked to her. Her breathing slowed as they looked upon each other. His lip curled up into a half smile, his hands resting in his suit’s pants pocket.

Mrs. Tate took notice that Betty stood frozen at the start of the aisleway and rush to her side, grabbing her hand and pulling her up to the alter. “Come on Betty meet your husband.” Betty flushed as she came face to face to the man she was to marry, a twinkle settling into his eyes.

“Hi, Jughead Jones.” He whispered as if he was only talking to her. She nodded with a smile, Betty Jones, that would be her name. Her baby would bear that name, at least it was better than Mantle. “I’m Betty Cooper.” After a brief exchanges of awkward smiles, the preacher cleared his throat and began his ceremony. Betty’s own thoughts kept out the words the preacher spewed up his mouth as if he was reading a memorized script.

“Do you Forsythe Pendleton Jones III, take Elizabeth Cooper as your lawfully wedded wife?” Betty looked to Jughead, “Forsythe?” She asked the man who just introduced himself as Jughead. He rolled his eyes, “Jughead.” He repeated with a clench of his teeth. “I do.” Betty giggled to herself as the preacher repeating the same sentence to her, “I do.” The preacher didn’t bother with the whole kiss the bride part, fully knowing their situation.

Jughead quickly placed his hand on the small of her back leading her quietly out of the chapel. “Sorry we can’t stay, I’d like to get my wife home.” He added a wink for good measure making Betty shiver in anticipation. Would he really make her sleep with him on her first night? And in her condition?

Jughead opened the car door for her and place her luggage in the cab of his truck, the pink balloon floating above the suitcases. The truck was a rusted blue, additions of metal on the outside of the truck. Once Jughead slid into the car and pulled on his seatbelt, he turned to Betty. “I didn’t mean what I said, about wanting to get you home.” He sighed, making betty’s heart sink a bit. Yes, she was scared of him expecting her to sleep with him so soon, but a part of her wanted him to want her. As he saw her expression he tried again, clearly not knowing how to explain himself, “I know you wanted to get away from all those strangers, so I had to make an excuse.” He clarified as he shifted his car into gear and started to drive. Betty nodded in understanding, “They don’t know?”

Jughead let out a sigh that almost sounded like a chuckle, “No.” He knew this was awful enough for her, coming to a new town miles from home to a husband who she didn’t know. He wouldn’t make things any worse by telling the whole town she was pregnant and they were marrying each other out of convenience. The town already thought he was strange, endearing, but strange, he wouldn’t add this story to the mix. They could pretend they were in love in public, and when at home, well he supposed they would live their separate lives.

“So you like balloons?” He asked looking in the rearview mirror at the rose colored balloon. Betty let out a small chuckle, “My niece gave it to me, a goodbye gift of sorts.” She said trying to hold back tears. Jughead in nodded knowing he shouldn’t press her.

A few minutes later, Betty pulled her head up from the fist it rested on. “What is like on the farm?”

“Quiet unless the cows are mooing at the moon.” He said softly. Betty shoot a confused look at him, “They’re not wolves.” He smiled slightly and glanced at her, “My cows are weird.” Betty laughed shaking her head. “I don’t believe you.” She stated calmly signaling that conversation was over.

The hills rolled by them, fields filled with corn and cows. Betty took in the surroundings as the time they travelled became longer and longer.

“What’s California like?” Jughead asked trying to stifle the silence around them.

“Nothing like this.” Betty shook her head thinking not the beaches and city shops that lined Berkeley. Jughead nodded at her answer and let the silence overtake them again.

Jughead pulled up to the farm after forty minutes rolled by. “Here we are.” He muttered shifting the car to park. He quickly hopped out of the car retrieving the suitcases from the cab.

A beautiful dog ran up to greet them. Her coat shimmered of brown, tan, and red. Betty smiled down at the pet and ran a hand over her fur. “Hi there.” The dog’s eyes stared at her, one brown and blue, the Native American’s would have called the dog a spirit dog. Betty wondered if this area was once Native American and who those people were. She decided she would research it sometime maybe ask Jughead if he knew.

“That’s Dakota.” Jughead informed her motioning to the dog she had kneeled down to talk to. Betty stood up from the dog and reached to pick up her bags. Jughead shook his head, “I got it.” Betty sighed whispering a thank you as she followed him to the door, Dakota in tow.

“Welcome Home.” Jughead smiled as he opened the door allowing her inside before he went in himself. The house was quite roomy inside, its style was rustic and homey. The walls white with a wood bottom half. There was a kitchen to her right and a living room with a fireplace to her left. Stairs that led upstairs in front of her. Jughead started up the steps with her bags. She took it as a sign to follow him and made her way up the steps. He led her into a small room to their right, the walls a warm tan color. The bed was large with an antique white headboard. Two small lamps sat on the drawers on either side of the bed. One worn silver pitcher sat on the right bedstand white wild flowers filling it. Betty smiled walking over to the vase and taking a small sniff of the flowers.

“They’re from the fields, I thought you might like a feminine touch.” Jughead explained as he sat her suitcases onto the hardwood floor. Betty smiled at him saying thank you without saying a word. Jughead stood facing her as he awkwardly shuffled his feet.

“I’ll let you get settled. If you need anything my room is down the hall.” Jughead explained before leaving the room and closing the door behind him. Betty scoffed to herself, she didn’t know what was worse, having a husband who forced you, or a husband you didn’t want you at all. Her husband was going to keep her in a separate room so he would never have to touch her. She wasn’t sure whether she should feel dismissed or relieved.

Betty was quick to put away her things and crawl into bed. Her favorite nightgown was thrown onto her body cascading down her body. The clock had only read 7:30pm but Betty was exhausted. She curled up into a ball, sending a quick text to Polly informing her she had arrived safely before putting her phone on the charger.

It felt like forever until Betty fell asleep. Every time she felt serenity in her head, enough to lure her to sleep, the sobs began to rake her body. She was alone with a man who couldn’t bring himself to touch her or even speak to her.

A few hours after their arrival, Jughead decided to check on Betty. He found Dakota laying in front of her closed door. Dakota wasn’t big on strangers mainly because she rarely met any. She knew everyone who visited the farm. It was a small town and an even smaller band of people who cared enough to set foot on Maple Valley Farm. It became clear to Jughead why Dakota was attached to her already as he leaned his ear on the door. Faint sounds of cries echoing through the door. He sighed knowing she wouldn’t allow him to comfort her. Dakota began to whine looking up to Jughead as if pleading to let him in.

Jughead nodded, “Alright girl go on.” He whispered cracking the door slightly. Dakota immediately pushed the door open and hopped on the bed placing her head on Betty’s hip. Betty sniffed as she looked Dakota’s way, a small sound of a smile escaping her lips.

Jughead smiled at the sight before him. Betty had rolled over to hug Dakota who was lying still in front of her. She had Dakota in a full embrace, Betty as the big spoon, Dakota the little spoon. Jughead smiled as the silence overtook the house, no more sobs.

Jughead walked to his own room wondering if one day his beautiful wife might love him. If they would ever have a real marriage. One with a shared bed, stolen kisses, and babies of his own. Thoughts of his wife of convenience consumed him until fell asleep in his empty bed.

Darling (Natasha Romanoff X Reader)

Fandom: The Avengers: Age of Ultron
Pairing: Natasha Romanoff X Reader
Word Count: 1,413
Author’s Note: Takes place during The Avengers: Age of Ultron (but pretending that Nat’s hair is like it is in Iron Man 2 because I LOVE HER WITH LONG HAIR SO MUCH)! Reader is staying with Laura and her kids on the Barton farm, and the reader is also an Avenger.
Translation: The only Russian word used means “darling”, according to Google Translate (aka, it’s probably wrong).

You were reading a book, one of the few things you could do while on bed rest since the Barton household didn’t have Wi-Fi, when you heard it.

Cooper and Lila’s shrieks.

Immediately your training kicked in, and you struggled to lift yourself out of bed to go help them.

“They’re fine.” Natasha murmured, placing a hand on your chest to stop you from getting up.

“Nat?” You asked in confusion. “What are you doing here? How did you even get in without me hearing you?”

“The team needs to lay low for a while.” She said simply, before smirking and leaning down, pressing her lips to yours in a brief kiss. “You always seem to forget that I’ve been a spy a lot longer than you.”

You frowned. “I know, love, but seriously! It’s unfair! You should not be allowed to be that quiet. Lord knows if I tried to sneak anywhere right now…” You shook your head and looked down at your curved belly, letting the frown slip off your face as a fond smile replaced it.

“How are you doing?” Nat questioned, gently bringing a hand to your stomach. She couldn’t wait to meet your little super spy.

“Better now that you’re here.” You said with a grin, delighting in the eye roll that your statement earned.

“Remind me again why I married you?” Natasha said dryly.

“Because you love me and my cheesy pick-up lines, obviously.” You said, reaching your arms out for her. She sighed but did as you asked and extracted her hands from your stomach, sliding into the bed beside you. You hummed happily as she wrapped her arms around your waist.

“Seriously, are you doing okay? Any complications?” Natasha asked, keeping her voice low because her mouth was right next to your ear.  

“Nope, everything seems to be fine. The twins are perfectly healthy.” You said, trying to hide your laugh as Natasha stiffened beside you.


“Kidding, Nat. I don’t think I could handle two babies at the same time. Besides,” You turned over to face her. “I want to have another kid at some point, but I want you to be with me for more than two months of the pregnancy.”

Natasha’s lips curved down into a frown. “I’m sorry. I wanted to be with you for the whole pregnancy but for some reason, someone always feels the need to try to destroy the world.”

“I know, and it’s fine, Nat. The job is important; I just miss having you around.” Nat could tell by the slight crack in your voice that you were close to tears. She couldn’t blame you, it had been at least three months since she last saw you and even Natasha (who wasn’t extremely into cuddling or hand holding or kissing before she met you) had been missing the feel of your body wrapped around hers and her fingers intertwined with yours and her lips pressed to your sweet ones.

Natasha brushed a kiss across your hairline, and her arms tightened slightly around your waist, letting you know without words that she felt the same way.

You blinked away your tears and smiled at Nat. “You wanna help me get downstairs? I’d like to say hi to the father of our child.”

“Of course, дорогой.” Natasha said, easily climbing out of the bed and helping you to your feet. Her arm found its way around your waist to help you down the stairs and remained there even after you were safely down them, making you smile to yourself. It was good to have your wife back, even if it was only temporary.


“Steve!” You said excitedly, hobbling over to him without Natasha’s help, despite her protests.

“Good to see ya, punk.” Steve teased, opening his arms for you so you could hug him. You hugged him with all your might; Steve was your best guy, and the father of your unborn child.

When you and Natasha (IE: just you) decided that it was about time you had a kid (you were a year and a half older than Natasha and you didn’t want your uterus to be inhospitable by the time she finally decided she was ready for one), she had a few conditions. She wanted to pick the father, and you had to stay out of danger as soon as the doctor confirmed that you were pregnant.

You had agreed, and Natasha had picked Steve (not surprisingly). Both your and Natasha’s friends consisted almost solely of the Avengers, Pepper, and Rhodey, so she didn’t have a lot of people to pick from.

Bruce was great, but you were both worried that the baby would inherit some of the Hulk’s abilities, and that was not a chance you were willing to take.

You both loved Thor to bits, but a god and a human having a baby? If the Percy Jackson series had taught you anything, it was that that was a dangerous idea.

Clint was your brother, so he could not be the father of your and Natasha’s child.

Tony was…Tony. You loved that man like he was your annoying older brother (so basically, Clint), but you didn’t want him to be the father of your child.  

You didn’t know Rhodey well enough to ask him to father your child, so he was out.

Steve was the perfect choice. He was strong, kind, and a good man through and through (Natasha hadn’t told you that part of the reason she picked Steve was because she knew that your beauty would combine with Steve’s undeniable attractiveness perfectly. Natasha wanted cute kids, was she a bad person for it? In her mind, no, she was not).

“How’s mini us doing?” Steve asked curiously, kneeling down in front of you and lightly pressing his hands to your stomach.

“He/she is doing good.” You said, jumping slightly as the baby kicked.

“I felt it.” Steve said, his mouth slightly open in awe. He had never felt a baby kick before.

You grinned, ruffling his hair fondly. “You are adorable. Our kid is gonna be one heck of a heartbreaker.”

Natasha’s arms once again wound around your waist as Steve got to his feet, amazed smile still in place.

“Are you still feeling alright?” Nat inquired, worry and concern evident in her voice.

“I’m fine, Nat.” You said, crushing her worries as you kissed her lightly. “Seriously. I’m okay, the baby’s okay, you’re okay, our friends are okay. I’m not gonna go lay in that bed the whole time you guys are visiting unless you’re up there with me.”

Natasha’s mouth curled into a brief smirk, but she remained silent before nodding, accepting what you said. She then pressed a gentle kiss to the corner of your lips and helped you into a chair so that you could talk with Bruce about what was happening with Ultron and the Maximoff Twins.


You were sitting behind Natasha on your bed in Clint’s house, carefully brushing any tangles out of her red hair.

“Jesus, Nat, your hair is beautiful.” You murmured as you started to braid it, wondering how she kept her hair so soft even on missions.

“Just like you.” She said quietly back, and it took you a second to respond.

“Oh my god! I’m rubbing off on you! Soon enough, you’re gonna start using all my cheesy lines!” You cheered, finishing up the braid and wrapping a ponytail around the end.

You could hear Nat groan as you pulled the braid into a bun shape, before putting a scrunchie (something Nat teased you about when she first saw it because you were supposedly the only person that still uses scrunchies) on it.

“дорогой, you are a dork,” Nat said, turning around to face you. You were opening your mouth to protest (even though it was true) when Nat pressed her lips to yours in a sweet, loving kiss that told you just how much she had missed you while she was away. “But you’re my dork.”

The blush on your face was so bright you were pretty sure that you could’ve used it to decorate a Christmas tree.

“How did I manage to snag you all for myself?” You managed to breathe out, still smiling like an idiot at Nat’s words.

“I wonder the same thing every day, дорогой.”


If Nat had a dark purple mark on her neck the next time she came downstairs, well, that was her (and your) business.

End.  <3

Imagine #17 Rick Grimes [Requested]

A/N: This is the third part to requests #7 and #9. Enjoy! 

Being pregnant is meant to be a pivotal experience; the gift of motherhood, of life, is a blessing. However, under these circumstances, the threat of danger lurking outside of Alexandria’s walls, the pregnancy is making you feel helpless. Rick is in leadership again; Deanna gave in after the murder of her husband, taking a step aside to allow Rick to keep Alexandria safe. He, in an effort to ensure you remain safe, decided to leave you out of the loop on everything. The stubbornness within you made his decision feel like a punishment. You’re no longer allowed to work patrol around the perimeter, watch tower or walls. You’re no longer allowed to leave the protection of Alexandria; which means Rick doesn’t let you accompany himself, or anyone else, on supply runs anymore.

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Happy Narasimha Jayanti!

Lord Narasimha was the 4th incarnation of Lord Vishnu. On Narasimha Jayanti, Lord Vishnu appeared in the form of Narasimha, a half lion and half man, to kill Demon Hiranyakashipu. For those fasting today, the process is similar to Ekadashi fasting. Puja is performed just before sunset today. Read the complete story of Lord Narasimha below!

During the Satya Yuga, Sage Kashyap and his wife Diti had two sons: Hiranyaksha and Hiranyakasipu. Hiranyaksha troubled the humans and the Devas alike. Unable to take it any more, the humans and Devas alike prayed to Lord Vishnu to protect them. Lord Vishnu incarnated as his 3rd avatar, the boar Varaha to protect the humans and the Devas and killed Hiranyaksha.
After this death, his brother Hiranyakasipu, furious with the humans and the Devas, lead his army of asuras to attack them. However the Devas fought Hiranyakasipu and his men. Hiranyakasipu came to know that every time, Lord Vishnu helped the Devas to fight him back. “If I am beat that Dark Lord, I need to have a boon to protect myself. Every time I attack the Devas or the humans, Vishnu thinks up of something to thwart my plans… I need to make myself powerful.”
With that one thought in his mind, Hiranyakasipu set out for the wilderness. “I will pray to Lord Brahma. He is the Creator God. If I pray long enough, Lord Brahma may even grant me immortality.” Hiranyakasipu started his meditation and soon forgot all about himself and his kingdom.
Meanwhile Lord Indra the King of the Devas came to know that Hiranyakasipu was not leading his men. Realising that if he acted now, he would be able to destroy the Asuras such that they would never be able to attack him again. Thinking so, Indra along with other Devas attacked the kingdom of the Asuras. Just as Lord Indra had expected, without Hiranyakasipu, the Asuras were no match for him. The Asuras lost the war. Lord Indra drove away most of the Asuras.
After destroying Hiranyakasipu’s capital, Lord Indra marched into Hiranyakasipu’s palace. There he found Hiranyakasipu’s wife, Kayadhu. Thinking he could take her captive as a hostage in preparation for Hiranyakasipu’s return, Sage Narada appeared before Indra yelling “STOP! What are you doing?”
Bowing he replied, “Sir, I have attacked the Asuras. Without Hiranyakasipu to lead them, I felt that this was the right time to destroy the threat of the Asuras.”
“Where does this woman come into this?” Sage Narada said angrily, “Did she fight you? It does not look like she raised any weapons against you, then why are you hurting her?”
Indra looked back at the Sage, “Sir, if Hirayakasipu attacks us later, I can use her as a hostage…”
Sage Narada if possible looked even more angrily at Indra, “Fool! Just to win your battle, you will hurt another man’s wife, who has done no harm to you…” Narada pointed a trembling finger at Kayadu, “She is pure and innocent…Taking her prisoner would be a great sin!”
Indra looked at the angry sage and realised that he had no choice other than to let Kayadu go. Indra nodded at his men an they vanished from there leaving Kayadu.
Sage Narada helped the trembling Kayadu, “My daughter! Are you all right?”
Kayadu looked shaken for a few minutes. She bowed at him, “Thank you sir! Thank you for saving my life. I may be Hiranyakasipu’s wife sir, but he is the only man I have ever loved, if Indra had taken me, I would have killed him and myself…” She said angrily. Sage Narada held up his hands, “Peace my child, I know you are carrying a child. Such anger is not good either for you or the child.”
Looking around at her destroyed home, she looked up, “Great Sage! I have a request for you.” She said looking at Sage Narada. “I will look after you as your own daughter… Would you please take me to your hermitage? I have nowhere else to go.”
Kayadu accompanied Sage Narada to his home and there Kayadu looked after the Sage well. Sage Narada found Kayadu to be extremely intelligent and with a quick grasp. In the evenings, Sage Narada would relax and tell Kayadu stories of Lord Vishnu. Hearing all this, Kayadu developed a profound sense of attachment towards Lord Vishnu. In her womb, the young unborn baby also heard these stories and also loved Lord Vishnu. The time passed happily there.

Lord Brahma and the other Devas were meanwhile having a very big problem. The air of the heavens were becoming hotter and hotter and the Devas were finding it difficult to breathe. Wondering what had happened, the Devas searched that found that Hiranyakasipu’s penance was becoming so powerful that the air of the heavens was burning up. Unable to take it anymore, the Devas ran to Lord Brahma. Lord Brahma agreed to meet Hiranyakasipu and went to earth to meet the Asura.
What he saw there stumped Lord Brahma. Hiranyakasipu was so deep in his prayer that creepers had grown on him.
Lord Brahma was touched with the devotion of Hiranyakasipu. He took some water from his Kamandalam and threw it on Hiranyakasipu. Slowly Hiranyakasipu got up from his trance. When the water fell on Hiranyakasipu, he emerged from the creepers new and fresh. He looked at the God of Creation and bowed, “My Lord!”
Lord Brahma looked at Hiranyakasipu touched, “Arise son! Your penance is unparalleled! You can have any boon you wish!”
Hiranyakasipu bowed and said, “My Lord! I wish to be immortal…”
Lord Brahma looked unhappy as he shook his head, “Son, all who are born have to die. I cannot change the laws of nature. Please ask for something else.”
Hiranyakasipu thought fast and again bowed to Lord Brahma. “Lord I wish that I cannot be killed by any man, God or animal or any other creature created by you. Nobody should be able to kill me at day or night, in heavens or in earth, in the day or the night, either inside the house or outside the house, or with any weapons.”
When Lord Brahma heard this he stayed still for some time. He knew that granting this boon was not good, but he had to grant whatever was asked of him. Hiranyaksipu’s penance had been very powerful. “So be it Hiranyakasipu! Your wish has been granted.”
Saying thus Lord Brahma vanished from there. Hiranyakasipu overjoyed with the boon ran back to his kingdom.

He was hurt to see that most of them were destroyed by the attack of Indra.
“I will wreck revenge on Indra for this..”
Armed with the boon, Hiranyakasipu attacked Indra. Indra had no chance. The Devas were driven out of Devaloka. Hiranyakasipu became the ruler of the Heavens. Hiranyakasipu found Kayadu and brought back his wife home.
Despite Kayadu asking Hiranyakasipu to change his ways, Hiranyakasipu tormented the humans and the Devas alike, but no one was able to raise a voice against him. It was at this time that Kayadu gave birth to a fine young baby boy– he was named Prahlad.

As Prahlad was growing up, Hiranyakasipu became more and more powerful and he started committing more and more atrocities. However Prahlad was quiet different from his father. Unlike his father Prahlad was a strong devotee of Lord Vishnu and could never hurt another living being. While everyone was scared of Hiranyakasipu, all the people loved Prahlad.
Hiranyakasipu once asked Prahlad to come and sit on his lap. He lovingly stroked Prahlad’s hair, “Son! What a fine son you are! Tell me son, how are thing going in your school?”
Prahlad looked at his father lovingly, “I have learnt that Vishnu – the Dark Lord is the Ruler of the Three worlds and that if we are devoted to him, he will always be there for us…”
Hiranyakasipu got angry, but with great difficulty curbed his shock. He nodded his head and sent for the boy’s teacher. He yelled, “What are you teaching your students? THIS…Lord Vishnu? WHY ARE YOU TEACHING YOUR STUDENTS ABOUT LORD VISHNU?”
The Guru quailed with fear. He stammered, ‘L..Lord…Lord…I did not teach him these things!”
Hiranyakasipu shook his head furiously, 'Watch over the child! Someone is teaching him these useless things.”

At the school, the Guru taught Prahlad about how Hiranyakasipu was the Lord of the three worlds and how he was to be worshipped. However, Prahlad was distracted when he heard this. He shook his head, “No sir! This is not right! Lord Vishnu is the Lord of the three worlds. The whole universe exists because of him.”
The guru dragged Prahlad back to his father’s palace. “Sir! I have tried everything. The boy keeps on repeating this and that of Lord Vishnu.”
Hiranyakasipu got more and more furious as he heard this. Anger blinded him. “My Lord Vishnu is everywhere.” chirped Prahlad. “He is even deep within you, father!” Hiranyakasipu could not control himself. “YOU SAY YOUR VISHNU IS EVERYWHERE?” He yelled, “Where is your Vishnu now? Is he here, behind this tree, is he here in this setting sun, is he inside my palace? IS HE IN THIS PILLAR?” Hiranyakasipu yelled loudly.
Prahald looked at his father straight in the eye, “Yes father! Lord Vishnu is everywhere…”
Enraged Hiranyakasipu kicked the pillar and said angrily, “THEN WHERE IS HE?”

Hiranyakasipu stopped, stunned as he saw the pillar shatter and from within it emerged a ferocious being, a half man-half lion. He shook his head unable to believe himself, when the being bellowed loudly, “I am Narasimha, the avatar of Narayana, and I have come here to kill you!” Narasimha advanced with glowing eyes. Before Hiranyakasipu could escape, Narasimha caught him with his clawed fingers, in a vice-like grip.
Hiranyakasipu struggled against it, but it was of no use. Narasimha took Hiranyakasipu and dragged him to the threshold of the door (neither inside nor outside the house) and placed him on his lap (neither sky nor the earth) and there killed Hiranyakasipu with his claws [without weapons], at twilight (neither day nor night).
After killing Hiranyakasipu, Narasimha let out a loud roar and sat on Hiranyakasipu’s throne. All the Asuras had escaped from there seeing the ferocious beast. Even the Devas were afraid to go near Narasimha. However unafraid, Prahlad went forward. There was nothing but love in his eyes. “My Lord! You have come to protect me! I knew you would come.”
Looking at the face of Prahlad, Narasimha smiled, “Yes son! For you I have come!” Prahlad looked at his father’s body and looked at Narasimha, “Do not worry son! You do not know his story! He is my doorkeeper, Vijaya. He was born here because of a curse. After three more births he will attain his place back in Vaikunta, do not worry about him.”
Prahlad nodded his head, “I want nothing more, my Lord!”
Narasimha shook his head, “No son! You are meant to rule your people. You will come to Vaikunta after you have completed your work on earth as your people’s ruler.”
Thus Prahlad became the benevolent ruler of the Asuras, who prospered during his reign and gave up their old cruel ways.

You Left Me - C.H.


Pairing: Calum & (Y/N)

Summary: Atfer 3 years, you and Calum reunite at a party. 

Requested: No

A/N: I love Dylan O'Brien, don’t judge me. (Sorry about the suckish summary) 

It’s been years since you last saw him, since you last looked into his eyes, silently begging him to stay.

It’s been years since you looked at someone and told yourself that you were going to marry them one day.

It’s been years since you told him you loved him and told him you were carrying his child.

It’s been years since he left you because he wasn’t ready to be a father and because he has found someone else.

You can still remember every little detail of that day, the day that had been carved into your memory forcing you to relieve the day you were forced to live on your own. The day you realized that your unborn child would have to grow up without their father. The day you realized that loved didn’t exist.

“Wha-what do mean your pregnant? Yo-you can’t be… How did this happen?” He asked you as he paced back and forth.

“I mean, I’m having your baby. And it happened because we had in protected sex.” You said staring at the floor, not daring to look at him.

“But that what one time… No. You’re fucking with me.” He stopped pacing , turning to look at you.

“Please… tell me you’re fucking with me. That is just some fucking hOLE. THAT I’M NOT GOING TO BE A FATHER.” He raised his voice, scaring to you and making you flinch.

“I’m not… In not fucking with you. I’m pregnant and you’re going to be a father.” You sobbed, not being able to hold it in anymore.

“You’ve gotta be fucking kidding me….” Calum mumbled underneath how breath.

“How far along are you?” He asked after pulling at his hair and mumbling about how this couldn’t be happening to him.

“A couple weeks.” You whispered not 100% sure where he was going with this.

“Good. That’s great.” You smiled, relieved that he was somewhat okay with this.

“That means…” He exhaled loudly, “That means you can still can an abortion… right?” He looked at you, scared he was wrong.

“Wh-whAT? I AM NOT GOING TO GET AN ABORTION! WHY WOULD YOU EVEN CONSIDER THAT? DO-… Do you not want this baby?” You couldn’t believe he would even think that was an option.

“N-no.” You whimpered, the hurt clear in your eyes just as the nervousness was clear in his. “It’s not that… I’m just not ready to be a father.” He looked down on the floor, not being able to look into your eyes anymoee, not when they were filled with pain and he was the one causing it.

“And you think I am? You think I’m ready to be a mother at the age of 18? I am terrified, Calum. Terrified.” You tried to get the I’m to look at you, but he wouldn’t.

“Then get an abortion. It’s simple and we can try again when we’re ready to be parents. We are not ready to be parents right now.” He kneeled down infromt of you, holding onto your hands.

You pulled your hands from his grip, standing up in the process.

“No, it not that simple. I wouldn’t be able to live with the guilt of it. I can’t…” Years were gliding down your face.

“I THOUGHT YOU WEREN’T AGAINST ABORTION?” He yelled frustrated with the fact that you wouldnt look at it his way.

“I’M NOT! BUT I’M NOT FOR IT EITHER! I believe it the choice of the person who’s pregnant. And my choice is to have this baby. I-I…” You couldn’t even look at him.

“Fine then. You’ve made your choice, and I’ve made mine.” He turned to gran his cost and keys, checking to make sure he has his phone.

“What does that mean? Calum?” You walked after him as he walked towards the stairs.

“I’ll be back to pick up my stuff some other time, maybe I’ll send one of the boys. I’ll tell them we just stopped loving eachother or something. They don’t have to know about…” He paused as years ran down your face. “ about that.” he mumbled, walking out of the door.

Walking out of you life.

Walking out of your baby’s life

“Please! Please don’t leave me! I can’t do this in my own! I don’t have anyone left, my family hates me, my friends hate me!” You ran after him, sobbing after every sentence.

“Don’t leave me Calum! I nEED YOU! YOU PROMISED ME, CALUM! YOU PROMISED! I FUCKING HATE YOU!” You fell onto your knees in the middle of the road after he drove away.

You were wrong, though. You didn’t need him. You pulled through for you and for your son. Becoming a well known actress, but keeping your son, Bryan, away from the spotlight as best as you could. No one knew who the father was, just you Calum and your best friend.

You were currently planning your son’s 3rd birthday party, with the help of your best friend, Dylan O'Brien.

“Hey, can you maybe take care of the invitations? I need to go order his cake and find out what we’re going to give out as food. And I need to find entertainment and tables, chairs and a jumper an-” You were cut of with Dylan laughing telling you not to worry and that everything would be find.

“Thank you.” You smiled at him, reaching to grab his hand, “I really appreciate it.”

“I’m just helping you plan a little kids birthday party, no problem.” He smiled at you, holding onto you hand.

“No just for that, for everuthing. I was so list when we met, and you helped me out a lot. You’re my best friend, Dylan.”

“And you are mine.” He smiled at you.

“Momma, I hungry.” You’re son tugged on your shirt.

“And what do you want to eat?” You picked up your kid And say him on his stool.

It’s the day of your party and your back yard was full. Of course there were a couple of people you barely knew, but you figures they were friends with Dylan.  

“Momma, why don’t i have a dad?” Bryan asked you.

You were shocked, seeing as Bryan never mentioned anything about not having a dad. And you never mentioned anything about him either.

“Where is this coming from baby?” You asked him but before you could reply Dylan came up to you and asked to speak to you privately.

“Baby why don’t you go play?” You said and your son ran off, mumbling about getting his face painted.

“What’s wrong, you look like you’ve seen a ghost.” You asked Dylan, pulling him inside your house.

“He’s here.” He breathed out. You don’t know how, but you immediately knew who he was talking about.

“Why did you invite him?” You growled, and for a moment, he thought you were going to murder him.

“I didn’t.” He answered.

“Well I didn’t either. And no one can get through security without an invitation. So, how did he get an invitation?” You growled at him again.

“Shit.” He cursed under his breath.

“What?” You asked hime, clearly fustrated with the whole situation.

“I might have had someone help me…” You gave him a death glare, making him gulp. “I… I was doing something else for the party, so I had Tyler invite the people in your adress book.”

You sighed, the death glare disappearing after his explaination. “Fuck, really? I have him in there incase Brian ever got hurt and…” You rubbed your head.

“Can you help me look for him before he sees-” Before you could finish, your son came in a smiling so big, his eyes crinkled, reminding you of his father.

“MOM, MOMMA, I FOUND HIM, I FOUND HIM!” You son shouted while grabbing your hand, tugging you out towards the party.

“Found who, baby?” You asked as he kept tugging you, heading towards the face paint.

Your son stopped, turning to look at you with the same smile on his face. He motioned you to come closer, giggling about it being a secret between the 3 of you.

You kneeled down next to him, holding onto his waist while he leaned, next to your ear. His hands cupping around it.

“My dad.” He giggled, running of somewhere.

In that moment, your heart dropped. Because you knew Calum had been talking to your son, and because you son looked so happy to have a dad, and it hurt you knowing it wasn’t going to  be so easy.

Bryan came running back, tugging onto someones hand. “Mom, look, it’s dad. See? I told you I’d found him!” You looked up,seeing the man whole left you alone, pregnant and scared.

“Y/N…” He breathed out, he reached out to help you up, but you ingored his hand.

“What, are you doing here?” You glared at him, gently pullin your son towards you.

“I got an invitation, thought…” He trailed off.

“Well, you thought wrong, that was a mistake and you need to leave, now.” You said hoping your voice wouldn’t break.

“NO! PLEASE DON’T MAKE HIM LEAVE, MOMMY! PLEASE? I DON’T WANT HIM TO-” Your son started crying, so you kneeled down next to him, holding him in your arms.

“Baby, please don’t cry, please? It’s your birthday, you shouldn’t be crying. Why don’t you go play, yeah? I’m going to take to Calum.” You whispered as he calmed down.

“You’re not gonna make daddy leave, are you? I don’t want him to go, not yet. I’ve just met him.” He whispered, cuddling into your arms.

Your felt your heart break. You couldn’t help but feel guilty, guilty that your son had to grow up without a father, or maybe because you knew you couldn’t let Calum into your life, at least not yet.

“No baby, I just want to talk to him. Go and play with Dylan! Tell him to get the cake and gift bags ready! But in the meantime, I’m going to talk to your dad, ok?” You kissed Bryan on the cheek, watching as he ran of to find your best friend.

“Why are you here?” You asked him once you both walked into your house.

“I got an invitation and I wanted to see my kid.” He mumbled, watching his kid run around, a smile on both their faces. He turned towards you, “ And I wanted to see you. I’m ready to be apart of this family.”

“No.” You glared at him. 


“NO. You can’t come back and expect me to just for give you for leaving me! For leaving me alone and scared and pregnant! I cried for months, wondering how the fuck I was going to raise my child all alone! It wasn’t until I met Dylan that I knew everything was going to be alright! He’s the reason achived something in my life, I owe everything I have to him! If anything, he is part of this family, not you.” You spat at him, the anger in you making you say things you knew would hurt him. 

You could see the pain in his eyes, making you regret what you said for a second, but then you remembered all the pain he put you threw and all he pain he could put Bryan through and you knew you ha to saw whatever it took to make him leave.

“You don’t-” He started but he was interuppted by Dylan.

“Hey, everything’s ready, and Bryan is getting kind of impatient.” He said looking at you with a smile that dropped when he saw tears in your eyes. “Hey you okay?” He hugged you, holding you tight. 

“Yeah, I just need to finish up here.” You both looked at Calum, Dylan glaring at him, and you begging him to leave without a fight. 

“Okay, tell me if you need any help, yeah?” He kissed your forehead, and in that moment all Calum felt was jealously. He was jealous that Dylan got to see his son grow up while he could only dream of seeing his little boy, jealous that you trusted Dylan with your life and hated him. 

After Dylan left you stared at him. You walked to the door without a sound.

“You left me, Calum. You left me when I needed you the most and I can’t forgive you for that.”


Title: Between

Genre: Angst

Summary: After Dan crashes his car he gets stuck in a world between life and death. A place full of wonder and were everything seems to be possible. He meets Phil, a young man who guides him through the Between. Too bad you can’t stay in Between forever, time is ticking away after all and the choice between life and death might be the hardest he will ever have to make.

Warnings: Major character death, some swearing I guess, some existential-ish stuff, if you squint there is phan (platonic sortof, but not really)

Word count: 2.1K+

A/N: This took me so long to write, I couldn’t really seem to get the emotions exactly as I wanted them. But yeah anyways, I’m quite proud how this turned out and stuff and all the love goes out to Lieve aka ohdamnhowell for going over this for me. Happy reading!

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today is the day that the people of scotland decide if they want to be a independent country on their own or if they want to stay as part of the uk in the united kingdom with the rest of everyone else in the world. after months of people talking about it constantly the day has finally come and everyone is ready and excited for the big vote especially the leader of yes club 7 alex salmond who has been walking around the streets near his house since 4 o clock this morning handing out bags of live salmons to everyone that he meets to try and get them to vote for him and he even made a baby butterfly come out of his mouth as well because it is what a group of people wanted to see and they was dead impressed and alistair darling who is the leader of the darling buds of nay got up extra early this morning as well to make sure that his traditional large black mens eyebrow extensions was glued on to his face properly because they are what he calls his weapons of mass seduction that he is going to use to convince people to vote for him if they like that type of thing and as i look out into my street everyone i see is going mental for voting right now and i even saw a little boy nearly vote himself into a epileptic fit earlier because he was so excited for the referendum but i think that whatever the result may be it is important to remember to be kind to others no matter who they have voted for or what they believe in because that is their choice that they have made and as people we are bigger than that because we are all the land that we stand upon and we are all the air that we breathe and we are all the sea that takes us to far away places and then brings us back home again and we are all made from the same flesh and bones as every single star and planet around us and we need not to fight and not to worry because we are all born with kindness inside of ourselfs and it is this kindness that above all of everything else will make scotland and the world a better place for each and every one of us and help us to live our lives in happiness for as long as the earth allows us and as you write your cross into the little box today it will almost be like you are marking a cross onto every unborn childs forehead that will stay with them for the rest of their lives so good luck to everyone whichever way you may vote because this is your moment so just enjoy it and remember to take a pen with you as well just incase someone trys to kidnap you while you are voting so you can stab them with it and escape more easily. love from your friend Chris (Simpsons artist) xox