what about the beatles

  • my child: why is my cousin named jude?
  • me: because your aunt loved the beatles
  • my child: what about me?
  • me: thats enough from you Nikita Kucherov's Shootout Goal Against Buffalo

my child: why is my cousin named jude?
me: because your aunt loved the beatles.
my child: what about me?
me: enough questions, Connor Brown’s Game Winning Goal That Sent The Toronto Maple Leafs To The Playoffs

Paul and I had been together since he was fifteen and I was sixteen.
—  John Lennon, The Beatles: Anthology (317)

→ Pairing: Jungkook x Reader / Namjoon x Reader
→ Genre: fluff, smut, angst, humor
→ Words: 2,659
→ Rated: NC-17
→ Warnings: language, sort of unintentional sexual innuendos
→ Summary: A text message sent to the wrong number turns into a long lasting affair between two people completely opposite one another.
→ Note: Ok, so the interim parts are gonna be from Jungkook’s POV (to show how intertwined their lives are without them knowing) and I hope you remember the last paragraphs from the first part since they kind of hold significance in an early conversation in this one lol. Thank you for reading, hope you enjoy! :) 

(Also, these parts aren’t that important really (but this one is). They’re mostly because I love to write from everyone’s POV to make things more complicated lmao I’m sorry)

Parts: 01 : interim : coming soon


  • jungkook pov

Quick question
Is it socially acceptable to just get up and leave a discussion?
Maybe punch someone on the way out?

It takes a little bit of courage to send it, but when he finally lets his thumb press the send button and the message flies away with a sort of satisfying whoosh, he smiles and pushes it down the pocket of his tight jeans. He thinks it’s a little ridiculous, but it feels nice to message her again. It’s been three days after all.

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With the Beatles was such a classic album

1. The one about loving someone who isn’t there

2. The one about loving someone who isn’t there but all ya gotta do is call them

3. The one about loving someone who isn’t there

4. The one about loving someone who isn’t there

5. The one about loving someone who isn’t there bc they’re running and hiding

6. The one about loving someone who wasn’t there

7. The one about loving someone who isn’t there

8. Roll Over Beethoven

9. The one about loving someone who is there

10. The one about loving someone who is there but sorta wishing they weren’t

11. Ringo Singos

12. The one about loving someone whose heart isn’t there but rather is in hell

13. The one about not loving someone who is there again

14. The one about pure love (that’s what I want)



— When Curly-fry was about eleven, he witnessed Tim punching their step-father in defense of his siblings and their mother but in retaliation being choked and beat.

— Tim used to blame everything on their step-father; hated how he treated her, how he made her cry, how he made her work, etc.

— it took him a few years to realize it was mostly their mother’s fault.

— he resents her, and yelled in her face until she was sobbing once. because it’s her fault he has to raise his siblings, it’s her fault they’re all so fucked up, and everything is her fucking fault.

— “And no, Ma. No, that’s not an invitation to leave. ‘Cause Curly and Angel will get taken away a whole lot faster!”

— “Can you shut the fuck up? They’re trying to sleep!”

— Sometimes, Tim takes Curly and Angela out of the house and around town when things get bad.

— Around Christmastime, he’ll use all of the money in his pocket to take his siblings around town to the decorations and buy them dinner.

— “Angela, can you just wait one fucking second?”

— “Smoke that, girl, an’ I swear to God you won’t be seeing straight for weeks.”

— Blames himself for Curly’s bad grades and tells himself that Curly will pass at least high school, even if he has to pay for a tutor for him.

— Knows Angela is headed down a bad path and can’t do much more than try and fix whatever he sees because he knows her damage is already done.

Is actually capable of going steady.

— Wants to find a real nice girl, but is too stubborn to find one.

— Doesn’t want children. Dallas Winston once had a conversation with him about it. They’re both afraid they’ll fuck up their kids.

— Strictly against drugs even though he’s done them a few times.

— Tries to work on drinking less.

— Stopped displaying emotion at a young age, realizing that unlike his other little friends, it’d get him nowhere.

— Knows inside himself that Curly will never be like him, no matter how hard he tries.

— Knows Curly will never make it high up in the gang, but ignores the fact.

— Tim puts his bare hands in snow or ice every once and a while and tells himself not to move. He does it with hot things, too.

— Feels zero pity for himself, but for his siblings.

— Is. So. Damn. Tired.

— “Whatever, Angela. I’m not gonna fight with you, just go, alright?

— Went to New York once to see what Dallas liked about it.

— Hates the Beatles and only likes Elvis (not bc of the book, like deadass fr).

— Throws out clothes of Angela’s that he doesn’t approve of.

— Once she was home while he did it. She just sat on her bed, blinking, as went through her closet silently with a beer in his hand.

— Thought once that Curly should be more like Ponyboy Curtis, but then decided against it.

— “Curly, you’re my brother. That means you’re almost as hot as me. Go do something about it, kid.”

— That’s the story of how Curly got some for the first time.

— Tim is an okay cook, actually. He doesn’t bake on his own, though.

— He makes Curly and Angela’s favorites if they go and get the ingredients from the grocery store.

— He smiles when they eat a ton of it and make annoying noises and thank him a million times.

— Tim would always get upset that his younger siblings would get upset when their parents would disappear for a few days.

they don’t even care about you!

— But when Angela and Curly would act perfectly normal and not notice their absence, it bothered Tim even more.

— Tim has memories of reading his siblings books with a shaky voice to get them to go sleep with screaming and yelling downstairs, scaring them.

— “I can tell you guys about today, if you want. I mean, it won’t be anything interestin’, though.”


— He tells them true stories sometimes when they can’t go to bed even as teenagers.

— “Curly, what are you doing?”

— Alternates between being an insomniac, and sleeping unnervingly soundly at eight pm, waking up at four or five in the morning.


— Writes in perfect cursive although people remember him having horrible printing as a child.

— Tim enjoys making people uncomfortable and embarrassed.

— Nearly beat the shit out of Curly when he came up with “InTIMidating tIM”

— As a result, Curly wrote it in strange places that he knew Tim would see.

— Once, when beginning to eat a banana, Tim saw “InTIMidating tIM” in blue pen on the spotted yellow peel.

— Angela joined in on it.

— Tim would open his sock drawer and find InTIMidating tIM scrawled along the width side of wood.

— “InTIMidating tIM” is something only his family knows about.

— They rarely even address it in conversation. But they know.

— Curly and Angela plan on buying Tim a leather jacket with a patch on it that says it.

— Little things like that let Tim know it’s all worth it.

— He was disgusted with himself when he thought about letting them go into foster care.

— He thought about how everything would change, and a result didn’t go home for days and absolutely hated himself.

— Says if Darry Curtis releases a child-raising handbook he’ll be the first one in line to buy it.

— Literally, he says this all the time. Drunk or sober. It’s his catchphrase.

— “So, Tim, I heard you’re in need of some parenting tips?”

— Never actually liked Sylvia.

Never liked anyone until — stopping myself because this isn’t a romantic set of headcanons…

— If he had any kind of disorder, it’d be OCD.

— Is a control freak.

— Has a scary fucking clean bedroom. But don’t get me wrong, sometimes it gets messy.

— Tim doesn’t allow anyone in his room.

— For whatever reason, if you enter it you will be killed.

— I’ve made three Tim headcanons now how is this so fucking long I can just keep going for dayssss