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no offense but narry wedding song: in my life by the beatles

AGH, NOOO! this is so sweet and a little solemn and sad and joyful?? 

say what u will about the beatles being overrated but they knew how to write a love song, man. ‘i will’ has always been my favorite of theirs but tbh i think this is my new fav?? i can’T BELIEVE HOW SWEET IT IS, looking back fondly but looking forward even more so: ‘Though I know I’ll never lose affection / For people and things that went before / I know I’ll often stop and think about them / In my life, I love you more,’ is just so?? and apt, too, i feel - even in a friendship sense, i can only imagine how deeply and strongly the boys felt for each other, and how they’ll never forget that. like, they share this experience that no one else does or ever will, and that really does mean something! but there’s this: ‘i love you more.’ AHH I LOVE IT

Paul and I had been together since he was fifteen and I was sixteen.
—  John Lennon, The Beatles: Anthology (317)

Q: “What do you think about fans?”

GEORGE: “A lot of rot is talked about kids getting out of hand and suchlike. Even a kid who is quiet on her own takes the opportunity of letting off as much steam as possible when she’s with the gang. It doesn’t mean she’s out of control– just that she’s learnt how to have fun. Boys are the same– they let off steam in different places. Girls hang around stage doors or in the front stalls; boys inside a football ground or at a boxing match. But whatever way you look at it, the Beatles… and every other group in the top twenty… rely entirely on the fans. It would be no good finding a good song and making a terrific recording of it if there were no fans around to decide whether they liked it or not. To any artist fans are vitally important. An artist who did well and then wanted to forget about his fans might as well forget about his fame at the same time.”- George Harrison interviews George Harrison, The Beatles Book Monthly November 1964