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this… is so self indulgent,, but… i’m thinking about the bad end of jfa again…

(not shipping)

EDIT: the bad end of jfa is an *innocent* verdict; this is a scenario in which franziska never comes to save the day! sorry for any misunderstandings

To Me

This.has.been.sitting.in.my.drafts.since.I.made.this.account.when.I.was.14.You have no idea how long i’ve stared at this fic trying to get it finished and finally it’s done.

Do i know what it is? I dunno some sort of God AU I guess. Am i proud of it? Heck yes.

Do I want you peeps to enjoy this madness? Please do! And thank you!

“What are stars to you?”

Natsu’s eyes flashed over to the priestess sitting next to him on the grass. Her legs were pulled close to her chest and eyes stared unblinking at the twinkling spots of light in the sky. Her expression was unreadable as he watched her.

“I don’t understand what you mean.” he replied, rather blunt.” Stars are stars, there’s nothing else to them.”

“But you’re a God, you live among them. Haven’t you ever wondered that there might be more to them?”

“No. My life has been nothing but overcoming trial after trial, I never had the time to think about things like that.”

She hummed softly in agreement, she should know. Everyone knew about his life,after all he was a god of war, one of the patron deities of the kingdom Alvarez alongside his brother Zeref, god of chaos. His tale was one taught all around the world and everyone,-young and old-knew it well.

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3. Who do you think you are? The Queen of England? Darcy/Owen Grady

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Owen damn near stomped his foot, “Who do you think you are? The Queen of England?”

“Excuse you, I’d make an excellent monarch!” Darcy yelled back, while Blue looked back and forth between the two. The raptor couldn’t figure out what was going on, exactly, but she Did Not Like It. She kept trying to walk into between the two, but they kept yelling over her.

Blue found it very annoying. 

Owen pinched the bridge of his nose, “Look, I’m just saying - “

“Well, I don’t care what you’re just saying.” She uncrossed her arms only when Delta came back and dropped the coconut they’d been using to play fetch with at her feet. Bending down to pick it up again, Darcy muttered to the animal, “He’s being stubborn. Tell him he’s being stubborn, Delta. Maybe he’ll listen to you.”

She threw the coconut again and this time Delta and Blue went after it, the latter giving up on trying to distract the two humans. 

Humans were weird, she decided as she shoulder checked Delta out of her way. 

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Marcoace - Magical Tattoo AU where touching someone's tattoos leads to a reaction if the person is your soulmate (like line art turning into color, a dragon flying?)

“You know,” Law says tapping the thick black lines on Ace’s back where his tattoos started and where still unfinished. “You are going to have to let me finish those up at some point. It’s a shame to leave the flames half finished.”

Ace slaps his hand away, “I don’t know where your fingers have been recently and I don’t want them on me, first of all,” Law smirks. “And secondly, I don’t want it to be finished yet.”

“He’s waiting for his soulmate,” Sabo says yawning into his shot glass and frowning at it like he wanted to trade it for espresso. “After what happened with your tattoos, he’s been playing with the idea of seeing what would happen with them, you know.”

“Ah, I suppose that’s true. I mean even I didn’t know that this would happen when I met mine. The completion of my tattoos was certainly not what I expected.”

Sabo hums, “And Luffy’s got more elaborate too.”

“Did it? I didn’t know what it looked like before we had met.”

“Can we not,” Ace mutters frowning at them both. “I like to pretend that our sweet little brother will never be interested in anything like Law. No offense, Trafalgar.”

“But I’m a creepy asshole?”

“Basically,” Ace agrees smirking as he lifts his bottle to his mouth. “He’s an idiot, but Lu loves you for some reason and I can’t believe you would do something stupid to hurt him.”

Law stares at him for a long moment, “You are far too willing to let me be as long as I protect and care about your little brother.”

“He knows we can kill you if you don’t,” Sabo says brightly. “Do you think they have coffee here?”

“Coffee liquor,” Law offers his own drink for Sabo to try. “But I’m not sure how much coffee there might honestly be in it.”

Sabo makes a pleased face at the taste, “I want one, help me order one. I want one of these now please.” They both glance at Ace. “Do you mind holding the table?”

“I can. Go get your fake coffee,” Ace yawns leaning back in his seat and rolling his shoulders and relaxing into his chair. “I’ll be here.”

“If you’re sure?” Sabo asks slowly.

Ace rolls his eyes, “I’m not going to leave and I’m going to stay here, okay? Just go and get some coffee liquor.”

“Fine, we’re going,” Law promises dragging Sabo with him. “Come on, it’ll take ages to get the bartender’s attention to begin with.”

Ace rolls his eyes as they both vanish into the crowd, hurrying to get to the bar and talking as they went, friendly in a way that Ace knows he’ll never be with Law. He can be friendly but not friends and that’s something that he’s been sure of since Luffy came home talking about how he met his soulmate dragging Law along behind him. And he had liked Law before that.

“Fuck,” Ace jolts out of his seat barely moving before a number of drinks dump down into his seat. “I’m sorry, are you alright?”

“I’m fine,” Ace agrees already bending down to help the man pick up the numerous cups and fruit slices that took up the chair that he had been sitting in. “You don’t look like a waiter.”

“I’m not,” He sighs tiredly. “My siblings demanded that I grab the drinks. I don’t even know what I tripped over just now. I am so sorry for the mess.”

“Honestly, it’s fine. I’m not hurt and I’m not covered in booze, so there’s that too,” Ace says smiling. “Ace, I’m Ace.”

“Marco,” He says accepting the hand that Ace holds out and shaking it, blinking slowly. “Was- I-”

Ace glances down, following Marco’s gaze and blinking slowly at the bright colors filling in the bare portions of his tattoo, “Oh,” His hand grips Marco’s tighter. “It’s nice to meet you.”

“It’s nice to meet you too,” Marco says smiling in confusion. “I-Would you like to meet for breakfast? I, tonight’s too late and we need to have time, but would you like to? It would be good to know you.”

“You too. I want to get to know you too.”

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I was on AO3 looking for new stuff to read so sorted fics by kudos and guess what? 5 of your fics are on first page, 3 of which are in the top 6. You go, girl! I feel so proud of you <3


I admit I do not like lingering on stats at all - because I fear it’s gonna start affecting my writing and I’d hate that (my bubble is immensely precious to me) but this is amazing!

And it’s all because of you guys. You wonderful, beautiful human beings who’ve shown me such love and acceptance. You humble me. 

So, thank YOU for all your love! My writing wouldn’t be anything without any of you. 

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Where would i begin to amass as much knowledge about fae as you have lol?? There are so many crosses between cultures and eras that it's really hard to pin down a Solid Source haha.

The thing is, the ‘Solid Source’ is kind of a myth when it comes to folklore and fairytale, in that the vast majority of these tales were a) oral, and some of the best retellings we have are b) written and secondary or tertiary. We’ve already lost a lot of the best versions of the tales if the cultures are gone or Christianised or heavily damaged.

So it’s good to turf the ‘I need solid sources’ mindframe when researching this stuff? I mean, it’s - I believe - way better to read like 100 versions of say…the Ugly Duckling or Baba Yaga and Vasilisa the Brave, than it is to look for the ‘one true story.’ (Which doesn’t exist anyway, because in an oral tradition, they are meant to be changed and adapted to become relevant for whatever geographical group or class is hearing the story). Also fairytales and folklore are generally pretty short? You end up with huge huge variation.

However, I’ve written some stuff in the past that might be useful for you as well re: sources: 

Some book references.

Here’s another post with links / thoughts on the subject.

General thoughts and some info.

And there’s this aggregate post which is great:

Mythology aggregate. All the links!

It’s worth also looking into anthropological studies on different cultures that practice animism; fair warning though, they can be very problematic. (Especially earlier studies, which are often racist and/or xenophobic). 

Mostly with this stuff, it is actually often a matter of ‘quantity over quality’ which sounds weird but, there is so much and you can only really start by getting started and say…picking a favourite fairytale (or ‘species’ of fae) and researching them. You can hunt down more primary written sources (some of them are actually freely available on places like sacred-texts, due to copyright no longer holding on those sorts of texts) to distinguish between heavily Christianised tales and earlier versions; but you can also distinguish between those by researching animism tales/stories in different cultures etc.

Be prepared to give it a lot of your time, too. Like, I’m really only at the tip of the iceberg myself, and a lot of my studies have been going on since I was young and are very personal in that I research what has felt relevant to me over the years and I haven’t been doing this for say a course, or for a university or something (I’ve done some electives at university on this subject but ultimately, my research into these subjects is partly spiritually motivated, and partly about my fascination with ‘simple’ narratives told in complex or poignant ways to make them relevant).

Dear Mikey,

Thank you for your interest in working with us.

I wish I could give you a definite answer on whether or not our office will be ready for a new lawyer by the time of your graduation, but I wouldn’t call it an impossibility just yet.

Just let us know as soon as you pass the bar exam, either by phone or by mail, and if things work out, I’ll be happy to schedule an interview with you.  Special abilities aren’t required to be a part of the Wright Anything Agency, just a knack for finding the truth.

I doubt we’ll be needing any computer hacking skills here, though…  We prefer to obtain information lawfully.

-Phoenix Wright

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Oh man, Phoenix looks awesome. Also that totally sounds like an RD name. She probably carried her and guilt-tripped AJ. "I carried her, I get to name her!" "But what about Apple names ;_;" "PHOENIX APPLE SOUNDS AWESOME DAMNIT"

Ok this is now canon in Phoenix’s backstory xD I can totally imagine RD being like that so I had to make a short comic with it

Anyway, I’m glad you like Phoenix design, it was fun to do :3