what about olivia pope coming into their lives changed them so much that they would be devoted to her

Scandal 703- All Roads Lead to Fitz

Okay. Not a review but just interesting things I noticed upon my viewing of scandal 703.  And I felt bad for not writing something for those who faithfully read my reviews but I promise I’m writing LAY now.

Okay back to swooning over a Fitz centric episode

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This episode was lovely. I enjoyed everything about it though at times I was frustrated with the repetition of Fitz’s character being lazy and ignorant and Marcus’s failing to acknowledge that a black women also held him down and why everyone is quick to highlight Fitz’s privilege yet Mellie is a white female and her privilege in society isn’t mentioned or said.That bothers me.

But I enjoyed the simple things that normal people do in fact do like grocery shopping and Fitz having to set up his credit card and learning how to take care of himself. I liked the struggle, I liked the honesty that came with him living in Vermont.

Some things I noted.

  1. While Olivia is most certainly not in Vermont, Vermont is most certainly still on her mind as evidence by the art hanging in her new office. The front door of their home is glass door with a tree, and every time that Olivia looks up from her desk she sees the image that resembles that same door. I find it telling about Olivia’s devotion and still possibly her dream to finally get there.

2. The episode focused on our unsung hero Fitzgerald Grant, who’s name and reputation alone has a almost king like persona, with previous and the current episode referencing his power and hierarchy in his blood. Marcus references in this episode that Fitz does not in fact have a crown and Mellie counters Marcus claim admitting that Fitz is special beyond his own belief. The reporters ask the question we all want to know? What and who will Fitz resemble out of office Bush or Carter…at the end of epsiode we got our answer.

3. Olitz is canon

When has your fav ship been mentioned like this! And I enjoy the role reversals that happened during this episode. Fitz no longer shielded from the press and reporters. He is now front and center to the onslaught of questions and reporters…the same way Olivia was when she was outed as his mistress and when they started dating. Nicely done and well executed and also how dare Shonda talk about my house with “olitz” written in christmas lights.

4. Fitz Governor grant photo

The episode centered around Fitz and often talked about his magic and power.  When Fitz looks at his photo he rebuffs and shakes his head at the thought of being ‘America’s great hope’ and possibly the naïveté of thinking he could accomplish such feat. This has foreshadowing written all over it. Will Fitz be our great hope and help Olivia, will Fitz influence policy and change in ways he never has before, Mellie refers to Fitz as the ‘ golden ticket’ to change the world; big expectations for one mere man even one as special and great as Fitzgerald Grant. Fitz is the audience’s and America’s great hope because things are about to get ugly. But rest assure this won’t be easy and he won’t be some savior. But Fitz is the unsung hero, Rowan comes to Fitz in help, in fear about his child or the ‘woman they both love’. Rowan tells Fitz during this episode that he thought he was raising a champion or as he likes to say it “America’s Hope” but Rowan admits he was wrong and sees instead that Fitz is “America’s hope”. Rowan confesses to Fitz that Olivia has killed Luna and is running b613 but how does Rowan know about Luna? In the end Rowan is lost and pleads with Fitz to save Olivia because he does not have power and Fitz does. How much is sincere and how much is manipulation we will find out, the question though is will Fitz rise to expectations, only time will tell but please know that Fitz isn’t a savior and this will not be pretty.

It’s interesting how Similar Olivia and Fitz are, and above everything else how extremely protective they are of their relationship and who knows about them. Both Olivia and Fitz opted to ignore the void from the others abscence and pretend that life is easy on them but at the end of Day they are both still lonely. And it’s hard. Fitz has said it several times that he never wanted anything in life until he met Olivia, she inspired him to be better, challenged him to face his fears and learn from his mistakes so to see Fitz flailing and uninspired isn’t shocking.

Of course  marlie paralleling olitz, as both Marcus and Fitz love woman who are “bad ass” but are currently working and not wanting men to distract them.

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Fitz and Marcus fighting and call each other out about their hypocrisy. Olivia actually helped and raised both of these men up from the gutter. The fight was all kinds of physical as Fitz gave Marcus a  Caucasian uppercut and Marcus returned the favor by giving Fitz some culture on a black men beating. both men learned a valuable lesson about underestimating the other and their fighting skills

Mellie surprised me in the most pleasant way possible but I caught her telling Marcus to ride Fitz’s coattails to power. When Marcus calls her to complain about Fitz, Mellie knows and surprisingly she defends Fitz and his character. Interesting that Mellie defines Fitz as the eye of the hurricane and Fitz sees Olivia as a tornado…ugh who would have thought that classifying natural disasters as people would be so romantic. 

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But with Mellie no longer in the eye wall of the Fitz hurricane she has a clear picture of him and his path and unlike a hurricane it’s not heading towards disaster or destruction, we will leave that to tornado Liv, but Mellie’s understands.  Kudos Mellie!

I loved Fitz’s cooking stages symbolizing the three stages of being in a relationship with him. Only Olivia never got out of stage 2 with him.

“Heaven Help Us All” this song. The words. The symbolism. In deed Heaven Help us all. 

Lastly Fitz returns to DC and encounters Olivia making out with Pryce but watch closely as Olivia slaps Pryce‘s hand away from her body. It’s going to be interesting to see how Olivia navigates her own weakness coming back. Dear lawd am I ready for some olitz interaction of any kind because I am parched. And Olivia isn’t going to take kindly to this change but I most certainly will. 

Welcome back, Mr. President.

Saddle up kids.

Oh and if you don’t know now you know.

Until Next time …Muse