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I was wondering what your thoughts were on Hooks new rings? Like the rings themselves and what they might mean on a meta level since they aren't his "murder rings" anymore. You think it's a permanent change to go with the wedding ring? I love your thoughts on the show and jewelry!

First, thank you for asking my opinion! That doesn’t happen very often (and probably for good reason, lbr. ;) ). I would have replied sooner, but I’ve been at work. 

As we know, rings can be very symbolic—both in real life and to Killian specifically. We know at least two of the rings have been reminders of a violent past (even if one of those stories doesn’t actually work with the timeline and when we first saw it…ahem), and another was a reminder of his older brother. Rings mean something to him, but not generally anything good. 

“Every ring is a sad story.” (Killian Jones, “Birth”)

From Colin’s Instagram, here are the three main rings Killian has worn throughout the series: the two larger with red stones and some design around it along with a relatively simple silver band for his thumb. We know the two red-stoned rings were taken from men Killian felt wronged him. As he tells Emma, they were once trophies and then reminders. They carried weight—the weight of both hands—and they never let him forget what those hands and hook have done.

Let’s dig into Killian’s jewelry box before we get to the good stuff.

When he gets his hand back on loan from Rumple, he doesn’t let that hand go without a ring, and here we see a pinky ring with a purple stone, somewhat like the one Liam gave him (although I don’t believe they are the same. The stone is similar, but the band is different). 

This is Liam’s ring, although we don’t know where he got it or who gave it to him, if anyone. But Killian poses that it might be the thing that has kept him a survivor all these years. Liam gave it to Killian because it was the ring responsible for always bringing him home safely and he wanted that same thing for Killian when they were about to face what should have been certain death. That ring is so important to Killian, it remains hidden for almost 3 seasons and only comes out when Killian wanted to make sure Emma came back to him safely while she was the Dark One. A pirate doesn’t give his prized possessions to just anyone. 

And here we have Dark One Killian’s rings. Gunmetal and likely onyx or jet. They are as dark as his soul at that moment, and that’s saying something given how dark Killian probably feels about himself and his deeds most of the time. I do like that they gave him a new set of bling for his outing as Dark Hook. I think it was important to illustrate that he was himself yet vastly different, too. The rings they (and possibly Colin) picked for Dark Hook were perfect. Sleek and somewhat classic. And oh so dark. 

Up to this point, every ring has been a sad story. 

But not for long.

(FYI, spoiler picture under the cut.)

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Captian Liam Jones forcing his little brother and lieutenant to come clean about his feelings for a certain member of the Royal Palace. Or in an AU, for a certain acquaintance of them :)

“Come on then. Out with it.”

“Out with what?”

“Whatever’s put that dreamy smile on your face.” 

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Killian lied.

“Let’s see. Your rations haven’t been expanded. Your pay is still the standard rate. And I know you’re not exactly fond of these royal soiree’s..”

Killian began to squirm at Liam’s observations.

“And I know you didn’t tuck into any of the available libations. But there was one particular presence that caught your attention. A rather beautiful, blonde presence, if I say so.”

“You’re wrong, brother.”

“Oh, so you don’t find the princess attractive? Maybe your sites were more on her father? You did seem to go rather red when he conversed with you.”

“Don’t be ridiculous, Liam.”

“So you do find miss Emma attractive?” Liam prodded.

“Of course she is, she’s beautiful.” he gritted.

“But I suppose the conversation is rather dull. I can’t imagine how listening to talk of ballgowns, scented bath soaps and croché for hours upon hours is exciting for any man.” Liam teased, knowing he was getting to Killian.

“Stop it, Liam. She’s not like that. She happens to be rather educated. She’s well read and has told me many an adventurous tale from her books. She’s kind and thoughtful and the most interesting person i’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting. You’ve got her all wrong.” 

Killian felt his cheeks burn with embarrassment at his outburst.

“And there it is.”

He turned to see his brother smiling at him.

“I didn’t say anything.” he sighed, feeling defeated.

Liam stepped forward to place a comforting hand on his shoulder.

“You didn’t have to, little brother.”

Killian dropped his head, feeling foolish that Liam was aware of the feelings he harboured for Emma.

“Killian? She’s a wonderful woman. You couldn’t have fallen for anyone better.”

“Aye. She’s magnificent.” He mumbled sadly to himself as he watched his brother disappear below deck. “But she’s the royal princess. And me a mere sailor.”

His shoulders slumped and his head hung low as he followed his brother’s path to his bunk below.

The Masks We Wear (2/?)

Chapter 1


You guys!!! I’m so delighted by the amazing response I’ve had to this fic, thank you for every read, like, reblog and comment, they mean the world to me. :)

Thanks once again to @coffeewithcaptainswan for her top notch beta skills, you’ve made this fic, Shelby! (But if anything still doesn’t make sense, that’s totally on me.)

Previously on The Masks We Wear…

We met our heroes Emma Swan AKA The Saviour and Killian Jones AKA Hook AKA The Survivor. They work together, are best friends and love each other by day as average Joes and by night as superheroes. If only they had the courage to share their secret identities and reveal their true feelings…

“She didn’t need Killian to know that she had a crush on a superhero. She’d never hear the end of it.

And he might give up on you.”

“Actually, I quite fancy The Saviour, myself.”

“What was that? Sorry I was too busy thinking about how good it would feel to be rescued by a devilishly handsome man.”

“Hook may love The Saviour, but Killian Jones was in love with Emma Swan.”

“He didn’t need to win her heart, it was already his. And those walls? They weren’t to protect her. They were to protect him.”

Killian was still reeling from his conversation with Emma while he got ready for an evening of superheroing. He almost stabbed himself in the eye with his eyeliner he was so unsteady. He didn’t know whether to be delighted or devastated that she fancied Hook.

It was certainly obvious that she wanted him, but only in a mask, only while wearing his hook. It was wonderful to know someone accepted this side of him, but surely this meant that as Killian - as his normal, boring self - he never stood a chance.

Stop tormenting yourself, he chided, you know she can never be yours anyway.

As he clicked his hook into place and slipped on his mask, her words continued to echo through his mind.

“I was too busy thinking about how good it would feel to be rescued by a devilishly handsome man.”

On some level he knew she had said that to disarm him, but why on earth would she do that? There was something nagging at him deep in his subconscious. He was missing something, something important.

Usually Emma Swan was like an open book to him. He prided himself on how well he understood her, but this? There was something more to this. And he was going to figure it out, even if it was the last thing he did. After he was done saving the world, of course…

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She had no idea what was in store for the ball following their wedding, Snow and Charming planned the whole thing for them as a wedding gift, and were hosting it in their castle. Killian was able to see the set up before hand, and gave his approval.

On the carriage ride over, Emma started to feel nervous.

“You know.. when I was a little girl, I had all these big dreams about what my wedding would be like.”

Killian looked up at her face, “As I am sure most girls do.”

Emma smiled. “Yeah, but that’s the thing. I had always dreamed like the fairytale wedding when I was younger, but as I got older… I don’t know. I guess I stopped dreaming.  I honestly never thought this day would actually be mine someday…”

Killian grabbed her hand. “And now it is.  And you make the most beautiful bride.  Trust me when I say, I never in my craziest dreams imagined I would be marrying a Princess.” A smile curled on his lips.

Emma blushed and fluttered her eye lashes. “Well trust me when I say I never in my craziest dreams imagined I would be marrying a pirate.”

They both laughed, as the carriage came to a stop.

“Here we are love. Are you ready?” Killian tilted her head up to his.

“I’m nervous. Should I be nervous?” Her heart started to beat faster. Killian leaned in for a gentle kiss.

“Remember those dreams you had as a little girl?  Let’s go make them reality.”

As she stepped out, Killian stopped her.

“Close your eyes, I wanna take you right into the center of the room so when you open your eyes, you can see everything together.”

She laughed. “Isn’t that a little cliche?”

Killian gave a little frown “Does it matter?” he moved close to her, inches from her face, “I wanna see your beautiful face light up when you see what your parents have in store for you.”

“And you!” she piped

“Well yes, but really this is all for you, my Princess.”

She closed her eyes, and Killian guided her inside. Once they reached the middle of the room, Killian spoke up “Alright m'lady, open your eyes.”

As she did, her breath was stolen away. She had never seen anything so grand, so beautiful before.  All for her.  It was just like she had dreamed when she was that little girl, who dreamed of Princes and Princesses, but only now it was a reality, and she was the Princess.

Killian leaned in close, “What do you think, Mrs. Jones?” he said with a smile.

“I…. It’s…” she turned to look at Killian, as he completed her sentence “Beautiful.  Just like you, love.” He cupped her face as tears formed in her eyes and the biggest smile took over her face.

“I love you.” she said, now focused on taking in every inch of her handsome husbands face.

Killian pulled her face in and kissed her. “I love you, too, Emma.”

The Masks We Wear (4/?)

Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3


Happy Saturday everybody! Hope you’ve all had a great week.

Thanks for beta duties again go to @coffeewithcaptainswan the Giles to my Buffy (if only I were that fucking cool).

Previously on The Masks We Wear

Emma Swan AKA The Saviour and Killian Jones AKA Hook AKA The Survivor are in love. They just don’t know it yet. And while they’re busy working with their fellow Nevengers to bring down The Dark One, they don’t have time to find out. Desperate for intel, The Survivor tried to seduce the Evil Queen to join the heroes, but their date was interrupted by a jealous Emma Swan who then ran off with The Survivor in hot pursuit…

“Emma’s magic instantly responded to his touch; she could actually feel the electricity sparking through her … She was worried she was going to start actually glowing with the force of her magic reaching out to him.”

“‘Good luck, Hook! I hope she’s worth it!’

Of course Emma bloody well is, he thought indignantly to himself as he followed her into the night.”

Emma felt like she was running for her life. It was a little pathetic really, the way she was so desperate to escape a handsome man. Somewhere in the back of her head she wondered if that was a metaphor for her whole attitude to love.

Although there was also the tiny issue that said man had thrown her into such a tizzy there was a very real risk of a magical explosion happening in the middle of a club full of superheroes and supervillains. That would be difficult enough to justify at the best of times, but when she was dressed as Emma Swan it would cause a major fucking incident.

She had gone out that night for a few drinks to welcome the new guy at work. He was dark and brooding, but funny along with it. She found she didn’t dislike his company quite as much as most people she met.

Not to mention that, ever since she’d been caught up in that lightning storm the previous weekend, she’d been feeling weird and out of sorts. Like, the kind of super weird where only some seriously hard liquor could soothe her. Lights kept sparking off around her suddenly, particularly when she was angry or upset. Her “superpower” of knowing someone was lying to her had been going haywire, leaving her with the urge to scream ‘bullshit!’ at almost everyone she interacted with. Her skin felt itchy and her whole being felt unstable.

So, she’d tried doing the sociable thing. She shared a glass of rum with the man while he made snide remarks about their colleagues who were using his arrival at the company as an excuse to get wasted. She snorted with laughter and he responded with a disarmingly beautiful smile.

It was hard to avoid picturing him wearing nothing but that smile.

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I don't know if you taking requests but what do you think about Emma loving Killian's beard and nuzzling her face against it and loving the feeling of it when they kiss and loving the burn of it on her tights even more. Please?

I think you know my soul, anon. Also, this got smutty real fast. Sorry not sorry and Happy Once-less Sunday, my darlings!

Word Count: 1,427 | Rating: BK for Beard Kink | ao3

Scrape, Scratch, Rub



Emma doesn’t mean to giggle, really, she doesn’t, particularly since she’s finally gotten Killian naked and into bed after a grueling day, but she can’t keep it in when he drags his mouth along the curve of her neck and his chin consequently rubs against her skin. It tickles as he goes, not from his lips, but from the heavy stubble that he’s allowed to grow just a bit beyond its normal length. She wouldn’t say it’s long enough to be considered a beard, though she doesn’t mind so much because she’s not really into the whole beard thing anyway. But the shadow it casts over the lower portion of his face? So incredibly sexy and-

He shifts lower, dragging his teeth along the line of her collarbone and she loses her train of thought, has to remember to breathe when he bites down.

“What’s so funny?” he wonders, voice rich and deep and just a little gruff in that way it always gets when he wants her too much.

She threads a hand through his hair, fingers twisting in the thick locks as he noses further south, peppering more kisses over her as he goes. Her head shakes, body shivering at the light burn of his scruff, and she tugs restlessly at his hair, uncertain if she means for him to stop or if it’s an attempt to rush him along.

It’s the latter. It’s definitely the latter.

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Behold! The Rolly Joger! CS smut! 

Post make out at Granny’s. 


“Which is your preferred manner of ministrations? Hands or tongue?”

Emma startled, her feet nearly crashing off the toilet seat on which they were propped, the rest of her sprawled across the small expanse of floor in her bathroom.

Killian’s laughter boomed, amplified by the walls of the shower, and she reached above her head to smack the leather-clad leg hanging over the side of her bathtub. 

“I thought you said if I played your game, you’d be a gentleman.” She heard him huff, knowing her words had raised an eyebrow without having to look at his face.

“I’m always a gentleman,” he protested. 

Emma let her feet drop to the ground and pushed herself up until she was facing him, head spinning at her sudden movement thanks to the large quantity of rum she’d consumed. The pirate- her pirate- was lounged back in the tub, one leg and an arm hanging over the side. His other foot was planted halfway up the shower wall and Emma allowed her eyes to follow his lean lines from head to toe before meeting his gaze.

“A gentleman doesn’t ask a lady such questions,” Emma teased.

“One who also desires to be a gentleman in the bedroom does.”

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