what about all the other ships in starfleet

The newest 'Star Trek' captain: Jason Isaacs
Lucius Malfoy is about to boldly go where no one has gone before.

British actor Jason Isaacs, perhaps best known in America for playing Draco’s dad in the Harry Potter franchise, has signed on to play Starfleet’s newest captain in CBS All Access’ upcoming Star Trek Discovery.

All we know so far about Isaacs’ character is his name: Captain Lorca. Oh, and we know what his chair will look like.

The cast also includes The Walking Dead’s Sonequa Martin-Green as Lorca’s second in command and 30 Rock’s Maulik Pancholy as a Starfleet medical officer. Other roles include Terry Serpico (Army Wives) as a high-ranking Starfleet admiral, Michelle Yeoh (Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon) as another captain and Mary Wiseman (Baskets) as a cadet who will be assigned to Lorca’s ship, the USS Discovery, after graduation.

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You've talked about which single Star Trek character you'd like to see get flung into the CW, but what about a whole ship? I mean, wormholes can connect any points in space AND time, and Starfleet captains are known for being ~curious~ folk. So, which ship would you like to see in GFFA? (Since I grew up on taped reruns of it, my vote is of course, Voyager.)

Next Gen’s Enterprise, through and through. They were my first Star Trek, and while there are a plethora of things I love about all the other ones, TNG is the one I’d want in Star Wars the most.

I also think Picard and Co could do the most diplomatic damage. I mean they have Guinan, an ancient bartender that makes Yoda look like an infant; Picard, a warrior with the heart of a poet that can talk circles around anyone, and who’d probably dive head-first into the vast history of the Star Wars universe and come up with the perfect solution. Probably somewhere along the lines of, “All the countless issues here stem from a point in pre-Ruusan history and your apparent inability as a society to not properly background check those you give absolute power to. That’s where we’ll start.” (I’d love to throw Picard and Obi-Wan in a room together and see what happens); Data, which I’ve gone over in another post; Deanna, a powerful empath and trained therapist, which I think is something Star Wars needs badly; Worf, who I just really want to hang out with the clones; the promise of Q, since where Picard goes he inevitably shows up to cause mayhem, and I’d love to see how he’d fit into the Star Wars mythos. I’d love for him to call the Mortis family a ‘whiny triad of pitiful Q continuum rejects’ for example. And there’s so much more!

Yeah, I’d for sure want them there first.


“Don’t look so terrified, Jim. It’ll be fine. You know he likes you.”

These words did not seem to ease your boyfriend’s fears much as he sat waiting in your quarters for the connection to be established on the video call you’d be .doing with your father. It wasn’t often the Enterprise was in range to make such calls, so you took advantage of the times you did have.

This call would be a little different, though as you were going to break the news to your dad of your new romantic relationship with one James T. Kirk.

Jim knew your dad very well, but was very unsure how he’d react to the news, given that he was fond of playing “big scary Admiral” to anyone who looked twice at you, a tendency which annoyed you a lot less when you were out in space.

As pilot, You saw Jim a lot when you relieved Sulu and frequently, he’d stay on the bridge longer than he was supposed to. Eventually, he got up the courage to come talk to you and admit he wanted to be friends. You’d heard plenty about the crazy rule-breaking genius from your dad, whom he’d given many grey hairs during his time at the academy.

Jim, however, had obviously grown since then and you found you had a lot of things in common, including the love of fast starships and a nose for danger. (You’d famously attempted to break the academy speed record in the training shuttle and nearly been kicked out.)

Jim was currently standing in the furthest corner of your room, waiting for you to give him the cue to join you in front of the screen.

You’d practiced this little speech over and over and hoped it would placate your very protective father.

“Hi, dad!” You greeted brightly, when your father’s face appeared on screen.

“Hi, honey,” he returned, with a relaxed smile that said he was in a good mood. “How’s space? Meet any new species lately?”

“A couple, but they didn’t really like us, so we didn’t stick around. How’s the admiralty these days?”

He sighed. “Tolerable. Komack’s off planet, so there’s been peace in the ranks lately. How’s the Enterprise handling? She giving you any trouble?”

“None at all. She’s as steady as ever,” you said affectionately. “There is something I do need to inform you of, though.”

He leaned forward and squinted at you as if he was trying to read your mind. (He was infuriatingly good at that.)

“And what would that be?” He said, with a gleam in his eye.

“I…. uh….have a boyfriend.” You admitted.

“Mm-hmm.” He sounded completely unperturbed, but that didn’t mean anything. Your dad’s poker face was unmatchable.

“Who’s the lucky soul that I should put the fear of God in?”

You sighed and rubbed a hand over your face in embarrassment.

“You can talk to him, but only if you promise not to kill him. He already has a healthy respect for you, so there’s nothing to worry about.”

“Put him on then,” he said and you beckoned Jim forward. The captain slowly crept forward and sat beside you, looking like he was afraid to even breathe. There was a moment of silence as your dad’s jaw hung open and he processed this revelation.

“Is this some sort of joke, Jim?” He asked at last, squinting again.

“No, sir,” Jim said. “Y/N and I are dating.”

“Since when?”

“Two weeks ago.”

“I see.” He pondered this information for awhile and put on the Concerned Dad Look.

“Is this just a bit of fun, or are you somewhat serious?”

You and Jim looked at each other.

“Serious!” You answered in unison.

“Jinx!” You whispered and winked at him. Jim was too intimidated to smile back, because the Concerned Dad Look had transitioned into the Scary Dadmiral Look, a look you knew all too well.
(Christopher Pike did not play around when it came to his family.)

“Jim, being that you are a mature officer, I trust you understand what the consequences will be should this result in conduct unbecoming or Y/N being hurt.”

Jim gulped.

“Dad….” you groaned, but he quelled you with his Dad Eye.(Another Look he was a master at)

“I understand sir. I have no intention of hurting Y/N. If I do, I’ll deserve to be thrown out on my ass, if not shot out the airlock. She’s very special to me and I will not do anything to break her trust or yours.”

Jim was very serious as he said this and you knew it came from his heart. Your dad had been the one to get him to quit wasting his life and join Starfleet and Jim was very loyal to him. Holding your breath, you watched the stern Dadmiral face relax finally.

“I believe you son. Now tell me, what was it that attracted you two to each other? I’m guessing it had something to do with fast starships?”

“That, and his pretty face,” you admitted, grinning at Jim.

The Captain blushed. He was adorably awkward with compliments and usually turned red or quickly deflected. He was supposedly an egomaniac, but you had discovered that wasn’t the case, at all.

“She has this fearlessness about her and can fly a ship like no one’s business,” Jim said. “Then there’s the fact she’s got a brain that reads mine uncannily well and well, very good genetics.”

He was trying to butter up your dad, but it kind of was true. You definitely inherited your take-space-by-storm traits from him.

On the screen, your dad chuckled.

“You two are going to be trouble together, I see it already, but I won’t try to discourage you. Your mother is going to be very anxious to hear about this, you know.”

“Yes,” you sighed. That would be a much longer conversation, but the worst was now over, and Jim was still alive, so you figured you had the admiral’s stamp of approval.


I can’t decide which Star Trek headcanon I like better:

1) Every ship in Starfleet runs into just as much space trouble as the Enterprise (and other main character ships), to the point where it becomes nonchalant

“Hey Susan, how was your time on the Victory?”

“Oh, it was awful. We got sucked into an interdimensional rift for 3 weeks! Uhg, it was terrible. What about you?”

“Yeah, our ship entered a nebula, and then gravity reversed direction, so everything repelled everything else. It was so tedious, pushing buttons was hard, because you would be repelled away from your station panel. Glad that nonsense is over.”

2) Only the main character ships experience weird space anomalies.

“Hey, how was your assignment on the Constitution?”

“We charted some stellar nurseries and did some geological surveys. One time, we had a little conflict with the Romulans, but it never escalated to a fight. What about you?”

“My mission was pretty boring. But have you heard about Fred? He got assigned to the Enterprise! He was telling me about how they encountered an omniscient space cloud and that they faced “space bullshit” as he called it, every other week. He says he’s lucky to be alive.” 

Like, other starships occasionally have a battle, but none of them encounter these weird space anomalies, or travel through time, or meet omniscient beings, or anything weird like that. It’s literally only the various Enterprise ships, Deep Space 9 and Voyager. That’s it. Every other ship in all of Starfleet is pretty much boring.

Ria hateblogs Discovery Episode 5: “Choose Your Pain” (do I even need to retitle this one?) (not liveblogged to @kendradaynes for a change)

Okay here we go!

right … fancy blurr-o vision of an empty ship, and oh look, it’s Michael facing herself - dream sequence?

yep. dream sequence

Michael talking to the Doctor about how they’re torturing the Tardis, oops I mean Tardigrade

What a veeeeery spiky starbase

Lorca talking to Admirals, who want to use the technology - wait, Starfleet didn’t already have the specs for the spore drive??? 

OH GOOD they’re HUNTING the Tardigrades! THAT seems like something Starfleet would do

Lorca is all “we’re the only ones who can do this” uuuuugh it’s just so unbelievable

what interesting friends Tilly? there are no other characters on this show

STRESSED Tilly?! WTF she has MORALS, not stress

UGH I did NOT need to see that Lorca - so they can fix his eyes but he doesn’t trust doctors? good lord

is it just me or is the admiral hella wooden? it’s probably just the dialogue

“why give everyone another reason to judge you?” for the drama. obviously

“are you uncomfortable with the power I’ve been given Admiral?” she might not be, but I am, cause it makes no damn sense - Sisko didn’t have this much power and DS9 was literally on the front line of the Dominion War

“i’m your friend” wait really?

my ship, my way - ah yes, that old Starfleet motto


Lorca just got picked up by a Klingon ship, where exactly is the Discovery in all this? where is the ship in relation to the space station??? 

skipping the intro cause I cbf today, it’s boring anyway

how does Discovery in orbit of a planet look LESS realistic than the old shows? TOS’s Enterprise on a string was more realistic ffs!

LOL it’s POSSIBLE the Klingons have figured out the spore drive exists - YOU THINK? what did they THINK would happen if they kept using it?

“do you have proof that we are harming it?” I mean, its screams of pain???

why would Saru continue to trust her and allow her to operate, given his own reservations

LOL I love how the list of Starfleet’s ‘decorated captains’ is LIMITED TO THE FEW CAPTAINS WE KNOW ABOUT, come ON show as IF there haven’t been people over the DECADE since Enterprise we don’t know about!!

also Georgiou is the ONLY WOMAN ON THE LIST

Saru getting the computer to tell him how to be a better captain … uuuugh because Michael makes him doubt himself? you wouldn’t want to ever question your own decisions, would you Saru??

oh good. Mudd.

ahahahaha at least we get a bit of amusement finally  …. even his exposition is boring though

wow, these Klingons really can’t talk


oh wow

this is what every Star Trek shows need, Klingons brutally beating up a prisoner to remind us they’re bad guys 

from what they’ve established of Lorca so far, I find it hard to believe he HAS reservations about not letting other Starfleet officers or people be injured instead of him, that’s how shady his morals are

wait, the Doctor isn’t the CMO? where are the actual senior officers on this show?!!! we don’t see the Chief Engineer, the CMO, everyone we do see on the Bridge are just role-less bridge officers there to give orders to

“you are the cause of this situation Burnham” ummmmm that is blatantly untrue?

shoulda got those eyes fixed Lorca

lol “or a liar” Lorca is SUCH AN ASSHOLE

OH GOOD implied sexual assault! 

“of course you did, the moment you decided to boldly go where no one had gone before” uuuugh this dialogue

“sick and tired of getting caught in the crossfire”, but I thought we hadn’t seen the Klingons in 100 years ??? what other war or ‘crossfire’ have Federation citizens been in, exactly?????

so glad they only have 3 crewmembers on this extremely important research project! an expert, a cadet, and a criminal! THAT’S believeable 

they’re still calling it Ripper … great …

soooo it’s a Jaegar? they need to Drift? human controlled mushroom spore drive, the “science” of this is fucking ridiculous

“no cadet, it is fucking cool” w o w, what Star Trek dialogue

finally a Klingon speaking English

they just look so fucking stupid with their spiky armour and giant heads, like how is it that huge glam rock hair and creaky rubber armour still looks more real than these Klingons???

lol, no one’s told Saru about the plan to fix the Spore Drive

lol, Saru trusted Burnham to listen to him - why would he? how stupid can he be? she literally never listens to any orders. ever

“I gave you an order, do you understand?” > her long winded answer = no

“your actions show me what you are” lol yeah

but also way to ignore the ethical issue of torturing the Tardigrade ENTIRELY what the actual fuck

why are they all so terrible

“we both know you lost that [your decency] with your last command” oh good, Lorca backstory

“apparently, the honorable Captain was too good to go down with his ship” - OH but he blew up the ship so the crew wouldn’t be tortured on Qo’noS 

WHAT a Starfleet officer folks! someone for us all to admire and be inspired by, not.

ugh back to Saru. I hate him SO MUCH, he is just driven by his fucking hatred and distrust of Michael

why don’t they pull a Lorca and transmit its cries of pain across the ship

OH GOOD they’ve killed it!


oh no, it’s not dead, it’s just dehydrated itself

“rehydrate it and bring it back” FUCK OFFFFF SARU


“I will not be party to murder” wow, so glad at least one crewmember has morals - but ofc it’s the doctor

awwww, the Starfleet officer volunteering to be beaten instead of Mudd - the only one who has morals - the only Starfleet officer so far who deserves the title


oh lol wait they’re trying to break out, these Klingons are even unbelievable as warriors, on top of everything else, they got beaten up way too easily

lol Lorca leaving Mudd to Klingon prison - he’s an asshole and that is NOT Starfleet Captain behaviour (but then nothing Lorca does is)

don’t leave him behind Lorca! you won’t be back for him!


NOOOOOOO Lorca this is your fault! don’t let the only likeable Starfleet officer be murdered by the Klingon who’s been assaulting him!

oh it’s okay though cause he found the docking bay in like 30 seconds and came back for him - good thing the ship was tiny apparently

what even are these Klingon fighter ships? they’re little fans! they look fucking stupid

Saru worked out Lorca was being chased, just in time for a dramatic beam out

“we are able to jump commander” in the shiftiest voice, guarantee they did the experiment on Burnham

ohhhh lol nope, Stamets did it to himself

at least he had morals!

oh the dramatic wake up scene

AHAHAHA his laughter is the best

at least he can finally talk to mushrooms or whatever?

oh good, Saru has come to talk to Michael

wow, I’m so amazed at this dialogue, the way everyone just explicitly lays out their feelings and motivations. how realistic.

it just rings so fucking false, like there is NOTHING genuine behind it, any of it

Michael giving Saru Georgiou’s telescope

finally a Starfleet order - save the Tardigrade’s life! 

sooo they don’t know if it’s safe to let it go but they’re just gonna chuck the spores in and send it off????? ummmmmm 



oh good, it woke up in space and zapped away.

hey we’re finally seeing Stamets and Culber as a couple … brushing their teeth

“you were in danger” awwww <3

also he’s like, tapped into the fungi network now, dream come true

“I also knew you’d leave me if I let anything else endanger that creature”

what they didn’t even get to kiss in their lovey dovey scene

UMMMMMM creepy mirror Stamets, that’s a bit of a worry


episode done.

I really want to like this show for what it is. Really, I do. 

We had the moral drama of the Tardigrade, but how am I supposed to like Saru when he literally throws his morals completely out the window??? “I was just following orders” is never a reason to harm another being and really, the show brushed over the whole ethical issue completely by just having the characters make individual choices to serve the plot, rather than actually discuss the issue like they would in any other Star Trek series

and Lorca’s entire backstory just makes him even more shady and immoral ffs

and I am just really really not on board with how the characters do complete 180s for the sake of the plot and drama - Saru doesn’t trust Michael, but then he does, flip. flop. flip. flop.

and oh boy am I really, really, really not on board for ‘characters explain their motivations and feelings in a paragraph of exposition’ with 0 emotion behind any of it. it makes it feel so contrived.

I still just don’t feel like I care about any of the characters at all, none of them feel the smallest bit real, there’s something so unnatural and unrealistic about their dialogue and their actions. I think the only reason I found the episode slightly more bearable than others is because they finally had enough plot to keep things moving along without me getting bored.

also, the weirdest part is how small the show feels. the Discovery feels empty, the starbase scene we didn’t know or care about any of the other Admirals, even the Klingon prison ship didn’t feel like it had anything other than that one cell (and corridor, and torture chamber) - they’re so tightly focused on the few characters we know that it just feels like everyone else is cardboard cutouts in the background. it doesn’t FEEL like there’s a war going on. all this money on set design and special effects and whatever and the show somehow feels tiny?

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what is the cutest thing about old married spirk in your opinion?? :3

This is the most difficult question anyone has ever asked me because I can’t say what I want to… which is “everything.”

What makes OMS special is how they’re still so in sync with each other after all of the years they spent together. From what we could see in the movies, they still flirt, share smiles, have crazy amounts of eyesex, care deeply about each other, consider that the other is worth more than his soul, go out of their way to save and/or protect the other even when that means breaking Starfleet regulation or going aboard an enemy Klingon ship to make sure t’hy’la isn’t killed by “friendly fire,” argue, talk privately, vacation together, choose to pair up on away missions, and so on… Nothing’s ever changed since TOS.

Usually, marriages that last years are the brunt of shitty humor on tv. It’s always some incarnation of the nagging wife and the irritated husband who only want to argue with each other. OMS breaks this ridiculous stereotype and gives us a real look at what love is like for two people who grow old together in harmony.

What I love most is actually their love because it’s so real. Like all healthy relationships, it’s simultaneously special and ordinary at the same time and that’s what makes it magical. The relationship itself works so perfectly for K/S specifically, but it could be one that any two people who really adore each other share.

phene-thyla-mine made this post that I loved so much, so I’m going to quote a line from it: “I love that we still love them just as much (if not more) as old men with expanding waistlines, wrinkles, and thinning hair.”

We have two characters who share a very real love that only grows stronger as the years go by, despite the trouble they run into and the ravages of time. It’s wonderful, whether you think they romantically belong together or not.

But, after saying all of that, you asked me for the cutest thing about them?








Okay fine. This quote from TWOK:

Spock: Jim, be careful.
McCoy: WE will.