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Yeah, it's so true. Some people will look at these pictures and instead of seeing Harry, the real Harry, they will just shrug it off as artsy photo shoot.

Unfortunately, as loud and strong as image concepts can be, they’re not as effective as words are when it comes to an audience that doesn’t want to listen. 

We do remember how this fandom reacted even to quite obvious and repeated statements from Harry. Hets and Antis have ignored all the rainbows and hints they boys gave out, but they’ve been able to brush off even Not that important and Don’t knock it till you try for quite some time.

Another man was beautiful and such an important step for Harry and the building of his new (as in yet not public) image, but it won’t mean anything to that portion of the fandom until (or unless) its core and meaning are reaffirmed and evolved over and over by Harry himself in many different ways.


I said it before and I say it again: Tom should totally follow in Ralph Fiennes’ footsteps. Take interesting projects, create buzz, maybe direct, be high up the list of casting directors when it is about big roles in small movies and smaller parts in big ones. The one that steals a show, because he has some substance. The one that can surprise an audience and will always have people leaving the cinema thinking: “Who the hell was that? Why didn’t I notice him before? He is amazing!” The one that is not recognised by everone at first moment. The one that isn’t known by everyone that don’t know his work. But the one that leaves an impression with everyone that comes across his work.

Tom won’t ever be the A-list actor that gets blockbusters pushed his way. He won’t ever be the one with the biggest name-recognition that opens movies. The studios don’t see him that way and that won’t ever change, because he won’t ever be the hunky body with a beautiful face for them. They’ll always want him for his acting and his ability. Yet he can totally be the one that has a career for many, many years and collects awards in passing and twenty years from now he still gets new projects he hasn’t done before and that make him a darling of critics and audiences alike.

I REALLY hate that gatekeeping side of fandoms that don’t accept new fans & are all “I’ve been here since-” stfu no one gives a damn how long you’ve been a fan just let people enjoy things & stop trying to make new fans feel bad ffs.

i can’t wait until harry release a solo album to shock all the non-believers lol

I probably should not have spent 4 hours translating that drama CD when I should have been doing my english homework and I have math after work lol I am so mentally checked out but, like.

I cannot leave well enough alone when there is no one else around translating stuff. Not only is Japanese my Thing, but I want you guys to have access to all the same stuff I do. So I hope you guys enjoyed the drama CD on my main blog and now you know my weakness! lol If more Japanese stuff ends up on my dash…. well. I’m just saying. Translating is a thing I do for fun lol

“you want to save my soul? i’m telling you, girl: i already sold mine”


did robbie reyes 


honest to god say that???

Do you ever sit down and read a book and just grow more and more convinced that it started life as fanfiction? Not even any particular fanfiction, just - there’s something about it. Something about the characters, something about the tropes and the narrative, something about the choice of slang terms and the year it was published, leaving you to suspect that this might have, once upon a time, started life as a Prison Break Space Opera AU.

And I’m a little sad that I didn’t read it sooner, because the yuletide nominations are closed - then again, it’s the first book in a trilogy, all of which is published and right there to be read. Next year, though. Next year.

(ETA: A bit of google-fu later and apparently Svolgart has also published paranormal romance m/m novels in English under a pseudonym, This does not exactly lessen my suspicions. Also, apparently Livets Barske Lektie will be published in English under the title of “Learning the Hard Way”. Which would make the yuletide fic more realistic to hope for, though part of what is cool about the book is that it’s in Danish, you know? Oh well…)