what a wonderful puddle that we played in :(

charm me (2/2)

Fandom: Skam
Ship: Noora x William
Summary: It’s a given that Noora will spend the Easter holiday at Hogwarts. Spending it with William – that’s more of a surprise.
Notes: Thank you SO much to @colored-pins for her amazing headcanons about William at Hogwarts! <3 

(Follow-up to x)

Noora had never given much thought to sneaking out of Hogwarts before, but if she had… she probably would have expected it to be harder. Or for it to take more than a few morning hours of indecision, several stealthy steps past (a very sleepy, very hungover) Eva’s bed, and one secret passageway journey with William to reach Hogsmeade.

So easy. Weirdly easy.

Walking around Honeydukes, completely aware that William had opted to look at her rather than at the candy from the second they started browsing, Noora ran her fingers across an array of chocolate wands. “Do you do this often?” she asked. “Take girls out on illicit Hogsmeade trips?”

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theatrestruggles This is my M-word story. So it’s the final night of my high school’s production of Father of the Bride right? I played Delilah (the crazy maid) and as I’m getting ready for the show, I spray some perfume on and turn to talk to my friend, and IT GETS IN MY MOUTH. So I head outside to spit the perfume out and as I’m about to go out the door, I don’t notice this HUGE puddle of paint right in front of the doorway (soneone spilled it all over because we were using the paint bucket as a doorstop), and the next thing I know, I’m laying on the floor wondering what the heck just happened. As I’m sitting up I notice my hands feel wet and have a mini panic attack like “OH MY GOD IM BLEEDING SO MUCH” so I turn around and see that it’s paint, BRIGHT YELLOW PAINT, and I’m like, “oh, okay. It’s just paint. Wait. PAINT? OH NO MY DRESS” and so I had paint all over my costume, shoes, legs, arms, and hair. This all happened less than an HOUR before the show, so I think to myself, this is funny, like REAAAAAAALLY FUNNY, and I start laughing like a lunatic. So everyone in the cast thinks I suffered some massive head trauma that’s making me crazy, and I’m just standing there laughing like a madwoman, and my director’s like, “we need to call your mom to see if she wants file an accident report.” So I’m standing half-naked and covered in paint in the dressing room and we’re trying to find me another dress to wear, and I can sort of overhear their conversion, and my director is talking about how I slipped on some paint and hit my head, but I said I was okay, and she just wanted to make sure that my mom didn’t want to file an accident report. So I hear my mom say, “If she’s fine that’s awesome. We shouldn’t need a report. And her costume’s not covered in paint so that’s good too,” and courtney and i just bust out laughing, like, we’re almost in tears about it, and my director broke the news that the dress was coated in paint, and I could not stop laughing. Luckily we got everything cleaned up, and got most of the paint out of my hair and off my body, and I got into a replacement dress, but I will never not laugh about this. (I later found out that our costume person/castmate actually said it in a joke backstage and I nearly punched them)