what a wonderful body

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What would happen if someone didn't want estrogen or testosterone? I'm nonbinary and I'm just wondering what would happen to the body if you took hormone blockers for estrogen and testosterone. If you don't know can you ask your endocrinologist next time you see them?

I don’t have an endocrinologist anymore because I have to to find new doctors and stuff. And, I don’t know, I’ve never heard of someone doing that.

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With the Arkers doing supply runs to Mt. Weather and then Pike moving half of the Farm station in there, I was wondering what happened to all the bodies? Did they bury them, cremate them??

We talked a lot about this in the writers room quite a bit, and we had several very cool versions about how and when the bodies were removed from Mount Weather… 

Since we won’t be able to get to it in this season, I can say this: over the three months between seasons, the bodies were removed so that the resources of the mountain could be reclaimed.

Thanks for asking!

whenever i get more than moderately stressed i get sores on my tongue, making it significantly painful to eat, talk, and even just swallow

like thanks for the gift, Body. now how exactly is this supposed to counteract stress. i’d really like to know ur logic here.

God I'm such a weird strange pathetic creature

In a hundred years the aliens will land on this desolate nuclear waste land, find my body, and wonder “what the hell were they feeding these people?”

I have discovered that going just a second without you in truly painful. Yes, I have noted this throughout our relationship, but just today did I realize how drastic it is. No matter what I am doing, No matter how important it is, or where I am, all I think about is you. Day in and day out. I think about kissing your lips and holding your hand. I think about running my fingers over ever delicate inch of your body. I wonder what it is like to physically hear your voice for the first time or even the first time I see you in person. I day dream every second of us. Whether its our first time meeting, or skype calls, or extremely far in the future. Its always you.

I step out of the shower and catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror.  I immediately regret it.  My hair is flat and there is far too much of me.  I think of the girls from my dorm room that sacrifice midnight chocolates and proper nutrition all for a slender figure and easy-to-handle hips and feel jealousy so intense that only makes me hate myself more.  I silently applaud their self-control and deprecate myself for having none of it.  I think of the boy that loves me no matter my size and feel terribly for him.  I wonder what he must see in me that he craves this body in his bed.  He is the light and I am only darkness.  The only thing I can do is swallow him.  I want so badly to be less.  I want so badly to be nothing.
—  Amanda Erin, don’t look at me (1.16.2016)

rhett had been thinking about this for much, much longer than he should have. actually, he shouldn’t be thinking about this at all — this being his son, his sweet boy’s body, wondering what he looked like when he came, imagining the taste of his little hole.

the piercings had been the breaking point — seeing them tent tom’s t-shirt across the breakfast table one morning had almost been too much. he’d kept his control, though — barely, but he had.

now tom’s mom was away for two whole weeks and rhett’s mind was racing with all the things he was going to do to his son.

“thomas? where are you, son?”

literally whats the point of dating… you meet someone and give them everything and love them and trust them but at any moment they can text you “i’m done” and never speak to you again?? u can have the most amazing love in the world yet theres technically nothing stopping them from changing their mind and fucking leaving you.. i really feel like love isnt worth the pain of a fucking one sided breakup

Panic Disorder
General Anxiety Disorder
Gluten and Milk Allergy
Seasonal Depression
Highly Sensitive Person
Irritable Bowel Syndrome
Addictive Personality

Who looked at this list and was like ‘yes.  They need all of these.’

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My first date with a girl ended in my parents' pool at around 2 am after being all sweaty from riding our skateboards around the city all day showing each other our favorite parts of the city. I had the fastest beating heart while we undressed and caught shy glances at the other one's body. She said that she wondered what my breasts looked like since the first day I walked in to the classroom as the new girl. I was 14 and nothing had ever felt so right in my life. Destiny or bravery?

Destiny and bravery. This is the cutest story, thank you so much for sharing it.

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hi, sorry if this has been asked before and i just missed it when i searched through the faq! you really make your makeup look absolutely flawless and i was blown away when i saw you at sacanime! i was just wondering what body paint you recommend for sapphire? im planning on doing an outfit for her that shows a bit more skin, and i was just wondering what colors you think match best with the blue you recommend for arm/leg socks.

Oh hey that’s awesome to hear, thank you! I recommend Ben Nye Sky Blue Creme Liner and We Love Color’s Medium Blue arm socks, they match pretty well, but some white Ben Nye for highlighting and mixing in a bit of regular blue into the sky blue will likely help you match the colors even better. (This is the same color that I used for my broken Lapis by the way)

(( ooc; tbh, all of this stuff about Gravity Paws just makes me think of that dogs wearing pants meme |D ))

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For the three sentence meme: Linctavia; musician AU ... I have no idea where this came from. ;D


She stands against the wall and watches his hands move across the piano, and she knows now really isn’t the time but she can’t help but wonder what they’d feel like all over her body.

“You’re good,” she breathes when he finishes.

His skin plus the bad lighting of the practice room makes it hard to tell, but she’s pretty sure he blushes. Perfect.

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the other side of the glass (Just-Let-Me-Win)

Send “Such a beautiful specimen.” for your muse to be a scientist keeping mine in captivity. Alternatively, send “The other side of the glass” for your muse to be the test subject.

Chara looked through the glass, looking at Asriel.
And tapped on the glass, trying to get his attention.

Chara spoke through the speaker on the glass.

Even though Chara wasn’t an expert on Science, they always wondered how a Monster’s body works and what happens to it in different way besides turning to dust when they die.
Not just their bodies, but also how their soul works.
And out of every other monster, they chose Asriel to be the test subject.


That fuzzy feeling you get when you sit on your foot for too long

I wonder what it’s like to have that in your entire body all at once

White noise, static in all of your nerve endings
Being blurred around your edges

I would if I could