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POPTEEN Magazine, September: Kyungsoo interview

Q0. I thought it could be realistic, that Hwandong and his ex-girlfriend, Hyejeong, can’t be honest even as they worry about each other. What did you think of the two’s relationship?

I thought it was enviable (laughs). Because even if they fight verbally whenever they see each other, they respect and think of each other deep down. It’s an ideal relationship, and I think to have a partner like that would be something wonderful.

Q1. What do you have and don’t have in common with Hwandong?

Maybe what we have in common is that we’re optimistic and have hardworking personalities. I also have a clear idea of my goals and try hard for the sake of achieving them. But our dating lives might differ. Hwandong doesn’t tell everything to the person he likes even when he has something to say, but I hope to do everything I can to avoid regret with my partner (laughs).

Q2. What advice do you want to give to teens for achieving their dreams?

It usually isn’t feasible to achieve your goal or dream in one step. Fulfilling a dream is a process, and I don’t think it can be had without each and every necessary experience along the way. So when you’re in your teens, you can’t look away from what you should do just because you don’t like the work (laughs). Even if you’re thinking “I hate this,” won’t you find strength in thinking of it as a step to what you personally want? I’ve managed to fulfill one of my dreams too, and now I’m trying on a new one.

Q3. What were you like as a teenager?

I was a really ordinary high school student. My student life was typical, playing around with close friends. Though that’s when I started to like music and to put in the effort to become an entertainer who would get to sing and act in the future.

Q4. Your ideal woman?

My ideal person stays as someone with a pretty smile. Just like how there are people with cool ear-to-ear grins, there are people with small, cute smiles. I’d love if someone I had feelings for liked to smile (laughs).

Q5. Something fun about being an actor?

That I can experience what I otherwise wouldn’t have. That’s a good part of an acting career. It also does make me glad to see others touched by or relate to my roles.

Q6. Word is you’re good at cooking. What can one do to become good at it?

Although it’s important to practice making dishes, it might be helpful to make them after getting to know the specific flavors of ingredients and seasonings. If you do that, you’d have a rough idea of what flavor mixing ingredients together might lead to. I’m doing my own research and refer a lot to recipes on the Internet to figure out how to create tastier dishes!

Q7. What are you good at making?

Steak and doenjangjjigae. When there’s opportunity to, I’d like to study traditional Japanese dishes as well.

Q8. A Korean dish you recommend?

Cheonggukjang-jjigae. It has a scent similar to natto, although it’s stronger and might be polarizing. But I like it (laughs). It’s very delicious!

Q9. What food did you find tasty while in Japan?

Ochazuke, monjayaki, nukazuke. I really like natto as well. Tonkatsu ramen is good too but Korean cuisine has a lot of strong flavors already, so I lean to lighter flavors with Japanese cuisine!

Q10. A message for Popteen readers!

Enjoy your summer vacation! And if you have a dream or goal for the future, try hard for its sake. I’m cheering for you too!

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Bts reacting to you working long hours!


“Hours and hours at work. You’re such an independant woman, damn.” Has a smirk on his face.

“Joonie no.”

“Come on, you can be a little late…”

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“What am I supposed to do all day if you’re gone?” he asked while giving you kisses.

“Cook me a delicious meal?”

“You just want me for my cooking skills.” 

“Of course not. Also because you’re very hadsome!” You kissed him before getting up to get ready.

“You hurt me.”

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“Jagiyaaaa,” he said in a whiny voice, “don’t gooo. I know you’re going to stay there for hoooours.” He tried pulling you back in to bed. 

“Hobi stop. I have to go. I’ll eat lunch and take breaks dont worry.”

“I guess I’ll go too but you owe me cuddles!”

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“I can’t believe you have such a busy schedule.”

“You do too though?”

“Haha you right. Let’s at least have lunch yeah? And I’ll bring you some coffee to your office.” He kisses the top of your head and leaves.

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“No marshmallow please stay~ We can watch movies and cuddle and build forts and eat sweets and waaaaah so many things to do!”

“Taetae you know I can’t.”

He tackles you and attacks you with kisses before you can even get up, “I’m not taking no for an answer so call in sick!”

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“But do you have to today?”

“I have to alomst everyday Chim.”

“Make room for at least one Jimin visit pleeeeease?” he pouts.

“Okay, one thirty minute chim trip scheduled,” you look up at him to see his blank face, “fine fifty minutes but thats all I can do.”

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“Laaaame, you should stay here and cuddle me!”

“I can’t even get up because of your heavy arm!” You try pushing it off but it flops back on you.

“You can’t get up… and you’re so warm… no point in working all day today if you ask me.”

(You’re tae)

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I just read a post that mentioned the entire Justice League being on Cutthroat Kitchen and I desperately needed to know what your headcanons are on this.

Batman is out in round one. Firstly, he thinks $25k is nothing. What can you buy with $25k. Is that even enough to make a meal. He spends all his money and gets no sabotages and loses anyway because he is honestly a terrible cook. It will be edible and it will keep you alive but it will be terrible. Now, if you give him a fully stocked kitchen with all kinds of equipment he can bake you some fancy, fancy shit. But that’s baking. That is a science. Cooking is bullshit. Medium heat? What the fuck is medium heat? Medium is not a temperature. If you mean 180C say 180C. He never adds enough salt or sugar or fat to anything and everything is too spicy.

Wonder Woman also doesn’t make it very far. She can cook but, like… with fresh ingredients, and specific dishes. Plus she’s a vegetarian? She doesn’t know what the fuck to do with meats. They’re supposed to make chili dogs and she just has no frame of reference at all for what that should even look like. And she got the sabotage to do everything in the microwave. How even??

Flash gets the sabotage that replaces his good shit with garbage but that works in his favor because garbage is his specialty. He will make a delicious meal out of cheese whiz and goldfish and cocktail weenies. Unfortunately trash is all he’s good at. The man loves trash food. The next round they have to make something fresh and he’s SOL.

Green Arrow can’t cook for shit. He can stir fry and maybe roast things. It’s just not enough. He just buys sabotages for everyone because he wants to do as much damage as possible before he’s gone. Trolliver. He makes the Flash walk everywhere on top of egg crates. He’s the one who gives Wonder Woman the microwave.

J’onn can’t play because he can’t convince anyone he isn’t reading Alton’s mind for ideas. Alton always knows what you should do. Being able to read Alton’s mind is the ultimate advantage. Plus he can tell which judge it is, so he knows whether he needs to go for good food generally or for the best representation of the dish. Different judges want different things!! Honestly it is for the best they wouldn’t let J’onn play because he’s an alien and he eats weird shit.

Once they get Aquaman to understand the concept he gets really into it. He’s a great cook! How does he know how to cook these things? The man loves food. By all rights he shouldn’t be any better than Wonder Woman but holy shit he’s amazing. The things that man can do with a crab… he gets a sabotage to wear lobster claws but is weirdly highly functional. Ollie regrets buying it. Of COURSE he can handle having claws. He’s probably asked for advice. He should have bought the claws for Superman. In the end it’s Aquaman versus Superman which no one saw coming.

Superman wins. It’s bullshit. Everyone is mad about it. Not because he didn’t deserve it but because WHAT IS HE BAD AT. THERE MUST BE SOMETHING. Where did he even learn this stuff??? Little do they know HE GREW UP ON A FARM. THAT BOY CAN MAKE MAYONNAISE FROM SCRATCH, AND DOES. There’s a no-superpowers rule in place with a fine for offenders but he is actually great about it because Martha never let him use powers in the house. They get asked to make a lasagna and he’s so excited because he never gets to make time-intensive things usually. Murphy’s Law and supervillains get him every time he tries. He doesn’t have enough time to make his mozzarella and ricotta and tomato sauce from scratch like he usually does (YOU DO WHAT) but he does make his own pasta and it does not seem to occur to him not to do this. He lets Aquaman buy the sabotage to take his pasta because he didn’t even grab any. He does that thing where he sings pop songs in the voice of the original singer while he cooks and they have to ask him to stop so they won’t have to pay royalties. He’s very embarrassed because he didn’t realize he was doing it. He successfully stops himself from adding way too much garlic, even though he thinks it’s better with like… a whole head of garlic… all the garlic, in the world. Aquaman makes a really good eggplant lasagna but he just can’t compete with the meaty cheesy midwestern monstrosity that Superman has created.


Title: Just the Three of Us (Part 4.)

CHAPTER TITLE: Are You Jealous?

Part 1. - Part 2.  - Part 3.

Character(s): Negan x Reader x Simon (pre-apocalypse)
Negan and Simon see you having coffee with one of your classmates.
Word Count: 7,618
Warning: SMUT!!! (Angry sex, masturbation, voyeurism, and dirty talk)
Author’s Note: Man, oh man. I am having so much fun writing this. I hope everyone that is reading this is enjoying it just as much as I am writing it!! Enjoy!!! :)

Taglist: @oceaninwinter

(GIF Source: @mark-hamil || @rottenwasp)

After a week of non-stop working at both bars, it was finally your day off. Negan and Simon made your second job much easier and you quickly learned all the drinks at Simon’s bar. Business was booming in both businesses and it seemed like the ongoing feud between Chris and Simon was slowly dissipating.

You managed to sleep in until ten-thirty in the morning. As usual, you reached for your phone to look through your emails and unread text messages. Your classmate in one of your classes had sent a message to meet up later today for a cup of coffee. You agreed.

Though, as you continued to read through your messages, you noticed the group chat that you shared with Negan and Simon. It seemed like both men had sent pictures to you. You giggled, simply because Negan and Simon taking photos of their breakfast was a bit hilarious.

Negan: Breakfast is fucking served.
Simon: Omelette? That’s what you made?
Negan: What the fuck did you make then?
Simon: [picture message sent]
Negan: Pancakes? What the fuck? Who do you think you are? Gordon Ramsay?
Simon: A woman loves a man who can cook.
Negan: I can fucking cook!

You laughed quietly, deciding to send both men a photo of you lying in your bed. You were lying on your side, a pillow covering half of your face and the blanket up to your shoulders. Awaiting their reply, you decided to stretch your limbs before climbing out of bed to make yourself a cup of coffee.

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At First Sight

Characters: Y/N Collins, Jensen Ackles, Misha Collins, Richard Speight Jr, Rob Benedict, Briana Buckmaster, Jeffrey Dean Morgan       

Pairing: AU Jensen x Reader (sorta), Misha x Sister!Reader

Warnings: Innocent(ish) state of undressed, flustered baby Jensen - yes that’s a warning!  

Word Count: 2100ish

A/N: This can 100 % be read as a one shot but it is thought off as part of my College!Jensen AU.

It is also written for for @deansleather 31 Days of Halloween SPN Writing Challenge and my prompt was moonlight.

Thanks to the sweet amazing @blacktithe7 for betaing this one for me.

***My fics are not to be saved nor posted on any other sites without my express written permission.***


Jensen smiled as he felt the cool autumn air on his skin. It wasn’t cold by any means, but summer was ending. The leaves were changing color, and the heat was no longer unbearable. Jensen had always loved this time of year. There was something magical about the many colors and the way the setting sun made everything seem almost as if it was covered in gold. The world was full of promise and changes, especially this year. It was Jensen’s first year of college, and he was already loving every moment of it already.

He had gotten a full ride as a pitcher at Texas Tech. He loved that he didn’t have to ask his parents for much. Not that they would mind. He liked feeling independent and not having to lean on them too much. That was the same reason he had gotten himself a job, so he could pay for his on campus apartment. Between baseball, school, homework, and work Jensen found himself pretty busy most of the time, but he loved any minute of it.

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10 Reasons Why Men Shouldn't Cheat On Women Who Love Beyoncé

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Reason 1: We’re crazy lol

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I mean if you want to risk your car windows being broken out, your tires being slashed or us hovering over you in the bed with a flash light than be my guest.

Reason 2: We’re not afraid to replace you

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You can do us dirty if you want to but best believe we’ll be moving on to the next in a minute because when you play us you play yourself.

Reason 3: We’re faithful!

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When we love, we love hard and we’ll always be by your side through thick and through thin.

Reason 4: We’re low key some freaks.

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We may be some ladies in the streets but best believe we know how to put it down in the bedroom in ways you couldn’t even imagine.

Reason 5: We’re understanding

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The thing is y’all don’t really have to lie to us. If you just keep it a hundred with us then more than likely we’d be understanding. Honesty is really all we want from you.

Reason 6: We overlook your flaws

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Sure you might not be perfect and sure you may not be ballin’ out of control but we’re not afraid to work with you, uplift you and give you the benefit of the doubt when necessary.

Reason 7: We’re strong

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Meaning we know how to survive with or without you. Just because we want you, it doesn’t mean we need you and y’all must remember that.

Reason 8: We know how to take care of home

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A good woman who can cook, clean, and be a good mother to your child? What else could you really ask for?

Reason 9: We more than likely have crazy girlfriends too

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You hurt one of us, you hurt us all and best believe we’ll all be after you in a heartbeat.

Reason 10: Don’t play yourself lol

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We’ll make your life miserable and feel no regrets about it.

Unfortunately however, I know there are some men out there who will ignore this and still decide to cheat anyway but please know you’ll miss out on the best woman you’ve ever had.

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P.S. after Lemonade do y’all really want to risk y’all lives like that? lol

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Make out session with Levi story/headcannon thing?

This got so out of control, omg. And the best thing about writing for Levi is not only making y’all happy, but making mod Spookzz happy as well since Levi is her bae. Anyways, takes place in a modern AU where Levi is a lawyer. Enjoy, anon! 

The sound of the lock turning and the jingle of a set of keys forcefully shoved you out of the reverie you had fallen into and you glanced at the door in anticipation. A large stack of papers sat untouched on the coffee table, but you paid no heed to it, too invested in your apartment door opening; or, rather, just who was walking through it.

It was fairly obvious that Levi was exhausted. The bags beneath his eyes were dark violet in color, which only indicated that he probably hadn’t slept on his ten hour plane ride despite having his own private quarters. “Tough flight?” you asked rhetorically, taking his jacket from over his arm in order to hang it up in the coat closet.

 “A shit show,” replied Levi as he wheeled his suitcase off to a corner and walked into the kitchen area. If he was in no hurry to unpack his clothes in case they were wrinkled, then it was super obvious that he had a hell of a time getting home. You watched in silent awe for a split second as Levi’s arm muscles stretched against his shirt’s fabric, the sleeves rolled over his forearms while he rummaged through a cabinet, searching for something that you could only guess was tea. It wasn’t uncommon for you to step back and admire your boyfriend’s physique because you were fairly positive he was, single-handedly, the most attractive man you ever laid eyes on in your entire life, but this was only amplified by the fact that you had gone for two whole months without being able to see him save for infrequent Skype calls.

 You crossed your arms over your chest and reluctantly pried your eyes away from his ass in favor of looking him in the eye. “Crying baby? Turbulence?” you offered in slight amusement.

 When Levi finished placing the kettle on the stove, he braced his back on the counter and revealed, “No. Every time the flight attendant saw me placing the cushion down on the chair to try and get some sleep, she’d insist on doing it and tucking me in like a fucking five year old.”

 A chuckle escaped through your lips, only to grow into pure laughter at the thought of how grumpy Levi must have been at the poor woman who was only trying to do her job. Levi hated being touched by strangers, after all. “That’s what you get when you fly first class on a flight that’s longer than seven hours.”

 “Erwin can shove it up his ass next time he forces me to go out of the country,” Levi humorously stated, even if he wasn’t trying to be funny, intentionally.

 You rolled your eyes at his typical antics and motioned towards the microwave. “I made you lunch a little while ago, but it should still be warm.”

 “…You cooked and didn’t burn down the entire apartment?” Although it was a question, Levi had worded it more like a statement, much to you annoyance. Huffing, you pushed past him and opened the microwave, revealing the plate you had made. While you weren’t the most spectacular chef to ever live, your best friend had been delicately coaching you on how to make simple things when Levi wasn’t home to cook. While your arrangement of cooking and cleaning duties worked just fine, you had wanted to do something nice for him since he had been eating out every night for the last two months.

“I already ate some earlier, you ass. It’s fine.”

In lieu of firing back and bruising your ego over its lackluster presentation, Levi merely sighed and placed the plate back into the microwave, heading towards the couch where he sat down with his freshly brewed mug. “I’ll shower then eat. There’s some stuff I need to get taken care of at the office.”

 Of all the things Levi could have said, the last thing you had been expecting was for him to head back to work. He was tired and you were deprived for eight whole weeks; like hell was Erwin stealing anymore of your time with him.

 Before he could even protest, you marched towards the couch and straddled his lap. Leaning in just a few centimeters from his lips, you restrained yourself from tasting him in order to declare, “No way. I haven’t seen you in two months. Erwin can handle paperwork or whatever the hell he has to do on his own.”

 Levi sighed and placed his mug off to the side, those gunmetal gray eyes that you had come to know and love inching down to the shape of your lips. Angling his head, his mouth brushed against your own and, just for a moment, you reciprocated and melted against him. Just as one of his hands carded in your hair and the other inched down to your waist, you reluctantly pulled away from him and smirked. “Nice try, but you’re not getting anything until you tell me you’re not going anywhere.”

 “You goddamn tease,” he muttered underneath his breath, which did a lot to inflate your ego even if it was just by a fraction. The defeat in his voice sang true of your minor victory, but nothing could have prepared you for the way he crashed his mouth back to your own in a desperate, heated kiss. Turning your head to the side, you shivered as soon as his hand began to trace down your spine, lingering close to the curve and dip of your lower back. It was hot and it was needy, but you could tell just in that moment that Levi had missed you just as much as you had missed him.

 When his tongue traced your bottom lip, you complied with vigor, your hands moving down to settle against the rigid muscles of his chest. Against your lips, you felt Levi smirk as his tongue explored your mouth, earning him a quiet noise of approval as his hand brushed across your thigh. Wanting the upper-hand for just a minute, you playfully nipped at his lip after he retracted his tongue before you braced your hands on his shoulders and pushed down, using all of your weight to hover over him to grind your hips into his own.

 “Fuck,” he groaned into your lips, breaking away from you in order to latch his mouth to your neck. Bracing his hand on the back of your head, he pulled you down and continued to pepper a line of hot kisses until he reached the junction of your neck where he ran his hot tongue across the area where shoulder met collarbone.

 You sighed in complete bliss, dark and lustful eyes meeting his own underneath you. “You are not allowed to leave the country ever again,” you declared, tilting your head back down in order to meet his lips for yet another mind-blowing kiss. He parted and took a moment to hold the side of your face in an almost uncharacteristically tender manner, studying your features as if trying to map them into the back of his subconscious.

 Tilting your cheek into his palm, you sighed and quietly confessed, “I missed you.”

 “Yeah. Me too.”

When you are jealous

When you get jealous

You were not very happy when Ralof had gone drinking and came back laughing happily. His buddies including now a strong looking nord woman. You swallowed harshly and looked over as Ralof slumped next to you. A confused look coming over his features as he looked at you. “Lass?” he asked. You huffed slightly and crossed your arms as the woman sat on the other side. Ralof quirked a brow but wrapped an arm around you and scooting closer to you. Causing the nord to look quite surprised. You looked up to see Ralof wink and smirk.

It was not a secret that Hadvar was hailed as an intelligent and courageous nord. Many hailed him a hero. Including many of the women in Riverwood. You sighed slightly as you entered the tavern with Hadvar and, as always, many flooded to hug him and clasp hus shoulder. Brushing past you. A little hurt you went to sit down. It was stupid and your cheeks burnt. But you were jealous. Many more beautiful women (or what you thought were. But trust me. You are all beautiful people :D ) crowded him. But what you didn’t see was him brushing them off and walking over to you. You turned as you saw him smile and say. “Now lets have that dinner we were planning yes?”

Ironically it was not competition really that you were jealous of. You were jealous of…well…him! He was so intelligent. And while often you stumbled over your own words his words were quick as a whip. And often when he outshined you in your own attempts to share knowledge. You often felt a little jealous. But one day you had had enough and avoided him while studying alone. With your nose in a book Vilkas quickly missed your presence but waited for a while. Having learned that women were moody. But eventually he came over and saw you struggling with a topic he sat down to tell you something only to see your disappointment. He then realized. You thought you were dumb. He smiled at you slightly and said. “Actually. I need help on (fav topic). I… Need you to teach me love.” The smile he received brightened his day

You should’ve known better than to think Aela would compete with you for Farkas. Her insults often made you angry at first but as time wore on it was the lack of them that unnerved you. You knew you were a newcomer to whiterun. And they had known each other for years. That info enough was to scare you. But lately they had been going on many quests together. You anxiously waited for his return. Holding the ale as you saw the two laughing amongst themselves as they came in. They saw you and Farkas quickly pounced on you. Bringing you into a bone crushing hug. “I MISSED YOU!” he roared and grinned. Aela chuckled at you two and turned to her bow. A twinkle in her eye as she did so as she hugged you after him and then you realized. She wasn’t so bad after all.

Marcurio was quite charming and you especially knew that. And when one day you were low on coin. Marcurio had thought it best to sweet talk his way with the vendor. Although it did work. The vendor had insisted on having him as more than a friend. Your face was red but you turned away and winced as marcurio said. “Perhaps you can…get me a meal for free?” he asked with a charming smile. The woman blushed but hurried off to do so. When she was turned you said. “What are you doing?” marcurio brought a finger to his lips before taking a home cooked meal and smiled. “Come on.” he said and waved goodbye to the love sick vendor and as he turned to corner he offered it to you. “I… Am not so good at cooking so here.” he said. A slight blush on his features. You paused…but smiled

It was not unknown that Brynjolf was a playboy. Everyone in Riften knew. And many women had quite the tale. And sometimes. Hearing some women missing him made you scared and jealous. Perhaps….that was all you were? You couldn’t help but feel your heart twist as you saw Vex talking with him alone and you jumped as you saw her take his hand in hers. You quickly turned away and took another pint as they conversed. And when you got up you saw brynjolf smile at you with pride in his eyes. You blushed slightly and saw Vex smile. Albeit small. At you. Everyone in the thieves guild loved you so…why were you so jealous. Seeing you avoid his eyes brynjolf frowned and followed you to your cot and sat on it. You frowned at him. “What is the matter lass?” he asked. You blushed but looked away ashamed. He saw it. That familiar look. “Lass….i…i really do love ya. You know that right? You…you make me feel…..vulnerable lass….you…really do have my heart.” he said lowly and you looked up. A blush on your face as you smiled. Brynjolf grinned and quickly tried to steal a kiss but instead you turned so it was on the cheek. “Not yet.”
The disappointed look on his face almost made you change your mind….almost

You knew that because he was so talented that it should not surprise you that he would have a busy time tutoring others. But when you had not seen your beloved feline for a few days. You looked and found studying hard with a…rather beautiful elf. You felt betrayed at first and saw her smirk as she bent over her books. Jzargo’s back was turned as he went through a book. You turned to leave when he saw you and smiled. “Ahhhh/y/n/ it has been ages! Jzargo missed–” but he didn’t get to finish as you stuttered something and shut the door. He frowned .you acted and smelled…different. Turning he rolled his eyes and said. “Jzargo has no interest” and walked past. Finding you in your quarters he asked. “Desert flower what is wrong?” he asked and sat down. You looked at him slightly ashamed and looked away. He knew it well…jealousy. He chuckled. “Jzargo has no interest in elven women who spread their legs more than knowledge.” he said and rested a paw on your shoulder. He grinned. “Besides. Your intelligence adds to your beauty. ” he said and pulled you closer. You sighed in relief and smiled resting your head on his shoulder

Behind you

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Your alarm went off, your body immediately springing into action as you remembered what you really wanted to do today. You were going to try and cook breakfast for Diana.

Okay you’ll admit, you might be a shit cook but it’s the least you can do for your girlfriend who is also a god damn superhero!

You always felt bad that you really couldn’t do anything but sit and cheer her on and she always tried to tell you that you were just perfect the way you are. Although that made you feel good, you still felt guilty.

You took your phone out and looked up on YouTube “how to scramble eggs” and got started. You were so focused that you didn’t even here Diana slowly get from the bed, with her bed hair and slouched position in all, and her bare feet pat on the hardwood floor to you.

She watched your body move vigorously as you tried and hurried, thinking she was still in bed. The amazonian couldn’t help but giggle at your hard work and you jumped almost 5 feet in the air.

“Diana! I didn’t know you were awake!” You exclaimed, plastering on a big smile as you tried to hide the food. She just laughed and stood there, waiting for you to continue.

You quirked an eyebrow but followed the silent orders of your wife and twisted your body back to the pan. Once you turned you felt a warm body press up against you and a mouth pushed to your pulse point. You giggled at the sensation and squirmed a little.

“Dianaaaaa, I’m trying to cook for you,” you groan, though leaning into her little neck kisses. You felt her shoulders shrug and whisper, “continue, my love, I want to watch.”

So she let you continue, having her arms wrapped around her waist and keeping you warm as you finished the scrambled eggs, bacon, and toast. Diana took a piece of bacon and you gasped jokingly.

“Rude!” She laughed, taking herself to the dinner table. You just noticed now she was in one of your baggy work blouses and grey underwear and you had to admit, you were one of the luckiest woman ever.

“Do you want one or two pieces?” You ask the Amazon and she taps her chin.

“Hmm, two would be wonderful.”

You grab the hot plates and hurried to the table, trying not to burn yourself while Diana simply watches you struggle.

“You are so kind, my wife. You really didn’t have to do this.”

“Well when my kick ass partner saves the world and your own ass sometimes, the least you could do is return the favor.”

“you already do that by being my beautiful, strong wife,” she replied, quietly this time. You felt your heart warm as you start eating and talking to each other. A start of a beautiful Saturday.

A/N: I’m back!! This is some fluffy domestic shit and I’m 150% here for it so sorry I was gone for like two days! School and social life have been stressful!

Was it a hard day? Mine kinda was..

Hey there lovely ladies, Can you do a Jay Park scenario where he comes home late from studio and found you asleep while you were waiting for him. Love you hyungs !

Here it is!

I am having so much fluff feeling those days mfhcoiw

BTW i recommand reading this listening to Lim Kim rain or IU palette


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-Yes yes..yes boss I am sure I checked it twice.. yes.. I.. yes I’ll review it again tomorrow. Have a nice evening .. Bye

You threw the phone on the black leather couch and sighted deeply while taking off your black hills that were killing you.

After a stressing day at work, you just wanted to eat pizza and cuddle in bed with Jay.

Looking around, you couldn’t find him, so you called his name, thinking that maybe e was in the shower.

Unfortunately, you found a yellow note on the kitchen table

“Babe I had to go to the studio for an emergency

I’ll be home as soon as I can I promise

I love you


-What a shitty day

You just tied your hair in a ponytail and looked in the mirror that was hung near the front door, your black fringe was messy due to the rain and your make up was basically all gone except for the eyeliner and mascara.

You placed your head in your hands, moving a rebel lock of hair behind your ear.

You just stood there for a couple of minutes wondering what to do: remove or not remove your makeup?

-Let’s cook! Y/N fighting!!

Changing in a pair of black shorts and one of Jay’s shirts you put on some socks and went to the kitchen, laptop in your hand looking for something to make for dinner.

-This looks great.. wait.. 4 hours??? Hell no!!!

-Maybe this..yes..this looks perfect!

You said enthusiastic of your choice, sure that Jay would have loved it.

You were good at cooking, and seeing Jay eating was one of the best things, he tended to forget things like eating or sleeping with his job and you were more than happy to help him.

The only problem with you cooking was that the kitchen always became a mess and you hated doing the dishes.

-Mmm, that looks good! Let’s just put it in the oven and.. clean?

You looked around, flower on the counter, egg shells here and there with other things that you didn’t even remember if you used them or not.

-Mm maybe later

You just took the laptop, knowing how mad Jay would have been if you broke it and cleaned it a bit with the hem of his shirt. Lying on the couch you put on some music and closed your eyes to relax a bit

-Just 10 minutes and I’ll clean everything


-She’s probably home

You said looking at your watch, shaking nervously your leg and waiting for Kiseok to sign the last document to join her home

-Are you in a rush?

-Y/N is waiting for me at home

-So yes..




-You’re cute when you talk about her

You smiled a bit, he was right.

You liked your relationship, it was relaxed.. you didn’t fight because of your schedules or unnecessary jealousy like it happened with the other girls.

She got you, your life and she seemed to enjoy it. She took care of you not making it too obvious and you had fun together even just staying at home watching movies and laughing like crazy.

Not mentioning how stunning she was, just perfect, flawless.

-Done! You can go to your woman Jay, we’re done

You stood up maybe too quickly, causing Kiseok to laugh at you.

You hummed the song on the radio on your way home, the rain stopped dropping and the sky became clear.

The street lights became to turn on while the sun was setting.

-Was is she doing? Not answering her phone..that little brat.. probably playing video games

You walked to your apartment, clicking the tiny buttons to enter the code and opened the door, the kitchen was a complete mess, you couldn’t even understand what she cooked. But thanks God the smell was amazing.

A sweet melody was playing.

You looked around and found her black hills on the floor with her bag, she usually threw things here and there when she had a bad day, so you just took everything from the floor and walked to the bedroom.

Before reaching it you saw her on the couch, one of your favourite shirt on stained of what you imagined was some sauce? You weren’t sure

You got close to her, putting her hair away from her face and caressing her soft skin. Her red lips were one of the first things you ever noticed and that made you fall in love even more with her.

You kissed her softly not wanting to wake her up, then just started cleaning her mess.

It took you a good 30 minutes, she really was a mess.

After changing from your work clothes you decided to just take her to bed, you lifted her up and placed her under the white cover of your bed.

-You sleep so deeply, was it a hard day? Mine kinda was.. you know, I missed you

You kept talking to her about your day, like she was listening to you, cuddling her and playing with her hair

-You must be really tired..look how you sleep..cute.. do you know how cute you are?

You kissed her again laughing softly while she turned around to face the wall, so you back hugged her and put on the same playlist on your phone she did before falling asleep, humming the song it was playing while touching her soft skin.

-I like these songs, your taste in music are nice.. did I aver tell you this? I know you prefer indie to hip hop but you don’t tell me..but I like this.. you’re so nice to me..little brat. I love you.. ah, so frustrating you’re sleeping.. well goodnight babe

And placing a soft kiss on her temple you closed your eyes, music still on filling the room, slowly falling asleep.

anonymous asked:

This is so fucking random but fuck it, I had a dream where lance pranked be so bad that I screamed in Spanish so loud that it shook and I proceeded to chase his sorry ass around the castle while screaming and cursing in Spanish and waving a chancleta (I'm Puerto Rican, can't you tell?) like a mad woman and Lance crying and begging in Spanish. If you could turn this into a headcanon with Lance + Paladins reacting to this scenario I while seriously love you forever

~Owemjii this one is hilarious! Though I didn’t really get the part on how they would react to this scenario, but I’ll do what I can! Chancleta is similar to tsnielas lol XD~


He would be just chilling or cooking up something in the kitchen, having a swell time, and just minding his own business. 🍲

• But the peace is disturbed when he hears a faint scream slowly becoming more audible as the source of the scream approaches.

• The scream is followed by a set of strings of words to which he could only guess to be Spanish as it slowly becomes audible as well.

    • “What was that?” He says as the scream seems to come closer and closer to his location. 😦

• Is shook when he sees Lance abruptly enter the kitchen, face covered and filled with fear and dread as he enters. 

• He gets confused at this, “Lance what happened?! Why are you screaming???” 

• His question is immediately answers when his s/o enters the kitchen, holding an odd looking footwear in hand, and screaming a string of words which he could not make out.

Starts screaming as well 

Is  s h o o k  to death. 😱

Immediately abandons whatever he was doing and starts to  s p r i n t  off into the distance whilst screaming. 

• Help this boy, he has never been more terrified and scarred in his entire life. 


• He would be in his room after training, brooding as always. 😑

• Suddenly he hears screams becoming more audible and audible, seemingly approaching.

• Immediately gets off of his bed and goes outside his room to check what was going on.

• Spots Lance suddenly turning a sharp turn into the hallway that Keith was in.

    • “Lance? What happened? What’s going on?!”


• He gets confused when Lance runs past him while shouting out incoherent words. 

• Suddenly hears another scream but was accompanied with words he could not understand.

• Sees his s/o sprinting towards him like a mad man holding a slipper.

• C A N N O T  M O V E  A T  A L L 😨

• S/o runs up to him and screams, “WHERE IS HE?!!”

• Keith has never been shook his whole life.

• Assumes that his s/o was asking about Lance and points to where he ran off to. 

• Silently watches his s/o run off towards the said direction.

• Starts to contemplate and question on what he had just witnessed.

    • “Shiro’s right… I need some sleep.” 💤


• Since he’s the one running for his life, he would be absolutely terrified.

• His heart would be audibly beating against his ribcage, it’s very concerning and life threatening.

• He doesn’t care if his legs grew fatigued and tired during his sprint, he needs to live. 

• Honestly he is just so shook.

• Has never been more terrified in his entire life. 😱


• Starts crying literal tears of fear as he sprints. 💦

• Also starts sputtering out apologies in Spanish as well and pleads for his life while he runs.

• Will literally run to Shiro or Allura for help. 


• This scenario will haunt him till the day he dies.

• Is dead when he stops. 😵

• Just forgive him for his sins already, he’s still a boy, he didn’t know any better.


• She would be just minding her own business, working on her tech as usual by the castle’s headquarters, looking and searching for her brother’s whereabouts. 〇

• Starts hearing screams of agony by the hallway.

• Immediately alerted, she cautiously approaches the entrance of the halls.

• Slightly relieved to see that the source of the screams came from Lance.

    • “Lance what are you doing?” 


• Lance screams as he passes by the smol girl.

• Then spots her s/o into her field of view, running towards her with a deadly footwear in hand. 😨

• She knows that footwear all too well, and knows its terrors and capabilities.

• Senses the deadly aura emanating from them. 

• Her instincts takes over and runs as well.

• Screams and cries while she runs.

• She’s terrified. 😱

• Will never forget this experience. 


• He would be chilling by the castle’s headquarters, scanning the area, making sure the Galra aren’t around, being space dad as usual. 🌃

• He was enjoying the silence and tranquility, no space teens to bug him.

• Although that said tranquility is disturbed when he hears faint screaming from the hallways.

• Immediately runs towards the source of the screams. 💦

• Spots Lance running towards him with the most terrified expression he’s ever seen.

    • “Lance are you alright? What’s wrong?!” 


    • “What are you talking about?!” 

• Space dad is genuinely concerned about Lance, he’s never seen him so desperate before.

• Lance hides behind him as Shiro picks up another set of footsteps and incoherent words rapidly approaching them.

• Sees his s/o sprinting towards them with a tsinelas in hand, with the pure intent to kill.

• All that ran in his mind in that moment was, “Oh shit,” 😨

• Is the only one out of all the paladins who tries to stops or subdue his angered s/o.

• Before his s/o was able to reach or even touch Lance, Shiro successfully picked up and held back his s/o by his arms while they go wild.




• Actually struggles while trying to hold his s/o. 😰

• Manages to calm them down after a full hour.

• He’s never been in a situation like this before, so he was honestly shook during the whole encounter. 

• S/o looks terrifying with a slipper in hand

A Raven Among Crows: Pt 6

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You’re a woman disguised as a man at The Wall, but no one knows.

Part Five  Part Seven  

(Y/N)= Your Name

(Y/M/N)= Your Male Name 

Warning: Awwwweee sheeeettttt sooonnnn thheeee fffeeeeeeellllllssss

You couldn’t get the idea of you and Tormund out of your head since the climb. You stared at him all the time and remained close to him for you felt like you owed him your life. He didn’t talk to you much after words, you turn back to see the cold ice wall stand where it’s supposed to be stood. 

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Sugar Smoke (M)

Getting yourself a sugar daddy was not in your plan. Having Jeon JungKook as your sugar daddy, was the last thing possible on your list. And no matter how much you try to lie to yourself, you already feel addicted to him, to your dirty little secret.

<- Previous chapter                                                                    Next chapter ->

Pairing: Jeon JungKook x Reader x Chanyeol | ft. Lisa, Jisoo 

Word count: 4033

Notes: I will update this every Sunday. Extra notes at the end. enjoy :)

The constant beeping sound that’s coming from the cash registers is drilling your head, mincing your mind into a thousand of tiny spikes of pain, spreading through the entirety of your body. 

Your gaze follows the flickering lights from above your head and you squeeze your eyes shut to block everything out. After a while, you look down, at the shining counter that you’ve just cleaned. Distorted, the reflection of your face stares back at you from its confines. It doesn’t exactly seem like you as if someone else is trapped in there instead of you. The thin hairs on your body raise as a chill runs through you and right in this moment, you can clearly smell his cologne. It’s all over you and you love and despise it at the same time.

You don’t have to see to know it’s him, and even though you expect his incoming words, you still jump in surprise on your chair.

“Y/N, hi!”

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Being plus size and married to Gambit would include...
  • Him buying you the right sized dresses as surprises. (And they look beautiful, not plain or, well, like tents.)
  • He says you’re snuggly.
  • “You look like a hot Renaissance painting.” 
  • “You fill that out quite nicely, Cherie.”
  • You got a craving? Remy will drive across town for it. 
  • He doesn’t think you eat too much.
  • And the person that says you do finds their car blown up in tiny pieces.
  • Remy absolutely adores you in cute lingerie.
  • You have to scold him for saying women on TV look too thin and have no curves compared to you, reminding him everyone is different and no body type is better than the other. 
  • Doesn’t mind you sitting on his lap, even in bed.
  • If people say you’re “too big” for him, he reminds you how much he loves you and that their opinions don’t matter.
  • Getting ice cream at 3 AM when you’re both awake doing nothing.
  • “Those jeans make your butt look like an oil painting.”
  • Constantly staring at you, touching you, kissing you, ect.
  • You have to actually remind him that some touching is inappropriate in public. (IE hand on butt.) He just loves your shape that much!
  • He enjoys cooking all your favorite foods for you.
  • He also exercises with you.
  • His favorite is going on quiet walks.
  • He will not tolerate anyone body shaming you in the street. “You want to say that again, hommes?” 
  • You feel bad for any man body shaming you. If it’s a woman, Remy just throws it back in their face. “That’s right, she IS more woman than you’ll ever be!”
  • He likes laying his head on your  stomach while you play with his hair.
  • Honestly, Remy is just too amused watching your belly and other jiggly parts jiggle and ripple. “Raspberries!-Pbtppppppssss!!”
  • It’s no secret that your shape turns him on. A lot.
  • “You know you have the most beautiful eyes?”
  • Lots of Cajun cooking, of course.

** I’m plus sized, oval or inverted triangle shape I guess. I’m not extra big, but I’m definitely not thin. So I know what I’m talking about when I say dresses can look like tents. Also, I was going to do dating, but married is more fun. And sorry-ish for the food focus, but I’m a fat girl that loves food and a lot of bigger girls do too. But I also know that weight gain can also come from medical disorders. 

EDIT: I’m NOT trying to promote obesity. People love this post, but I know others get angry if they think you are. (I’ve been on the vicious end of people misunderstanding me on Tumblr, so I wanna clarify.) If you’re 80+ pounds overweight, you won’t lose it over night. Your body is how it is right now. So exercise, eat right. I did include healthy things here to show that fat people work out and it’s not about, like, Remy loving someone who sits around eating ice cream and entire cakes  by themselves. Make sense?

Edit: I’m SO GLAD this imagine is liked! I’m afraid that with such a sensitive issue as weight, I might offend someone by inferring Gambit likes your belly fat or whatever. I was trying to keep it all inclusive. Plus size doesn’t always mean fat, it can mean big hips or big breasts on a small frame (my problem!). I was also thinking of girls that are at or over 300 lbs. (YES, Remy could like someone like that in theory. He’s not real, so it doesn’t matter. He might find them really charming. Also, in comics, he’s proven himself to be open minded.) So, again, thanks for the likes/rb’s.

Tom dating an older girl would involve...

a lovely anon sent me this request and I hope it will be good 😊 enjoy my lovelies!!


▫ him having the biggest crush on you forever but being scared to make a move until he’s maybe 20

▫ and you’re so happy when he finally confesses!!

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your quinceañera (peter parker)

okay so I thought i’d do a peter parker one about him at your quince bc I’ve always wanted a quince but half of my family’s white and my hispanic side is not very traditional so i’m going to live vicariously through this headcanon bc what else can I do, it’s a little too late for a quince now.

ANYWAY I thought this would be pretty interesting bc I’ve never seen an imagine about a quince before and yeah so give me some compliments bc I need Constant Validation™ thanks!

  • you invite peter, ned, and michelle to your quince bc they’re the closest people to you at school
  • you even ask peter to be your chambelán de honor
  • he doesn’t know what that means but he agrees anyway bc he has a lil crush on you
  • he goes home and googles quinceañeras and tries to figure out what his role is going to be exactly
  • he freaks out when he reads that he has to learn how to waltz
  • he screams for may to help him with his dancing even though the party isn’t for another month
  • ned is one of your chambelanes and michelle is the dama paired with him
  • peter is really nervous like he’s sweating through his suit jacket the day of the party
  • everyone shows up to the church and peter can’t keep his eyes off of you, like seriously the boy can’t look away
  • the priest blesses the rosary bead necklace and your godparents put it over your head and they place a tiara on your head
  • peter can’t stop thinking about how you look like a princess
  • after the mass, you all go to the banquet hall where you celebrate
  • “you look beautiful, y/n, feliz cumpleaños” peter says nervously and you just giggle bc he sounds really white when he speaks spanish but you love it bc he’s cute
  • “these tamales are really good.” peter whispers to you when you’re all sitting down and eating
  • “thank you, me and my abuela made them.” you smile and peter swoons bc you can cook too ?? what can’t you do ??
  • you dance with your dad after the toasts, and he cries bc you’re a woman now
  • he reluctantly hands you off to peter when your dance is over
  • peter is freeing out, his left hand on your waist, and his arms are stiff as heCK bc he’s so nervous
  • he keeps looking at your feet, only looking up at you to smile for a second, he wants to make sure he gets the steps right he’s been practicing for the last month with may
  • “hay que lindo, ¿es su novio?”
  • “no, abuela, he’s not my boyfriend.”
  • “oh mija, he will be soon, trust me.” 
  • peter hears this conversation and he gets red as heCK bc he wANTS TO BE YOU BOYFRIEND SO BAD
  • peter watches closely as your dad replaces your flat shoe with a high heel shoe and he thinks about how beautiful you are in your dress and makeup and he’s just head over heals for you
  • you, peter, ned and michelle dance to your preferred song, much to michelle’s dismay
  • at the end of the night, peter is really nervous about giving you your gift, but he musters up the courage to give it to you, running away before you can open it in front of him. he hides in the bathroom for twenty minutes
  • it’s a locket with your initials on the front, and inside is a picture of him hugging you at the christmas party he had last year you loved that picture bc it was the day you realized your feelings for peter
  • you don’t see peter until he says goodbye to you at the end of the night
  • “thank you for inviting me, y/n, I had a great time, happy birthday.”
  • “thank you for coming, peter, it really meant a lot to me.”
  • “there’s one more thing that goes with your gift.” peter says not really believing that he’s actually about to do this. you just look at him in bewilderment and he presses a soft kiss to your lips
  • you both blush biG TIME when you pull away and peter looks down at the ground and you don’t know what to say.
  • “i’ll see you at school, y/n.” peter says and shuffles away from the banquet hall, taking a deep breath as he gets into may’s car parked outside.
Sexualities and what their specialty is.
  • Heterosexual: They are the most common, but have the most knowledge of weapons. They know how to get things. They probably know phineas and ferb.
  • Homosexual: The most intelligent of the bunch, can solve any problem or mission in the world. Don't let them all work together, or they'll rule the world within days. It's can happen at any moment.
  • Bisexual: They can use any magic sword/wand and and master it. Dragons and Darth Vader trust them.
  • Polysexual: They are excellent mutitakers. Said that they have healing powers. Excellent cooks.
  • Pansexual: knowlege of all poisons and antidotes. All of them know Rick Sanchez and went on space missions with him and morty.
  • Asexual: uses mind control. Do not piss them off. Friends with Batman and Wonder Woman.
  • Demisexual: can breathe underwater and above water. Actual mermaids. Cannot drown them. But they can drown you.
  • ***********************
  • [This was supposed to be based on hand writing, but then I thought what if we had special abilities or knowledge.]
  • ***********************
  • Reblog and tag what your specialty is!!
A Flower’s Path | Final

GIF Credit to: ygo-gx

Pt. 1 | Pt. 2

Pairing: Ban Ryu (Do Ji Han) X Reader

Genre: angst, coming-of-age, slight!romance

Word Count: 4,712

Request: Hi! For the Hwarang scenarios, what about one where you are a great enough fighter that you are asked to be the ONLY female hwarang (but against your will). Once inside, Ban Ryu is constantly complaining about how you shouldn’t be there and how it’s a disgrace for a woman to be in the Hwarang house. The two of you keep bashing heads bc even though you didn’t want to be there, you weren’t going to take that from him. Once the princess gets there she gets jealous that most of the hwarang gets close with the female hwarang and tries to get rid of her. - @starbooks13

I’m going to kill Ban Ryu. I seriously cannot think of any other reason why he would be near the bathhouse when it’s my scheduled time. Maybe he really is a pervert. I should expose him! Yeah. That’ll get him to leave me alone. He didn’t see anything, right? Ugh. I need to confront him about this or else it’s going to keep bothering me-

“Um, (Y/N).”

“Yeah?” your head shot up, and you found five pair of eyes on you. They were talking about the princess, right? “Oh yeah, sorry, the princess. I don’t know. Maybe she’s here to see how we’re doing to give intel to Her Majesty.”

Soo Ho leaned in closer to the table, causing the rest of you to do the same as if he was about to say something that should only be shared among your group. “I hear… that Her Highness is actually coming here in search of a great warrior to be betrothed to soon,” he whispered.

Your brows furrowed. “She wants to wed to a Hwarang? I thought that she would most likely be arranged to one of the princes of the other kingdoms.”

“She doesn’t want to be with a man who has always been sheltered inside his own castle,” Yeo Wool followed up with some realization. He usually caught on quickly. “Princess Sook Myung herself is great at fighting. I think she wants to be with someone like that, but I am not sure why the queen would allow it. Wouldn’t it be better to marry from another royal family to secure an alliance?”

“Her Majesty always has tricks up her sleeves,” Ji Dwi mumbled from the side.

After some more light-hearted conversations with the boys, when it was time to finish up dinner and call it a night, you and your friends cleaned up your trays of food and walked out of the dining room together.

The moon was full tonight, lighting up the sky with million of other stars. Sounds of crickets could be heard from around you. You couldn’t wait to get some sleep from another long day in the Hwarang House. “I’m still envious that you get your own room (Y/N),” Sun Woo revealed. “You don’t know how difficult it is to be together with these guys.”

“I know what you mean,” Soo Ho agreed, nodding his head.

“I am sure you don’t know what he means, Soo Ho,” Yeo Wool chuckled, “because I am sure he’s talking about you and Ban Ryu fighting all the time in the middle of the night. Right, Ji Dwi?”

Ji Dwi turned to you, a small smile his face. “You’re really lucky, (Y/N).” He was the first one to start walking back to the males’ room.

One by one, your friends bid you goodnight and followed each other back into their rooms for the night. Watching them from behind, you realized that you were lucky. Fate might have brought you into a group that you were hesitant to be a part of, but she also brought some people into your life that you can’t find yourself without anymore.

Before, you were usually stuck in your own household. The only person you could share things with was Soonja after your mother passed away. Your father was always busy with meeting with the other True Bones. When you went out to Okta where most of the other royal bloods hung out, it was difficult to get along with the other ladies as you were different from them. So, thinking back to what Master Wi Hwa said on your first day of arrival, you were gradually starting to see that this place would allow you to grow.

Most of the young elites were already heading in the same direction as the others, so you begin to walk to your own room which was in the opposite direction. The days were usually loud Master Wi Hwa teaching class in the morning and the martial arts or performing arts practices in the late afternoon. When the sun fell, making room for night, that’s when you were able to find some peace. The air was quite cool, making your walk more enjoyable.

You were only halfway when you felt a hand grab your shoulder. In surprise, you jumped up and immediately turned around. “Ban Ryu!” you exclaimed.

“Sh!” Ban Ryu placed a finger in front of his lips, signaling you to quiet down.

You looked behind him to see if anyone noticed, and when you found not a single person, you looked back to face the man in front of you. There were times when you both were in each other’s faces, but you never took the time to pay attention to his features more than the insults that were leaving his mouth.

Standing in a spot where the moon illuminated right onto his face, you can see why the other maidens would gush over Ban Ryu despite his cold demeanor. Though you would never let him hear it out loud, he was indeed handsome.

“Have you come to spite me one last time before the day ends?” you snapped. Then you figured you had a more important question. “No, actually, w-why did you enter the bathhouse when it wasn’t your time?”

As much as you hated bringing up that memory, you wanted an explanation. Your cheeks started to become warm again, and Ban Ryu also became flustered once more. You noticed his eyes has never met yours even once since the incident. His own ears were turning red. Who would believe you if you told that the tough, heartless Ban Ryu, son of Park Young Sil, had an expression that was mortified?

“That’s exactly what I wanted to discuss with you.” He was trying to sound as calm as possible, but you found the small waver in his voice. “I honestly didn’t know it was your time! Master Wi Hwa had told us that you had a different designated time from us, but he never specified in fear that some of the men would purposely find you in the shower. He just told us to stay away from the bathhouse until after dinner.”

“Which is making me more suspicious of you…”

“I thought it would be great if I didn’t have to wait to share the shower with the others at least once. I didn’t have any ill intentions, nor did I s-see anything.”

“Is this an apology, Ban Ryu?”

Ban Ryu closed his eyes and sighed. You wanted to laugh at his defeat.

“Alright, I’ll take it as an apology. If…”


“You stop calling me names. And thinking so lowly of me just because I am a woman.”

Ban Ryu finally looked at you, straightening his posture. “That is all you ask of me?” he asked.

“It seems like no big deal to you, but it would mean a lot to me,” you admitted. “I am daughter of Jung Young Sik, the last True Bone of my family. Because I have no brother to later take care of the family, I have decided to do what I can to protect my own. It is not my job as a lady, but I refuse to stay still and helpless. I can cook, I can clean, I can conceive a child. But my role right now is not to be pretty maiden trying to win attention of any royal blood. You have seen me fight during training, Ban Ryu. I am so much more.”

You felt your eyes start to water. Because if it wasn’t for the tough training here and enduring in a house of men, you wouldn’t have seen it for yourself. Whether you are in the queen’s game or not, maybe Father trusted you to become stronger in this place. Home was too small.

“Then I will do just that, (Y/N).”

For the first time, Ban Ryu called you by your name. Between the two of you, you finally felt some sign of respect. Trying to make light of things instead of letting your tears go in front of someone you had been mad at since the beginning, you joked, “Good. Because if you didn’t, I would’ve told everyone else about what you did.” Ban Ryu’s eyes widened. He started to say something but decided to turn around and hurry to his room. You let out a small laugh, watching his retreating back.

It was the day of the princess’ arrival.

After the long practices and training, you felt like you would actually to pull them off okay. Your morning started out great. The usual snarky remarks from Ban Ryu stopped, and you ate breakfast peacefully with your group of friends. Master Wi Hwa reiterated that all of the Hwarangs give Her Highness an outstanding performance.

More than the dance, you were quite nervous about the short sparring show you & Sun Woo would have to perform next. At first, it was going to be you and Soo Hoo as you two were the best warriors among the others, but after you noticed how much Sun Woo improved, you asked if he could take Soo Hoo’s place instead.

“Is it too late to have Soo Ho spar with you instead?” Sun Woo asked, standing next to you in line as you waited for the princess. You noticed how anxious he was by his fidgeting.

“Didn’t know you were such a scaredy-cat,” you said as you continued to look at the top red gazebo where Master Wi Hwa stood along with your martial arts instructor. “You’ll do just fine, Dog-Bird.”

When you saw your chief instructor and martial arts instructor turn in a direction and bowed, signaling the princess’ appearance, the rest of you followed suit. You soon looked up and found the Royal princess. Her aura alone gave off a vibe of authority. She did look like a warrior, just as you’ve heard from the others.

“So,” Princess Seokmyung started, “these are the Hwarangs.”

She quickly scanned each of you.

“Though you have gone through some tests to become a member, I have come today to observe you all myself. I’ll see if you have what it really takes to become a Hwarang. I have the greatest expectations.”

A chair was brought out, and Her Highness took a seat. Those who weren’t performing moved to the side so that those who were performing could take the center. You stood alongside with Sun Woo, and the both of you watched your other friends. “Yeo Wool definitely stands out,” you said while observing the dance.

“You think so?” Sun Woo chuckled. “Look at Soo Ho. I think he just made a mistake. That guy. He should just stick with swords in battle.”

“Ji Dwi and Han Sung look good, too. I saw those two practicing a lot.”

“Ban Ryu, too. I saw him dance by himself. He thought no one was watching, but I saw him on my way to Ah Ro,” Sun Woo commented. “Speaking of which, he’s been acting pretty weird lately.”

You looked from Han Sung to Ban Ryu. He was so focused on the performance, and you never really saw that side of him. You remembered how much he struggled and hated to be a part of the dance group. “Weird. How so?”

“How can you not know?” Sun Woo asked, taken aback. “Gosh, I thought you would be the first to think so considering he’s always verbally attacked you. It’s been two days since he hasn’t done so.”

“Oh. Yeah, I guess I’ve noticed.”

“So, what is it?” Sun Woo asked, a mischievous smile on his face. “Did you blackmail him or something? Did you finally beat him up?”

Instead of answering, the dance had finished, and you decided to ignore Sun Woo and applaud instead. Your heart thumped hard from inside your chest. You were next.

From above, the princess also applauded after the performance ended. Master Wi Hwa watched her expression. “We also have a sparring show for you, Your Highness. I hope you’ll enjoy it. They are great warriors.”

Everyone cleared way from you and Sun Woo. The both of you picked up your respective swords.

“A woman?” the princess questioned, finally taking interest in you when she saw you.

“Yes, Your Highness,” Master Wi Hwa answered. “(Y/N) is Jung Young Sik’s daughter. The other True Bones have spoken of his daughter’s exceptional skills. The Queen was the one who brought her in. She was also the one who brought in Sun Woo.”

“Her Majesty brought those two into the Hwarang House,” the princess said. She carefully watched as the two fighters from below swing their weapons at each other, blocking, striking, defending.

The match went on for another minute or two until you finally hung your sword right in front of Sun Woo, a few inches from his neck, ending the sparring. Everyone around you cheered, and you placed the sword back down at your side. Sun Woo shared a smile with you, patting your head for a job well done, and the both of you returned to your friends’ side who continued to cheer for you. “As expected of the cool (Y/N) and Sun Woo!” Han Sung exclaimed. “Wow!” He brought you into a hug, and the rest joined in. You all jumped around in celebration of a successful show.

Something pang in the princess’ chest from watching you all. She had no idea why she felt the way she did, but she didn’t like the sight of it. Especially knowing that her brother, the king, was among the men. His sister was finally here, but he’s probably giving his attention to another girl.

She continued to watch the group, and her eyes spotted one who wasn’t among the group of cheering joys. From a distance, his eyes was basically glued onto the female Hwarang.

“I don’t like it,” the princess said.

Master Wi Hwa was flustered. He spent all this time training and teaching. He really didn’t expect those words to be what came out. He was ready to be praised. His face fell. “Uh- What did you not like about it, Your Highness?”

“You think that if these group of Hwarangs go out into a battlefield that they’ll be ready to put their lives on the line? What good will a routine do for them? Battles are heartless, cold, raw. They need to fight like it’s life or death.”

“My apologies, Your Highness but-”

“And the woman? Take her out.”

“(Y/N) is one of the greatest fighters. I think her being a part of Hwarang is a great asset to us. I don’t understand why we need to do that. The Queen was the one who asked for us to bring (Y/N) in.”

“Her Majesty may not see it is a problem.” The princess murmured the following sentence. “She’ll do anything to keep the throne and protect herself.”

Her normal voice resumed. “But she does not see what I see. Keeping (Y/N) here will be a distraction to the rest of the Hwarangs. She may be good with weapons, but the whole group needs to be at its best. We can’t expect her to fight well and the others do the bare minimum. They all need to be focused. For the better of everyone, we can afford to lose the girl.”

You stopped jumping when you heard a throat clear from behind you. You quickly let go of the group circle and turned around to find Master Wi Hwa and the princess in front of you. Automatically, you bowed at her presence.

“Jung Young Sik’s daughter.”

“Your Highness.”

“Your fighting skill surprises me if I’m going to be honest. Who taught you how to hold a sword?” the princess asked.

“Thank you for the compliment, Your Highness. I started at very young myself but soon found myself a trainer for a while.”

“And you decided to fight instead of what you intentionally supposed to do as a royal blood? Was your father not against this?”

“At first, Your Highness, but he was the one who asked me to join Hwarang. I have decided to use my skills for a bigger purpose.”

The princess watched you without blinking an eye, and you secretly felt intimidated. Why was she interrogating you so much?

“I see. So, you did not intentionally want to become a part of Hwarang, but it was because of your father and the Queen. If you want, I can do you a favor and excuse you from being among these other elites.”

You shifted your position so that you were facing the princess. You frowned, and your brows knitted. You couldn’t tell if she was asking you or ordering you. It made you uncomfortable. The male Hwarangs stood quiet around you. “There seems to be a misunderstanding, Your Highness. It is true that I did not want to come here at first, but I have no resentment towards my father or Her Majesty for being here now. How could I? I… I have lots to learn, and I think I can be someone who can serve the kingdom as well as its people.”

“It has come to my attention that having a woman among a group of men will not help serve the kingdom nor its people,” the princes countered sternly. “We cannot risk having anything cause this group to fall through. You all are here to train and fight. Nothing else.”

“Your Highness,” a voice interrupted from nowhere. You looked to find Ji Dwi stepping up. “My apologies for speaking up. You say that Hwarang was only built as soldiers, but I believe that we are much more than that. We were not taught to kill. We were taught to be loyal to our country, to our parents and teachers, to each other. We don’t retreat from our enemies. We never kill without a cause. Before (Y/N) entered, most of us were arrogant and only thought of ourselves. Despite being judged by many, (Y/N) stuck through the difficult beginnings and showed us that we all have so much work to do.”

“Do you think those morals will help keep you alive in the case of a war?” the princess snapped, angry that someone would dare defend you and speak against her own words.

“How do we win a war if we can’t even work together?” Ji Dwi challenged. “It’s not every man for themselves. It’s us for a whole country, Your Highness.”

“And you don’t think you can do it without her?” The princess glared at Ji Dwi, but he refused to back down.

“As I have said, Your Highness. We were taught to have trust and brotherhood among friends. Since (Y/N) is here now, she is included.”

You were touched by Ji Dwi’s words though a part of you felt anxious that he was talking back to a member of the Royal Family. Did he not have fear?

“I disagree with you. I do not believe that (Y/N) should stay.” the princess said. You watched all eyes fall on you. “But.” You could barely breathe. The princess wanted you to leave Hwarang. You thought since she was a female warrior herself that she would’ve agreed to keeping you. “I will compromise. If (Y/N) can win against me in a sparring match, I will revoke my decision.”

“Your Highness, my apologies, but I do not think that-” Master Wi Hwa cut off his own words when the princess’ personal servant brought the princess a sword.

“This time, it’ll be a real combat. It is only when one of us gets cut that the fight stops.”

You froze. You knew that if you lost, you would have to leave right away. Even though the princess decided the rules, you knew if there was a chance that you cut her, it would still feel like a loss. How could you dare lay your sword on the princess?

Ban Ryu couldn’t believe the princess’ suggestion, either. When he heard how you might have to leave, his heart fell. In the beginning, he would’ve sided with the princess. But now?

You tightened your grip around your sword’s handle. A million thoughts ran through your mind, thinking of many ways this battle could end. You looked over at Master Wi Hwa who stood still, watching you. You looked over to your friends who couldn’t hide their worried expressions. From the side, you spotted Ah Ro who had been watching since your sparring with her brother. You even found Ban Ryu who had an expression you kind of wish you were able to read.

The gong sound rang out, and you quickly returned to your sight to the girl in front of you. You couldn’t afford to pay attention to anyone else except the very person in front of you. The princess stroked, leaving you to dodge her and then block her when she tried again. All anyone could hear was the sound of the two swords clashing with each other.

“I can’t watch this,”Han Sung said, hiding behind Sun Woo’s shoulder.

You could tell that the princess learned martial arts at a young age, too. She was good. Whatever the result, it would be fair. Out of all the opponents you faced, she was the toughest yet.

Avoiding her sword was easy as first, but as seconds went on, your own sword started to feel heavy in your hands. The sweat from your palm was making you lose grip in your sword. You hit Princess Seokmyung’s sword back and watched her grit her own teeth. You took the chance to breathe for a second as she also tried to regain control. Exhaustion hit both of you.

“We don’t have to fight, Your Highness,” you tried to reason.

The princess paused as if she was reconsidering the whole thing, but you heard a few of the guys on the sidelines cheer you on. The princess frowned and brought her sword up again. “I’ll let you know when we don’t have to fight any longer.”

As if ignited by a new fire, the princess pointed her sword at you and started to charge. Your quick reflex blocked the sword right away, but the princess continuously attacked you, pushing you back. Again and again she went until your hand couldn’t hold onto your weapon any longer, and it was knocked out.

Your sword clattered on the ground right next to you. “(Y/N)!” you heard a few voice cry out. You glanced down, thinking of how you were going to pick it back up since you were at a disadvantage. Princess Seokmyung swung her sword in front of you.

“Huh. Guess you weren’t as great as people were making you out to be,” the princess scoffed as if she’d already won. She took the moment to look away from you and at the other Hwarangs. “This is exactly how it’ll be outside. Don’t take your training lightly.”

In that same time, you took it as your moment to quickly retrieve your sword. From the side of your eyes, the princess caught you immediately and slashed her sword against your skin as you did to hers. Master Wi Hwa stepped in. “That will be enough!”

Feeling a pain on your right arm, you grimaced and pulled your sleeve up to reveal a cut. You looked up at the princess and found her doing the same. You exhaled, thanking that it was over though you were still afraid of what would happen next. Princess Seokmyung made eye contact with you. Everyone else stayed silent. Master Wi Hwa was about to say a word when the princess made her own words heard first. “Not many people are lucky enough to land a hit on me,” she said, looking at the blood on herself. Sure, she was jealous of you and the relationships you had with everyone at Hwarang House. The princess herself barely had any friends. Even the brother she was supposed to know, she had never even seen his face. Looking back at you, the princess knew it wouldn’t be right to remove you. “You have proven yourself, (Y/N).” She then called her servant to be take her back to the palace to be treated by the doctor of the Royal Family.

As she walked away, you bowed down to her. “Thank you, Your Highness.”

You watched her walk out of the Hwarang House. Once she disappeared, cheers surrounded you, and you were smothered in your close friends’ hugs. “Wait, wait!” you heard a female voice yell louder as it got closer to you. Ah Ro pulled the males away from you and took you out of the circle. She glared at the men. “Miss (Y/N) is hurt. I need to take care of her first.”

Smiling, you followed Ah Ro into her room and sat down. She sat right next to you and started to treat you right away. “You continue to amaze me, (Y/N),” Ah Ro said. “Even though I was standing quite far, I was so nervous watching you fighting with Her Highness. I’ll never be able to figure out why you enjoy combat so much! You should just learn sewing. I can teach you.”

You laughed. “I was scared, too. I’m just glad it ended okay.”

Ah Ro almost finished bandaging your wound when a knock appeared at the door. When you looked to see who was at the door, to your surprise, you found Ban Ryu standing. “Ban Ryu…” you said.

“I can finish for you Miss Ah Ro.” Ban Ryu walked into the room. Ah Ro had a look of confusion on her face at first but then stood up from her chair.

“Oh, y-yes. Thank you. I was going to go look for my brother anyway.” She handed Ba Ryu the bandages and then looked at you. “I’ll be right back, Miss (Y/N).”

When Ah Ro left, you didn’t know where to look. For some reason, it felt kind of embarassing to look at Ban Ryu. He took Ah Ro’s seat and continued to wrap the cloth around your arm quietly. You gulped, and licked your lips, finding it quite difficult to breathe. This was the closest you’ve ever been to him. You even felt his hand brush softly against your arm. What were you supposed to say to him? “What you did was really stupid today,” Ban Ryu said once he tied the bandage together so that’ll stay in place.


“Going against the princess?” Ban Ryu looked at you, but instead of the intense look he usually showed, his eyes were softer. “It was very stupid.”

“What was I supposed to do? I know everyone keeps wanting me to go, but-”

“You didn’t let me finish,” Ban Ryu told you. He took a breath. “Stupid… but brave. Sort of attractive.”


“Anyway, in a way, I don’t think I can do what you did. Everyone knows I have it tough with my stepfather. Whatever he says, I do. I follow his words and don’t ever think about doing otherwise. I just… I just wished you didn’t get hurt while doing so, (Y/N).”

You brushed the bandage on your arm. “It hurts, but it would’ve probably hurt me even more if I didn’t do anything. Before, I wanted to do things my way and make it easy for myself, training by myself at home. What kind of life would it be if things just came easy? Things will be tough, dirt and all. If I can stand all of the tough things that come my way, I’ll be rewarded with a lot of light in my life. I can grow to be more than just a daughter of a True Bone.”

Soil, water, sunlight - you needed them all.

A slight small smile appeared on Ban Ryu’s face. He nodded his head and stood up, getting ready to leave. Before that, he turned back and called your name. “Yes?”

This time, Ban Ryu avoided your eyes. “Well, you know how we’re free to go back home tomorrow? If you want, we can leave Hwarang House tomorrow. Maybe go to Okta? Anywhere, really.”

You smiled. “I’d really like that. Thank you for asking, Ban Ryu.”

anonymous asked:

hi im confused what's wrong w calling jin mom? i personally don't do it but is it that bad jdfhsdkg

jin isn’t a woman so you shouldn’t misgender him, he expressed before that he feels ucomfortable when people do so
in addition they only call him mom because he can cook and takes care of other members… as if men aren’t capable of doing this
and don’t even let me start on nam*in shippers who are doing this to bring other ships down, calling jin x maknae line ships “incest” or writing comments about jin cheating on namjoon :/ labelling them as mom and dad is also a heteronormative bullshit, because apparently two men can’t be in relationship without one of them acting as a woman??
it’s 2017 for fuck’s sake, when will people stop calling him mom or princesss