what a wok

I am sick (yet again) because I’ve been so stressed 😷 so as a special treat I bought myself lunch on campus 🙌

Before class I swung by Kigo and got a wok bowl with yakisoba noodles, garlic lemongrass sauce, baked tofu, and lots of crisp veggies (snow peas, carrots, onions, bell peppers, and mushrooms) 🍜🌱 I topped it with siracha and sesame seeds 👅 it was crazy good

Mondays are stupid busy for me because I have 3 classes, 3 hours of volunteering, an eboard meeting, and homework 😭 hoping this lunch gets me through

anonymous asked:

hey! Im a new witch, and i was windering if its ok to worship a deity from a video game? i wanted to worship Kynareth from TES. Also, if it is ok, what sort of offering would wok?

It is totally okay! This is actually a thing in existence already. I briefly worshiped Sotha Sil myself.

Welcome to the world of pop culture paganism my friend! :D

I have some posts for you to look over:

[Pop-Culture Paganism and God Theory]

[What You Need to Know about Pop Culture Magick]

As for what sort of offerings, you’re gonna wanna dig into the in-game lore for Kynareth. Sadly I don’t recall much about Kynareth at this time, but Bethesda is crazy about the amount of mythology and stuff that they actually put into their game series - like, go through the books that they have within game. There’s a site I think that has all that stuff - [here]. And [this] is the page for Kynareth. :D [This site] also has a lot of lore and stuff, you may want to search through “Kynareth” there and see what you can find.

If anyone else works with any TES pop culture deities, particularly Kynareth, please chime in!