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Pack Mom pt.2 - Derek Hale x Reader

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Pairing: Derek x Reader

Prompt: Request! – Liam starts getting jealous when Isaac gets more attention than him, soon it becomes a competition between them that you decide to indulge in. (Also inspired by Woman – Honne.)

Warning: None! Just FLUFFFFF!



“Isaac honey can you pass me the butter.” You muttered as you grabbed the bread from the cupboard.

“Okay Mama!” He smiled as he grabbed the butter from the fridge bouncing over to you as you grabbed a knife out the draw.

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“Let me see the map,” Kaladin said. Tvlakv hesitated then held it up for Kaladin.
Kaladin reached through the bars and snatched the paper. Then, without reading it, Kaladin ripped it in two. In seconds he’d shredded it into a hundred pieces in front of Tvlakv’s horrified eyes.
Tvlakv called for the mercenaries, but by the time they arrived, Kaladin had a double handful of confetti to toss out at them. “Happy Middlefest, you bastards,” Kaladin said as the flakes of paper fluttered around them. He turned and walked to the other side of the cage and sat down, facing them.
—  Brandon Sanderson, WoK, 69
Sleeping over for the first time - Junhoe

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Alright so since one of you requested this to be an ongoing series, I’ll be posting each member from time to time. I already wrote one for Hanbin so this is the second one. Please enjoy~

( How can you not like him, seriously, how? )


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I am sick (yet again) because I’ve been so stressed 😷 so as a special treat I bought myself lunch on campus 🙌

Before class I swung by Kigo and got a wok bowl with yakisoba noodles, garlic lemongrass sauce, baked tofu, and lots of crisp veggies (snow peas, carrots, onions, bell peppers, and mushrooms) 🍜🌱 I topped it with siracha and sesame seeds 👅 it was crazy good

Mondays are stupid busy for me because I have 3 classes, 3 hours of volunteering, an eboard meeting, and homework 😭 hoping this lunch gets me through

”Hey pest, didn’t I just fucking tell you not to touch that yet?” Ronan says and gently shoves Opal away from the bowl of salad. The rat dodges it nimbly and either way steals the last strawberry. Guess they’re having salad without strawberries, then. He won’t tell Parrish and to him it’s all the same – when they’re just two of them with Opal, they very rarely eat dinner at the kitchen table. Most of the food they cook never make it that far. He can’t really blame her, though, as he is as big of a thief as his dream child is. Ronan just wishes Parrish never gets wind of how irregular their habits are without him, how lost he is with this parenting thing without him.

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