what a wise child

when you came down to earth, 
the stars sent you with nothing but a parting message
burned into the skin of your infant palms
that your mother spent her whole life trying to forget:

brave child,
you come from the stars
like all the brave children who came before you
and all the brave children to come after you.

your bones were made in forges of starfire.
your heart clenches like a supernova ready to burst.
you will never walk alone in the night. 

but brave child, you were forged
     to fall upon the point of a sword.
your lungs were meant to drown, 
     be it in sunlight or in starlight. 
your blood is bound to spill upon the earth
     as surely as your soul is bound to fly among the stars.

so brave child, 
choose wisely and choose early: 
     what sword-point would you fall by?
     what trampled battlefield or back-alley pavement would you have your blood flow on?
     what sky would you gaze last upon?

choose wisely and choose early, 
my brave child–

–for if you do not 
someone else will decide for you.

—  letter for the starshine child ( j.p. )
It Isn’t Love || Seungcheol || Pt. 2

Pt. 1 // Pt. 2 // Pt. 3 // Pt. 4 // Pt. 5 // Pt. 6 //

Word Count: 1850 

Genre: fluff, angst, royalty au, arranged marriage au

Summary: In order to solidify and further prove the alliance of two kingdoms, the Choi Kingdom had decided to arrange a marriage between their kingdom and the Lee Kingdom. It was a great plan! Now, if only the two parties personally involved were willing…

In the morning, Seungcheol went to bid Jihoon farewell.

“I’m glad we get along,” Seungcheol joked, “If we hadn’t, we would have a hard time being brother-in-laws.”

Jihoon laughed. “It doesn’t matter what I think. My sister’s opinion matters more.”

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Tenerife Sea - Lucifer one-shot

Characters: Lucifer x reader, Castiel, Sam, Dean
Words: 2198
Summary: There was once a being that the devil loved, worshiped even. And now she is needed in the fight against evil. 

4.6 billion  years ago the earth, with its plants and water and sky and sun and life, was created. We all know what happened after that, but before that is a separate matter. Before the earth and before the light there was darkness. God, her younger brother, created the archangels to help him trap her in unbreakable chains: Michael, Raphael, the youngest Gabriel and Lucifer.

All was good for the time, more but lesser angels where made and God’s supposedly perfect creature was happy. Lucifer, was secretly God’s favourite. He held a purity and passion that rivalled his own. But his passion was his ultimate downfall.

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As promised, more Young Justice. You’d almost think I liked M’gann! ;]

So, despite M’gann being quite the problem in season 2, I really did love her relationship with Garfield. (And her too of course, once she cooled down…) They were adorable siblings, and they had very sweet and loving interactions. So here they are, being cute. Hopefully they aren’t going to smash into each other’s faces. He’s definitely not secretly high-fiveing a skateboarding Bart off-screen.

This image has brought many questions up about Gar though. What a mysterious child. 

Art-wise, I’m pretty happy with this one. It was another non-stressful, relatively quick piece with a nice outcome. M’gann’s legs and shine aren’t perfect, but that’s ok. Really of anything it’s Gar’s arm that is perplexing. The only downside I can think of for this image is I’m not aware of having learned anything from working on it. I’m hoping I just didn’t notice but still learned something.

A List Of Movies For You To Watch. For Free. Yep. Free.

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Kanan is trying so hard to be a wise, all-knowing Jedi master – like, yeah, this is a very self-conscious pose, “lemme walk to the end of the ship and stare off wisely into space while saying something wise,” but it's exactly what someone who was a child when the Order fell (14, according to A New Dawn) would do.  He’s trying to emulate what he thinks a real master would do.

But his whole face just lights up when he decides to try Ezra on his lightsaber instead.  (Wow, look how green his eyes are.)  You can just see the 14-year-old kid inside going, “Yes! Finally something interesting!”