what a weird thing to happen twice

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Can you do a BTS reaction similar to the GOT7 one you did please? About you being in their "wild dreams"? Thanx ILY 💕

Of course! I actually already had it started:)


He’d catch himself looking at you a lot after his dream. It wouldn’t make him weird around you, instead he’d start noticing more things about you. The way you pushed your hair around, the way your smile would relax when something funny had passes, little things that made him unknowingly fall for you. 


Not being one to flush very often he’d find himself turned sour when ever you were around. He enjoyed being around you and knowing he was making things weird for what you thought was no reason drove him wild. He’d probably eventually tell you, especially if you asked him if you did anything wrong. Telling you would take the weight off his shoulders and he would be glad the two of you could laugh about it and then never bring it up again. 


He wouldn’t be afraid to tell you, but it would take him a little while to do it. Only when you did things like rock forward while laughing to swat at his knee or spoon feed him what ever it was you were helping Jin cook would he get weird. It wouldn’t have to happen more than twice before he’d apologize and tell you why he felt weird. It would, though, probably end in the two of you sharing a bed drunkly one night.


He’d act weird around you, but not weird enough for you to notice. Not until you had your weekly movie night with the boys and started to run your fingers through his hair like he always asked you to do would he stiffen and his mine would be forced back to the dream he had. He’d probably get a little… frustrated, if you know what I mean, and being the one to tell Yoongi everything when he excused himself to fix his situation, Yoongi would be the one to tell you why he was acting so weird.


He wouldn’t be afraid to tell you, but it would be when no one else was around. You’re beautiful, why shouldn’t he have a dream with you? You’d find him flirting with you a lot after that and even if you weren’t talking you’d catch him starting at you from the corner of your eye. He wouldn’t be creepy about it though, so naturally it wouldn’t take long for him to have you swimming in the palm of his hand.


It would either go one of two ways. Either he’d make you uncomfortable by trying way to hard not to make you uncomfortable or he’d turn into the definition of sex; lip biting, neck flexing, you know where I’m going with this. Either way the others would notice and force him to spit out what he was being so weird and when he told them the two of you would never hear the end of it. 


Shy. Shy. SHY. As big and tough as Jungkook could be there would be something about having a sex dream about one of his friends that would make him melt into a puddle of embarrassment. It would also make him VERY confused and he’d probably have a talk with Namjoon about what it meant, which would be the only way he was able to get through seeing you again.

Show You (Ethan)



You slammed your locker shut feeling more frustrated than ever as you gripped your books hard in hand. You felt like a total outcast. It wasn’t a bad thing to be inexperienced when it came to sex and you took pride in the fact that you hadn’t given it up to just anyone. You were waiting for the right one and that’s all there was to it. But that came with endless taunting and teasing from your classmates. Especially in sex-ed class where you, obviously, got it the worst.

“You mean…you’ve never like…fooled around with a guy?” Your friend Shawna asked you, her eyes wide as she shoved a bobby pin in her hair. You were in the girls washroom and you looked around to make sure no one was within earshot. The last thing you needed was the entire school knowing you were still a virgin.

“No.” You shrugged. “Does that matter?”

“I mean…no..” She frowned slightly. “But why? Guys are pawning after you left and right.”

“Not really.” You sighed. But being the virgin made you a prime target. Guys were dying to be your first and it really kind of grossed you out.

“Yes, really. You also have the hottest fucking friends in the entire world who I’m sure would jump at any opportunity to get in your panties .”

Your mind wandered. Ethan and Grayson

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what humans are

what i’m getting from all these “humans are weird aliens” things is that we as a species are best known for being batshit fucking crazy

batshit crazy brave [the “lets get the space pirates to talk about their babies and see us as people so they won’t murder us, and it WORKED” species]

batshit crazy loyal [the “defend pack bonded entities until death” species]

batshit crazy affectionate [the “pack bond with cleaning droids and name them Stabby” species]

batshit crazy curious [the “tape two warp cores together and ride them into the sun, twice, just to see what would happen” species]

batshit crazy resourceful [the "we made a replacement warp core engine out of duct tape, a bobby pin, and a spare nuke” species]

or just batshit crazy in general [the “sees a predator and tries to tame it” species]

we’re not big or mean or super smart

we are, at least to other species, out of our fucking minds

and they like us for it

Wrong Place Wrong Time (19)

Do not reuse, edit or copy and of my work(s). ©
Part 19 of an ongoing series, enjoy :)
A fanfic for a more Mature audience due to violence and language. Read at your own risk :)

Themes=😖,🌟,💣,🎭. (☠️- Harm towards characters, Strong language and Adult themes.)

Summary: You end up in the wrong place at the wrong time and it has negative repercussions. Main characters include: Reader and EXO.

Part 1  Part 2  Part 3 Part 4  Part 5 Part 6  Part 7 Part 8 Part 9 Part 10 Part 11 Part 12  Part 13  Part 14  Part 15  Part 16  Part 17  Part 18  Part 20  Part 21  Part 22  Part 23  Part 24  Part 25  Part 26  Part 27  Part 28  Part 29  Part 30  Part 31  Part 32  Part 33  Part 34  Part 35 (Final)

Word Count: 3,350 

IMPORTANT NOTE: There are different Points of View (P.O.V.) In this part, but the text will remain in the past tense and third person. 

Sorry this part is not as action packed as normally, but I kind of really needed to do this in order to build up for the action to come in the next parts.I hope you guys understand 🤗

Minseok’s P.O.V:

Admittedly Minseok had spent the first day avoiding Y/N. What had happened was a huge mistake, not to mention awkward and he didn’t want her to get too used to him, after all he had always been a lone-ranger and that was never going to change, he was never going to let anyone in. However he was scared that he had already let Y/N know too much, the most crucial things about himself that he’d kept hidden from everyone, even Sehun and Luhan. He was glad that they were avoiding each other the day after it happened he needed time to clear his mind and convince himself that nothing had ever happened in the first place, but it was two days later now and she was still keeping herself hidden, to the point where none of the boys in the house would see her throughout the day. She hadn’t even had breakfast with them in the mornings. An expert creeper.

“Guys! Guys!” Baekhyun was shouting running into the living room, a ridiculous smile painted across his face. “It’s Chanyeol, he’s awake!” Instinctively all of the boys stood up from where they were sat, running down the spiralling staircase into the basement and filing into the Op room.

“Chan!” Jongdae ran up to him laughing and kissing his forehead, earning a frown from Chanyeol.

“Jongdae would you stop that, Christ, get off of me.” But Jongdae continued to pepper his face with kisses, making all the boys in the room laugh.

“It’s good to see you awake Chanyeol, initially we didn’t think you’d survive.” Junmyeon walked up to his bed, placing a hand lightly on his shoulder and smiling down at him.

Chanyeol tried to smile back, but he was still evidently so weak, his skin was still pale and his eyes were heavy, but at least he was one step closer to being his old self.
“Jongin, that fucking rat he –”

“We know Chanyeol. We know. And we’ll promise to give him his just desserts but right now we need to focus on you and Yixing recovering.” Junmyeon bowed his head taking a step backwards and looking in Yixing’s direction.

“Baekhyun… when will he come around?”

“I don’t know.” Baekhyun rubbed his wrist nervously looking at Yixing, he was still and paler than Chanyeol, he honestly looked like a corpse if it wasn’t for the beeping heart monitor machine he could’ve easily been mistaken for a dead body. Junmyeon nodded his head slowly and ascended back up the spiral staircase.

“What about Y/N, she didn’t get shot did she, I think I blacked out before I got the chance to make sure she was okay. Please tell me she’s okay.” Chanyeol croaked, closing his eyes due to worry and fatigue.

“Y/N’s fine Chanyeol, she called for help in time, if it wasn’t for her I don’t think you guys would be alive right now.” Kyungsoo answered. Chanyeol smiled softly and let a small breath out through his nose.

“Of course she did. Can someone go and get her, I want to see her.”

“Umm..yeah sure I’ll go.” Minseok found himself quickly volunteering before he had a chance to even think about his actions.

“No. Preferably someone that won’t try to slaughter her in her room. Baekhyun maybe?” Chanyeol murmured, his voice becoming quieter as he spoke.

“For goodness sake I won’t kill her.” Minseok rolled his eyes, jogging over to the metal door and disappearing from the room. Making his way to your room, he wondered why he volunteered to do this in the first place; he felt the urge to see you but he wasn’t sure why, but now he was regretting coming, possibly because things may be way too awkward for him to handle, he couldn’t really handle situations that weren’t violence related, it just wasn’t his forte. He knocked on your door once. No answer. Twice. Still no answer.

“Come on Y/N open up!” He knocked again, giving you sometime to reach the door, but you still didn’t make an appearance.
“Goodness Y/N I know what happened the other day was weird but can you get over it?! We already established it was a fucking mistake. Chanyeol’s awake and he wants to see you open the door.”

No answer.

“For fucks sake Y/N, it’s never going to happen again, it was a freak accident. If you don’t open the door then I’m coming in, you’re making this more awkward than it ever was in the first place.”

“What’s never going to happen again?” A voice from behind him said making him jump. He turned around to face Junmyeon who was standing behind him.

“Shit, you scared me. And I umm… me cutting her throat, I just wanted her to know I’m not here to kill her this time round.” He lied, quickly turning round to face the door, avoiding Junmyeon’s eye contact and twisting the handle.

“Y/N you— Y/N… Y/N?” He was staring around the room in confusion, you weren’t there. But he was sure you were nowhere else, where could you possibly have gone. “What? She’s not here.” He whispered, looking back at Junmyeon. “You don’t think she slipped out do you?”

“I fucking hope not! She knows better than to pull that type of shit by now!” Junmyeon frowned pushing past Minseok and walking into the room. Minseok walked in slowly after still trying to figure out where she could be at this point, maybe she was in Chanyeol’s room, maybe it gave her some sort of comfort and a feeling of proximity since all she could do was wait for him to recover, he nodded. That was definitely the most logical explanation.

“Minseok, look at this!” Junmyeon walked over to the desk, picking up a sheet of paper and holding it up for Minseok to see.

❌ ❌ 

Minseok’s heart began to beat erratically in his chest, No this couldn’t be happening right now.

“Look there’s something on the back.” Junmyeon hurriedly turned the sheet over.

In the draw lies a tracking device that will lead the way…if you’re brave enough.

I’ve stolen Princess Peach; who’s willing to be her Mario?

Minseok banged his balled up fist against the wall leaving behind a dent in the plaster.
“This fucking prick! We need to go now!” He backed away closer to the door.

“Woah Minseok wait, this might just be another trick. A ploy to get us in one place and take us out, we need to think about this. If there’s one thing I’ve learnt this last month it’s to not rush into things.

“We don’t have time to think Junmyeon; we only have time to go! God knows what the sick bastard is doing to her right now.”

Junmyeon opened the desk draw and picked up a black device, frowning he looked up at Minseok.
“This time last month you were playing a part in torturing her too. I’ve grown to like Y/N aswell, but I’ll protect my men over her any day, you guys are my brothers and I’m not putting you in a risky stupid situation ever again Minseok! I was a fool last time, running into shit, if she has to take a bullet for the team then so be it, it’ll be sad but we’ll move on. Why do you care about her all of a sudden?”

Minseok cleared his throat; he blinked quickly not really expecting that question.

“I don’t care about her, why would I care about her?”

“So why are you in such a rush, you’d never rush like this if it were me.” Junmyeon scowled at him, hurt in his voice.

“For fucks sake Junmyeon can we not do this now, I’m not concerned for her I’m concerned for Chanyeol, if she’s missing or possibly worse if you keep wasting time, then how do you expect Chanyeol to recover and cope. They’ve been friends for 10 years Junmyeon he’s not just going to get over it like that.” Minseok wasn’t telling a complete lie, it was true that Chanyeol wouldn’t recover well but he wasn’t necessarily telling the whole truth either.

“Then when else will we do this Minseok? I can’t keep pretending this doesn’t affect me; you’re always giving me the cold shoulder. I’m not working against you Minseok; I’m on your side! I don’t boss you around because I think its fun, I know you’re older and I fucking respect that. But I see how you are with the others, and I know I’m worth less than the shit on the bottom of your shoe to you. Don’t you think I notice how much you despise me despite my efforts to make you see me as equally as you see the others, I’m desperate for you to accept me as your brother Minseok but you won’t. I really don’t know what else to do.”

Minseok shook his head furiously. “I don’t hate you Junmyeon!”

“But you don’t like me either. What the fuck has she ever given you that I haven’t? I’ve tried making a home out of this God forsaken place, I’ve tried to make our living conditions as comfortable as possible despite all the shit we deal with, yet you still see me as lower than the rest. Be a man and admit it Minseok.”

“Whatever. I don’t fucking have time for this right now Kim Junmyeon.” He walked over grabbing the sheet of paper and device out of Junmyeon’s hand and walked back over to the door. “I’m giving this to Baekhyun; we’ll deal with this shit when I get back.”

“Why the fuck do you care so bad Minseok? You’ve slept with her haven’t you?!” Junmyeon called, but Minseok didn’t reply and carried on down the corridor.


Y/N’s P.O.V.:

You had been kept tied to a wooden chair and blindfolded, in what seemed to be a fairly dark room. Scared was not an intense enough word to describe the way you were feeling at this point in time. It was silent in the room, too silent to the point where it was nearly driving you crazy. You hadn’t seen sunlight in ages and you were beginning to think you’d never see sunlight again. By this point you had already lost track of time, so you didn’t know how long you had been down here for, but it seemed like forever, you began to give up hope of anyone coming to look for you. Every few hours a hand would force feed you what tasted like stale bread and butter and you would be dragged over to what you assumed was a bucket to piss in when you needed to, you felt violated when the individual began wiping you clean, and tried to hold back tears, that was your job, nobody else was supposed to touch down there apart from yourself.

You weren’t sure you were alone with Jongin though, because there were times that you would hear multiple footsteps.
You weren’t being questioned nobody asked you to talk, but you were just sat there in a cold room, crying internally.

A couple of hours later and you felt a hand pushing food into your mouth again, but you turned your head away refusing to receive it. You heard the voice scoff in your ear.
“Wow. You’re a picky hostage, do you think you have the luxury of choice? How stupid.” It was a female.

“Please I just want to go home!” You begged, tears finally spilling down your eyes behind the blindfold.

“Really? That’s odd, because last I heard you were abducted by 9 weird men. Now shut up and eat this bread. I honestly don’t know why we can’t torture you right now, your whining is beginning to get on my nerves.” The girl hissed in your ear pushing the bread back into your mouth, this time you didn’t resist it, chewing and swallowing slowly.

Just then you heard a familiar voice enter the room and start speaking.

“May, you’re needed out back, bodies are piling up. It fucking stinks hurry up, please.” There was a sense of urgency and disgust in Jongin’s voice.
So the woman’s name was May.
You felt her hand leaving your face and her footsteps receding as Jongin’s came closer. Your body stilled as you felt Jongin’s hot breath near your ear.

“Y/N, are you scared? There’s no need to be babe. I won’t hurt you.”He brought his head down to your face and kissed your lips, he had the nerve to kiss you after everything he done and after kidnapping you.

“Get off of me Jongin! Why are you doing this? What do you want? I just want to go home!”

“Babe, you shouldn’t call that place home. It’s not fit for a princess like you. So that’s why we’re here right now, I’m trying to change those circumstances for you.” He stroked your cheek with the back of his hand. “I missed you, you know Y/N. I mean it. I know you’re scared, but there’s no need to be.”

You laughed in disbelief you couldn’t believe what you were hearing right now. “No need to be scared?” You cried. “Jongin you’re a fucking psycho! You killed Luhan, shot Chanyeol and Yixing and now you have me tied up in this shit hole. I saw all of those pictures and the notes in your room Jongin, you’re fucking crazy. Let me go.”

He shook his head, removing your blindfold and smiling at you softly,
“Oh but I can’t Y/N. I wish I could but I need you here or it will never work. They’ll come for you, they have too. Chanyeol won’t let them rest until they do.”

“Why are you doing this Jongin?” You cried, looking at him full of hate, your body shaking.

“I’m doing what’s necessary Y/N. I’m not the bad guy in all of this believe me.”

“Jongin, I think you’re sick, maybe you just need help and –”

You were cut off by loud screaming at the other side of the room; you whipped your head in the direction of the noise, startled. You didn’t think anyone else was down here.
There was a man, tied to a chair, just like you were only there was some sort of apparatus above him. Drops of water were falling directly into the middle of his forehead, after every drop he screamed. Your eyes widened in shock when you realised what was happening.
Chinese water torture.
You had heard that the technique was used in older times, to torture an individual. The built up pressure of the dripping water in one place would become too painful, leading the victims to believe that they were feeling a hole been drilled into their head. Eventually pushing them over the edge and having them behave erratically. You stared at the man shivering and you could only think that that was what was going to happen to you next.

Minseok’s P.O.V:

“So remind me why I’m sat here on the way to save someone that I don’t really care about again.” Sehun groaned, he was beginning to piss Minseok off now but he was trying to stay neutral. Three of them were sat in a car, it was pitch black outside by this time and they were still following the tracking device.

“I’m not going to answer that question again Sehun, now shut the fuck up and keep your eyes on the road.” Minseok was looking around skeptically, they had been driving for miles now and he was beginning to think that Jongin had purposefully given them an incorrect location. They were travelling besides trees for ages now, and he couldn’t help but worry about Y/N. He shook his head trying to compose himself. The kiss between the two of them was a complete mistake, it should never have happened he knew that much, but why was he now finding it hard to keep his emotions under control. So what if Jongin killed her, she wasn’t his priority. He opened up to her a little bit but that was it, it wasn’t like he owed her anything but yet he felt like he did. He felt as though if it wasn’t for her, he’d still be the sour person he had been throughout the years, especially after Luhan’s death, he was still mean but not like once before. He even had the guts to go to church 3 days ago and he felt as though his parents would’ve been somewhat proud.

“I can’t see anything; I think we’re going the wrong way.” Minseok breathed, leaning forward towards Junmyeon and Sehun.

“We can’t be, we’re following the tracking devise exactly as it says we should be.” Junmyeon held it up, just then it began to beep in his hand.

In 100 yards, you have reached your destination’ an automated voice said.

“Oh so she speaks, how fancy.” Sehun half-laughed, causing Minseok to flick his ear, this was not the time for jokes.
He began to drive slowly now, the headlights of the car barely scoping the road and forest of thick trees surrounding them. Junmyeon sat forward in his seat squinting.

“Shit I can’t see a thing, it’s too dark. You’ll have to pull up, we’ll have to go by foot from here I think.”
Sehun nodded stopping the car. All three of them getting out and scoping the area. They had their phone flashlights on searching for any type of sign of life. Minseok let out a breath into the cold air, he was painfully aware of the fact that he was running out of time. Just then his flashlight shone on a something in the distance.

“Hey, guys! Over here! I see something.” They walked closer, to what looked like an isolated building. “A building in the middle of nowhere?” Minseok frowned. “Jongin what the fuck are you up to?”
Suddenly the boys began to here a beeping, coming from Sehun.

“Your phone. Why is it ringing? How are you even getting any signal out here?” Junmyeon said, staring up into the thick canopy of trees.

“I’m not.” Sehun said reaching into his pocket and pulling out the tracking device. A red button was flashing on the top of it; he paused for a moment looking up at Minseok and Junmyeon. Minseok nodded at him as if giving him the permission to press the button. So he did.

“So I see you’ve made it then.” A voice said, no longer automated.

“Jongin.” Minseok hissed, grabbing the device out of Sehun’s grip. “I’ll fucking kill you, you fucking traitor.”

“I’ve missed you too Minseok.”

“How did he even know we were here?” Sehun whispered to Junmyeon, staring at the device.

“Your tracking device was tracked, so I’d know when you arrived, such a paradox right?” Jongin laughed. “Leave your weapons behind before you come in.” His voice was gone.

“I will kill that fucking bastard.” Minseok scowled, tucking his gun further into his holster and walking towards the building, Junmyeon and Sehun following closely behind.

“I can’t believe I’m really out here risking my life to save a whore, I’m too special for this shit.” Sehun sighed, Minseok did everything in his power to disregard the statement, and walking up to what he assumed to be the entrance. “What the fuck is that smell?” Sehun wrinkled up his nose, turning around. “Oh shit.” He jumped back into Junmyeon. “I definitely wasn’t expecting that, Shit Jongin’s been busy.” He stared numbly at the pile of dead bodies on the ground.

“Come on!” Minseok said, tugging Sehun’s arm towards the door and into the building, the first thing his eyes fell upon was Y/N, sitting tied up to a chair in the corner of the room. Her eyes were wide with fear and he felt his heart racing ever so slightly. Secondly he saw Jongin, next to Y/N, gun in hand.

“You fucking psycho.” Minseok screamed, pulling his gun from his holster and pointing it at Jongin.

“Minseok, you never have listened to rules have you? What part of leave your weapons didn’t you understand. Drop it. Now” The voice sighed, Minseok frowned at how familiar it was. He felt a gun being pressed to the back of his head. He slowly turned his head to face the direction of the voice.

“Did you miss me Minnie-Min?” The man smirked, showing off rows of perfect white teeth.

Minseok gasped, lowering his gun. His eyes were wide.

“What the fuck. Kris?”

Headcanon that has probably no basis in canon

Obi-Wan Kenobi, who is almost, if not as much, of an adrenaline junkie as Anakin, tends to be hard on his equipment. He takes meticulous care of his lightsaber, of course, but any other machine he uses, well…

So it’s not infrequent for him to go see Anakin about his fighter or other miscellaneous piece of gear and be like “It’s acting weird/not working, I don’t know why”.

And Anakin rolls his eyes and goes to see what his former master has managed to break now.

And then sometimes, that happens on the front, and they don’t always have access to a proper supply chain and Anakin has to get… creative, to get the thing up and running again.

And so once or twice, Obi-Wan had a minor heart attack when they got back to civilization and some poor GAR mechanic popped open the hood of his starfighter to discover space duct tape or something.

Anakin: “Did it fly home in one piece, yes or no?”

i’ve been getting some questions about skincare and how i’ve dealt with acne/oil control and im not a dermatologist but i’ve invested way too much money into skin care products

i try to keep most of my products organic or vegan so they should also work for more sensitive skin!

if you have any q’s about anything skincare/health related i will gladly answer :v

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anonymous asked:

Can I have some headcannons of how Aizawa, Shinsou, Denki and Mic discovered their quirks, please?

Hmm, it’s already stated in the series that Mic’s quirk manifested when he was born, so I’ll do the other three!

Shouta Aizawa

One day in pre-school there was a really annoying kid that had just discovered his quirk and it was keeping Aizawa from napping. So he just kinda gave him a death glare, but instead of death their quirk stopped working.

Shinsou Hitoshi

He went to ask his mom for a snack, and when she went to say “what do you want?” she froze and her eyes became blank, he was weirded out but still said he wanted apple slices and she went to make them. His dad found him crying that afternoon cause he could’t figure out how to fix her

Denki Kaminari

He would constantly be having that thing happen where you are shocked with static, and would think it was cause he was wearing wool socks, and would go around shocking people all the time. At first it just annoyed his parents but it wasn’t till he went to turn on the light and knocked out all the power…..twice they took him to the doctor

i can’t believe i never thought to submit this story on here - my most awesome(ly awful) customer service story.  it’s longish, but i promise it’s worth it.

this happened about a year ago.  i work at that pharmacy chain whose walls don’t match the color the name implies.  i’m covering the cosmetics department that day.  for reference i’m a 20-something woman.

a middle aged lady comes in, wearing a strapless dress and leggings.  she asks where the leggings are, because hers don’t match well enough.  nbd, I walk her to the leggings and she picks out a pair.  we go to the register and i ring her up.

she then proceeds to CHANGE HER LEGGINGS AT THE REGISTER.  like thong-clad ass hanging out in full view, dress hiked up.  i-really-don’t-get-paid-enough-for-this.jpg. 

so she decides she wants some lipstick to match her dress and she wants my opinion.  okay, sure thing.  it’s a nice red, we’ll find a nice red to match.

as she’s browsing, she goes “ooh, I really hate strapless bras.  this one keeps slipping down.  could you pull it up for me?”

what the fuck.  what the fuck.  i’m so dumbfounded i don’t even know how to react.  i consider quitting on the spot, just turning and walking out the door.  i mumble something about the employee handbook, but she insists, and god knows The Customer Is Always Right, so I get behind her and steel my resolve and reach into her wrinkly back and hike it up.  she turns, goes “thanks, dear!” and walks out.  she never wanted lipstick, she wanted me to come out from the register so I could fix her fucking bra for her.

i turn around, she left the original leggings on my register.  her nasty-ass worn leggings are just chilling on my register.  i look around for the camera crew because obviously this was some weird prank and see my coworker standing in the next aisle, her face red, tears streaming down her cheeks from laughing as she watched the whole thing.

i once again consider quitting.  just walking out and never coming back.  i consider showing the security footage to the store manager and demanding a raise.  i eventually decide on taking an extended break and texting my manager to ask my coworker what happened and that i’ll be back when i decide my break is over.  after hearing the story, she decides an hour (twice the normal break) would probably be a good idea.

this story still confuses me to this day, and i tell it to all the new hires to make sure they know what this job really entails.

knowledge is (dinosaur) power

by andawaywego

[or: Trini finds out her Zord is more of an extension of her than she thought. The hard way.]

Read it here


Trini doesn’t think anything of it that first time, because it doesn’t really seem like there’s anything to think of. 

It’s only been a month since the whole thing with Rita ended and everyone has spent the weeks on edge–constantly wondering when she would show back up–because nothing ends that simply.

Billy equates it to the dozen or so superhero movies he knows verbatim. “There’s always a third act!” he tells them. Trini isn’t sure that’s what a third act is, but she doesn’t know enough about superhero movies to dispute it.

She saw Spiderman 3, but the one time she’d brought it up, Billy had looked so scandalized that she’d promptly filed anything remotely regarding Toby Maguire in the Don’t Mention column of their conversations.

Along with him dying, of course, and algebra because she hates talking about it. And Jason, too, because Billy could go on and on and Trini honestly thinks it’s sort of sweet, but she usually doesn’t have much time for that sort of thing.

Besides, there’s not much for her to add to the conversation other than, “Yeah, his eyes are really blue,” because she doesn’t see him like that. Never will, either, and she thinks the guys probably understand that even if she hadn’t directly come out and said it at their little bonding bonfire a month ago.

It’s afternoon and they’re tired and sore from two hours of being passed around between putty simulations like a handful of abused hacky-sacks. Trini pretty much wants to go home and sleep, but Zack always has other ideas.

So does Jason, it seems, who thinks it’s a good idea for them to “spend some time” in their Zords, like they hadn’t done plenty of that during their actual battle with Goldar.

“We haven’t been in them since then,” Jason tries to argue and Trini looks to Kim for help, for someone else to back her up, but Kim is too busy inspecting a big bruise on her ribcage and then Trini forgets why she even looked over in the first place.

Because Kim’s shirt is ridden high up on her abdomen and all Trini can see is tan skin, shimmering slightly in the low light from sweat and it’s super perverted that her mouth waters, but it’s not like she can stop automatic body functions.

She looks away.

“Aw, hell yeah!” Zack exclaims and then he’s off and heading towards where their Zords are hidden so quickly that the rest of them can do nothing but follow.

Alpha-5 is beeping out something about needing to bond with the Zords and Kim snorts from next to Trini as they walk.

“What’s funny?” Trini asks, lips already quirked up in anticipated amusement.

Kim grins at her and then shrugs, looking away. “Nothing, just…That’s what she said.”

It doesn’t necessarily even fit what Alpha had just been saying and that joke is super old, but laughter is bubbling up in Trini’s throat before she has the presence of mind to stop it.

“What’s so funny, lovebirds?” Zack calls back and Jason laughs, too. Billy gives them a sympathetic look.

Trini flips him off.

Her Zord looks pretty much how she remembers it–yellow and sleek with bright, dusted metal shimmering a little as she steps closer. Her nightmares where she’s trapped inside of it, surrounded by putties, listening to the others gasp out for help around her, had gotten the face wrong, though–made the teeth shorter somehow or the legs longer.

There’s one problem though: it’s practically laying on top of Kim’s Zord.

“That’s not where I put it,” Trini mumbles, more to herself than to anyone else, Kim hears her and looks over.

“I was gonna ask about that.”

“Yeah, what the hell? Practicing some smashing moves without us?” Zack jokes, but it almost seems too serious because that’s what it certainly looks like.

Or, rather–

Jason coughs into his fist and looks away and Trini’s ears turn bright red in embarrassment.

“Do these things move by themselves?” Trini asks Alpha, because he’s looking at with those big, orange bulbs he calls eyes.

“They’ve been known to possess a spirit of their own,” he says, but it almost sounds like he’s not telling them something. “They’re an extension of each of you.”

It’s most non-answer answer he could have ever given them.

A moment later, Zack is too preoccupied petting his Mastodon on the nose and cooing at it like it’s alive to say anything else smart.

Kim is smiling, the confusion from before forgotten and Trini puts it to the back of her mind.

It’s a fluke or something. Alpha practically just told them their Zords can move on their own. Maybe hers needed to stretch its legs or something equally ridiculous.

It’s possible, right?

Except she moves it right then, backs it off of Kim’s Zord so carefully that it ends up taking her about 15 minutes just to do it right.

Two days later, it’s back again, only impossibly closer. Zack makes a dry-humping joke that leaves Trini’s mouth dry and makes Kim avert her gaze.

She makes sure to punch him extra hard when she’s paired up with him for sparring a little later.

“But they can definitely move on their own, right, Alpha?” Kim calls while Zack and Trini duke it out.

Trini tries not to let the soft sound of her voice distract her like it usually does. She’s trying this brand-new thing where she tries to remain unaffected around everyone, even Kim. Usually, she’s successful at the “everyone” part, but Kim being added in makes things tricky.

“It’s possible, Kimberly,” Alpha calls back.

Trini doesn’t want to wonder what that means and even Jason looks a little perturbed by the whole thing. His frown is deeper, more worrying than usual.

“I mean, unless Trini is just sneaking in here in the middle of the night to have her Zord put mine in a headlock.”

It’s meant to be a joke, no doubt, but the surprise of the whole thing ends up getting Trini kneed in the stomach.

She drops to the ground while Zack splutters apologies and tries to edge around touching her–moving his hands frantically five inches away from her because she can’t give him permission until she gets her breath back.

Kim comes barreling in a moment later, tugging Trini into a seated position and saying, “Are you okay?” and then shoving Zack out of the way so hard that he loses his balance and falls over onto the ground.

Her hands are warm on Trini’s cheeks as she says, “Hey, you’re fine. Just breathe.”

The feeling of her thumb brushing against Trini’s chin, though, does nothing to help her catch her breath. “I’m fine,” she wheezes out, a moment or two later.

Kim rocks back on her haunches, knees brushing into the dirt, and she looks relieved. “Told you so,” she jokes and Trini sticks her tongue out at her, clutching her stomach.

Jason and Billy are standing over them, with twin looks of worry aimed down at her. Billy pats her on the head, his fingers combing mildly through her hair and she reaches up to pat his hand.

“Let’s not kill each other,” he says, aiming the comment directly at Zack who nods and starts apologizing again.

Jason calls it a day a minute or two later and on their way back through the ship, Zack nudges Trini lightly in the arm until she looks at him.

“What?” she spits, only half-kidding. “Gonna hit me again?”

He frowns guiltily and then shakes his head. “No. I was just gonna suggest that maybe you’re not the only one with a crush on Kim. Or…an extension of Kim.”

She doesn’t get what he means until they’re through the water and back up the cliff, as she watches Kim grin and push her wet hair away from her face.


It doesn’t really get bad, though, until Jason suggests that they actually practice with their Zords a week or so later.

Trini’s been doing a pretty good job of shrugging it off until that point and everything returned to normal for the most part. Kim hasn’t brought it up either–how weird it is that it’s happened twice–and she’s had ample opportunity.

It would have been so easy to say, “So, what do you think is going on with our Zords?” when she’d come over to study for their Biology quiz a few days before. They’d been alone and the words might have come more readily without the boys there, staring at them, always.

Or when they went to Jamba Juice together after school and had talked about just about everything except for the Zord thing. Trin had actually almost brought it up, if only to jokingly apologize for her Zord’s erratic behavior, but the afternoon sun had been hitting the side of Kim’s face through the window and her hand had been resting placidly on the table between them, fingertips brushing against Trini’s wrist, and it hadn’t felt like the right time.

But now she’s sitting in her Zord–which had been conveniently parked on top of Kim’s once again–climbing out of a freakin’ mountain so that she can practice “tactical” at one in the morning.

Jason figured the cover of darkness was as good a time as any to do this and now he’s clambering around the mountain in his Tyrannosaurus-Rex like the boss-man he is.

“Okay, guys,” he starts over the intercom and Trini fights off a yawn, listens to Kim sigh into the mic in this breathy way that makes her chest ache. “Let’s start with some basic maneuverability.”

His idea of maneuverability is pretty much the same as the DMV’s, just without the safety cones.

Billy goes first, dodging trees carefully while Jason calls out hypotheticals–”A group of putties to your right!”–and times it with the stopwatch on his phone.

Zack is second and he’s not nearly as delicate as Billy is. Even ends up upending a couple of trees almost sliding all the way down the mountain. Jason berates him for a little while and Kim is asking what he plans for her to do, because clearly maneuvering her Zord is a lot different for her than it is for everyone else.

Trini looks up at her through the darkness, where her Pterodactyl is hovering a couple hundred feet to her right. Kim catches her eye through the glass and she smiles, gives a little wave, as Jason says, “I haven’t decided yet, Kim. You’ll go last.”

Which means Trini is up next. And she’s tired, of course. Barely keeping her eyes open. All she can think about is her warm bed, waiting for her at home, but she’s not tired enough for what happens to be her fault.

It starts out okay and she doesn’t knock anything over like Zack and then the controls just sort of lock up. Like, her entire steering thing freezes and maybe that should mean she stops moving entirely, but that’s not what happens. What happens, instead, is her Zord lurching forward like a car in manual, right on the cusp of stalling out.

“You okay?” Jason asks, his voice loud in her ears, and she doesn’t know what to say.

Other than, “Holy shi–!” as her Zord jumps straight in the air. Her stomach lurches up into her throat and she’s expecting instant death or going out in a blaze of fire right there on the mountain.

Instead, what she gets is a panicked and shocked scream from Kim as her Zord is pulled out of the sky by Trini’s, pounced on and pushed to the ground.

The boys yell out for her to stop, but Trini is speechless and doesn’t know how to explain that she can’t.

For one brief, terrifying moment, Trini is positive that her Zord has gone completely crazy and is about to rip Kim apart for reasons beyond her control, but–

“Um…Trin…What the hell are you doing?”

It’s Zack’s voice that breaks the tension of the moment and that’s when Trini realizes that the head of her Zord is gently bumping into the head of Kim’s, metal grinding against metal in a sort of quiet slide.

Maybe it’s the fact that her Zord looks like a cat that makes her realize, but Billy must have reached the same conclusion either way.

“Are you…nuzzling her?”

“I’m not doing anything!” Trini protests. Because she’s not.

“I’m pretty sure you are,” Kim cuts in and Trini can just see her down below, her eyes turned up in confusion and glinting a little in vague amusement. Perhaps relief that she isn’t dead and that she hadn’t been that far up in the air anyway.

“No, I’m not!” Trini says. “I’m…It, like, froze up and I…I’m not doing this. My Zord has completely lost it!”

It’s embarrassing, to say the least. Trini is fairly positive that she’d be completely happy if the ground opened up beneath her and swallowed her whole, if only so she wouldn’t have to deal with the way Zack is laughing on the intercom.

And then her seat starts vibrating, humming, loudly.

“Holy crap, Trini, are you purring?”

Trini doesn’t even have it in her to protest that part, even though she’s not.

She’s fairly certain that, whatever this is–dire or not–she’s never going to live it down.


She bounces entirely after that, too embarrassed to look at the others. Kim especially.

Jason tries to stop her, tries to say that she should ask Zordon about this or something, but Trini can’t even meet his eyes. She can’t imagine trying to make eye contact with their resident wall-face as she explains that her Zord tackled Kim’s out of the air and tried to snuggle it.

At home, she buries her face in her pillow and tries to sleep.

It doesn’t work.


Kim smiles at her like nothing has changed the next morning in detention and everyone seems to know better than to bring up what happened the night before.

Jason sends a note around an hour in that says they should skip training for the day. Trini is relieved, until Kim sends another note right at Trini’s head. It clips her ear and falls to her desk and when she shoots a glare Kim’s way, Kim is already mouthing, Sorry.

Wanna come over when we’re done? the note reads. Chopped Jr. is on hulu.

She wants to say no, because the memory of what happened last night is still playing over and over in her head. Did her Zord really purr? The thought alone seems crazy.

But Kim is sitting just a couple of desks up and to the right and Trini can see that she’s trying to act nonchalant, but she’s fiddling nervously with her pen while she waits for a response.

Trini scrawls down a response quickly–you’re paying for pizza, it says–and chucks it back at Kim’s desk.

The smile she gets in return is blinding.


would u call what u did last night yiffing? Zack texts her a few hours after they’re released from the confines of the high school.

Trini is lying on one end of the Hart’s leather couch with Kim’s feet near her head, her own down by Kim, who is currently attempting to prove that Trini’s ankles are ticklish. They aren’t, but that’s not the problem. The problem is the Urban Dictionary definition of whatever that word is he sent.

Kim watches her carefully as she groans and drops her phone down onto the carpet by the couch. “You okay?” she asks and one of the kids on the screen is drinking a milkshake instead of cooking with it.

“Zack’s an idiot,” Trini says and she doesn’t seem to need to offer anything more.

Kim bobs her head in agreement. “He said something stupid this morning, before you got to the school.”

Trini’s throat closes up. She barely manages to squeak out her questioning, “What?”

Kim looks away, immersed in whatever one of the judges is saying on the show, and apparently only finds the courage to say it once the timer runs out and everyone sort of groans in worry while too-dramatic music plays. “Do you think your Zord has a crush on mine?”

It comes out like a joke, but Trini knows that Zack was serious when he said it. He puts a little too much stock in this “extension of you” crap that Alpha is constantly feeding them.

Still, Trini finds herself floundering. “What?” she asks and Kim finally looks at her, which just serves to make things that much worse. “Dude, like, no.”

Kim’s face doesn’t give her away, mouth set in such a serious line that it’s Trini who looks away this time.

“I’m pretty sure they’re inanimate,” she offers a minute later and Kim nods.

Things are quiet. One of the kids–the last girl–gets Chopped and Kim taps her foot along Trini’s ribcage, the toes of her sock settling under her side and wiggling there for a moment.

“I was mostly kidding,” Kim says, which Trini had sort of known and then immediately forgotten under the heat of Kim’s stare. “But…if it did, that’s cool. I give them my blessing or whatever.”

Trini can’t help but laugh–the awkwardness dissipating between them. Kim smiles at her from the other side of the couch and her thumb brushes carefully along Trini’s shin through her jeans.

She doesn’t answer Zack. There’s no good way to.


It doesn’t resolve or anything, but Zack seems to know better than to bring it up again. Especially after Trini puts him in a headlock the next time they have practice as a lesson.

Alpha-5 doesn’t ask anymore questions and Jason doesn’t make them practice with their Zords again for two weeks. Trini pushes it to the back of her mind–distracts herself with Kim’s smile and study dates and Bio labs that have them standing a little too close.

She almost forgets.

And then it happens again.

Sort of.

Jason had pulled her aside before scheduling another midnight practice–a gesture she’d appreciated enough to agree to it. She’d told herself she’d do everything in her power to stop it this time. She’d hone or whatever.

Take full control.

And it had worked. She’d gotten through her exercise just fine.

And then Kim’s Pterodactyl slammed into the top of her Zord and–

Zack’s laughter, she decides, is the most annoying sound in the entire known universe.

She’s sure of it.


“Jeez, Kimmy, wait till you get Crazy Girl alone, why don’t you?” Zack says when they’re safely hidden away again in the darkness of the cave.

Alpha-5 is waiting for them and Trini can feel his confused stare as he looks between them in askance, waiting to be filled in on whatever happened while they were gone.

Kim looks away and Trini watches her carefully.

Billy bounces on his heels and says, “This is weird, right, guys? Cause, like, I never lose control of my Zord like that. Maybe once, when we first used them, remember? I accidentally hit you, Trini. Sorry about that.”

Trini smiles at him. “No biggie, Blue,” she says and nudges Kim’s arm to draw her out of herself.

Kim throws her a smile that doesn’t seem genuine, still lost in thought.

“Our Zords are an extension of us, right?” Zack asks and Trini thinks she might love him–at least in the friendly way that involves wanting to occasionally wrap him up in a blanket when he’s having a rough day. But right then she really, really wants to kick him.

Alpha-5 looks at him, clearly confused at having been brought into the discussion so suddenly. “Yes,” he says. “I told you that already. Maybe Trini hit you too hard earlier.”

Jason shoots Zack a warning look, but that doesn’t stop him.

It might just egg him on.

“I think it’s pretty obvious what’s happening, then,” Zack says. “I mean, first Kitty-Cat over here can’t get close enough and now the love bug got passed off to Kim?”

It makes Trini shrink in on herself in embarrassment, crossing her arms over her stomach as Kim lurches forward, as if she’s about to hit him or something.

Jason grabs her arm to hold her back.

The thing is, though, he has a point. Trini’s known it pretty much from that accidental lunging thing that her Zord was just acting on feelings she didn’t understand how to act on herself. Almost like some horrible, alien, metal matchmaker.

But hearing Zack call attention to her feelings–in front of Kim–is a recurring stress dream she’s been having since before they defeated Rita.

“Okay, I’m out,” Trini says and she turns tail to leave, ignoring Zack calling out a, “Yeah, you are!” after her and the way she’s pretty sure Kim is watching her walk away.

Everyone seems to know better than to follow, at least, which is good. That means they’re learning about each other.

Everyone, it seems, except Kim.

Who grabs her by the elbow before she can reach the ship, stops her right there in the middle of the cave and spins her around the room.

“What?” Trini manages to snarl, but the dark look in Kim’s eyes when she looks at her makes her stop for a second. Makes her shiver.

And then Kim kisses her.

It’s been a month or so of wanting this. Possibly longer, but Trini hasn’t been letting herself think about that other girl Kim used to be. That Kimberly Hart who wore a cheerleading uniform to school for pep rallies and walked through the hallways with Ty Fleming’s arm around her shoulders.

Still, she’s wanted this Kim long enough that she doesn’t even hesitate before kissing back. She’s not sure how long it goes on for because her brain shorts out a couple seconds in, but after a little while Kim pulls away to smile with her forehead to Trini’s, her fingers gripping warmly on Trini’s hips.

“Does this mean our Zords are dating now?” she asks and Trini wonders vaguely if hers is back on top of Kim’s in the cave she just left.

Or if maybe this has resolved whatever caused it and they’re now sitting comfortably, reasonably apart again.

“I don’t think they can date,” Trini returns, but she’s smiling and lightheaded from Kim’s mere proximity.

Kim laughs and the boys are coming. Trini can hear their footsteps scraping across rock and dirt and coming closer. She half-expects Kim to tug herself away and try to deny what just happened, but she doesn’t. She stays close.

“Called it!” Zack calls when they finally appear and there’s a thump and a groan that Trini thinks must be from Jason shoving him or something.

She makes a mental note to thank him later.

“It makes sense,” Billy concedes gently and when Trini tilts her face away from Kim’s she can see Jason nodding in agreement.

“If our Zords can’t date,” Kim says, drawing Trini back over with the playful lilt of her voice, “can we?”

Before she can answer, they’re kissing again–Kim’s lips more gentle on Trini’s than she ever dared to imagine–and Trini laughs into Kim’s mouth, pulling her closer, the boys’ presence be damned.

As it turns out, they can.

anonymous asked:

could i ask for some modern au hcs on how it would be like if ace sabo and marco were sharing a place with their s.o? like some things they would do together, their routine, etc... thanks

You certainly can, anon! Hope this is what you were looking for. Enjoy ~


  • Late mornings usually, as lie ins are a big thing in this household.
  • Breakfast isn’t skipped and is instead merged with lunch so sometimes these meals can be outrageously large.
  • Full on race to see who gets to use the bathroom first.
  • Kinda chaotic, there’s no proper routine or schedule. Almost every day is a little bit different. It’s actually just very disorganised.
  • If they have to be somewhere you bet at least one of them isn’t getting ready til fifteen minutes before they have to leave.
  • “Oh, Ace, I forgot to brush my teeth, we have to go back!” “We’re not going back, Y/N.” They do end up going back.
  • Are late for almost EVERYTHING.
  • If they’re not going anywhere lazy days in are a go to. Netflix on tele, junk food at the ready and take out later on in the day.
  • Do like to go out most of the week though so they’re not stuck at home all the time. Dates are in abundance, whether it’s something normal like a meal and a movie or something a bit more out there.
  • Have a memory wall in the sitting room. It’s just a million different photographs tacked to the wall showing all their best moments.
  • Once a week they run around tidying the place because they do neglect it a bit for the rest of the week.
  • Or if they are expecting company, then it’s a mad dash to make the place presentable before they arrive.
  • “Where the hell do I put all this?” “Just shove it under the couch, it’s fine!”
  • Take turns cleaning the bathroom because neither of them really want to do it.
  • Have a chores list and written up schedule going day by day but the never ever follow it. The only one that does get followed is whichever day is groceries shopping day.
  • Sit down together for every meal, it’s important.
  • They pick a random film to watch every night before bed and stick with it regardless of how crap it is.
  • Go to bed at the same time usually, but on occasion Ace will stay up later.
  • Saving up to have a proper couples holiday away.


  • When he’s awake he is awake and he’s up out of bed. 5am? Yeah he’s getting up. Sometimes his s/o catches him getting up ready for the day at 3am. Just why?
  • He’ll try to be super quiet so they can sleep longer but this often fails.
  • Breakfast together every morning before starting the day off.
  • Do like to do their own thing and don’t always need to be together when they’re at home. Personal space is still cool.
  • Sabo let’s his s/o use the bathroom and get ready first because it’s the gentlemanly thing to do.
  • Sabo is in charge of breakfast and s/o is in charge of making dinner.
  • Chores are split down the middle, it’s all ran like a well oiled machine. Although, Sabo will do extra ones to help out often if he can.
  • Buy in random books to reach to each other for a bit of fun. They’ll put on voices, or do silly ones for a laugh.  Sabo embarrassedly had to read aloud Fifty Shades of Grey and he hated life for a while because of it. His s/o was thoroughly amused though.
  • Make couple cards for Christmas and calendars too. Calendars are the big one though, 2015 they dressed up as different iconic TV duos, 2016 was Sabo’s Next Top Model photo shoot and 2017 was photos of them photoshoped into memes. His s/o wants 2018’s to be Sabo’s Drag Race but hasn’t convinced him just yet. The calendars are always proudly presented and usually the first thing visible coming through the front door.
  • They’re writing a book together I their free time at home, though it’s not going very well because of creative differences and things being changed constantly.
  • Routines are important and are followed pretty well, if only to keep them both on track and free of stress. Sometimes it’s broken though for spontaneous outings or lazy days in.
  • He’s the last one to bed, usually about an hour or so after his s/o goes to sleep. He’ll double check to make sure all the doors are locked too even thoguh he knows he’s done it before.


  • Is an early riser, but he’ll stay in bed until his s/o wakes up, however long that is.
  • He’ll likely just read something while he waits or just sit and think about things.
  • His s/o has caught him once or twice watching them sleep before they wake up. First time it was weird, but they’ve come to know it’s just him spacing out.
  • They just use the bathroom together at the same time, who cares? They’re at that point in life where it seriously doesn’t matter. There’s often menial conversation during the bathroom routine too.
  • See how things go on the day sorta routine. They’ll know what they have to do and have some stuff in mind they’d like to do so they’ll see what happens. It’s a very spontaneous household.
  • Groceries are only shopped for when there’s absolutely nothing left in to eat. They just sorta seem to forget.
  • Have a tele for upstairs so if they want a lazy day home they can literally stay in bed all day. Pure heaven.
  • His s/o usually has control over the TV because he just doesn’t care what’s on to watch.
  • A proper date night once a week, alternating between going out somewhere nice and staying in.
  • Company are always welcome but don’t expect this couple to go massively out their way to make you super comfortable. Like, they’ll make tea and serve biscuits and all that, but if you think they’re going to make their house clinically clean just for your arrival then you’re coming to the wrong place.
  • It is tidy though, just not outrageously tidy. It’s got a homey and lived in vibe to it.
  • Don’t particularly have set things they do together. It’s more just like a sudden “do you want to do this?”
  • Chores are done as and when needed and it’s no one in particulars job. Whoever notices it needs doing does it, simple as that.
  • Both Marco and his s/o do make meals together though and clean up together afterwards.
  • Live sorta like an old married couple, where everything just seems to work and run automatically.
  • Their neighbours love them because they’re never stupidly loud. It’s a chill home environment.

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that video was so good i have tears streaming down my face

i genuinely also cried laughing oh my god. i literally had to pause it twice just to laugh. watching dan lose his shit at phil’s weird moaning was the funniest thing i’ve seen in so long, and watching them both really just laugh so hard and so authentically was fucking beautiful. this whole video felt like exactly what would have happened if they had just discovered this game themselves, and just sat around in the lounge one evening playing it. i can’t imagine how much they make each other laugh constantly, and this video was such a perfect way to show how genuinely hilarious they find each other aeirjaoiejroaier i LOVED IT

That Stupid Terran Thing

MY EDIT: OH MY GOD OH MY GOD OH MY FUCKING GOD THIS IS PERFECT!!!!!! Submission by Negligible!Anon, such a precious babe <3 seriously, this was the cutest fic, everyone should read it! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

This was supposed to be a fun tickle fic, I don’t know why there’s so much plot. I love this fandom, and I especially love all the fic you’ve written regarding it. Happy 19th birthday, and I hope you enjoy! -Negligible!Anon.

The first time Rocket tried to use Peter as a ladder, both of them almost died.

Peter had been standing in the common room, headphones on, minding his own business, when he’d first been introduced to the sensation of Rocket’s paws digging into his side as his furry teammate pulled himself up. Naturally, this led to Peter yelping frantically and twisting to protect himself, disconnecting his headphones just in time to take in a flurry of information: pain as his head collided forcefully with a nearby shelving unit, the ground rushing nearer as he overbalanced and barely managed to catch himself, and Rocket barking “hold still, you idiot!” as he clung to Peter’s shirt. When he finally managed to get both feet settled firmly on the ground, he almost lost it again as Rocket scrabbled his way up his ribcage - he had to bite his lip as hard as he could to make himself hold still, and the bushy tail brushing against his neck and arms wasn’t much help either.

Rocket huffed from his perch on Peter’s shoulder, grabbing something off a high shelf and stuffing it into his vest pocket. “You gonna crack your head on something when I climb back down too?”

“No, Rocket,” Peter said, rolling his eyes. “Just wasn’t expecting to be climbed like a frickin’ tree today. Go ahead.”

Rocket was suspiciously quiet on his way back to the floor. Peter was tempted to toss a snarky comment at his retreating back, until he remembered that till recently Rocket had access to full-grown Groot, an actual tree, for all his ladder needs. Then he just kind of felt like an idiot.

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Exhaulted Part Eighteen

Originally posted by silentbutterfly89

Parts: Prologue, One, Two, Three (M), Four, Five, Six (M), Seven, Eight, Nine, Ten, Eleven, Twelve, Thirteen, Fourteen, Fifteen, Sixteen, Seventeen, Eighteen, Nineteen (Coming Soon!)

Genre: Drama, Romance, Violence, etc.

Pairing: SehunxReaderxMinseok

Word Count: 5.2K

A/N: Sorry if this seems disjointed. Trying my best. Now? NAP TIME~!

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Found a hornet nest on the ground, ripped from the tree, and for the most part shredded. Is it weird that I was sad, and felt bad for these generally hated creatures? Most folks wouldn’t think twice to Raid the heck out of ‘em… but I’m over here, pouty lipped, trying to figure out what happened to their home. 

If y’all haven’t noticed, I spend a lot of time in the woods. Something I’ve learned… all things are connected, and ALL life forms are AMAZING in their own ways!

Take a hornet for example. You probably don’t like them. You would probably run or swat if one got near you. I mean, I might run too. But outside of our fear for them, they have a lot of interesting things going on. They have entire lives of their own. Faced with a shredded nest, I had the opportunity to take a peek inside their home! The structure is so intricate and even artistic! They MAKE this awesome waterproof paper, and create something so extravagant. It’s impressive!

Just remember… even the creepy creatures can be cool. If you feel like you “hate” an animal or insect, take some time to learn about them. I have respect for ALL living things. I’ve not always had that outlook, but the more I learned, observed, and understood… the more appreciation I have for creepy critters. 

We, as humans, don’t realize how strange we are.

I mean, in our own minds, we live as we are raised. And things that we don’t think twice about doing could be seen as such a weird practice to someone who isn’t human.

Such as complaing about feeling hot - there’s a lot of things a non-Earth born person could question. “Why is it complaining? Why is it hot? What is making it hot? How did it get hot? What does it mean to be ‘hot’?”

Also, talking could be one. What could happen if there was a species that couldn’t talk? It’d be amazed that we can do things with our mouths other than eat. Even more amazed at those people who communicate with their eyes.

“This creature cannot produce the mouth sounds…yet it signals the creatures around it using its limbs to convey a message.”

It’s truly astounding how humans react to, resolve, and live with problems.

And honestly, this first post of mine is just an introduction. I’ve been thinking as of lately how…WEIRD humans in general are. And it’s very funny to me to think about aliens reacting to our customs.

So, therefore, why not start a blog and post about it?

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that request of the dream where the s.o dies was cool! could i have the same but for ace sabo and marco please? thank you!

Little random: has anyone have those type of dreams where they know they had a nightmare and one bad enough to perhaps make you cry but once awake you can’t recall a thing about it, maybe little things but to know what it was a dream that had you disturbed? They are really weird dreams and ones that honestly get to me for no reason; like I know I just had a nightmare and that something happened but what it was so you’re frightened about it? Sorry enough rambling~ Enjoy~

(I have Sanji here for another person otherwise all three have been answered!)


  • He’s prone to having nightmares once or twice a month but they always center around death and sorrow.
  • Most of the time it’s dreams about his crew dying and/or himself in a case that results from the fact that in those dreams he dies without having to do what he needed done in the first place (does that make sense at all?).
  • He typically wakes up as soon as someone or even himself dies within that dream, always in a sweat. But to have a nightmare where his dearest dies is enough to force himself awake.
  • Once he wakes it takes him a few minutes to process what had just happened and it being but a dream. For reassurance he tries to feel for his partner to comfort him and well hopefully not disturb them.
  • He’ll pull them closer to himself once laying down again and hold them in a tightly (hopefully not enough to kill you 0.o). If awoken he’ll just tease them and make up some white-lie that he just felt like it or something. He doesn’t want to admit why he really was holding them in such a way that a frighten child would onto a dear one.
  • It’s likely that his partner won’t ever find out that he has such dreams and are a reason as to why they wake up in his embrace. If they do he denies it all he can and even will just flat out ignore you with such a topic.


  • Eh whatever, he knows that they are but mere dreams and ones that he’ll forget in given time, though to have one where he knew very well that it was but a dream and was fully aware of what was happening but couldn’t do anything about it? That’s what gets to him.
  • Most of the times he knows when he’s dreaming, no it’s not lucid for that he can’t control it but he knows that nothing is real and/or just goes with it.
  • To feel as if you could’ve done something to save them but not being able to move himself is nightmarish enough. He’ll wake up fully aware that it was not real but he can’t help but to make sure that they’re still there with him and breathing.
  • He loves to feel the rising and falling of his partner’s chest and calms him down when things become too much so that’s simply what he had done. He allows his head just rest and feel comforted by their touch.
  • And at times where he is questioned or so he doesn’t know how to answer it himself, he forgets his dreams quickly. He knows that it was a nightmare but of what? That he cannot recall.


  • He gets them from time to time, never nightmares though, so to have such a dream to him is very overpowering and one that allows him to get emotionally distressed about.
  • Quite similar to Marco and how he dreams but instead Ace is not aware in his dreams but he does have pretty much the same reaction as he does. For that he cannot recollect what he had just dreamt about.
  • He never really latches onto his partner after such a dream; he does get closer to them and hope to sense their heat and just comfort. He’s prone to resting his hand on the side of their face to just allow himself to look at them and more intensely.
  • If caught doing so he’s a flustering mess and one that cannot even say a single word; he’ll calm down eventually but still embarrassed to had been caught caressing their cheek
  • Though he is one that is likely to remember it and certain parts in great detail; he may share to his s/o if they were to ever ask later that day or at the moment if he has just had a nightmare.


  • You kidding me this one is the poster child of having nightmares; particularly more so to do with death.
  • Having dreams about death is his forte; they feel so real to the point where he cannot tell what is reality and a measly dream. He’s become so numb to it that it never shakes him up too much anymore.
  • Though ones that involve his brothers, Koala and/or even his s/o is enough to ruin his night/rest of day. He can’t ever check up on his brothers and well can’t for one of them… he’ll check up on Koala and most likely in the morning as to not freak her out.
  • If one of his s/o he’s quick to jump up and vigorously go to feel for their presences either with a simple touch or a forceful hug depending on how bad it was.
  • He’s not really ashamed to tell what it was that allowed him to grab a hold of his partner but just doesn’t wish to share the details; about the dream that is though he never can remember enough to say what happened

Does anyone ever have those kind of dreams too? Where like they know that they’re dreaming but can’t do anything about it? The feeling of it is extremely weird and just unnatural. Just me? 


We had our dress rehearsal this evening! :) It went really well. I didn’t miss a beat, except for that acting thing where you sometimes jump ahead, realize what you did while you are continuing to act, and then also planning on a different track of your brain how you’ll go back afterwards and fit in the stuff you skipped. And succeeding! It’s such a weird and interesting way to use your brain, and I haven’t done it in so long. It feels good to get back into it. I was really worried about my memory going into this, but I’ve been pleasantly surprised.

Show starts on Friday, and will be happening once or twice a week until mid-August. So that’s obviously going to be occupying quite a bit of my time and mind for the next little while, but now that everything is memorized, I won’t have to rehearse it as much, so that’s nice. I look forward to it! :)