what a way to waste a day

in the aftermath of things, you never did come after me. we didn’t waste time with hopeful antics, never said goodbye. you just woke up one day and decided I wasn’t what you wanted and two weeks later I pulled myself out of bed to live and breathe in a world where I don’t end up with you. the realization that I could have never been what you needed- hurts. but I also know that the things meant to happen for me, will always find a way. when you didn’t call, when you didn’t fight for me, I realized there was no point in stepping foot out onto a battlefield where I’m outnumbered. and so I didn’t. i sold myself to the idea that I’m better without you until I started to believe in it. and today, I believe in it whole heartedly. it took me a long time to get here and maybe I could never get back who I was on the day I loved you the most, but I also know that better things are coming. and I’m finally brave enough to open my arms for new beginnings.

Jughead and Archie on Valentine's Day
  • *Pre Valentine's Day*
  • Jughead: Valentine's Day is just a way to get people to waste money.
  • *On Valentine's Day*
  • Jughead: *running in with 5 bouquets of roses* ARCH. I LOVE YOU. *handing over 12 boxes of chocolate* I GOT AN AMAZING DATE PLANNED YOU WOULD NOT BELIEVE-
  • *Post Valentine's Day*
  • Jughead: Valentine's??? What's that??? Yesterday? I don't recall ¿??

friendly reminder to women there’s no acceptable reason for anyone to stop you on the street, to startle you, scare you, demand your attention, notice, conversation, or phone number, nobody has the right to interrupt your day with their comments, catcalls, threats, or compliments, you do not have to be approachable to anyone for any reason, you do not have to make excuses for those who harrass you, you are not here for them, you go and get done what you want to do, the world will have to find a way to go on without you having to waste your energy and time on entitled people


Been doing a lot of reminiscing about YouTube gems lately, so I’m going to start doing a new thing on here where I post my top 15 favorite YouTube videos of all time (no possible way to narrow it down to 10). Each day (or whenever I get to it) I will post the next on my list, counting down to number one. 


I don’t know what it is- maybe the particular cadence and rhythm of this man’s speech… Maybe the fact that the video begins with nobody knowing if the camera is running… Or maybe the fact that it ends with him not finishing the job at all (and recommending you just use a professional anyway). It’s hard to waste everyone’s fucking time more than this guy’s shitty TV segment, and that’s what makes it so perfect.

(Note: this video has been unlisted from YouTube so thank GOD I favorited the link many years ago)


She loved you in a genuine way, always remembering the little things. She thought she knew what it felt like to be in love, but realized no one else mattered until you. She looks at you like you’re her future, her everything. She never meant to fall this hard for someone, never meant to be able to write out poem after poem about you. Every song is a reminder. Every day is a wait. Every moment not spent beside you is a wasted one. You don’t deserve such a love, but it’s yours. It’s yours even if you choose not to take it. Because she will never love someone like she loves you.
—  cherish her
Endverse!Castiel Wants you to: Breathe.

Breathe in five seconds. One, Two, Three, Four, Five. Now let it out, again, five seconds. One, Two, Three, Four, Five. 

Calm down. I know everything feels so very fucked up right now, and it may well be, but you need to breathe. Cry if you need to, scream if you need to, but breathe.

 In, One, Two, Three, Four, Five. 

Out, One Two, Three, Four, Five. 

No, I don’t want you to ignore your feelings, but I’ve learned that through breathing and meditation, you can see why you feel the way you do. Keep breathing. What made you feel sad? Is it a fleeting issue, or is it permanent? Why are you angry? Did that asshole cut you off in traffic? Breathe. Flick him off as you pass and breathe. 

Allowing one moment to spoil your next moment is a waste of the day. So breathe through your frustration, soon this problem will seem obsolete. Eventually, if not now, you’ll be ok. 

Alright. Let’s have a civil conversation about this.

See unlike you I don’t need to call you names or disrespect others to make my self feel better. I knew one day that someone would hide behind a screenshot and post on simsecret to post their rude opinion about me. It was inevitable. 

Now I’m not a “fangirl” of hallowsims and yes I do also have a problem with them in my own way. For the fact they had two adfly links, that bothered me. It was a waste of my time but you know what I did? I GOT OVER IT. There was no need for me to work my self up. You want to know why? The content was still free. Now unlike another site I know of giving others content out and you have to pay for it. But they’re so big that no one bats an eye. They steal content and sell it. Yet the original creator is giving it out for free. I’ll probably get hate for this but clearly it needs to be said.  

Here I’ll use Newsea for an example.

Pretty little hair right? Why not have it for males. 

BAM now you have it for males. Let’s just scroll down and downl….

Oh wait. You cant, cause you have to have points??
Now from what I remember you get like what? 1 point maybe 2 everytime you post or comment? Well then, Why not just click on “quick download” 

OH WAIT?? You have to pay for that. 

And you know what people are going to do? They’re going to take the easy way out, They’re going to pay for it. OH BUT THAT’S OKAY BECAUSE NEWSEA GAVE IT OUT FREE RIGHT?? RIGHT?

No. You guy’s got angry at one creator who was just trying to make others happy, just as Maysims is doing. The only difference is Hallowsims was giving things out for free. Yes FREE. Adfly gives you shit all you’re lucky to make $10 a month. Maysims is taking 2 dollars every month so you guys can have a quick download. But that’s fair right? We can let them slide by but not hallow sims. NOPE

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I want to improve my vocabulary skills, but I don't know where to start, there are so many words. I'm kind of stuck right here. So many words I never heard of before so I am not sure if I will able to use it in real life. what should I do?

Expanding your vocabulary is as easy as ABC!


If you’ve got a mobile device like a cell phone or a tablet, go to your app store or play store and search “vocabulary.” There are tons of great apps that use games, word associations, or even just alerting you with a random new word every day. We know how much time we waste on our devices sometimes, so here’s one way you can be working on your words while you’re doing it. 

Here’s a list of 7 Mobile Apps to Improve Your Vocabulary.


Read! You’d be surprised how naturally you absorb words by simply reading books. If reading is something you struggle to find enjoyment in, do not give up! If the books you’re reading are boring you, then you haven’t found the right book yet. It’s okay to start books and quit them because you’re bored, so long as you pick up another one and give it a shot. With so many books in the world, you’re bound to find a dozen or so that you can get excited about. 


Listen to the conversations around you and take note of any words that come up that you don’t know. It’s fun to keep them in a little handheld notebook, but if you don’t have something like that (or it’s not near you), grab the nearest piece of scratch paper and jot it down. When you’ve got a free moment, look up the words with a dictionary or dictionary app and take note of the definitions. 

If you’re feeling especially bold, try to use new words you’ve identified as writing prompts. If it’s a noun, write a character that is or has that noun. For a verb, write a character doing that verb. And for an adjective, describe a character that embodies that adjective. For anything else, just find a way to use the word in your prompt somewhere. 

If you keep your ears open, you’ll run into new words everywhere. Your job now is to stop, consider the words, look them up, and absorb them. Don’t just let them fly over your head. 


Dear Carter,

My attempts to keep things light and inject some comic relief into what has been a very difficult time for you are going unappreciated.

Noted, Young Grant.  From now on, teenage angst and earnest support only.

I’m so sorry it’s been so long since I’ve written.  I was trying to find a way to see you both, to no avail.  It was wasted time so I return to the written word.  I’m better on paper anyway, just ask your mother.  Your days as a covert spy are almost done, Carter, I promise.  Now that you’re safe and we know where Cat is, you can focus on just spending time with her and helping her get better.  I’ve already asked more of you than I should have.

I know she probably looks like she’s hurting and we’re going to find the people that have done this to her.  She’s one of us now and we take care of our own.

I am going to ask you to give her a message.  You don’t need to write it in your math book. (Honestly Carter, what will your math teacher say?)

OK, here goes:

Only you would consider multiple gunshots an inconvenience.  I will always worry about you, you impossible, stubborn, perfect human so rather than telling me not to, how about you give me a reason to stop worrying.  Carter says you’re a badass, which I already knew.  Prove him right.  Get better.  Come home.  There’s still so much to say.  I hope to see you soon.

So there it is, Carter.  You asked about bullets.  Yeah, your mom was shot, but if anyone can survive it, she can…and she is.  Every second you spend with her will help her.  That’s what will make you a hero in my eyes.  I know it scares you to see her like that.  Being a hero doesn’t mean you aren’t afraid, it means you can fight that fear and do what needs to be done.  The only thing you need to do is be her hero.  Do the stuff she doesn’t know how to ask for.  You and me are really good at figuring out what she needs and I’m not there to puzzle it out.  That’s your job now.

You’re so much like her.

Sending you (and her) a big hug,

yellow submarine explained
  • yellow submarine: poor military strategy
  • only a northern song: george pretends to be a nihilist for like 3 minutes 24 seconds but he doesn't play any wrong chords on his blue jay way i mean organ no matter what he tells you
  • all together now: cute children's song about counting, abc's, sailing, deforestation, jump rope, narcissism, communism, colors, and sex
  • hey bulldog: john and paul's doggy style recording session but they only have 10 children
  • it's all too much: are the beatles going oof over and over at the beginning wtf is that
  • all you need is love: do they have to pay france personally every time they put this on an album
  • pepperland: i wonder if a beatle played that guitar during
  • that specific doo doo doo dooo, dooo dooo dooo dooo part
  • sea of time: trippy.............i guess
  • sea of holes: the albert hall,
  • sea of monsters: bye bye ringo >:)
  • march of the meanies: horns, horns horns hooorns, hoorns, horns horns hoooorns
  • pepperland laid waste: *paul mccartney voice* ZAP, ZAP ZAP ZAP ZAP ZAP
  • yellow submarine in pepperland: do u rly like the yellow submarine melody, my friend, my pal, my friend, my

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Coldflashwave artist/muse au?

1 - Barry is the artist. He works at superspeed in all sorts of new mediums; he even records his art-creation-process as performative art. He doesn’t care that other speedsters think he’s wasting his gifts, but he’s starting to run low on inspiration. At least until two thieves break into his workspace.

2 - Len is unable to resist making a pun when he sees one of the pictures. Several puns. In a row. That’s what gets them caught. Mick knew it would happen one day.

3 - Barry is totally able to defeat the non-meta thieves, but something about the way they stand in the moonlight, the way they smile at each other, the way they finish each other’s sentences - it speaks of the sort of intimacy and affection, unconditional love, that he’s always craved but has never been able to recreate in his art.  And when he steps forward, that changes in an instant to a barely leashed rage, intimidation, protectiveness - he suddenly wants to capture every last emotion they have. (only a little bit because that stupid art critic Bivolo said that Barry’s works were technically beautiful but lacked emotion)

4 - Len and Mick were not expecting to be propositioned during a heist. This is because it’s not a proposition, even though Barry does ask them to get naked at one point. They’re increasingly surprised that it’s not a proposition, honestly.

5 - Barry could watch Len and Mick doing their Len-and-Mick thing forever.

6 - His art series based on them is widely agreed to be his best ever. Iris, his agent, is overjoyed and practically blackmails someone at gunpoint to ensure that Len and Mick get their pardons so that they can keep working with Barry. Barry’s pretty sure she’s joking about the blackmail and the gunpoint. Pretty sure. Not 100% sure.

KC Does Jak and Daxter 30 Day Challenge Day 16

Day 16: How often do you use the hoverboard?

What kind of question even is this?  I am not walking my way through haven city if I have a hoverboard to ride!  I use it more than what is necessary!  This day is wasted.

I guess to not waste the day let’s go back to a previous issue I had and try to fix it a little!  THE SCENE WITH KEIRA AND JAK BEING STUPID AND NOT MAKING WORDS WITH THEIR MOUTHS!

[Jak and Erol conversation]
[Keira fauns over Erols riding skills]
[Jak says stay away from Erol]
[Keira blames Jak for being different than he was two years ago]
[Jak huffs off]

[Keira forces Daxter to enter the race with Jak gone]
[Keira spends the next segment of the game not knowing what the hell do you say “Sorry I hadn’t realized you’d been tortured and Erol had a hand in that and blaming you for being Dark Jak is also completely not your fault????”]
[Keira awkwardly tries to make amends “You know Jak… YOU’RE The best racer I’ve ever seen <:)”]

Bam.  30 seconds of extra cutscene and I have probably given Keira 25% more character than Naughty Dog did.

(By this point I prolly sound like I hate Naughtydog or something and that’s far from true.  I just hate bad writing and Characterization messing up good a good plot)

Something to be Grateful For

Peter Pevensie x Reader

AN: I’m not sure if this is really angsty, but I almost cried while writing it. I hope that you all enjoy this and that it doesn’t make you too sad. Have a lovely day!


You awoke to an empty bed and closed curtains, the same way you had every morning since he vanished without a trace. But still you drug yourself out of bed for there were things do be done, and one could not spend their whole life waiting and wasting away. You strode gracefully across the room, the clapping of your bare feet on the marble floors echoing against the walls as you opened your wardrobe to choose your attire for the day. Not that it really mattered to you what you wore, but the council may begin to worry if their one remaining queen refused to wear anything but a dressing gown weeks after the disappearance of her husband and his siblings. Your hands brushed across the delicate silk of your favorite gown, one that Peter had given you for your 22nd birthday. Although this had only been a few years ago, it felt like it had been centuries since that day

“Peter why have you brought me to the gardens?” You laughed “People may start to wonder what we’re up to if we don’t show up to our own party.” You teased playfully. He smiled and raised his eyebrows at you thoughtfully.

“That may be so, but I wanted to give you something before you open everyone else’s gifts.” He said as he picked up a box that was carefully hidden behind a patch of foxglove that graced the edge of your favorite fountain. You grinned and gently took it from him.

“Well what is it then? Am I allowed to open it?” You inquired. He laughed and gestured for you to go ahead. You gingerly unwrapped the dainty ribbons that decorated the box to reveal a gown. Soft blue silk, pristine abalone buttons down the back, white lace detailing cap sleeves and a sweetheart neckline and tasteful beading across the bodice made this the most beautiful and exquisite gown you had ever laid eyes on. “Oh Peter!” You gasped “It’s beautiful! Wherever did you find this?”

“I had it made by the best seamstress in the land.” He smiled down at you “Do you like it? I was hoping that you’d wear it to the ball, if you’d like?”

“Oh, I love it Peter. Of course I’ll wear it.” You reassured him “Thank you, my love.” You embraced your husband and gave him a warm and gentle kiss, feeling completely at home in his arms.

You quickly drew your hand away from the dress as tears pricked at your eyes.

“Probably better if I leave that be.” You whispered to yourself as you wiped your eyes. You opted instead for a simple brown frock that would merely state that you were professional and put together. You put your hair back into a quick braid and left to begin your day.

You began by meeting with the council and discussing treaties with the surrounding nations, something you could hardly pay attention to without the reassuring smile of your husband or the humorous side remarks from his brother Edmund. But nothing lasts forever, no matter how boring and soon enough you found yourself on the balcony overlooking the Eastern Sea. You found that this place relaxed you. The ever crashing waves on the shore gave you a bit of respite from your perpetual shroud of sadness. Your solitude, however was broken by a voice behind you.

“My lady?” It was one of your ladies maids, Amice. “I’m very sorry to bother you my lady but I just can’t seem to get him to stop crying.” You turned to face her and saw that she was holding your little son Easton. He had tears streaming down his small face and was reaching his little arms out towards you. You quickly took him from Amice and thanked her gently. As much as you hated to admit it, it had been difficult for you to spend time with your son ever since Peter disappeared. Although Easton was only a little over a year old, he already was so alike his father. While you and him shared the same hair color, he had Peter’s startling blue eyes. Peter was so excited when you told him that you were pregnant. And you had never seen him as happy as he had been when he held Easton for the first time.

“Just one more big push Y/N and you’ll get to meet your baby!” Said your nurse encouragingly. That was enough for you. All that you wanted in that moment, more than anything in the whole world was to see your child’s face. So you gritted your teeth and pushed as hard as you could, one last time. “That’s it Y/N! You did it! You have a son!” Exclaimed your nurse.

“I have a son?” You asked in wonderment as she gently set hims in your arms “Where’s Peter? I need to see him, he needs to meet him!”

“Of course love, I’ll tell him he can come in now.” She said kindly. Peter must have been listening in because before she could even move he burst through the door with a huge grin on his lips.

“I have a son?” He cried out as he rushed to your side. He eyes widened as he saw the small bundle in your arms. “Can I, can I hold him?” He asked quietly.

“Of course you can silly!” you giggled “Just be very careful, support his neck.” Peter did just as you asked as he took your son into his strong and sure arms.

“He’s so beautiful.” He whispered as tears dripped down his cheeks. “I didn’t know I could ever love someone this much.” He held him close to his chest as he softly kissed your lips “You are the most amazing woman in the whole world Y/N. I love you so much and I will always protect you and our child.” Just then your son opened his eyes and looked around at his parents. “He has my eyes!” Peter uttered with joy.

“As blue as the ocean.” You spoke.

“That’s what we’ll name him.” Said Peter “Easton, after the Eastern Sea.”

“Easton.” You whispered as you stroked your son’s face. “I think Easton’s a perfect name.”

Every time you saw him you couldn’t help but be reminded of how he would never know his father and how Peter would never see his son grow up. It was almost too much for you to bear. But as you held your son and wiped away his tears he wrapped his arms around your neck and spoke his first word

“Da da.” Easton spoke into your hair. Suddenly tears began streaming down your face. You cried for your lost love, for your son’s lost father and for the moments that would never be. You held tightly to your child as you cried, you had never needed and loved him more than you did now. For even though you had lost a husband, you still had a son. And for that you couldn’t be more grateful. Grateful that you would get to raise him into a man, a man that Peter would be proud of and a man that would uphold his father’s legacy.

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Lams angst. Something with mental illness if your comfortable with that?

John stared at the ceiling; he had lost track of time. What was today? How long had he been this way? He was sure it had been days since he had left his bed, but he couldn’t be sure. Useless waste of space, he reminded himself. He thought about getting up, showering, shaving, changing his clothes, being just a tiny bit productive - he knew it would make him feel better, but he just couldn’t make his muscles move, for some reason.

He didn’t flinch at the sudden noise of his door creaking open. “John? Are you awake?” A soft voice filled the room, and John closed his eyes, suddenly more exhausted than he thought could be possible. He heard Alexander enter, padding over to the bed and kneeling down, probably folding his arms on the edge of the mattress and laying his head across them; John rolled over, looking at him.

Alexander’s smile seemed to light up the room. He leaned forward, kissing John’s forehead. “Hey,” He whispered.

“Hey…” John croaked.

“How are you feeling?” Alexander asked, smiling gently.

John felt himself tear up, and he sat up, covering his face. He tried to hold them back, but it was too much; emotion flooded over and the tears began to fall fast. He wasn’t sure what is was, but just having someone so genuinely caring come check on him made him break.

“John? Are you alright?” Alexander was up in a second, concern painting his voice. John sniffled pathetically, dropping his hands in his lap. “You’re too good for me, I don’t know why you’ve stayed this long…” He mumbled out.

Alexander moved up onto the bed, sitting across from John. “Baby, look at me.” John looked up after a moment. Alexander reached over, wiping his tears away, his touch lingering on the other’s face.

“I’m not too good for you. Remember what state I was in during college? You stayed with me all through then, through every mental break. I’m more than happy to stay by your side while you’re going through this. I love you, John, I wouldn’t give this up for anything. So what if you’ve hit a rough patch? We all do every now and again,” Alexander said, his voice still quiet. He moved closer, taking John’s hand in his own.

“I’m here for you. I’ll always be here for you. No matter what, I’m not going anywhere.” He whispered, leaning forward and kissing John. John melted, kissing back, a soft whimper escaping the back of his throat. When Alexander pulled back, John was crying again, but they weren’t bad tears.

“Let’s lay down for a while, just cuddle and rest, okay?” Alexander moved to lay down, John following. He curled up and let Alexander wrap his arms around him, as if he were the only thing holding him together. John pressed his face into his boyfriend’s chest, breathing in his scent deeply, before letting out a shaky breath.

“I’ll be okay soon….” He whispered. “I just need some time…”

“Take as much time as you need, baby. I’m not going anywhere.” Alexander reassured, rubbing circles into John’s back slowly. This coaxed him into a light sleep, clinging onto the other. Alexander didn’t mind; he kissed the top of John’s head, the ghost of a smile tugging at his lips.

“I love you, John Laurens…”

Wow. I never thought I’d get broken up with after having a “talk” on our one year anniversary., which is today. TODAY. He has been nothing but distant lately and barely gives me the time of day. He doesn’t want to be around me. He wants to move out to live with his “buddies”. He’s basically saying he wants nothing to do with me and, after giving up EVERYTHING for him, I’m just in shock that he is now telling me he doesn’t give a fuck, after a year and a half of being with each other. On our 1 year anniversary of officially dating. I cannot believe how much time I wasted being so in love with someone. I gave him my entire heart. I gave him nothing but love. I gave him everything I could and gave up what I had to along the way. I had my bad days, or weeks, I’ll be honest, but as a couple we powered through them and I always made it up to him in any way that I could. I had never experienced real, raw, true love before I met him. I wanted his children. I wanted to marry him. I saw him being my partner for the rest of my life. I know we’re young but I had such high hopes for us because our connection was something I’d never experienced before, but he never wanted any of that. Those thoughts probably never crossed his mind. He was always too busy thinking of new projects, new flails, other people to spend time with, or reasons to get mad at me. He called me a stupid cunt the other night because I was upset. He calls me crazy and manipulative regularly, and he knows I struggled with BP and BPD, yet he’s taken no time to do any form of research online or through me on how to properly deal with me. I’ve tried expressing my feelings but they don’t mean anything. He doesn’t look at me the way he looks at his friends. He loves them. I can tell. He just gets mad at me. He looks for ANY reason to be away from me. He shuts me out on bad days when I’m upset or feeling more depressed than usual. He gets frustrated with me when I can’t get out of bed because my depression doesn’t allow me to do so. Sometimes I have to lay in bed all day and I still don’t feel okay. Most of the time I’m not okay because I am constantly fighting a battle in my head. Im sick. I never said I was perfect. Every day is a struggle and when the fighting occurs with him it makes things harder, but he doesn’t care. He’ll just leave. I’ve always known that people don’t realize their wrong doings or care until it’s too late. Without someone being around who loves me, who shows me they care, I have no point to be here. I’m a self destructive person filled with more self hate than you can imagine. I don’t care for my life at all. He gave me this feeling of hope that things could get better. In the beginning he helped mend me back together because I was so broken. I was so lost until I found him. Without someone that special to me, who means so much to me, I just can’t do this. I don’t want to. I’ve been using fentanyl lately and I’ve considered doing a lil more than I should just to take the pain away. I know so many people who have lost their lives to the horrible drug but I can’t help but feel drawn towards it. It’s funny, it really is, cause I know that’s when people will care. Once it’s too late. They’ll regret doing what they did to me. They’ll regret how much they hurt me. They’ll regret causing me so much physical and mental pain, which I was never equipped to cope with. This is not a suicide note, more of a warning. I am broken. I am sad. I am suicidal. I am lost. I can’t cope with this. I wish I didn’t waste so much time on someone who doesn’t want me. He hasn’t for months. I’ve been played, over and over again. I’m sick of this shit. My heart is weak and I break easily and I’m so fucking hurt.

i hate those people who are “while u were busy taking snaps and instragraming ur life away i was having meaningful exchanges” i mean there’s a valid point to make about the performance of a self on social media that lives in an alternative reality where only good/interesting/aesthetically pleasing things happen but like that kind of people just talk about that for hours only to be like “i’m better than u bc i didn’t take 3 seconds out of my day to take a pic” like some ppl just like cataloguing good moments and letting their acquaintances know what they’re up to cuz it’s a convenient way to keep up w/ ur friends lmao like what kind of meaningful exchanges? like the mental masturbatory exercise u are performing rn? stop wasting ur breath with ur rehashed rants just say u are boring and go!


Pest Problems

While walking the perimeter my S.A.M Bot noticed we had a new bug problem in the side yard.  He called me outside so we could discuss what to do about it.  

S.A.M. suggested I just pour gasoline all over the nest, and strike a match, the old fashioned way (S.A.M.’s a bit of a pryro ya see). What with gas being so hard to come by these days, I thought that would be a horrible waste of resources, and expensive to boot. Me, I figured I’d just go grab my stolen Freeze Ray Gun from the lab,  zap the critters, toss em in a sack, and then leave them at the Brotherhood’s front gate to thaw out.  Let the bugs be their problem.  It’s about time they earned their keep.  Sides, I thought it would be hilarious to watch.

As we were figuring out how to go about it, we suddenly heard this loud droning noise coming from high up above.  Much louder than the chirping racket the critters checking us out as we talked were making.  It was like a turbo prop or something, and it was getting louder real fast.

I look up in the sky, and there right above us was the biggest damn bug I’d ever seen.  I reckon it must be the Queen or something. Anyways,  S.A.M. and I quickly decided this was a problem that could probably wait for another day, so we beat feet fast back into the bunker with the mutant flying cockroach and her kin hot on our tails.

Gonna have to see if I can arrange a trade for a gigantic can of Raid, or maybe a small Tactical Nuke over at Bartertown.  In the meantime, I guess we’ll all be staying indoors for a while.