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It's interesting to see that terrible person come off anon but nothing they said was constructive or even remotely helpful. Everything to them is just trash as if he's some Nobel prize prize winner in literature. They're just some self loathing piece of shit that clearly hate whatever it is they create so they have to put others down to feel better about themselves. They live a sad sad pathetic life. All of your work is amazing down to each and every single last letter! Don't ever forget that!❤️

Thank you so much sweet anon!! ;3; What a darling you are! You’re totally right but honestly I don’t even want to waste any breath discussing that person. Sheesh. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, all I’m here to do is shitpost and write trash, I have no illusions about what sort of blog this is lol. But I’m profoundly grateful for all the support you guys have given me, a humble designer bag of trash. Amazingly enough I’ve somehow gained followers through this incident so I guess in the end I get to have the last laugh, heheheh.

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What the signs say vs what they mean

Aries: yeahhh totallyyyyy (what they mean- absolutely not.)

Taurus: “yeah yeaahh” (what they mean- *is not listening, stopped listening 10 minutes ago*)

Gemini: mhhhmmm (what they mean- I have no idea what you just said lmao)

Cancer: “ohhhh” (what they mean- I’m bored but I don’t wanna be rude so I’m pretending to listen)

Leo: whattt thats crazy (what they mean- thats the dumbest story I’ve heard)

Virgo: that’s not what happened (what they mean- that is what happened but I’m trying to be diplomatic)

Libra: I had no idea ( what they mean- lmfao I knew this 10 months ago but I will not and shall not expose my investigatory habits)

Scorpio: righttt (what they mean- why am I having this conversation? what am I doing in life?)

Sagittarius: “whatever” (what they mean- I really hate you right now)

Capricorn: “okay you know whats right” (what they mean- you’re wrong about this  and I tried to tell you,but I ain’t got time to waste arguing with someone who doesn’t listen and is illogical, k bye)

Aquarius: lol (what they mean- don’t know what to say so I’m ending our conversation with lol)

Pisces:” hahaha okayy” (what they mean- you’re weird af and I’m judging you)

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marry me- h.s imagine

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Anne came up behind Harry and smiled. She rested her chin on his shoulder and followed his gaze. “It’s beautiful, Harry.”

Harry looked at his mother and smiled. He looked back at the jeweler in front of him and nodded his head. “This is the one.”

“Is Y/N going to be joining us soon?” Y/N’s mother asked while looking down at the menu. Harry wiped his sweaty palms on his pants. He quickly cleared his throat, “Actually no. I wanted to ask you something.”

Your mother looked up from the menu and gave him a questioning look, “What is it, sweetie?”

Harry looked into your mother’s eyes and exhaled. “Ms. Y/L/N, you’re Y/N’s best friend.” Your mother smiled softly. “Not only are you her best friend but you’re her mother. Your opinion means everything to me and I know it’ll mean so much to her if I get your approval..” Harry quickly pulled out the ring box from the pocket inside of his jacket. He gave it to you mother who already had tears brimming her eyes. Your mother opened the box and gasped, amazed that something so beautiful could exist.

Harry looked at the ring and back at your mother. “I wanted to know if I had your blessing to propose to your daughter.” Your mom quickly nodded her head. “Of course, Harry.” Harry smiled brightly, “Really?”

Your mother wiped a tear that fell and nodded her head once more. She put the box down and reached over and placed her hand on top of Harry’s. “I couldn’t imagine her with anyone else.”

“Nervous?” Niall asked, snapping Harry out of his thoughts. Harry shook his head, “Surprisingly no.

Niall sat down on the couch in front of Harry, beer bottle in his hand. “No?”

Harry smiled and looked down at the floor. “She’s it for me. There’s no doubt in my mind that she’ll say no.”

Niall smiled at his friend, hoping one day to find someone he’ll adore as much as Harry adored you. “I know she won’t say no, mate.”

Harry gave Niall a smile.

Niall smirked before he took a sip of his beer, “Just afraid you’ll shit your pants while you’re asking her.”

You were in your usual spot, finishing your lunch before having to get back to work. You were finishing reading the novel Harry told you about when all of a sudden a shadow was in front of you. You looked up to see Harry smiling down at you.

You instantly smiled. “Hey, what are you doing here?”

Harry sat down next to you and pecked your cheek. “Wanted to surprise you.”

He grabbed your hands and brought them into his lap, playing with the rings on your fingers. He nodded towards the book on your lap, “How are you liking it, love?”

You looked down at the book and smiled. “Love it, thanks for suggesting it.” Harry nodded and looked back at your hands, “Good, I’m glad.”

The two of you sat in silence. Not the uncomfortable kind of silence; the kind of silence that said you were just content being in each other’s presence. Both of you were staring at everything else going on in the park.

While Harry was staring in front of him, he suddenly spoke up, “You’re my best friend.”

You looked over at him and smiled, unsure of where he was going with this. Harry turned and looked at you. He cleared his throat, “You’re my best friend, Y/N. I couldn’t imagine anyone better to be my best friend. I couldn’t imagine being with anyone else. I couldn’t imagine not spending the rest of my life with you.” He pulled out the ring box from his pocket and you instantly gasped. You brought a hand to your mouth, tears surfacing your eyes. Harry looked into your eyes. “I want to spend every minute of my life with you. I want to wake up next to you everyday. I want to have the privilege of introducing you as my wife. I want to be the only one that makes you happy. I want to be the reason you smile. I want to be yours forever.” He opened the box and showed you the most delicate, beautiful, ring you have ever seen in your life. “Y/N Y/L/N, I knew from the moment I met you that you were special and I can’t waste another minute. Will you marry me?”

You let out a sob and nodded your head. You threw your body against Harry’s while he laughed. “Yes.”

not my best! lol but i just watched a vlog where he proposed to his gf and instantly got inspired. wanted to write this quickly before the thought left my head! don’t forget to send requests on what you think i should do next!

a relative at every family gathering: why no boyfriend?

what i want to say: the reality of being in an actual romantic relationship is actually terrifying and i’m much more comfortable entertaining the idea of having a boyfriend than actually getting one like there’s a 99.9% chance that i’ll be disappointed probably because i’ve idealized the concept in my head and my instinct to run away from intimacy combined with my high standards is a recipe for an emotional disaster and also my freedom holy shit i love my freedom and i take no shit and will drop your ass if you hurt me and i have dreams that don’t involve boys and i don’t want to waste my time on something that isn’t endgame for me like dating isn’t fun for me at all i don’t understand and i mean can you imagine bearing your soul to a person who has the power to destroy you like wHY THE FUCK—

what i always say: idk i’m just focusing on school



Also! Happier note! I just hit 1.4k followers a day or two ago which is just, wild, and since both that and the end of season are happening about the same time, I want to do a celebration for the first time in like seven months so send me suggestions of what you’d like me to do!


Yes those eyebrows are drawn in my friend in the middle of class today said ‘imma give you eyebrows’ and here we are? Expression???? Also do you like my hair it looks fancy but it’s not lol

~dream of bellarke in your grave bbs i’ll see you there~

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I’m just laying in bed scrolling through my ship tags and all these antis have me like.

Who hurt you?

What level of PETTY do you have to be to act like that?

I am just confused lol like how about doing something productive with your life, like reading a book, going outside, exercising, riding a bike, idk NOT BITCH ABOUT A SHIP THAT YOU DONT LIKE?

Why are you wasting all of your pettiness and insults on something as small as a ship?And something that you claim you don’t like..? Why are you paying so much attention to a ship you hate and the people who ship it. Use that anger for something that actually matters in life. Or maybe learn how to tag your posts properly.

Sincerely, someone who has lost their shit because they can’t peacefully scroll through their ship tags.

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I’m ditching “Zero Waste”. I’m not giving up on cutting out disposables, reducing consumption, and trying to live a more sustainable life, but I am giving up the label and the “greener-than-thou” community. I can’t fucking stand the pseudoscience and the helpful answers like “just don’t wear makeup”, “don’t use the dryer”, “straws are for lazy people” and the straw (lol) that broke the camel’s back: “Sunscreen causes cancer….don’t be duped…..”. Nope. I’m done.


6/17/17 Stone Block Spawn Map

Are YOU having trouble finding Fossils for that legendary artisan quest? Like all quests in Zafaria, this crafting quest is a beast to finish.

Here’s a handy-dandy spawn map of stone blocks in Avalon so you don’t have to waste time standing around in the bazaar. (Tap the images to look closer)


I’m going to be offline for a year. No phone, no social media (exept Tumblr, cuz it motivates me so much). Cuz I waste so much time on the internet & I never accomplish my dreams & goals or anything! I always procrastinate! I need to get rid of all distractions. I want to be productive & proud on what I have done. In this year I want to focus on my goals & myself.. And I’m going to work hard for it.

Minhyuk Coffee Shop Au!

  • I don’t think I’ve typed out an actual story in pro’s since like ,,,, a long ass ride time ago
  • I’m becoming addicted to the bulleted things
  • help
  • anyway I’m still shook from the monsta x concert in Atlanta 
  • koko bop also has me kokodead 
  • I ment to write something for monsta x because,,, concert
  • so here it is
  • order a coffin and lets get started 

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ID #70639

Name: Kara
Age: 17
Country: USA

Hello there! I’m a very introverted person who thinks way too much about life and is super introspective. I would like to share these thoughts with someone who also has the same interest in these sorts of conversations. I’m also going through this whole “What do I do with my life and how do I find happiness?” phase right now and so would really like someone who also has their own perspective on this. Also wanting to start a sort of digital/phone detox cuz tbh I’m sort of wasting away on my phone most of the time and I want someone to help me/experience this with me. Also, I really like Hayao Miyazaki movies and almost any sort of music, I even listen to kpop. I’m super open minded and so would like someone who isn’t a bigot, obviously, lol. I also really like the idea of snail mail, it just seems super cool and intimate in its own way (Also cuz I find looking at someone’s handwriting super fascinating).

Preferences: I would prefer someone who is the same age or older but I don’t really mind either way.

Life Update

I’m dropping out of Uni and working full time. Crucify me if you must.. It’s not for me and I’m just wasting my own time and money when I could be making $$$. Can’t wait to hear what my parents are gonna say lol … I’m tryna have “AT LEAST A M”

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My brain in a nutshell
  • Brain: *Normal stuff*
  • Brain: You must have that fan on at night
  • Brain: HOT PEOPLE
  • Brain: *boring lectures repeating themselves*
  • Brain: What if your whole family died
  • Brain: Stab yourself? With that knife?
  • Brain: *seagull noises*
  • Brain: Everyone you love will die and so will you and you will be forgotten like you never existed and you make so many mistakes and you'll never succeed in your career because you're too ugly and pathetic and lose some weight you fatty and you have no clue why you were born and you're so fucked up but it's all in your head and your life means nothing because you will die in the close future and most of the time you wish you never existed and you can't physically cry because you're so fucked up you're used to it and you're an attention seeker and a liar and you have every reason to be self conscious you're ugly as fuck and everyone is judging you and you don't care about any of that because you will die anyway so what's the point of even living like a human being with emotions and you are extremely scared of when you'll die and you're wasting your life and you are so insignificant in the human race and the human race is a speck of nothingness in the universe and nothing really matters
  • Brain: Lol memes
  • Brain: Push that lady in front of a bus it'll be fun
  • Brain: *loses interest in all activities you like*
  • Brain: Now that you've touched it with your right hand you have to do your left hand too you just gotta
  • Brain: Kill someone
  • Brain: I wonder what Misha Collins is doing
  • Brain: Put your hand on that hot iron
  • Brain: Is the stove off? Is the door locked? Better check
  • Brain: No sleeping must stay up on Tumblr
  • Brain: BUT WHAT IF-
  • Me: What the fuck what the fuck what the fuck what the fuck what the fuck what the fuck what the fuck what the fuck what the fuck what the fuck what the fu

I actually just saw some ‘muslim’ tumblr accounts that I’ve never come across before 😕 one of them even said 'I’m not wearing hijab tomorrow’. Another said 'I’m gunna walk out my house wearing a turban now’.

Firstly it’s obvious these individuals don’t even know what the hijab is. Secondly to them it is nothing but a head scarf. Thirdly, more importantly, put aside the obligation of hijab, the the understanding of tawheed, praying salaah the correct way etc is something which they’re are alienated to. They don’t even know what Bid'ah or shirk means and how grave of a sin it is. They just live life like the kuffar and think they’ll have it easy in the Akhira tbh.

So why waste your time with them when all they respond with is ignorant statements, foul language and disgusting filthy pictures of naked people to show that they have no Taqwa??

How low have we become that we feel the need to converse with such people?

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Not to pry or get too personal but I'm just curious how your fostering situation in general is going? I know that you were very excited about it!

It’s so exciting still, but also very emotionally intense. I have a bit of anxiety as it is and not knowing how things will end up is really hard. The system sucks and dealing with the bureaucracy is hell. The kids are amazing and exhausting. There’s so much love one can give and to know it’s not being wasted is amazing.

Oh man, I have so much more empathy for parents than I ever did. So no matter what happens, I have a whole new perspective on life. 3 kids is a lot lol, it’s like a tribe. I am taking a month off work to help till we settle things down around here and get into solid routines. At least for the first time, I can take paid leave for a foster situation (if you have sick days and I have TONS from working so long as a teacher). It’s also helping me know my wife better which after 12 years, you’d think would be impossible but it’s not. We have to master new arts of communication. I am so grateful for her though because it’s rough. I can’t imagine how single parents do it. If anyone wants to send me quick kid friendly recipes. Please… please, I beg!

Thanks for asking!

i mean sure its fun to think about and technically there are 14 classes to 16 types in MBTI (16 Classes if you count my two joke classes, Waste and Matter)

and then 12 zodiacs for 12 aspects

but it’d be about as informative and accurate as those facebook memes where you tag your friends, as well as the actual zodiac memes here on tumblr

but i love those anyway, so fuck it why not

INTJ = Seer, INTP = Mage, ENTJ = Prince, ENTP = Thief, INFJ = Muse, INFP = Maid, ENFJ = Matter, ENFP = Heir, ISTJ = Knight, ISFJ = Rogue, ESTJ = Sylph, ESFJ = Page, ISTP = Waste, ISFP = Witch, ESTP = Lord, ESFP = Bard

(if wondering what Matter and Waste are, see here: http://dahniwitchoflight.tumblr.com/post/118561157487

then the zodiacs = aspects I think I did actually do before in a semi serious attempt to match the meanings here: http://dahniwitchoflight.tumblr.com/post/141795224182)

but basically they were

Aries = Life, Taurus = Rage, Gemini = Breath, Cancer = Void, Leo = Light, Virgo = Mind, Libra = Doom, Scorpio = Heart, Saggitarius = Hope, Capricorn = Blood, Aquarius = Time, Pisces = Space

so if you are an INTP Saggitarius like me, then this way states that you would be a Mage of Hope lol

(obviously I prefer my actual god tier, Witch of Light much better lol)

(*edit* note, this is not me actually endorsing an actual way to find out your god tier, this is pure meme fun and not reflective of my actual classpecting methods whatsoever lol. So if you like your actual god tier better, like me, obvs, dont think you have to change anything, this is just for fun. like it includes non canon joke classes that i made up that should be the first hint lol)