what a waste of life lol

I’m just laying in bed scrolling through my ship tags and all these antis have me like.

Who hurt you?

What level of PETTY do you have to be to act like that?

I am just confused lol like how about doing something productive with your life, like reading a book, going outside, exercising, riding a bike, idk NOT BITCH ABOUT A SHIP THAT YOU DONT LIKE?

Why are you wasting all of your pettiness and insults on something as small as a ship?And something that you claim you don’t like..? Why are you paying so much attention to a ship you hate and the people who ship it. Use that anger for something that actually matters in life. Or maybe learn how to tag your posts properly.

Sincerely, someone who has lost their shit because they can’t peacefully scroll through their ship tags.

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a relative at every family gathering: why no boyfriend?

what i want to say: the reality of being in an actual romantic relationship is actually terrifying and i’m much more comfortable entertaining the idea of having a boyfriend than actually getting one like there’s a 99.9% chance that i’ll be disappointed probably because i’ve idealized the concept in my head and my instinct to run away from intimacy combined with my high standards is a recipe for an emotional disaster and also my freedom holy shit i love my freedom and i take no shit and will drop your ass if you hurt me and i have dreams that don’t involve boys and i don’t want to waste my time on something that isn’t endgame for me like dating isn’t fun for me at all i don’t understand and i mean can you imagine bearing your soul to a person who has the power to destroy you like wHY THE FUCK—

what i always say: idk i’m just focusing on school

I think there should be more discussion about how deliberately over-feeding children is a form of child abuse. I was an obese kid, and it was mainly because my sociopathic grandfather got some sick pleasure out of buying me tons of junk food and praising me for eating it all, and encouraging me to eat more. Looking back, how can this shit not have been deliberate? He would literally take me to get fast food straight after school all the time. And because I was a 6 year old being being bullied for my weight, I grew accustomed to this cycle of binge comfort eating.

When you’re a kid your relationship and understanding of food and health is still developing. It’s selfish and awful to foist a horrible sugar/junk food addiction onto a helpless child that doesn’t know any better. This kind of shit will fuck up your relationship with food for life. You may as well force your children to smoke and drink alcohol until they’re trapped in a cycle of binge drinking/smoking too. Food does not automatically equate to love and that’s something our society needs to understand. There’s no ‘love’ in an innocent child struggling to run or breathe, not understanding why they’re so much bigger than their peers.

The only reason that I’m not morbidly obese today is because at some point my parents were like “you mean…McDonald’s ISN’T healthy?” and started changing up our diet at home. By this point I was 10/11, so old enough to understand that I should say no to my grandfather trying to feed me two huge burgers for afternoon tea. And you know what? I’m still overweight by a bmi point like 10 years later despite cutting my sociopathic grandfather out of my life (for reasons unrelated to all this-I wasn’t exaggerating when I said the man was a sociopath lol). Because even if you shed most of the weight, there’s a level of damage that’s already been done to your relationship with food and how you perceive yourself. You still have to deal with the lingering effects of your childhood food addiction. Thinking about all the childhood years I wasted sitting at home eating while all the other kids were going out and having fun is devastating. And when I look in the mirror, I still see myself as an obese child :/

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Did u srsly end a relationship cause they didnt "show you off" on the internet? What a sad conceited waste of life u r. No wonder ur mom doesnt like u LOL

my kink is feeling appreciated

Life Update

I’m dropping out of Uni and working full time. Crucify me if you must.. It’s not for me and I’m just wasting my own time and money when I could be making $$$. Can’t wait to hear what my parents are gonna say lol … I’m tryna have “AT LEAST A M”

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I'm maybe thinking about using a quote from Merlin as my senior quote, but every single one I've seen thus far has made me bawl. Any recommendations?

Oooooh man what a good idea!! Ok here are some you could maybe use:

“We all matter.” - Merlin

“I’m happy being insane. Surely it’s better than being miserable.” - Arthur

“My life has been marked out by destiny. If this is meant to be… I’m not afraid.” - Merlin (a little cheesy imo but kinda cute lmao)

“They say the darkest hour is just before the dawn.” - Arthur

“It’s a new day.” - Arthur

“Your destiny’s calling, better go find out what it wants.” - Gaius (again, anything to do with destiny is cheesy but senior quotes are meant to be lol)

“Being different is nothing to be afraid of.” - Merlin

“Judgement is wasted on a man who won’t listen.” - Merlin (probs my fave quote of all time from this show)

It’s not much but I hope it helped! Let me know which one you end up choosing! :D

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What do you consider a wasted life?.... sorry for these deep questions lol

I don’t know if I can commit to answering this question. To answer it, I’d have to answer the opposite “what is a good life?” and that’s a question philosophers have been debating for thousands of years.

I do think it has something to do with the situation of your life.  I’m reminded of Tenar’s arc in the Earthsea cycle. How at first she thought she wanted to be powerful like Sparrowhawk, and then she realized she wanted to live a simple life like her parents and the women in town. Is one or the other better? Tenar certainly had a power of her own in the end. It seems no matter what, or who you are, it’s what you do with what you have that counts.

Good questions though. =)


a/n: this is just a short blurb based off of the song electric by alina baraz and khalid. i’m not thrilled with how it ends, but oh well lol. hope you like it! feedback is appreciated and requests are open :-)

word count: 400+

He’s been your world, your everything, the love of your life for so long it’s hard to remember a time he hasn’t been around, a memory he’s not in. You don’t know what you’d do without him - waste away to nothing, probably, imagining the taste of his lips as you’d take your last breath. It’s terrifying to love a person as much as you love Joe; after all, humans are humans, imperfect beings - but not Joe. He can do no wrong in your eyes, he is infallible and he is your absolute saving grace. He never fails to pull you out of deep water when you feel you’re drowning, and you rely on him more than you maybe should, but time and time again he pulls through for you. And you would do anything for Joe - anything. You would walk through fire, swim across an ocean - anything. You’ve never felt what you feel with Joe before; you feel invincible, so strong that you could move mountains, so beautiful and pristine and limitless. He’s your drug, in a way, so powerful that one hit leaves you constantly wanting more. He’s the air you breathe, the sun upon your face on a summer day - he’s anywhere and everywhere, all around you, all-encompassing. He knows you better than anyone else; he knows what you think, what you want, what you need, before you do. He handles you so tenderly, almost as if he’s afraid that you might break, and the warmth of his skin against yours fills you with an inexpressible euphoria. His hands fit on your waist like it’s their proper place - his lips fit on yours like they’re meant to be there forever. His kisses leave you breathless and gasping for air but yearning for more, so much more that you feel lightheaded and can’t form coherent sentences when you pull apart. When the two of you make love - and that’s what it is, truly, making love - his genuine passion, his love for you consumes you, envelops you in a daze that leaves you unspeakably giddy for days. He empowers you, encourages you, believes in you so much that you feel you could fly. You’re on fire, you’re electric, when you’re with him, body alight with so much energy that your heart beats too fast and you can’t stay still. You’re electric with him. Your love is fire. You’re electric.

My brain in a nutshell
  • Brain: *Normal stuff*
  • Brain: You must have that fan on at night
  • Brain: HOT PEOPLE
  • Brain: *boring lectures repeating themselves*
  • Brain: What if your whole family died
  • Brain: Stab yourself? With that knife?
  • Brain: *seagull noises*
  • Brain: Everyone you love will die and so will you and you will be forgotten like you never existed and you make so many mistakes and you'll never succeed in your career because you're too ugly and pathetic and lose some weight you fatty and you have no clue why you were born and you're so fucked up but it's all in your head and your life means nothing because you will die in the close future and most of the time you wish you never existed and you can't physically cry because you're so fucked up you're used to it and you're an attention seeker and a liar and you have every reason to be self conscious you're ugly as fuck and everyone is judging you and you don't care about any of that because you will die anyway so what's the point of even living like a human being with emotions and you are extremely scared of when you'll die and you're wasting your life and you are so insignificant in the human race and the human race is a speck of nothingness in the universe and nothing really matters
  • Brain: Lol memes
  • Brain: Push that lady in front of a bus it'll be fun
  • Brain: *loses interest in all activities you like*
  • Brain: Now that you've touched it with your right hand you have to do your left hand too you just gotta
  • Brain: Kill someone
  • Brain: I wonder what Misha Collins is doing
  • Brain: Put your hand on that hot iron
  • Brain: Is the stove off? Is the door locked? Better check
  • Brain: No sleeping must stay up on Tumblr
  • Brain: BUT WHAT IF-
  • Me: What the fuck what the fuck what the fuck what the fuck what the fuck what the fuck what the fuck what the fuck what the fuck what the fuck what the fu

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Sad, frail old man. Living out the rest of his days in decline having wasted his entire life. Desperate. A worthless bastard man child. These are the facts. And how will you be remembered? You know how. And that's why you are the way you are.


1. Ive got more freedom than Bill Fucking Gates. I don’t have a swarm of gold digging brown noses following me.

2. YOU are reading MY page bro. You don’t even have the humility to post under a real account. You are living the sad life brah. You care so much what I think that you don’t post your real name etc. 

3. I don’t hate you mate cos I know you hate yourself more than I ever could hate you. For the record I don’t hate anyone. 

4. You are right though, I AM a man child. I have fuck all responsiblity and EVERY DAY I get to wake up and do ANYTHING I want. Just like when I was in school and on holidays. I LITERALLY live a PERMANENT VACATION! So yes, I am a peter pan man child for sure. Fucking love it bro!

5. You are jealous Ive got a fit hot gf who is into what Im into and hungry to learn so much that life has to offer and you are with someone you no longer have the zeal for and someone that doesnt understand why you do what you do. Fuck that bro! You are living in a prison it sounds like and she is your warden!

6. How I will be remembered doesnt bother me. My goal is to build the vegan community strong so it goes long. That is how change happens mate. Look how big the vegan online community is now? I built up the worlds most active vegan forum (now its pretty much dead since FL banned me from it) and I got more crew on youtube than anyone Ive ever heard of in  youtube history. How many adsense accounts you help crew sign up bro? You don’t even have your own I bet. How much money have you helped flow into the vegan economy? Fucking pennies mate. Bet you aint even a vegan.

7. Im the way I am because Im confident to be ME. I don’t look at what fashion is trending or talk how people want me to talk or hang with crew I don’t want to hang with but Im too boring and lonely to want to be by myself. You should try being you some day mate. You might stop hating yourself so much that you project your personal shit on to crew who are getting it fucking done no matter what the vocal minority tries to squeak out.

8. Im going to get my dinner, watch my vlog tomorrow and see what I had. Stop starving yourself and eating shit mate! :)

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I love bughead with all my heart and of course I love the idea of Cole and Lili together, there is nothing that would make me happier. But at the same time I think about what happened to Nina Dobrev and Ian, and I don't want a similar situation with them. When they broke up, I told myself that I would not go back to ship a non-fictional relationship, but look at me now LOL

DUde, I was on the same freaking boat and those guys wasted 2 fucking years of my life. but it’s like falling in love again you know, you forget how much it sucked getting your heart broken ‘cause you’re filled with this immense joy again. So if shipping and theorizing Lili & Cole’s relationship makes us happy, then fuck it

i mean sure its fun to think about and technically there are 14 classes to 16 types in MBTI (16 Classes if you count my two joke classes, Waste and Matter)

and then 12 zodiacs for 12 aspects

but it’d be about as informative and accurate as those facebook memes where you tag your friends, as well as the actual zodiac memes here on tumblr

but i love those anyway, so fuck it why not

INTJ = Seer, INTP = Mage, ENTJ = Prince, ENTP = Thief, INFJ = Muse, INFP = Maid, ENFJ = Matter, ENFP = Heir, ISTJ = Knight, ISFJ = Rogue, ESTJ = Sylph, ESFJ = Page, ISTP = Waste, ISFP = Witch, ESTP = Lord, ESFP = Bard

(if wondering what Matter and Waste are, see here: http://dahniwitchoflight.tumblr.com/post/118561157487

then the zodiacs = aspects I think I did actually do before in a semi serious attempt to match the meanings here: http://dahniwitchoflight.tumblr.com/post/141795224182)

but basically they were

Aries = Life, Taurus = Rage, Gemini = Breath, Cancer = Void, Leo = Light, Virgo = Mind, Libra = Doom, Scorpio = Heart, Saggitarius = Hope, Capricorn = Blood, Aquarius = Time, Pisces = Space

so if you are an INTP Saggitarius like me, then this way states that you would be a Mage of Hope lol

(obviously I prefer my actual god tier, Witch of Light much better lol)

(*edit* note, this is not me actually endorsing an actual way to find out your god tier, this is pure meme fun and not reflective of my actual classpecting methods whatsoever lol. So if you like your actual god tier better, like me, obvs, dont think you have to change anything, this is just for fun. like it includes non canon joke classes that i made up that should be the first hint lol)

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Haters should go and trying to make new excuses to ship "abelena(!)" they're wasting their beautiful time, they could do manips while talking shit about jelena lol seriously why everyone care so much about what other people doing? Why do u care if we ship jelena? Just fucking go and fucking live your fucking life

Exactly.This is the real problem.Why everyone can ship whatever they want,but if you ship Jelena you are dragged?
Jelenator are suvivors,we have suffer with disrespect for years.Selenator ship Selena with a man that dont lo her,Belieber ship Justin with side hoes and is ok.But if we just talk about Jelena these pople think that have the right to come for us.
This is why i will not let they change my opinion.I will say what i want.At least i ship a true relationship,true love.I dont  have regrets.

👏  It’s 👏  time 👏  to 👏  learn 👏 more 👏  about👏  me, lol

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ultimate bias/biases?

  • I ride or die for Bambam 🅱️
  • Bacon Byun 🥓 🥓 
  • Kim Taehyung 
  • Wonho(e) 😏
  • Taemin
  • Taeyong

who are your top three groups?

oops this isn’t three but whatever

  • EXO
  • Monsta X
  • BTS
  • NCT

what are your favourite songs?

  • Limitless - NCT127
  • Monster - EXO
  • All I Wanna Do - Jay Park
  • Beautiful - Monsta X
  • You Were Beautiful - DAY6

what do you like to do in your free time?

I mostly eat, ignore people, sleep, listen to music, draw or waste my life watching tv shows and being on social media

are there any places you would like to visit that you haven’t already?

I wanna go visit so many placessss, like i wanna go visit Jerusalem, Japan, China, Canada, USA, and ofc Korea too

do you have a dream job?

I really wanna be an astronaut  👩‍🚀  🌍

if you could meet any Korean celebrity, who would it be?

This isn’t really a celebrity, but I wanna meet Park Hyung-Sik’s parents and ask them what in the world they did to have such a beautiful son

what do you love the most about your bias group/groups?

Ok, I basicallly breathe EXO. I love how close and supportive each member is with everyone else even when they’re far apart. They all geniunenly love eachother and it’s so pure and heartwarming. Somewhat unpopular opinion, but i think 99.99% of their songs are bOMB. They’ve gone through rough times, but I’m so glad this is their 5th year together and I’m wish I knew the since their debut but I was like 9, I really hope to be able to spend many more years with them. They are such an amazing and telented group of boys idk what I’d do without them tbh. 💖 💖 💖

who are your ultimate bias wreckers?

  • Sehun 🐩
  • Jungkook 🐰
  • Jonghyun 💙 💛
  • Haechan

what do you wish for the most to happen?

Man, i’d love to say concert tickets but i just honestly really wanna get good grades for the rest of my life, i’m so sick of school

when did you get into k-pop and how?

I got into it in like October 2014 because i randomly listened to Call Me Baby and Overdose and Bang Bang Bang, I really liked all the songs but i never bothered to listen to any other songs until my good buddy nawaal showed me BTS and i was like “oh wow these kids are cool” and from there my life fell apart

what made you decide to have a Tumblr blog?

omg i don’t talk about this, but back in idk either the summer of 2014 or 2015 i made my first blog where i’d post a lot anime and things related. I felt so grownup when i got it but now that i think about it i just wanna kms

favourite colour?

pink, or like a soft peachy mix of orange and pink 🍑 🍑 🍑

favourite animal?

idk something cool like a lion 🦁  or idk even a dragon 🐉  🐲

what are your interests?

oh wow this is so sad i had to think about it for a minute or two, but i guess i rly find physics and astrophysics interesting even tho i don’t know much about either 🙃

would you prefer music or movies?

I love movies but i never watch them anymore and i guess i can live without watching movies, but i would kms in 0.000002 seconds if i was told i can’t listen to music anymore

what would you like to achieve (or experience) before the age of sixty?

I rly wanna go to space, idrc about landing on the moon or another planet i just wanna get launched outta the Earth so bad 🚀 🌙  💫

i tag: nobody!! If you see this feel free to do it!!!!

Breakup Advice from Yours truly

So it’s been about a year since my breakup from my first relationship of 2 years. It was really messy, it got really personal online, but I’m a hot mess so I just try and tone it down. I think I’m in a good place now, I like to throw shade at my ex for fun, but I can have a decent conversation with him when I run into him. I speak from a straight female’s point of view.

1. Don’t feel pathetic or angry at yourself for being sad. It’s normal to get into depressive states and have cry/emotional sessions from time to time. This was about a 1-2 month period for me, but it’s different from other people

2. Talk to someone. My roommates and close friends and family all helped me in different ways. Some were more neutral and more understanding of my ex and some just shat on my ex and both were helpful in a way but felt confusing. I went to free counseling at my school just so a stranger can just listen without putting their personal beliefs into it.

3. Too much negativity just makes you stew in hate. Be as balanced as possible, don’t focus too much on the good cause you’ll miss or idealize the relationship, too much focus on the bad, you’re just going to get more upset over a relationship that’s over.

4. You’re gonna stalk your ex and maybe even their new flame on social media. Don’t feel bad because everyone does it. Just don’t do it, it’s a waste of time and hurts a lot. Block them on FB/use block extensions to stop you from even searching them. So you can focus on what matters, you(and schoolwork lol)

5. Cliché but take the time to focus on yourself, workout, do small things like spa days, having lunch with friends, studying harder. Use the time you would have WASTED with someone who didn’t appreciate you, to appreciate YOU.

6. Don’t resort to petty revenge or violent tactics or anything that just makes you look bad. Don’t post all over his wall, don’t angrily message him with slurs, don’t egg his house or try to ruin his life. I considered some of these things but my common sense or friends stopped me(well not the angry messages…but otherwise I’m golden)

7. It takes a long time to heal. And you never really forget your first love. Acknowledge you loved or dedicated yourself to someone else and realize someday someone else will come along. Don’t pretend he doesn’t exist.

8. One of the best advice my friend gave me was that : Imagine in 5 years, you’ll never see this guy again, he’ll be so insignificant to you, just a tiny memory, and when you run into him, you won’t feel a thing. That’s kind of the goal you want to reach. To not need that person anymore, to have them not really matter.

9. You can be friends again, but not immediately. Don’t place a high importance on them. I know what “I wanna be friends again” means. It means “I want to be in close contact with them with the small chance they’ll take me back.” NO, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD NO. Only when they mean nothing to you romantically, can you try and rebuild that friendship and that may never happen. And who cares?

10. It doesn’t matter who dumped who. I felt shitty and pathetic that I was the one dumped. But who learned the most from that? Me. Who got out of that horrible, suffocating relationship? Me. I learned what works and doesn’t work. And who’s going to really judge someone for being dumped? Assholes, that’s who.

11. Realize you are desirable, interesting and beautiful. It’s a huge blow to the self esteem when you’re dumped. You think “Was I good enough? Pretty enough?” You compare yourself to other people. “Did he choose her, because she’s smarter and prettier than me. Does she understand him more?” STOP THAT NONSENSE. Your ex was not the only person to ever find you beautiful and date-able. After my relationship ended, I noticed that I was a lot more attractive to guys than I had realized. This gave me confidence to date again, even though they were mostly short term.
You do you though. If you wanna have lots of rebound sex and hookups, DO IT. If you wanna go on a casual date with a cute guy, do it. If you just wanna chill and not date for a while, that’s also great. Do what feels right to you.

Edit: When you’re doing rebound sex/casual hookups, please be careful. There are people out there who try to take advantage of heartbroken and emotionally vulnerable girls. If you wish to have casual sex, it’s best to be aware and safe. 

12. And finally, listen to lots of different breakup and happy songs. Ones that are sad, some that are uplifting and some upbeat unrelated songs. I liked Two Door Cinema Club’s Changing of the Seasons, Beyonce’s Irreplacable, Kelly Clarkson’s Since U Been Gone and most importantly Big Sean’s I Don’t Fuck With You.

Good luck and stay strong!

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Do you think you could do a fluffy piece with Kamui and Tsubaki? Thank you so much!

“Kamui~ Where are you, Princess? I have something to tell you~” Tsubaki’s voice floated down the corridor, walking through the Hoshido castle with that brilliant grin on his face. You were somewhere around here, he was certain of it. The only question was where.

“There’s no point in hiding from me, because you know I’m going to find you~” He mused more to himself than anyone else, knowing right where your room was in the castle. The reason behind his knowledge was currently unknown to any of the royal siblings.

That’s most likely because Ryouma and Hinoka would have his head if they found Tsubaki traipsing around your room, followed by Takumi skewering him with an arrow and then Sakura beating him over the head while crying her apologies profusely.

Basically, Tsubaki needed to keep this information to himself if he wanted to survive.

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What I did on my Christmas 2k16
  • Everyone else : *hangout with others*
  • Me : *scrolling down tumblr tag of Victuuri*
  • Friend : Hey, wanna hangout?
  • Me : go do it yourself, I'm trying to capture all the moment of Yuuri pole dancing with Chris and then there is the Victor dancing the infamous Flamenco dance as well as Yuri vs Yuri doing an embarrassing dance battle
  • Friend : you're wasting your life
  • Me : yeah, and I don't care
SLFL Tinley Park Soundcheck!

This is everything I could remember off the top of my head but I also took an audio recording during soundcheck so if I missed anything I’ll add it in later 😊

• They were all wearing shorts and hats & Michael and Luke had theirs on backwards (they looked so good holy shit)

• Calum and Ashton were twinning in the black world tour t-shirt and they both sat together on the platform on Calum’s side of the stage. 

• Luke was wearing one of Jack’s “Hemm” t-shirts and he sat on his platform in the middle of the stage. 

• Michael was barefoot lol he pulled the stool from the piano over to the edge of the stage and propped his feet up on the speakers and had his legs all spread open lmao he was straight chillin. he was super goofy and random and was in a really good mood :)

 • Calum looked sad or tired or something… he was super quiet the whole time and only talked a few times :( 

 • Michael was running from a bee on stage at one point and it was the cutest thing I’ve ever seen  lmao 😂 

• When they first came out on stage they introduced the song by saying it was a new one and then joked around about it being Free Bird haha but they played Girls Talk Boys. 

 • Q: favorite show of the NA tour so far?? of course they said hopefully Chicago would be their favorite after tonight. They talked about how amazing the tour has been and how much they always love the NA leg of the tour and they love playing all the outdoor amphitheaters. Luke said they come out every night & try to make each show better than the last one. 

• They recognized 2 girls wearing cheese hats from last tour lol. Ashton told them they had a “nice look” and that if they worked for a cheese company, they would be well known lol. When they introduced themselves they said they’re from Wisconsin and Michael was like “oh well now the cheese hats make sense, you didn’t tell us that last year! I thought you were just wearing a cheese hat for fun” hahaha and then Ashton was like “is that cheddar?” and then they ended up randomly talking about cheese lol  

Q: what song took the longest to write and perfect?  Ash joked that they haven’t perfected anything yet and they’re still working on it lol. Michael said Permanent Vacation and talked about writing it with Feldy and the Madden Brothers. Luke also said Airplanes was a tough one as far as the sound.  

• Q: favorite places to eat in Chicago? Luke said something about breakfast hash and they were trying to remember some place called the goat or something but they couldn’t remember what it was called lol. Michael went on a tangent about deep dish pizza for like 10 minutes lmao. He told a story about how last year when they were in Chicago they went out with friends and he had never eaten deep dish pizza before and he’s the type of person that will eat an entire pizza so he was like “yes one deep dish pizza for me please” 😂 and then everyone else did the same thing for some reason and before they knew it they had a whole table of pizza hahaha. He said he immediately regretted it because after one piece he felt sick but it’s the best pizza he’s ever had. 

• Ashton randomly asked if anyone’s ever eaten cheese before bed because if you do you’ll have the “craziest fucking nightmares” ever so he said we should test it out sometime by eating a whole cheese wheel before bed lmao 

• There was a girl there from Australia and after her question they said it was nice to hear the familiar accent because they miss it 

Q: the day they recorded the Teenage Dirtbag cover they said they actually recorded two songs that day, what was the other song? Michael said that was like 5 years ago and they couldn’t remember. Ashton said it was probably Justin Bieber or something lol 

• Q: do they ever miss the intimacy of playing small venues and being able to interact with the crowd more? they talked about this one for a long time. They said they prefer bigger venues and amphitheaters. They said they feel that they actually interact more with the crowd now at these bigger venues. Ashton said it’s basically a different way of performing because they’re working to make sure every single person feels close to them. Ashton and Luke said it would actually be really awkward to go back to playing like a 200 cap venue after being so used to playing big venues. They said it’s also become a safety thing now because they can’t imagine playing at a 200 cap venue because there would be people everywhere trying to get in and in the streets and stuff and they have to make sure no one gets hurt because people do get seriously hurt at concerts. Ash said the second someone gets too hurt is the second they have to stop playing for us so they’re just looking out for us. Then the girl asked if they remember security having to tell everyone to back up and Luke said he remembers one time in between songs they were telling him in his in-ears to ask everyone to move back and he was like “no I’m not gonna do that, that’s awkward as fuck” lmao. 

 • Michael randomly went on a rant about accents lol. He said he was just sitting there thinking while Ashton was talking and he was like “I’m just trying to imagine it from your perspective liking a band from Australia.” and then he was like “idk I just think it’d be so weird, like has anyone ever actually heard an Australian accent in real life?” 😂 They said they’re in America so much that they don’t even notice our accents anymore, it’s normal for them. 

 • Q: what song they would add to the setlist if they could? Someone yelled “Unpredictable” and Luke was mocking us and Ashton was like “hey don’t mock them!” lol then Luke literally said “that song sucks!” and basically that they’re never gonna play it 😂 

 • Luke said he’d pick songs like If You Don’t Know and Beside You. They said coming up with the setlist was hard because a lot of the songs on SGFG like Waste The Night, Vapor, JBH, Outer Space are slower songs that they think are meaningful and important to the set but adding more slow songs would make it drag on. 

 • Michael said during soundcheck they try to play songs that aren’t normally on the setlist to make it a special experience because they know everyone at soundcheck are the huge fans who know all their songs whereas the random dudes in the lawn at the show will only know She Looks So Perfect lol 

 • Ashton also said he misses Kiss Me Kiss Me and Luke said Out of My Limit, they also miss playing American Idiot and they joked around about Don’t Stop lol. Ashton said to this day his moms favorite song is still Gotta Get Out. 

• There was a girl there from Texas and Ashton goes “is this like close to you?” And she was like “ummm no” 😂 and her name was Faith and Michael said Faith and Hope are two of his favorite names. 

Q: what’s their favorite place; not like a city or a country necessarily but just a specific place where they just felt a connection with and feel at peace. Ashton said a place in New Zealand called Queenstown(?) is his favorite place in the world. He said he loves southern New Zealand because it’s so prehistoric and untouched by humans and it’s all nature and it’s beautiful. Michael said his favorite place is home :) he said there’s something magical about leaving and touring and being gone for such a long time and then being able to go home and be back in the suburbs where he grew up and be reminded of where he came from. HES SO CUTE. Ashton said when he’s home he likes to go back and listen to their old music because he can listen to it in a different way now and hear the story of where they’ve been and where they’re going and he can hear it more clearly now. they also said they loved their trip to Bali. 

• There were 3 girls and a dad dressed up as the 5SOS in the Don’t Stop video. The dad was dressed up as Ashton and his name was Dean and Michael loved him. He was like “wait why is the dad Ashton!?” 😂 and said his shirt should say daddy LMAO I died. Michael was like “hey can you hand the microphone to Dean?” And he goes “what do you want to know?” 😂 They asked him about Wisconsin (that’s where they were from) and how far away it is. Then Dean said Sydney and Melbourne are two of the popular places to go in Australia and asked what the third would be and Ashton said Adelaide because it’s more of a small town and not so much of a city. 

Q: what would the theme song to their lives be? They said the Friends theme song and Life Is A Highway and started singing it lol 

• A girl asked for advice about drumming at her first gig and Luke started joking around and was like “I have some great advice for this” and then he said “well you just gotta hit them really hard” lmao then Michael turned it over to Ashton and Ashton said it depends where she’s playing because if you go up there and drum like him and look all “80s as fuck” in front of a crowd of like 4 people you’ll look ridiculous haha. Michael said you just have to make good faces because that’s the key to drumming on stage and then him and Luke started mocking Ashton’s drumming faces 😂 Ashton basically said you just gotta go beast mode lol 

• Someone asked about their favorite music festivals and they talked about going to Lolla yesterday. Luke said he loved G-Eazy and J Cole. Michael said that was his first time going to something like that and like no one was wearing clothes so that was the first thing he noticed and Ashton was like “THAT WAS AWESOME” lmao and then Michael said G-Eazy’s set was ridiculous. Calum was like “yeah I was like oh G-Eazy is a cool name, and then I realized that’s his name because his real name is actually Gerald." 

• They got on the topic of white pants and Michael said a few years ago they were at a party and a guy walked in with white pants on and Ashton was like "never trust a guy in white pants” so Michael has lived by that rule ever since lmao. Luke said he would like to try to wear white pants sometime on stage and Michael was like “no you don’t! our thing is black skinny jeans.” And Ashton was like “yeah, stick to the marketing plan." 

• Ashton said his favorite music festival was Soundwave when he was younger because he was an emo kid and saw bands like Iron Maiden and Mayday Parade and he said it "fulfilled his emo dreams.” He talked about how he didn’t have tickets so he jumped the fence to get in and Luke was like “wow you’re so cool, we should hang out sometime.” lmao 

Q: what song of theirs is their favorite as far as the meaning behind it? they said Carry On. They talked about recording it at the beach and in a hotel room with Feldy and they loved it because most of the time they’re stuck in the studio trying to write. They talked about how insane it was that they made SGFG in only 10 weeks and had to take all of their experiences from all the places they’ve been and things they’ve done and try to get together with some of their friends in the studio to help write and produce the album in such a short amount of time. But they said they’re very proud of how it came out and they hope we love it. 

• At the end they said they had two options and let us vote by screaming so they let us pick between Catch Fire and If You Don’t Know and people screamed louder for IYDK so that’s what they played. :)