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Divisive rhetoric

Politics is divisive. That’s kinda the whole point. People disagree, people vote and lines are drawn and what not. That’s all part of the system.

I find that there’s a particularly problem both with unionist rhetoric and the way it’s portrayed in the media. To both sides, the other side is divisive.

So when Scottish Labour and the Tories come out calling the SNP divisive, it kinda leaves me scratching my head. My first reaction is to be like, “Well fucking duh? You have a different view, of course you see it as divisive.”

Then we go another step and suddenly we don’t want anything divisive to happen at all. “You can’t have a referendum because it’ll be divisive.” Well yeah…yeah it is. That’s kinda the whole reason we do this voting thing.

The reason why Scottish Labour and the Tories have made capital out of this is because they like the idea of not having to argue for the union again. It’s becoming an increasingly difficult thing to actually argue in favour of.

So we get pumped up rhetoric on how in 2014 families and friends were torn apart by the horrific divisiveness of the referendum. We get Scottish labour and Tory candidates coming out saying they no longer speak to friends or family.

Who’s the divisive one when you cut yourself off from family and friends because you have a political disagreement?

This nonsense rhetoric has to stop. Since the dawn of decision making, there has been divisive choices. Do you think the French aristocracy looked out on a revolution and said, “Well guys this is getting a bit too divisive can we just stop?”

Imagine a world where no one could exercise their democratic right due to division. “General elections should be scrapped.”


“Too divisive.”

I think there needs to be some serious thought on this because it’s ridiculous that one side of an argument are able to excuse themselves with ‘its divisive’ and one isn’t.

You could say…it’s divisive.

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Hey, I am from Moray, Angus Robertson's constituency, and for us, my home place, he hasn't been focussed upon our home recently. The Brexit results for moray had a difference of 122 votes, Robertson then continued to slag all the leave voters off even though his constituency had one of the closest results, considering just under half of the voters, voted to leave. Not meaning to disregard any of your opinions at all, only wanting a discussion and giving possible reasons why this occurred!

Hiya there

I know people have their own personal and varied legitimate reasons for voting or against a particular candidate. Whilst I used what happened in Moray as a specific example, my main point and quarrel is that the snp/green or any independence supporting candidates are always at a disadvantage because of how biased the entire media is towards unionism. I could go on forever about this particular point and provide you with more factual examples of this but that is not what you asked me so I will not force my opinion onto you. If you do care to learn more about this I’d highly recommend watching this political documentary if you’d like. It’ll help you understand my position on the matter, after winning the 56, I knew the only way was down a bit for the SNP, but this video will show why I find what happened in your home place so troubling.


But to get back to the point you make about Moray being a close EU vote and Angus’s mocking of those who voted Leave. I myself don’t recall seeing or reading of any slagging from Angus Robertson aimed directly at his constituents in particular. If he did make some derogatory comments slandering the Leave campaigners, and did not make the distinction he was not talking about voters, then that was obviously an ill judged thing of him to do. I personally, thought that the Leave campaign was an utter mess, full of horrible racist rhetoric. I’m also fairly sure that Leave only scraped their win by waving the Union Jack, blaming EU migrants for all the problems caused by Tory austerity and of course the promise of 350 mill a week for the NHS, which evaporated the morning of the results. 

None the less, I do know there were also a good amount of sensible people that were repulsed by Nigel Farage and all the things he was doing and saying yet they had their own good reasons for choosing to vote leave. So I guess you could be right in what you are saying, that the people of Moray felt that they were being mocked by Angus, decided on retribution by voting him out of his seat for a Tory. It’s kind of like the massive mistake that Hillary Clinton made, I’m sure she meant the racist and sexist among Trumps supporters specifically when called the opposition ‘deplorables’ but the entire Republican electorate took offense, and it was a big dent to her appeal to voters.

Of course both situations are entirely different. I don’t know how you are politically persuaded. Whether you yourself voted Leave or not. Whether you voted Tory on this occasion or have voted Tory for a long time. What’s done is done, I’m not going to jump too much to Angus’s defense to a person that might dislike him. I believe in independence and I am and SNP supporter, but I am not a blind allegiant. I am working on a very long text post in my drafts right now pointing out instances where I think the SNP goes wrong with regards to public relations, again it is hard to get an appealing message across when the entire media forces are aligned against you, but there is definitely room for improvement on their part, I don’t mind saying that. 

You said you think Angus didn’t focus on his constituency of Moray enough, and again not to roll out an unconditional pardon for him but between David Cameron calling the EU referendum that Angus was duty bound to campaign in, and Theresa May calling the snap general election, none of the SNP candidates have probably been able to spend as much time as they would have liked on their own turf having surgeries with their constituents to talk about matters of concern people in the community have. That and of course Westminster is cutting the Scotland budget that the SNP has to distribute over Scotland every year, making it harder for councils to easily secure budgets for community improvement projects ect.

I don’t think for one second that if there hadn’t been that lie about the NHS money apparently being stolen away to Brussels, Leave’s percentage of 38 in Scotland would have been a lot lower. But there is obviously some lingering appeal to Brexit given the unionist gains in the election. Even though both the Tories and Scottish Labour were both hugely pro EU and single market up until a few weeks after the result.

And this is where I don’t understand unionists, I understand them even less after the EU vote. ScotLab and especially the Tories have went back on everything they ever said about the EU prior to the vote. About it causing an economic crash and their abandonment of staying in the single market. Even if I was Leave inclined, that certainly wouldn’t tempt me to vote for them, even the side that was in favor made no preparations for a win and Westminster still don’t have much of a clue on how to proceed almost a year later. 

And I’m sorry, but to vote out an SNP member on the grounds of lack of respect and appreciation in exchange for a Tory is madness to me. The Conservatives are not a party of the people. You’ll probably see less of your new candidate Douglas Ross than you did Angus as he has previously blown off parliament to referee football games. That doesn’t sound one bit like a committed and caring public servant to me.

This post is getting rather long so before I bore you to death, I’ll begin to wrap up with these points. I know the EU is not perfect, but really it’s a very democratic system designed to encourage peace, cooperation and enterprise between it’s members who all get a vote on matters within it and I, in a nutshell don’t see anything wrong with that however, I know that the whole IN/OUT issue is a thorn in a lot of people’s sides. I say this as someone who is pro EU and for all the benefits of membership. As an independent country, if years down the line it no longer became practical or desirable for Scotland to remain in the EU, because we’d have full parliamentary powers, we’d be able to have our own IN/OUT referendum at a time of our own choosing and with a proper debate minus the bus side bullshit. 

And in an independent Scotland, you will always get the government you vote for. If a party came along that I thought had better MP’s and polices than the SNP, my vote would be up for grabs. If Scottish Labour stopped behaving like a London branch office and went back to it’s working class roots it would do well in an independent Scotland I think. Now, Labour’s real gains have caused a hung parliament for the Tories because of England’s votes. If Scotland were independent already the Tories in Moray and elsewhere wouldn’t have Theresa May’s unpopularity effecting their electorate here. In short everyone would be able to be more fairly represented and be more fair representation if Scotland had full control of it’s own government. And if we didn’t like what an elected party was doing, we could vote them out. Simple.

I hope that I answered your question and explained my own point of view sufficiently. I do have a fair knowledge of politics but for the better information about politics here @ayeforscotland and @oh-glasgow are both great sources.

However if you do have questions please feel free to drop me an ask or even message me directly if you’d feel more comfortable, I swear on our flag that I will respect your privacy and keep your username confidential .Thanks again for contacting me and being nice about it, all the best.

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hi tori, i just found your blog, im a young lesbian and i think trans women are women, what are your Views on me

I don’t have any views on you. But they aren’t. I hate to break it to you.

Anger over Martin Freeman's choice

People getting angry and losing respect for martin Freeman because of him stating his opinion and political views confuse me. It’s his opinion. He has the right to state it! Even if you do not agree with it. Doesn’t give anyone the right to bash or criticize that person. We all have opinions. We all have different views. That’s what makes humans so beautiful! The choice! The opinions, the right to speak our minds.

I have way more respect for him just because he SPEAKS his mind! He’s not afraid of showing his opinions he just doesn’t give a FLIP what others think. And I think we should all strive to be more like that. Don’t be afraid to show your values or ideas. LET YOUR VOICE BE HEARD!

People complaining that we have a Torie government. That I can deal with. It’s democracy, you’re allowed your opinions. I’ll respect your views. People though dissing other people’s views and who they’ve voted for by saying things like “what the fuck have you done, Britain?” - that I disagree with. The Tories were voted in by a democratic system. Yes, ‘proportional representation’ may be a fairer voting system than the current ‘first past the post system’ but there was a referendum for that in 2011 and 13 million voted against it compared to the 6 million that voted for it. You had your chance for a fairer voting system and you didn’t take it. By the current voting system, the Tories have been voted in with a majority (331 seats in the House of Commons). Ed Miliband had ruled out making a deal with the Scottish National Party (SNP) to form a coalition government, so they couldn’t have governed the country with the number of seats they had (or potentially could have had if they’d joined forces with the SNP).

The Tories are going to try and scrap the Human Rights Act. BUT they’re going to replace it with a system which allows them to deal with UK cases BETTER without having to deal with all the EU regulations. They are not getting rid of your human rights, they’re going to improve them and make them more relevent to the country you’re living in.

They are not going to screw up the economy. Labour did that and they were going to do it again. They were going to spend billions of pounds that the country doesn’t have. When they left office in 2010, they left a note saying “I’m afraid there is no money”. Why? Because they spent the lot and got the country into debt. The Tories were the only party that had announced a plan in their election campaign on how to get the country’s economy under control. Yes, it’ll mean more cuts but it’ll mean future generations aren’t left with a country that can’t pay for itself. Even if Labour got in, they’d have to make cuts too.

Furthermore, since 2010 the Tories have been running the country in a coalition with the Liberal Democrats. The Tories had a majority in the coalition, meaning there wasn’t many legislations that the Liberal Democrats could stop them voting for. Now they have a majority, they can try and pass more legislation that they want to pass but they still have 55 SNP seats and Labour to contend with. Both those parties are on the left and they’ll vote against more than the Liberal Democrats ever did. The country is not fucked. People need to stop jumping to conclusions. You’ve lived under their rule for five years, there is no need to flee the country.

There will be cuts no matter who is governing the country.

Now for the positive stuff. Yes, there is stuff that’s good.

  • Tax free minimum wage.
  • Extend the right to buy houses for 1.3 million people.
  • Improve the education system
  • Double the amount of free childcare that working parents of 3 and 4 year olds recieve.
  • More freedom and control for countries within the UK (England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland)
  • A referendum on whether the country stays within the European Union.
  • No increases in VAT (nor will it be added to any other products etc)
  • No increases in National Insurance
  • Support for small businesses (760,000 businesses set up during the coalition which means more jobs) and lower taxes.
  • More jobs (so far 2 million more people are employed compared to how many were during the Labour government).
  • Stronger economy means they’ll be able to invest £12 billion in the NHS (they’re not privatising the NHS! David Cameron’s son was disabled, he wouldn’t do that to people).
  • 3 million more apprenticeships (already introduced 2.2 million during the coalition)

Now you have some facts on what is going on - what the party has actually promised and what situation they were left in by previous oppostion governments. Yet there are people feel the need to go out and protest against the party people voted into power, because it wasn’t what they wanted. Not just protest but vandalise war memorials on the 70th anniversary of VE (Victory in Europe day), all because they don’t agree with the party that has been democratically chosen.

This is probably all rambles that I am going to get so much hate over but I’m just mad about what is happening in my country and how people think it is okay to insult people based on who they voted for.

My thoughts on the whole Independence

I am ‘British’ just because I was born in England but moved and lived in Scotland for 18 years of my life. Deep down I am a proud Scot by heritage (both parents born and raised in this proud land).

During this whole referendum debate I always sat on the fence, listening to both sides but I couldn’t trust them because they could have been lying and using 'scare tactics’ so I went the the media outside of Scotland and they all shared the same view. Scotland could have made it as a country, an independent country. 

I looked up facts and figures on both sides and Scotland has a lot more to offer than just oil and whiskey to keep us a-float. Of course I didn’t like Alex Salmond and probably yeah he did want in the history books but who cares about him. The whole referendum was for Scotland’s best interest, not because you liked or didn’t like a certain party so you voted No/Yes.

TO be fair I don’t like the Tory party and what it has done for Scotland, I didn’t even vote for them to be in parliament but hey my vote doesn’t count in the long run. 

I am a little disappointed at the outcome but congrats to the No voters, lets just hope this doesn’t blow up in our faces. If it does, I am not the one living with the fact that I voted No but if it doesn’t go tits up and we get all these promised powers that that is good. 

My only worry is the NHS, I hear that is could be getting privatized which means my brother can’t get the operations he needs. I pray to god this isn’t true and it doesn’t get privatized or removed from Scotland or the UK.

Congratulations Scotland the first country to reject her own independence, everyone is laughing at us from across the world. Let just hope this doesn’t blow up and we get those promised powers. And we prove to the rest of the world that the No vote was the right choice because if it isn’t, we can do nothing to change it.