what a valiant effort he made

Memoirs of the Broken People

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Pairing: JaehyunX Reader

Genre: Soulmate Au/Angst/Fluff/Historical

Summary: History used to be your favorite class of the day. Used to. But that was before the visions, the lashing out and the incredible, undeniable heartache that erupted every day. History was Jaehyun’s least favorite class too. 

Author’s note: Goddamn, where have I been? IT’S BEEN FOREVER! How are all of you? I’m back from hell and better than ever! Jkjk, anyways, I’ve been super obsessed with NCT lately, especially Taeyong, so ironically I write about Jaehyun apparently??? Anyways! Requests are open still, but I can’t promise I’ll get it done super fast since I’m on vacation. Anywho, Enjoy this piece of shit I just wrote!

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Sleepy Confessions

Summary: While talking in your sleep, you admit something to Steve that takes him off guard (Modern AU). 

Word Count: 1,330

A/N: Here’s a fluffy Steve/Reader fic. Enjoy :)

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Rubbing your eyes, you stumbled into the living room as you took a seat on the couch, nuzzling against Steve as he watched a movie. During the past couple of days, you’ve been staying up late to study for exams and finish countless projects that were due on finals week. While you managed to survive through the craziness, you were severely sleep-deprived and relied on coffee to stay awake.

A smile played on Steve’s features while he gazed at you, his arm casually draped around your waist. “Shouldn’t you be in bed?” You answered him with a yawn as he chuckled, trying to get you on your feet. “Come on, you need some rest.”

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official ranking of every frog emoji on emojipedia

i always thought this was a nice emoji at its natural size but blown up he is a visual definition of the uncanny valley but for frogs. scary man 4/10

he looks very happy but should maybe watch a contouring tutorial 7/10

whoever designed this emoji lied their way into the job and then realised that it was too late to admit that they had never seen a frog before, but made a suprisingly valiant effort nonetheless 3.5/10

im going to have nightmares about this frog’s dead eyes tonight 2/10

jar jar binks 0/10

not sure i can really call this a frog but whatever he is he’s kind of cute 7.5/10

what the fuck 2/10

objectively, this should not be a good frog emoji, but something about his goofy smile, those haunted eyes, those vibrant colours, is oddly entrancing. this boy deserves the world 10/10

he is incredibly silly and i love him 9/10

whoever designed this was either in a huge rush or had a personal vendetta against frogs and saw this as his opportunity for revenge 3/10

i now know what i will see standing at the end of my bed next time i experience sleep paralysis 0/10

FAR too gentle and innocent to fulfill the common purpose of the frog emoji but he is a very very sweet boy and i love him all the same. 9/10

Shower Dreams

Sterek, 3K, Mature, Future Fic

A gift for the lovely Isobel, aka @shealwaysreads​. She posted this pic (NSFW), and after we tossed some ideas back and forth, I said I’d write this for her. She asked for “at least a kiss, more if you’re smuttily inclined,” and I was like do you know who I am?! So I hope you like this, dear!

(Spoiler alert: they do a little more than kiss.)

This is also on AO3!

Derek yawned as he rummaged through his dresser drawers, pulling out a long-sleeved shirt and a pair of sweatpants. It’d been a long evening of dealing with faeries, of all things, and they all ended up sore and tired and covered in nasty, sweet-smelling faerie goop. Stiles was the last one in the shower, and Derek offered to lend him some clothes.

Unfortunately, he opened the bathroom door at exactly the wrong time. Stiles had just turned the water off and shoved the shower curtain aside, so he was standing there, naked and dripping with his eyes wide.

Derek’s jaw dropped.

He knew, obviously, that over the past five years Stiles had changed from a teenager into a man, but…but now he was faced with indisputable, physical evidence. His shoulders were seriously broad, he had a very attractive dusting of hair on his stomach, and while he was still lean, he had filled out so well, with visible muscle on his chest, arms, and torso.

Derek’s gaze drifted lower, seemingly of its own accord, but before he could really catch a glimpse of Stiles’ dick, he realized that he was staring and that this had definitely ventured into creeper territory. He slammed his eyes shut.

“Sorry,” he said, way too quickly and maybe even a little squeakily? Shit. He looked around wildly—where was he supposed to put the clothes—and ended up just dropping them exactly where he stood.

Stiles still hadn’t reacted, so Derek offered a weak smile in his general direction and nodded as he backed out the door as fast as he could. He slammed it shut and heaved a deep breath, scolding his dick in a vain effort to calm it down.

Derek could very clearly hear as Stiles stepped out of the shower and grabbed a towel, so he hightailed it down to the kitchen. He spent the next five minutes going through some deep breathing exercises and trying to relax. Everything was gonna be fine. He knew that he should apologize again, probably, but for the sake of his sanity, it was probably best if he never mentioned this again. Ever.


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Political Party

It was official. Jefferson had given up his Cabinet position and thrown his name in the Presidential race. With no job to keep him in DC, he was back in Virginia now, when he wasn’t traveling. He and Madison texted every day, but while it was nowhere near as bad as when he’d been in France, Jefferson felt the distance more now that he knew what he was missing. At least he’d be seeing Madison soon as he’d be throwing a party. Nothing too big, just a chance to schmooze with some important Virginians, and Madison was certainly one.

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Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader

Word Count: 546

A/N: A short little drabble based on the “You’re so cute when you pout like that” prompt. I figured I should write some happy Steve stories haha! Enjoy :)

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The sunlight shining through the curtains, you parted your eyes and let out a soft groan. Still sore from last night’s activities, all you wanted to do was stay in bed and not have to worry about impending deadlines or mandatory meetings that were waiting for you at your job. Unfortunately, you lacked the luxury of such things and had to get ready for work. Slowly, you rolled away from the warm body beside you, but you were immediately pulled back in.

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Growing Up Is Optional

Summary: The twins and Ford realize that de!aged Stan’s gone missing. Ford heads to woods to search for him, hoping he’s not too late. Meanwhile, an old enemy watches, waiting for the perfect opportunity…

A continuation of my  previous fic ‘We Must Not Look at Goblin Men, We Must Not Buy Their Fruit’ for the One and a Half Stans AU. Much longer than the first installment and many more feels.

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See, this is a difficult question, and as much as people love the idea that Kikyou could have bonded and thrived within the group, there is very little chance that it could have worked out simply because of Kikyou’s emotional standing.

You have to understand that Kikyou was not a calm, collected, cold hearted bitch. Kikyou acted like she had herself put together because that is what she had been trained to do, but at the core, she was incredibly, undeniably human.

She was bubbling with jealousy of Kagome, heart broken and crushed over InuYasha and what should have been, and with Naraku, there came hate- seething, fiery hate.

When she was first resurrected, there is absolutely no way it could have been managed. As bitter and angry as she was, Kikyou likely would have killed Kagome and drug InuYasha to hell with her at first chance. This was a woman that had gone from a pure priestess to a walking clay body that moved only on its scorned heart- in the beginning, she absolutely could not have traveled with them.

Later, when InuYasha saves her from the giant soul collector that Naraku sent after her, Kikyou truly forgives him (mind you, I am going off the manga, NOT the anime), because he was there for her, and that’s all she ever wanted, to be by his side. She smiles and he hugs her before she leaves, and Kikyou wanders off into the forest, telling him to go back to his companions.

Now, why would she do this? InuYasha has already stated he’s the only one that can protect her, and that he wants to be there for her.

Because she is still extremely jealous of Kagome, (InuYasha clearly had affections for the girl at this time,) and Kikyou was still incredibly sad and lonely. She knew if she went with InuYasha that, first off, she would lose sight of her goal, and secondly, that she would have to look at those two- all that Kikyou wanted her and InuYasha to be. The thing people miss, though, is another trait of Kikyou.

Kikyou didn’t want to interfere with InuYasha’s new life and happiness.

If she had gone with the group, and I’m sorry to say this, InuKag shippers- InuYasha would have forced himself to put his emotions for Kagome on the back burner even more than he already had for the sake of Kikyou, and Sango and Miroku likely would have had to watch Kagome suffer even more, which would have made them hate Kikyou, even if it wasn’t her fault. And for what? Kikyou knew her new existence was temporary. She wasn’t meant for this world anymore. She was going to die again, it was only a matter of time.

I would love to sit back and think they all could have bonded, but truly, the only one that I think would have made a valiant effort to be her friend would have been Kagome, because she is young, and sweet, and terribly naive and kind, and with all that is in me, Kikyou would have given her the cold shoulder. Kagome would have suffered because she is so kind and patient, and it would not have been healthy. Kagome would have eventually cracked and yelled at Kikyou, and Kikyou likely would have torn her apart emotionally and dismissed her, because Kikyou is not infallible- her jealousy would have made her so bristly and cold to Kagome that our little ball of sunshine would have wilted to a dull coal, and InuYasha, while he may have tried to quiet the bickering, would likely have shrunk within himself because of the emotional conflict. He cannot blame Kikyou, but he cannot approve Kagome’s emotional abuse, and so he would become stuck and withdraw.

Kikyou didn’t want this. Kikyou wanted InuYasha to be happy.

You have to remember that even when Kagome saved Kikyou, everyone thought that Kikyou was just being “her normal, cold self” to her after she purified the miasma, but no- Kikyou was being catty and cruel because of her spiraling emotions. She acknowledged the warmth of Kagome afterwards, conflicted that the girl had so selflessly saved her, because truthfully, Kikyou may not have saved Kagome if the tables were turned. And this is the moment that Kikyou begins to sympathize with Kagome.

Think of how long that took her. It took Kagome saving her life, and this naive, 15 year old girl yelling at her that InuYasha wanted to see her for Kikyou to go “Fuck, I see why he loves her now.”

It was only after that that we see Kikyou start to soften in regards to Kagome and start treating her like a person. Can you imagine if Kikyou had been there the entire series? It would have been awful, and Kikyou knew that. She didn’t want to be that to InuYasha.

So, I suppose my point is- It would have taken significant time and patience if they had really tried. Kikyou would have been drug into the group kicking and screaming, and in that environment, no one but InuYasha would have understood her. She would have always favored InuYasha, likely putting the others in danger for the sake of saving him, and just- god, it would have been a hot mess.

Kikyou loved no one but InuYasha, and that was final.

I think it would have caused problems.

It might have been able to work there towards the end- the very end- after Kikyou had been traveling with Kohaku and he softened her heart again, but otherwise? It would have just been sad.

Kikyou didn’t want InuYasha to be sad. She had wanted him to be happy, and to soften his heart, and so she remained lonely and distant because that had always been her one true wish, to get that hard, angry look out of his eyes, and her reincarnation was already doing it.

She wanted to be human with him. Not physically, but emotionally- she wanted to be human with him. And that girl- that group- had been so incredibly human, and Kikyou wanted to live, wanted to love and live and breathe again by his side but she could never, ever obtain it, and with her, neither could InuYasha… not anymore. She was dead.

It makes me sad, to say the least, but that’s my honest opinion.

Hopeful Romantic (Part Three)

Summary: You and Steve Rogers are neighbors. He has feelings for you, but you like someone else. That places a little damper on his hopes of being with you, but he’s not surrendering just yet [High School AU]

Word Count: 1535

Part One - Part Two

A/N: Sorry about the long wait!!!!!

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“Did something happen between you and Steve?” Wanda asked in curiosity while the both of you were in the cafeteria eating lunch. “You guys haven’t been talking to each other all week.” Sighing, your eyes drifted to where Steve was seated and for a split second, met each other’s gazes. 

A few days have passed since you talked to Steve, since he told you that he couldn’t imagine being with anyone else but you. While he always said something of that variation to you almost on a daily basis, it struck a nerve when he said those words to you again that night and you couldn’t take it anymore. You needed a break, leading you to avoid him. You took a different path to each class to prevent crossing paths with him in the hallway. You avoided communicating with him when you have class together and even opted to have your mom drive you to and from school so you wouldn’t have to ride the bus.

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"I Love You, I Love You, I Love You" One Shot

Author: the-king-of-hell-darling (Ray)

Summary: You and Dean are having a baby, but it all gets a little stressful.

Warnings: Mild language, pain references?

Word count: 2875 whoops


“Honey? Where are you?”

Dean was home at last, and I pushed myself up from the sofa with a grin, book forgotten in my hand.

“Baby, you’re back!”

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HC where it’s not the getting together part that’s rough for Illya– just because he isn’t used to getting what he wants doesn’t mean that he doesn’t know what he wants, right? So I imagine that he looks at Napoleon, recognizes that that’s a fine piece of ass and mighty good spank bank material and then boxes it away with everything else in his life that’s not his to have. 

But then they do get together and yeah, ok, Napoleon made the first move and Illya is used to rolling with the punches, so to speak, so they fuck now and that’s fine.


It’s the little things that’ll drive him insane.


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Imagine Claire not going back through the stones and giving birth to Brianna with Jamie at her side. 

Somehow, he’d managed it. Jamie had found a way to send Claire back to Lallybroch before heading back to Culloden to gather his men. They’d come home, then, only a few days behind Claire and Murtagh. The trip had been dreadful and worrisome and Claire had wondered the entire way whether the men would have made away it in time. She thought back to those days often, even with her belly swollen immensely, the child ready to come any day now.

Jamie still had to hide. He spent time in the priest hole or, if large squads of dragoons were in the area, he hid away in a cave until it was relatively safe once more. The English swept in and searched the property far too often. By now, most items of any worth were gone, stolen. They took food and drink, and life was every bit as difficult (and more) as Claire had known it would be. But she didn’t regret staying. Jamie had mentioned sending her away- back through the stones, but she belonged here with her husband and her family. And so did the baby.

She’d been feeling… off all day. Her back had been aching terribly so that she had to sit down often, and even when sitting, Claire couldn’t seem to get comfortable. She’d folded and unfolded and refolded the baby’s bedclothes time and time again, she’d even begun rearranging furniture in the Laird’s bedroom, only to be thoroughly berated by Jamie for straining herself and sent immediately bed. In bed, she’d tossed and turned but she’d slept quite a bit. By the time she’d woke in the evening, her contractions had begun, faint at first, nothing too terrible.

There was an excitement in the house. Jenny’s boys were sent out all around the property to keep an eye out for red coats. And Jamie- well, Jamie was torn between hovering near his wife and pacing around the study while Ian attempted to distract him with Lallybroch’s books. Claire had been pacing herself just outside, desperate for the fresh air and far too uncomfortable to be still, when her water broke and the contractions grew stronger. With a pained cry, she doubled over, hands on her knees, and panted through one such contraction. 

“Claire? Claire!” Jamie’s called out behind her, rushing down the stairs to her side.

“M-my water’s broke,” she panted, hand groping through the air for his arm. 

“Aye, I see that well enough. Let’s get ye inside, Sassenach.”

Jenny knew exactly what would be needed; so the moment she spotted them coming inside, she rushed into the kitchen to gather the supplies. Jamie helped his wife up the stairs and out of her gown once in their room. He turned to kiss her for good luck, then, obviously ready to leave, but Claire stopped him, clinging to him. 

“Stay. Please? I need… I need you here.”

Truthfully, she was suddenly terrified where, all this time, she’d shown only excitement and eagerness. The memories of losing Faith and the illness that had followed were all too fresh in her mind suddenly. Jamie hadn’t been there then, but-

His hands gripped hers tightly. “I’ll stay,” he promised. “Just tell me what ye need.” 

For all he was scared himself, he made a valiant effort at helping Claire through her pain, massaging her back and helping her to push when the time came. Several long hours later, the sweet wail of a baby filled the room, and Claire collapsed back against Jamie’s chest, exhausted but smiling brightly all the same. 

“A beautiful lass ye’ve got here, brother. She’s perfect,” Jenny said as she reached up to lay the bundle on Claire’s chest, little head of fiery hair to match her father’s sticking out of the blanket.

Jamie, arms still wrapped around his wife, reached up to gently push aside the blanket so he could see the baby’s face. He let out a soft laugh and pressed his face into the damp, dark curls atop his wife’s head. Claire felt his warm tears as they dropped onto her scalp and she tilted her head up to press a kiss to his jaw.

“She’s beautiful, isn’t she?” she whispered.

He hugged them both tightly and laughed again, this time his laugh wavered with emotion. “Aye. She is. Beautiful Brianna,” he sighed, speaking the name that Claire had chosen for a girl when he’d mentioned he wanted to name their son after his father.

Claire held the little bundle up. “Here, you hold her. Jenny and I’ve a bit more work to do here, then I’ll feed her.”

Jamie’s eyes widened at the request, but he carefully slipped out from behind her and took his daughter. He cradled the babe in his arms with great care, gazing down at her in wonder, then snuggled her in against his chest and began to murmur softly to her in Gaelic. Claire smiled as she watched them, at peace in the presence of her little family.

It was clear that, once again, Jamie had experienced love at first sight.

Anakin probably didn’t think she hated him or thought she was too good for him. He was likely just as busy as she was.

Her relief didn’t last long. By the end of the week, a seed of worry began to take hold in her stomach. Her thoughts drifted to Anakin in moments between audiences and meetings, while she scrubbed her face clean of paint, and as she checked her com before she went to sleep. (She was slowly making her way back into Sola’s good graces, it seemed, although Rabe kept pouting about how she had begun to feel like one of the family when Padme had come along and ruined it all for her.) Anakin still said nothing.

He’s just settling in. It must be a huge adjustment. Padme reminded herself over and over again. Give him time. But the worry grew and grew, until she began to wonder one morning as she was lying in bed if they had perhaps miscommunicated before Anakin left Naboo and he was just waiting for her to contact him, not the other way around. She snorted at her own foolishness and rolled over to snag her com off of the bedside table.

“Oh, good, you’re up.” Sache yawned from the doorway. “I was about to wake you. You’ve got an audience in three hours.”

Padme groaned and buried her head in her pillow, fingers closing around her comlink.

“It’s not that bad.” Sache chided. “It’s just – ” she paused to yawn again “ – excuse me, just Horace Vancil’s final confirmation hearing for his senate appointment. Unless – ” another yawn “ – unless Boss Nass has concerns he hasn’t already voiced, it should probably go pretty smoothly.”

Padme raised her head from her pillow and turned to stare at her handmaiden, who was clutching the doorframe with one hand. “Do you know what I miss?”

“Is it being able to sleep alone?” Sache made a valiant effort to keep her eyes open. “Because you’ve mentioned that one before.”

“No. Well, yes, but that wasn’t it.” Padme pulled herself out of bed, com still in hand.

“Then no,” Sache slurred, swaying slightly, “I have no idea. What do you miss?”

“Not needing two hours to get ready before I go out.” Padme saw Yane coming down the hall over Sache’s shoulder and caught the other girl’s eye. She made a series of complex hand gestures that roughly translated to “please make Sache go to bed.”

It wasn’t until Eirtae was trying to pin her hairpiece onto her head and hissing “for the love of all things holy, Padme, try to keep still” that Padme actually opened her comlink and started to write a message to him. She considered apologizing for her silence, but couldn’t find a way that didn’t rub her position in his face, so she settled on a “Hey, how are you?” instead.

Anakin hadn’t responded when she returned from Vancil’s confirmation hearing. She didn’t think much of it – as far as she knew, it could be the middle of the night for him. He still hadn’t responded when she returned from the official send-off of the Senate delegation (a delegation that she was already trying to mentally reconfigure without making unnecessary enemies if their request for an additional senator to represent the Gungans was denied) or when she woke the next morning, but she didn’t pay it too much mind. She knew, she realized, very little about the Jedis daily routines when they were not attempting to mediate negotiations or fighting off invasions or betting other people’s ships on pod races.


queerladymacbeth is continuing their Pen Pals AU fic and I’m so excited. I love Padme’s voice in this so much.

The Warling | Chapter One

Synopsis: Following the Aesir-Vanir War, brother and sister, Nerthus and Njord are given to Asgard by the Vanir, to advise the Aesir and help ensure peace. Instead Odin gives them to his sons as a spoil of war, to do as they please with. Bitter about not being allowed to choose, Loki is saddled with Nerthus, and takes his frustrations out on her.

Mira works for the diplomatic service on Earth but every night, her dreams are plagued by Loki. When he invades New York, she realises that he isn’t just a figment of her imagination, but how can a human find a Norse God?

Spanning all 4 movies, The Warling is a story of love, loss and redemption.

GENRE: Romance, adventure, drama
WARNINGS: Contains concentual BDSM in later chapters
COMMENTS: Huge thanks to evieplease for betaing this. You’re a star.

Chapter One

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bellarke + 6?

Bellamy x Clarke: #6. “Is there a reason you're naked in my bed?”

Bellamy could almost hear his bones creaking in his legs as he made his way back to his tent at a pace even slower than a crawl, favorite gun in hand. His muscles practically screamed at him as he walked, crying for a minute, just a minute of rest.

Bellamy exhaled long and slow, shoulders drooping under the weight of 100 teenage lives. He dragged his feet over to the corner of camp he called his own, finally gripping the fabric of the tent flap in a calloused hand. Taking a deep breath, he ducked into its shelter.

The first thing he noticed was her back, smooth and finely muscled. She was laying in his bed, facing away from him, his blankets pulled up to barely cover her midsection. Everything else was completely bare.

She turned to face him at his arrival, a lazy smile on her flushed face. “Hey, Bell,” Clarke said casually, sitting up in his bed and letting the blanket fall to her waist.

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The Prom

It wasn’t everyday a new student arrived at Anchor Beach. The first time Connor met Jude, he felt tingly all over. Even though Connor was one of the popular kids at school and saw many people on a day-to-day basis, this new kid was different. Not different in a bad way, but in a way that he hadn’t experienced beforehand. No one prior to Jude made him feel the way he had felt that warm morning.

That was at the beginning of the year. Both boys had become friends and found themselves to be nearly conjoined at the hip. Sure, they had fought and called it quits on their friendship, but in the end, Connor always made a valiant effort to redeem himself. Even when he dated Daria just so he could hang out with Jude. Connor made the bold move the night he was shot in the foot to come out to his father. It took a while, but his father began to come around. Everything since meeting Jude happened for a reason. Connor sometimes wondered what his life would be like if Jude was never a part of it. If he never took a chance on the boy who made him feel, according to his own words to Jude, like a bird soaring across the clouds. Connor had come to the conclusion that he would be miserable now if Jude hadn’t become a part of his life.

Over a month had passed since the incident, and the two boys only grew stronger together with each and every passing day. Both had admitted their fears after they both experienced a breakdown at the shooting range earlier in the month. Both suffered from PTSD as a result of the shooting incident. That day, both realized how it could have resulted in Connor being killed. It took Connor’s shot to the target’s head to understand just how bad that night could have ended.

Of course, tonight was a commemoration of sorts for their companionship. Callie’s friend, Cole, from Girls United, had insisted they come to an LGBTQ prom. These days, and especially tonight, felt so right to Connor. It never felt like this with Daria. Being so young, he imagined never knowing if his innate feeling was how all the other boys felt or if it wasn’t. For a long time, he wrestled the demons in his head. Why did he like Jude so much? Why was he on his mind all the time? Why did he not feel anything when Maddie kissed him? Why wasn’t he as into Daria and she was into him? These questions kept Connor’s mind racing all the time and kept him awake some nights.

“Jude, like I told you outside. You’re the one who decides what to do with your life. You’re in control of your destiny. You can keep hiding who you are from everyone in your life or take charge of it. Be proud of who you are. You’ve gone through a lot, and uh…” said Cole while looking off into the distance at people dancing on the floor, “you shouldn’t put yourself through more of that pain.”

“Besides, you’ve got a boyfriend who clearly likes you. You have no idea how incredibly lucky you are. Not a lot of kids your age can say they’ve got a loving family and a loving boyfriend who doesn’t jump ship at the first sign of trouble,” said a now beaming Cole while rubbing Jude’s shoulder as they stood at the entrance to the hall.

Jude took a deep breath and opened his mouth. Nothing came out. It was as if time had come to a halt and the world had frozen oven. Then, with a crinkle at the corners of his eyes indicating he was about to speak, the words began pouring out. “I just want to be known as Jude. And I want Connor to be known as Connor. Not the two gay kids dating each other at Anchor Beach. It isn’t fair to be known as the gay kid, or the kid whose mother died, or the kid who was a mute for a while, the kid with the divorced parents, the kid with the insane mother who hit him, the baseball player who’s not known for his skills but for being gay, or whatever!” said a now irked Jude who began to huff and puff to try and regulate his anger. “I don’t want people to label me or Connor. It isn’t fair, especially to him.” Cole smiled meekly and spoke, “Well, I get labeled a lot, bud. It sucks, but that’s life. Like I told you outside, don’t get hung up on how people see you. That’s no way to live your life. Be proud of who you are. All the time.” Placing emphasis on the last three words.

Jude was beginning to feel better, albeit slowly, as Cole’s words resonated within him. Maybe things would eventually work out. “Speaking of your boyfriend, where is he?” asked a curious Cole who was also looking for his date, Callie.

“Good question,” as Jude also began looking.

Midway through their search for their dates, the DJ on the floor switched to something Jude had heard before.

My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard

And they’re like

It’s better than yours

Damn right it’s better than yours

I can teach you

But I have to charge

My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard

And they’re like

It’s better than yours

Damn right it’s better than yours

I can teach you

But I have to charge

“Oh… OH! Is that Callie and Connor?!” Cole excitedly grabbed Jude’s shoulder and pointed over to the middle of the dance floor. They saw Connor and Callie dancing to the song. Though from Jude’s perspective, it was less dancing and more grinding down hard. Jude didn’t know Connor could dance, let alone pop, lock and drop it. He’d learned that term from Marianna when she explained the basic principles of hip hop dance. Connor wasn’t wearing his boot anymore, so it was easy for him to dance with Callie. He was unsure where his boyfriend learned to gyrate his hips so hard you would think he’d dislocate his legs. Callie was having trouble keeping up with Connor’s dancing. Jude was now wondering what Callie’s audition for the school dance team was like. But of course, Connor was now moving faster than before and Jude blushed at Connor’s wild dancing. It was turning Jude on.

The song eventually wrapped up and Callie, now barely breathing, motioned to Connor that she was going to get something to drink. Throat parched, Callie quickly made her way to the punch bowl. Meanwhile, Connor began looking around and spotted Jude and Cole looking at him awestruck because of what they had just witnessed. He made his way to the two party guests, and at that, Cole excused himself. “I’ll let you two talk, Jude.”

“Hey, there you are. I thought you ditched me. Again.” Said Connor with a smirk on his face. Jude cringed at that word. He hated that Connor thought he ditched him, even though he really had at the beach. Alright, he considered calling his moms to pick him up before Cole spoke to him. Jude looked down and bit his top lip. “I was joking, Jude.”

“I know, but I’m not being fair to you. I want to be like you. Totally fine and wanting to be open. I just need to take it slowly.”

As the boys spoke, the DJ began mixing in another song. Connor recognized the song from one of Marianna’s dance shows. It was a radio edit of a Moxie Raia song. Connor had asked her for the song’s name because he thought it was a catchy tune.

Feels like you’re a world away

As when I am in this bed together

How you gonna say nothing

Baby you can stay this numb forever

“I know you do. I’m here to support you and none of this would have happened without you,” Connor spoke softly while looking into Jude’s eyes and grabbed one of his hands, and entwined their fingers. They could both feel their palms pulsating from the flow of warm blood in each other’s hand. They were simply one at this moment.

Hit it from the back do me like that

Boy that really ain’t enough

There’s something to say

‘Bout feeling no pain

It’s sexy when you’re joking of

“That was some dancing!” Jude quickly changed the subject while still holding onto Connor’s hand as if it were his life support. “I had no idea you could dance let alone do those… moves.”

“Oh that? I learned it from watching videos online.”

“Connor…” Jude doubted the honesty of his boyfriend’s answer.

“Alright… Fine, I like to dance when I’m alone at home. Which as you know is often.”

I love it when you cry

It shows that you’re alive

I love it when you cry

The tears bring out your eyes

“Cool. Then… do you… think you can teach me a few moves? You know, for science.” Jude spoke with this innocent look on his face, but Connor saw right through it. Jude may have always been bashful, but he was a terrible liar. Of course, as his boyfriend, Connor would never tease him about it.

“We can do that. Shall we go and dance now?”

Jude was about to say yes, but a pang of fear swept in. He hesitated for a moment and thoughts began to rush his mind. Cole’s words began to echo inside his head. Choose your destiny, Jude, he thought to himself. He chose to be in control of his destiny. The boys made it to the dance floor just in time to get a few moves in of the song before the DJ announced there would be some slow jams coming along. Connor was just as nervous as Jude now. Connor had slow danced before, mostly by himself, but he didn’t want to make a fool of himself in front of his boyfriend. Fortunately, Jude’s mind was also processing similar thoughts.

Both boys took in a sharp breath, preparing themselves for the onslaught that the next song would deliver with the force of a thousand Roman soldiers.

It’s been said and done

Every beautiful thought’s been already sung

And I guess right now here’s another one

So your melody will play on and on, with the best of ‘em

You are beautiful, like a dream come alive, incredible

A centerfold, miracle, lyrical

You saved my life again

And I want you to know baby

“It’s Selena Gomez!” Connor shouted at Jude with a face that resembled an over excited puppy as they were dancing to the song. Jude twirled Connor after his outburst and then gave a strange look. “What, you don’t like Selena Gomez?” Connor continued to shout. Jeez, the DJ could turn the volume a notch down, but he didn’t want a hundred people to call him a granny. Once was enough.

“She’s alright, but I never thought you’d like her music!” Jude shouted back, making sure Connor heard every word.

I, I love you like a love song, baby

I, I love you like a love song, baby

I, I love you like a love song, baby

And I keep hitting re-peat-peat-peat-peat-peat-peat

I, I love you like a love song, baby

I, I love you like a love song, baby

I, I love you like a love song, baby

And I keep hitting re-peat-peat-peat-peat-peat-peat

After the song had finished and the DJ called a short break for people to regain their breath, Connor spoke up. “Of course I like her music. Maddie introduced me to her music one day and I became a fan.”

“You never cease to surprise me, Connor Stevens.”

“That’s good, isn’t it? It’s like unwrapping a gift each time.”

Jude crinkled his nose. His boyfriend could be so corny at times, but deep down he enjoyed it. Connor grabbed Jude’s hand again and began rubbing the back of it with his thumb.

“Thank you.”

“For what?”

“For agreeing to this, even though you didn’t have a say. It means a lot to me, and us…” Connor used his free hand to point at Jude and himself, “It means the world to me.”

Jude began to reciprocate the thumb rubbing and experienced a brief moment of light-headedness. To a casual observer, it was quite obvious they were enchanted, if not deeply in love with each other. For some, it takes a long time to feel love, but for Jude and Connor, it took months of friendship and only a couple months of dating.

The DJ interrupted the longing look each boy had in their eyes as they looked at each other. “Who’s up for some 90s hits?!” Everyone, including Connor, which wasn’t a surprise to Jude at this point, shouted “I am!” at the top of their lungs. The DJ, taking notice, put on a song that Jude’s birthmother loved to play when he was a young boy.

Ooh, baby, I love your way

Every day, yeah

Ooh, baby, I love your way

Every day

Both Connor and Jude took each other’s shoulder with their right hand, and placed their left hand at the small of each other’s back. They swayed to the soothing lyrics of the song.

Shadows grow so long before my eyes

And they’re moving across the page

Suddenly the day turns into night

Far away from the city

Connor thought it was weird how all songs the DJ was playing caused his emotions to kick into overdrive. He knew he liked Jude, but now he was beginning to think he was in love with Jude. Yes. That was it, he really was in love with Jude. He smiled as he lovingly looked at Jude and smiled.

But don’t, oh no hesitate

‘Cause your love just won’t wait

Ooh, baby, I love your way

Every day, yeah

I wanna tell you I love your way

Every day

I wanna be with you night and day

Jude was on cloud nine right now. Nothing could bother him now. The last time he and Connor were this intimate, was the day they were playing catch in his yard. The day of the kiss, but most importantly that dreamy look both of them had for each other after Connor tackled Jude. Even though they had been boyfriends for a while, neither boy had touched each other in such sensitive areas like the small of the backs. They were, at that moment, a linked chain in a world full of broken ones.

The moon appears to shine and light the sky

With the help from some fireflies

I wonder how they have the power to shine, shine, shine

Well I can see them under the pine

But don’t, oh no no, hesitate, la di da

'Cause your love just won’t wait

“You know, if Taylor were here, she’d totally roll her eyes into oblivion at us.” Said Connor as the song ended. Jude snorted at Connor’s remark. Connor giggled at Jude’s snort. His very cute snort. The boys walked back to their table hand in hand and sat across Cole and Callie, who took notice of them. They decided not to interrupt the conversation the boys were having. How could they with them being so entranced by one another. “Thank you for whatever you said to Jude,” in almost a whisper to Cole. “I don’t think I’ve ever seen him this happy.”

The DJ played more songs, but the boys were content on sitting them out and just enjoying each other’s company. On the other hand, Cole and Callie were tearing up the dance floor. Callie could after all dance, and dance well at that. It just took her time to warm up. As the night winded down, the DJ announced one final song would be played to close the night out and that it was a slow dance.

“We don’t have to if you don’t…” said Connor with hurt in his voice before his body was yanked from the chair by an excited Jude dragging him onto the dance floor. Connor began to giggle and became mesmerized at Jude’s strength. With one foot over the other, he made it easier on Jude by walking to the dance floor. They joined Cole and Callie and stood next to them as the DJ began making his remarks before he began playing the final song.

Taking their previous position, the boys began swaying their bodies to the lull of the song.

It’s not your eyes

It’s not what you say

It’s not your laughter that gives you away

You’re just lonely

You’ve been lonely, too long

All your actin’

Your thin disguise

All your perfectly delivered lies

They don’t fool me

You’ve been lonely, too long

The lyrics of the song had a strong impact on Jude and Connor. Both boys began to increase their breathing while looking at each other. Letting each lyrical line of song fully sink in. It was if all the stars in the universe had become aligned with one another tonight, and as a result, each song they danced to summarized their relationship like a gift sent from the heavens.

Let me in the wall, you’ve built around

And we can light a match and burn it down

Let me hold your hand and dance 'round and 'round the flame

In front of us

Dust to

You’ve held your head up

You’ve fought the fight

You bear the scars

You’ve done your time

Listen to me

You’ve been lonely, too long

By now, they both had a lump in their throat. Oh god, they both wondered how it was possible for a song to evoke so much emotion. A small tear flowed from Connor’s left eye and down his cheek. In similar fashion, Jude’s body evicted a tear from his owns eyes as well. Cole took notice of Connor tearing up and nudged Callie to look over. Her heart melted at what she was witnessing. Connor sniffled and moved his forehead towards Jude and placed it against Jude’s.

Let me in the wall, you’ve built around

And we can light a match and burn them down

And let me hold your hand and dance 'round and 'round the flames

In front of us

Dust to dust

Connor spoke up first. “Jude, I’m so sorry for everything. I know I said this earlier, but tonight… us being together, it means the world to me.”

“I know,” replied Jude who was trying very hard to hold back the flow of tears that could rival Niagara Falls. Alas, it didn’t work. The love Gods and Goddesses said no, and let the tears flow from Jude’s eyes.

Connor tried to speak up, but his voice was cracking due to the lumpy feeling in his throat, “I love you, Jude Adams Foster.”

“I love you, too, Connor Stevens,” replied Jude, whose voice was as equally strained. Jude then tilted his head and went in for a deep kiss. Connor was momentarily stunned but then reciprocated. It was as if time stood still, and they were now sharing closure and oxygen. Callie was about to interrupt before Cole gave her a look that said don’t you even dare.

Their kiss lasted for nearly a half minute before they parted their lips. Looking at each other again, now with tears flowing freely down both their faces, Jude nodded and nuzzled his head into Connor’s right shoulder and continue to sway to the song.

You’re like a mirror, reflecting me

Takes one to know one, so take it from me

As both boys continued to dance, they both experienced butterflies in their stomachs. Connor experienced a flutter in his chest and he knew that this was it. This was what life for him was supposed to be like. That Jude was the one who made this, all of this possible. That even though there was a lot of wrong in the world and in his life, Jude made everything better. He made Connor a better person than he used to be. It was then that Connor realized the magnitude of his thoughts. Jude was his soulmate.

You’ve been lonely

You’ve been lonely, too long

We’ve been lonely

We’ve been lonely, too long

I have to say, I don’t think Ludo Bagman has been given his due. Where is the erotic pastel fanart, fandom? What gives?

  • Bagman, washed up jock who tried to rig the tri-wizard tournament, a battle royale for indentured children.
  • Bagman, who at some drunken ministry party was probably friendzoned by Bertha Jorkins, even though he considered her at least four levels less hot than himself, so he brushed off her disappearance and let her wander albania out of bitterness.
  • Bagman, actual accidental Death Eater informant.
  • Bagman, whose beleaguered assistant obviously organized the Quidditch World Cup alongside Crouch while the boss was reliving his glory days.
  • Bagman who apparently has no problem swindling peasant witches out of a controlling interest in an eel farm, but what the hell for???
  • Bagman, high-ranking Ministry official, who single-handedly made a valiant effort at destroying wizard-Goblin diplomacy in Britain.
  • If you only saw the movies you missed the most overlooked asshole magician ever.
  • People in the wizarding world have no fucking morals.